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Vanessa Hudgens: Pilates Workout Day!

Vanessa Hudgens: Pilates Workout Day!

Vanessa Hudgens keeps it cute and casual as she meets up with a friend for Pilates class on Tuesday (June 19) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress then joined her gal pal for a walk after their workout.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

On the same day, Vanessa tried to avoid photographers as she arrived at Sun Cafe in Studio City to pick up some food to-go before quickly returning to her car.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens out and about in Los Angeles…

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vanessa hudgens pilates workout 01
vanessa hudgens pilates workout 02
vanessa hudgens pilates workout 03
vanessa hudgens pilates workout 04
vanessa hudgens pilates workout 05
vanessa hudgens pilates workout 06
vanessa hudgens pilates workout 07
vanessa hudgens pilates workout 08
vanessa hudgens pilates workout 09
vanessa hudgens pilates workout 10
vanessa hudgens pilates workout 11
vanessa hudgens pilates workout 12
vanessa hudgens pilates workout 14

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  • Chris

    Poor girl, she really has nothing to do but work out every day. Why is she relevant JJ?

  • kan223

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  • R U sure

    Vanessa you are really cute , where is that adorable Austin?

  • BOJI

    She can ‘t help it if the paps persist on trailing her everywhere.. Working out and keeping fit is part and parcel of being in the entertainment industry. At least she’s not staying in binging, playing video games or stuck behind a comp.

  • yenna

    V. And Laura!! So cute!

  • GerrySuperficialB*stardButler

    Who is she????

  • Vic

    im a fan and all but i dont get how she of all celebs get papped so much! please dont hate its simply a wonder…

  • Rob

    Such a cutie.

  • me2


  • :)

    Wow. Candids of her NOT hanging out/making out with her boyfriend. It’s a miracle.

  • me2

    Can’t wait for the show she is going to host at the Hollywood Bowl!! <3

  • me2


  • MoreThanWords

    Ah she’s such a sexy kitten! Go on thumbs down you door knobs, boo hoo!

  • thetis


    Poor dummy you are – she’s just completed 3 movies in a row – its called time off.

    Those movies are more work than you’ve done in a lifetime – why are you relevant?

  • Haters Suck!

    Sexy kitten, I like it.
    Always like seeing Vanessa with Laura she’s my favorite of all of v’s friends she’s always there for her and loyal.

  • Daly City

    She has to work out hard everyday because she has that classic short dumpy pudgy Filipino type body.

  • jaspisgirl

    wow respect!!!! i wish i would have the strength to do that much work-out. i think i am to lazy :-)

  • Xo

    Jared, I love this girl to pieces, but is there really going to be a post about her going to the gym everyday, as well as any other time she leaves the house? Just wait a few days and post them all.

    On that note, she looks good as she always does. The purple hair is growing on me.

  • Haters Suck!

    Go jump off a cliff you racist prick.

  • Xo

    @Chris: She filmed 3 movies in row between last summer and early this year, went on a worldwide press tour for J2 and she’s also got an animated project in the works. It’s called down time and she deserves it

  • nm

    sorry but her career is down the hill and nobody cares about her going to the gym everyday!i bet she payes the paparazzi to take her photos

  • tina

    She spent the better part of last year and the begining of this year making and promoting her movies. If she wants to take time off and just go to the gym with her family and friends good for her. But I’m sure that not all she has been up to, she likes to keep her projects undercover till they are finalized, which is better than saying “I’m getting this or that” and nothing comes from it.

  • ankh

    @thetis: THANK YOU! I dont get why people have been talking so much shit about her lately and act like she doesn’t have a life she just finished filming gimme shelter and spring breakers back to back so why do people keep acting like she sits on her ass all day?

  • tina

    @nm: Obviously you care or you wouldn’t be here.

  • florence2

    It would seem that only her ex is allowed time off to hang with his family and friends between projects and it’s fine but Vanessa does it and she get’s slagged off for it.

    Can’t wait to see the pictures of her from the TCA this weekend and would love to see one of her and Josh.

    She’s been working hard like anyone else in her line of work and is taking it easy so people need to chill.

  • mark

    I think she’s dating Jared and one of the papps. this girl will do ANYthing/one

  • tina

    @mark: I really doubt she would date YOU.

  • Haters Suck!

    Why don’t you go find someone to “do”. Oh wait you couldn’t pay a hooker enough to blow you.

  • BOJI

    @ Mark and Daly city, I pity you your envious, racist souls.

  • Bunnylover

    @florence2: perhaps it is because you rarely see her ex when he isn’t working? Whereas miss Hudgens is on here most days.

  • sara
  • Nicole

    People complain all you want, but for me I would rather see pics of her everyday doing mundane activities than I would stumbling out of a bar/club almost every night, being in trouble with the law, or hear about her constantly being in rehab. If you don’t like her then the easiest thing would be to move past her threads and go support the person that you do like. I don’t get the hate and I especially don’t get all the racism that rears its ugly head on hers and some other celebs threads.

  • Haters Suck!

    @bunnylover/Merlin’s mum/jellybean/ whatever else you call yourself I know it’s you how many people from the UK can have the same pathetic life story.
    So???Why don’t you stay the f*ck off Vanessa’s posts and kiss your “golden boys” ass somewhere else you dumb old b!tch

  • Haters Suck!

    Amen sister!!!!!

  • MoreThanWords

    @Daly City: Your such a spoon, hating on V because of your short stumpy….
    @nm your another spoon, with no life. Might wanna get one
    @mark she hasn’t done you. Probably because you smell like foot and a$$, and she prefers real men. Not sausages.
    @Bunnylover which goes to show who JJ refers to as most popular right now. Miss Hudgens
    @Nicole agreed. I love that she prefers to hang with friends, Austin AND her family, not getting insanely drunk and passing out or whatev.

  • maria

    @Bunnylover: He wasn’t working going to the recent hockey games, Lakers games, and flashing a script at the paps and his friends. Puh- leeze. I agree with Nicole. At least she’s doing healthy normal things, and is happy. Hating her because she gets her pics taken is stupid.

  • kelly martineau

    It’s nice to see her with Laura. And not with Austin for once.
    This is all she does go to the gym, yoga, hike and shop.
    This women needs to start working again.

  • florence2

    @Bunnylover: And once again it’s double standards efron can do it and wheather he get’s papped or not my point is he can do whatever he wants when not working so why can’t she she is’nt hurting anyone, also his family is not in LA. like Vanessa’s is and neither are some of his friends so he can go back home and not get bothered Vanessa lives in LA. why should she hide and not do the normal things that she like’s doing all because of the pap’s, efron use’s the pap’s when it suits him and his pr team he also like’s hiding Vanesa does’nt big deal.