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George Clooney: Navedano with Stacy Keibler!

George Clooney: Navedano with Stacy Keibler!

George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler enjoy a night out on Tuesday (June 19) in Lake Como, Italy.

The happy couple held hands as they walked into Navedano restaurant to grab dinner.

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Rumors that Stacy was pregnant were recently debunked after she and George were spotted drinking red wine with a group of friends.

The blonde beauty also squashed the pregnancy gossip by showing off her rock hard abs in her first Instagram photo. “I am officially on @instagram! :),” Stacey tweeted.

FYI: Stacy is wearing a Robert Rodriguez dress.

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99 Responses to “George Clooney: Navedano with Stacy Keibler!”

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  1. 51
    Kevin Spacey Says:

    @Sorry State of Affairs: Joanna & KatieDot (AKA KatieKunt/ KatieButtPlug) are the same person.

  2. 52
    Davida Rochelle Says:

    @Sorry State of Affairs:
    My name is “DavidaRochelle.” Look at my pic on Facebook if you don’t believe me. I have ABSOLUTELY NO associations with Kirstie Allie. She is in fact, my nemesis, for how she once treated me out of jealousy. The above poster has repeatedly used my name, and those of others on COH to post illogical rants. I have constantly asked this site to block this poster, and prevent future forgery, to no avail.

    Re the above quote, taken out of context, I do not see real physical chemistry or affection between G&SK. ALL celebs and people “in the public eye” have to be careful with whom they are papped. Witness the harm to Pres Obama of having “friends” with “radical ideas.”

  3. 53
    Sorry State of Affairs Says:

    @Davida Rochelle: Oh, get fcuked, Kirstie, you mental old bag.
    George has used the same ploy in the past. Do you think I’m not aware of “boring another identity” as a bonafide ruse. Deranged old c*unt.
    Pull the wool over someone else’s eyes.
    AND YOU’RE STRETCHING THE BALONEY TO MAKE IT SOUND CREDIBLE!!! Just as lousy as your C-list TV acting.
    “Ooooooo, Kirstie is my nemesis. That’ll do the trick. Mainstream borgs will buy it.”
    Deranged, cross-eyed battleaxe.
    George has a ton of bogus Facebook profiles too, old cult worshipping, double-crossing adipose tissue overload!!!
    Drop dead!

  4. 54
    Sorry State of Affairs Says:

    “borrowing another identity” is what I meant, b’itch!!!
    I’m in a rush multitasking unlike you, old cu’nt. Posting 24/7.
    Not that the beast makes much.
    Even Clooney’s name can’t net the FREAKSHOW a contract.

  5. 55
    Sane Says:

    Surprise Surprise – the usual nutters are back to their tricks, trying badly to get people to believe their nonsense. Do you think that G gives a toss what you nutters say? Not in the least, hes too busy living the high life in Como, fancy dinners etc with his lady love. And if he were the least bit unkind, he would be laughing his a** off at your lunatic rantings, but I suspect he feels pity for you instead.

  6. 56
    George Says:


  7. 57
    Dead Flowers Says:

    George IS GETTING WHAT HE DESERVES. Yes, the mutherfckuing deranged prick is well aware. I don’t give a shi’t if the alocholic mongrel’s ego is bruised.
    Useless PR c’unt. MI5 clearance too, have you, pasty sickly Limey???
    Why don’t you go to your local pub & get off your forum, spast’ic??. It’s happy hour now. So, naff off!!

  8. 58
    Sex Pistols Says:

    @Sane: Joanna/ KatieKunt you would be out of work re George if there was no fake publicity contract.
    Trust me, ugly slimey c’unt (& I know what a lame looking sickly slapper you are; I saw you at the Corinthia, b’itch), your days are numbered.
    He’s breaking.
    He cannot take the bulllshit anymore. He doesn’t even sleep with STACY THE GIANT RODENT….Aaah, but you know that…That’s why you drop innuendo about Waldo & gay plumbers for years.

  9. 59
    Kevin Spacey Says:

    Ok, got a joke:
    Q- Why are so many English men GAY????
    A- Ever seen their women???.

    I’m in the right town.
    Soho or bust!

  10. 60
    JOANNA Says:

    The Queen of England is a KRAUT.
    She ordered Diana’s annihilation.
    Medieval feudal parasites.
    I hate royalist blood-sucking leeches.

  11. 61
    Annabella Says:

    @ms. Pendleton:
    Your eyes will always be honest. They will always be telling a truth even if your mouth is telling a lie.
    Shameful way you chose to live & to deceive the world: Lies.

    No excuses.
    Your loss.
    Big time.

  12. 62
    Lady Says:

    i realy find your about so frenchie ” comme pisser dans un violon”
    with your George
    your sooo fan

  13. 63
    Maria Says:

    Invece, questa Stacy da Baltimora è un’aliena, un modello di Barbie gigante dal sorriso Colgate, con le cosce color panatura delle cotolette e non si capisce che pensi e che faccia. Viene dal wrestling, che consiste nel fare a botte ma facendo apposta a fingere di volersele dare. Roba strana, distante ed esotica come e più di Baltimora.

  14. 64
    Annabella Says:

    @Lady: Oh, no, I’m NOT a “fan”. I’ve said that over & over again.
    A victim of a paranoid control freak’s intrusive behavior & his puerile pranks? YES.
    Keep provoking …
    And I always prefer music. There you find pure talent & skill. And obtain a feel good factor.

  15. 65
    JOANNA @ Says:

    IRA all the way!
    IRA all the way!
    IRA all the way!
    IRA all the way!
    Sinn Fein should be President.
    Down with the monarchy!

