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Halle Berry: 'Cloud Atlas' Gets a Release Date

Halle Berry: 'Cloud Atlas' Gets a Release Date

Halle Berry runs on the beach with her 4-year-old daughter, Nahla, on Thursday (June 21) in Malibu, Calif.

Earlier in the week, a family law judge ordered the 45-year-old actress to pay her ex, Gabriel Aubry, $20,000 a month in child support.

Halle‘s movie Cloud Atlas, based on David Mitchell‘s novel, will be released October 26.

The drama, co-starring Tom Hanks and Susan Sarandon, “got a positive reception when it was shown to foreign buyers at the recent Cannes Film Festival,” according to THR.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry and Nahla at the beach…

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halle berry nahla beach 01
halle berry nahla beach 02
halle berry nahla beach 03
halle berry nahla beach 04
halle berry nahla beach 05
halle berry nahla beach 06
halle berry nahla beach 07
halle berry nahla beach 08
halle berry nahla beach 09
halle berry nahla beach 10

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  • Riley

    Nahla’s a beauty!

  • mattchew

    Leave the kids alone Jared.

  • lori

    another one pimping out the ‘i’m a great mommy’ pics. guess this is why she has to move to france to avoid paps?

  • Dave

    Its so obvious …she wants her daughter to herself..and she is going to pay this man off so he can leave them alone..good luck

  • racista

    He deserves more for putting up with her racist attacks and craziness in general.

  • rada

    I’m sorry what? Child support? Were they married? I mean Gabriel must have his own money from being a successful model, why exactly is he needing $20,000/month? Someone’s being greedy here and it’s not Halle.

  • Jpda

    why couldn’t she just be like Angelina? Be grateful a very good looking white man wanted to help her make a baby.. why did she become the boy who cried wolf? She seems really difficult behind the scenes..she gets so emeshed with these guys then to always throw them under the bus.. she needs to figure why she is so co -dependent?? I doubt Gabe would have been with her had he known it was going to turn out like this.. she is so ungrateful!

  • sam i am

    With any luck, the wind will blow off that horrible wig she’s wearing!

  • Gossipgirl

    Paying this man child support?? Sorry, whatever you think about Halle, this is just wrong!

  • huggy bear

    why is halle running for mother of the year pictures ? real sick women.
    her PR team is working over time

  • WhiteLatina

    JLO tried it with ben but he said no. Bradley said no to Zoe as well they were smart. Halle reminds me of Lakshini Padma who wanted a baby by a rich white guy them tried to kick him out of the child’s life.

  • porkfry

    its june 21 and she is wearing a button down sweater one piece at the beach ? well Malibu is pretty cold and the water is freeezing there, overrated !

  • Stunna

    I’m on Halle’s side. I think Gabriel is taking advantage of her money here! Yes, he’s a good-looking man, so WHAT? Doesn’t give him the right to do whatever bull$hit he wants to. I believe the people who defend him are just a bunch of haters, probably racists, who cannot stand the fact that maybe a woman like Halle might be the good one.

  • Fordham

    Halle is trying to take his daughter away from him to give Nahla a new father…Olivier Martinez so he is fighting back by hitting her in her bank account.


    GA is a greedy pig, I thought Mr.Beautiful worked!! This is payback for Halle’s stupid behavior.
    Nahla is Beautiful

    The real fameHO mother on this site is Jennifer Garner,EveryDay!

  • Susan

    If this were a man dumping his baby mama because he was onto the next chick, I wonder how many would be flabbergasted at her deigning to demand child support. I applaud Gabriel for wanting to be a real dad to his daughter. She’s the selfish bitch who wants to unload him now that his sperm donor services are no longer needed. Now she wants Gabriel to disappear and let her, Nahla and Oliver be a nice happy family. No need for her real dad who loves her to be around, right Halle?


    So Gabriel needs $20,000 a month so he can take the kid out for his photo opp.- that’s the only time he gets press-
    The hate some of you have toward this silly beautiful woman has blinded your common sense. GA is a gold digger

  • What

    @Jpda: Stop with the race comments! And what the heck do you mean “she should be grateful a white man wanted to have a child with her”!? Sick f*ck, get help.

  • What

    @WhiteLatina: You are sick, I have flagged your racist comment.

  • HappyTimes

    Wow, so Gabe sold his baby to his baby mama for approximately 3.4 mil, that’s if Halle pays him 240K per year until Nahla is 18 years old. Watch him disappear out of Nahla’s life. Now Halle can move to Paris and begin a new life away from the Moocher!

    And how is this about race when Halle is bi-racial??? Don’t quite get some of the racial comments.

  • niagirl

    I am starting too worry about this website that loves to post pics of toddlers for the hell of it. Her mother is the star not the child.

  • JJ2009

    @huggy bear: I was thinking the same thing here, the grocery pix, and her picking Nahla at school last week showing off Nahla’s project–she really is trying hard to be the better parent and deflect ROL’s account of the evaluation saying they both needed to grow up and the move to France wouldn’t be good for Nahla. Nor has Team Halle made any comments to these and other things on ROL.

  • huggy bear

    JJ2009 so true her PR group called paps to take these pictures to show the court she is great mother

  • mememe

    I don’t know about the Law in Sates but normaly the amount one parent pays the other when the child is by such parent is proportional to the amount they earn!! The money is not for Gabriel is for the child and just for the child! I wonder though how much does a child need! however is proportional to what the parent earns! By the way I am sorry to say that Nahla will be for sure a very pretty woman, nowadays I don’t see where is the cute child since she does not have a child face, to me.

  • Kriss

    Papparazzi are you pedofils?Little girl is terrified of you!!!

  • mh

    @Jpda: ewwww he’s ugly and homely looking.

  • Victoria

    Why don’t you all leave her alone? It is her life and her money that she earns without any of your help, she can do whatever she wants with it and that also goes to the wig she wears. All of you have too much time on your hands to pick on her, go do something productive in life!

  • not bashing…she tries 2 hard

    Not bashing she tries too hard

  • My Opinions

    A Dark tide has come because she had a baby with a Perfect Stranger and made the Executive Decision to love Monsters Balls. ┬áThe whole parenting thing Boomeranged and he would not get with the Program. Now she is wishing that he would just Die Another Day. Gabriel was out to prove that he wanted a piece of Fatherhood and taking her to court was Strictly Business and she was not the Queen. It’s ugly and sad but she has to pay so he doesn’t live like the Flintstones. Now she is planning a Wedding with another unknown soul. What is this Bulworth? Why did those Fools Fall in Love? Its a Different World Halle. Just my opinions…Amen

  • huggy bear

    KRISS halle called the papparzzi to takes these picture to take to court and their papparzzi in france

  • LJ

    CrazyBerry wants to have it both ways with the paps. Get help woman.

  • huggy bear

    OLIVIER MARTINEZ grow up, Nahla is not your child. Make peace between Halle and GABRIEL nahla father. What you are doing to Gabriel will bite you in the ass very soon payback time is a boss what You are doing is going to come around to you be very CAREFUL.

  • wayway

    how can there in 2012 was so disgusting people in the U.S. that these shameful

  • wayway

    Halle Berry you must have a heart, “Wake Up” she is a child who needs her father and mother think, on your little girl in the first place no one can replace a biological father

  • Nanou

    Halle, you should have left this poor white trash in Canada. He’s not married to you nor have sole custody of Nahla but yet he gets $20,000.00 a month for child support. That’s BS.

  • hubbybear

    NANOU you should not call gabriel a white trash if so call halle berry one too, nahla one too, how would you like people to called you a white trash.