  16. 66
    Dead Flowers Says:

    @Maria: whatever you say. But George Clooney decided to pollute our senses with the Baltimore guttertrash refuse.
    Almost self-sabotage to destroy his own credibility. He despises her and Canalis.
    Oh, sure he wants to make some profit for others on the side. Randy Gerbil-up-his-ass (oops, wrong husband) & Cindy Crawford & Kid Rock (untalented wannabe loser) knew Stacy GIANT RODENT FREAK Kiebler & they introduced him.
    He resisted & procrastinated….
    That’s why he met the hideous sporn of Andre the Giant at China Tang on July 28th, last year. To discuss the contract.
    Effeminate pushover hiding under the skirts of the matronly cu*nts who delegate his life!!!!
    The truth is he refers to them as hoookers. But even more so, finds them both (Canalis & Keibler) unattractive. They’re not his types.
    Clooney likes petite women because his ego is so mutherfcuking huge, he likes to dominate. When he’s drunk, anytime after midnight, he opens his black book of women he likes to bone, and booty calls them.
    Shows up their crib, does his deeds and leaves.
    I wonder why he’s never been arrested driving under the influence.

  17. 67
    Katiedot Says:

    You’re jealous. Stacy is his ladylove. They’re spending a romantic European summer together. She’s the ONE.
    So what if she doesn’t know where Italy is on a map. Or Europe for that matter.
    Mmmmm… Those huge long sturdy thick legs. Those muscular solid arms.
    I’d turn for her.
    Hell, I’m already that way inclined.
    I’d love Stacy Keibler to fist me anytime with those big forearms of hers.

  18. 68
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    @Dead Flowers: not just make profits for other. He thinks of the publicity exposure & believes if his name is out there (even with an ugly cheap giant with a fat potato head & virtually bald bar a few thin strands of bleached straw) he is honoring is Nespresso, Omega, etc contracts worthiness. In other words, he’s hungry for publicity because he’s delusional that this is how it has to be done. Honestly not an intelligent man.

    He is SO pathetically insecure.
    The ubiquitous puppet-on-a-string.
    To have reached this far and lie to the world about his private life.
    To pretend to date a freak he finds ugly is beyond a joke.

  19. 69
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    @Lady: trying to talk to you too is like talking to a brick wall.
    You’re so….. obstinate….. insecure….. deranged….. arrogant…. obnoxious…. pretentious….. mean-spirited….. delusional…. paranoid…..
    Sorry, not a fan. Never was. Of anyone or anything.
    Who struck first?

  20. 70
    lisa Says:

    @Ah…Bite Me!:
    ti sono colpiti alla testa

  21. 71
    ??? Says:

    @lisa:no capisco,
    Wop. Learn English, you members of the PIGS nations are gonna need it. This blog is in English.
    Clooney is an abusive assshole and deserves whatever. Insults he gets.

  22. 72
    no one Says:

    I guess we can look forward to another year of this mess. So predictable.

  23. 73
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    @no one: Blame the deranged alcoholic Clooney for it then. His choice.
    He can abuse, violate & humiliate people without any remorse or awareness of pain he causes. He’s too desensitized from reality…
    And an insecure idiot who parades women he calls hoo*kers as his contract girlfriends when he doesn’t sleep with them.
    Sure, he slept with Canalis a few times after he took coke & drank, even though she repulsed him & he’d flee back to Waldo (or tell her so)….

    HIS CHOICE. Clooney’s choice to lie & deceive the world.
    And he’s paying an awful price for it.
    He’s aged badly, looks feeble, miserable and has health issues emerging that he’s not even aware of… yet.

    Such is his deception, that he blatantly lies to Stacy THE GIANT RODENT Kiebler that the sour faces he has in the photo-ops are for the paparazzi. Yet, his PR arranged the photo-ops and in reality, his miserable Jean Valjean angst is BECAUSE HE HATES LYING AND PRETENDING HE’S DATING HOOOKERS HE LOATHES.
    “I’m not a billboard poster-boy for hoookers,” being his exact words.
    And the miserable face is because he cannot stand posing as Stacy Keibler’s “boyfriend.”

  24. 74
    just remember... Says:

    for the damage & pain he caused innocent people, karma will get him one day.
    Laugh or mock.. .. but to some degree, he’s already paying a bitter price.

  25. 75
    George Clooney is SCUM Says:

    Like the Daily Mail (Fail) – KatieDot.’s preferred newspaper for gossip story features. Why, she even does all the comments there with her gnome team…
    * Keibler was suggested as the next publicity arrangement by Rande Gerbil & Kid Rock at least 6 months prior to the break-up with Canalis.
    Clooney was advised that the 2 year stint was running its course and then pressure would amount from the general public about where the “relationship” would lead. Public interest was waning due to over-familiarity.
    And above all, the theme of “is she the One who will entrap him?” that the PR network [led by the old bag bi*tch gnomes (as Clooney calls them) which includes gastric-banded, cross-eyed Kirstie Alley] needed a new substitute. A new contract girlfriend. A new face (albeit a potato bland one). The less attractive the better. Easily dispensable.

    * Clooney seemed to want out but was trapped between a rock and a hard place. Not because there’s someone special in his life. Much to KatieDot/ Joanna’s innuendo that he’s bi-sexual with a penchant for handsome gay Italian plumbers OR his GAY CUBAN HAIRSTYLIST wannabe clone, the cheesy-smiled WALDO SANCHEZ… No, but because Clooney’s conscience stirred a tad that he’s sick of the hoooker/ fame-ho’s leeching off him. His only excuse is that he’s profiting from it. That’s all…. So he allowed it.

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