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Jennifer Aniston: '$ellebrity' Official Trailer - Watch Now!

Jennifer Aniston: '$ellebrity' Official Trailer - Watch Now!

Jennifer Aniston speaks candidly about living life in front of paparazzi cameras in the trailer for the upcoming documentary $ellebrity.

“When all of a sudden you are hearing rumors that are not true on the CNN crawl…you sort of go ‘this is CNN!’” the 43-year-old actress says in the film, directed by celebrity photographer Kevin Mazur.

Also featured in interviews about paparazzi are Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Sarah Jessica Parker, Salma Hayek, Elton John, Sheryl Crow, and Kid Rock.

$ellebrity first debuted at the South by Southwest Festival back in March. Check out the first official trailer below…

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  • lauren

    why should i feel bad for celebrities who make millions for making movies?

    um no.


    celebs are suffering from the hands of paps and especially tabloids like Just jared and national inquirer. they all dont speak the truth

  • Birdie

    Complex topic, but interesting that so many high profile celebs are being interviewed. But really, odd to see Jlo and Marc being together. When did they shoot this? Must be right before the breakup?!

  • WTF

    Great trailer! However I would like to say that I would switch my life with celebrities anyday. I mean there are actors like Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus, JLO, etc making like 100 million from what they do.

  • sarah

    Talented and beautiful. Love that she doesn’t do the Botox and other sh-it that so many do. You look at some actresses with the flat none movement forhead and try our best to figure out how they do it. So many negative people out there making up cr-ap about her or cutting her up. Makes me sick.

  • lol

    Well celebrities have an awesome life. Private jets, mansions, sports cars, designer clothes, makeup/hair stylists, bodyguards, MILLIONS, and God know what else.

  • Angela

    @ANNETTE: JJ is not a tabloid because they only post pictures of celebrities and use legit sources such as Deadline, Hollywood Reporter, People for information. I’ve never read “Jennifer Aniston is trying to get Brad Pitt back” as their headlines.

  • SAh

    Her face looks pretty bad there. Rough & old.
    Her rep calls paps & feeds stories to the paps, she can’t complain when her crying in Vanity Fair set everything off.

  • urbigfatass

    it all looks pretty stupid, celebs and tabloids just feed off dumb people who are so dumb they buy into it … if any of those wh ack of fs , celebs, tabloids and paparazzi all included ever had to get a real job like selling women’s shoes, picking tobacco or door to door sales they would not last a half day, especially at the wages…. sc rew !

  • urbigfatass

    maybe so but they do help fuel the industry

  • Fric n Frac

    I love her hair


    WTH is she talking about she calls the paps no one is chasing her, fans or photogs.
    Flop after Flop she is box office poisen

  • LOLing

    Jen agreeing to be part of this crappy documentary makes her douchy

  • sarah

    @SAh: Guess you’re one of those chicks that can’t let go of the Brad/Angie/Jen thing. She’s talented, a multimillionaire. Does what she wants when she wants, buys, goes, etc because she’s worked her butt off. You know you’d trade your boring, negative life for her’s. Deep down you know you would. Negative comments like yours is why pap’s attack/intrude on the celeb’s life.

  • African Girl

    “When all of a sudden you are hearing rumors that are not true on the CNN crawl…you sort of go ‘this is CNN!’
    This her Chorus, no?
    Can’t count how many times she’s told us about the rumor (re: the good ol’ plant and deny) on CNN crawl.

  • Eric

    @lauren: Um maybe because they are get publicly humiliated and have their entire lives exploited for absolutely no reason. That is why you should feel bad. I agree that if you are a celebrity then it’s expected to have all the paparazzi, gossip, etc. but it is sad and it is very horrifying. They can’t go anywhere without getting photographed. It may not sound bad when you say it like that, but if you actually watch videos on Youtube and such, you will realize how bad it actually is. They aren’t standing far away, they are up in your face and being as close and intrusive as they possibly can just to get a freaking photo. It’s ridiculous. What’s even more horrifying is the fact that people like you think it’s no big deal simply because they are getting paid millions. It is a big deal. How would you like to have your entire life on display? How would you like to have paparazzi outside your house or outside your child’s school? How would you like to be followed every place you go? Even though it is expected and it’s the life you sign up for it, it’s horrible and I think they have every right to complain, especially since it’s just getting worse and worse as they years go on.

  • Eric

    @JEN IN REHAB: WTH are you talking about? The paparazzi follows her like crazy! Jennifer Aniston is probably one of the most talked about celebrities in Hollywood. She could go 5 years without making a movie and there would be a rumor about her every other week simply because she is a huge target. I don’t know why she is such a huge target, as she seems like a very lovely person, but she is.

  • Stunna

    OH PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE! It comes with the “job”. You asked for it. It’s not like getting photographed is something bad. I mean, yeah you can look awful, so freaking WHAT??? You still make millions for making believe?! What’s the problem? Those celebrities are just UNGRATEFUL. Their complaining makes me SICK, really. If you want it all to stop, you can just retire for the love of pipes. I’d switch my life with theirs right now. I don’t call what they do a “job”….Seriously, we, regular people have jobs. We work hard to earn not even a quarter of what they earn a month. GIMME A FVCKING BREAK!!!! ugh

  • blab

    Is this a joke? Paparazzie HELP these celebs make more money in forms of endorsements, promotions, awareness, and image. These celebrities you see on the cover of fashion magazines and doing fashion endorsements are because of their IMAGE and that is because of the paparazzie. Today a normal celebrity like Miley Cyrus makes $90 million and Kim Kardashian makes $65 million because of this

  • Jo

    Fck these celebrities who make so much money that not even doctors will make in their life time. They can walk out if they want to anytime and still live a luxious life with their millions.

  • zs

    horse face.


    @Eric: This 47yoa hasbeen just Traipsed over Paris/Rome in areas filled with tourist and NO ONE Cared, she did not trend on twitter or anywhere else,look at the photo’s by the 1 pap. no one around her,

    The celebs who are being hounded like KristenS.Rob P and Brangelina don’t have time for this BS because it Does come with job.
    so you and jenny should just STHU

  • AddisonDeWitt

    I can’t wait to see this. Jennifer looks lovely and is so talented. She deserves all the best.

  • AddisonDeWitt

    I wonder how Theresa’s celebrity/society Park Avenue dinner party was last night. Has she mentioned it today? I missed it.

  • G

    She has a man jaw

  • Man in drag.

    Still looks like a man in drag

  • @


    You do know she already confessed to using botox don’t you.

  • Nika

    no one forces those celebrities to be in a public eye, it’s their choice and they are famous only because of paps so I do not feel sorry for them at all…

  • Eric

    Wowww, I can’t believe how many unfeeling a s s holes there are on here. You guys seriously need to get hearts.

  • Deer In Headlights!

    Darn, that look on Aniston’s face is scary! She is already the runt of HW.

    Also, she has got some nerve to talk about the paparazzi when she has the biggest pr guru in HW on payroll. She’s so concerned (which she don’t need to be these days because nobody really cares) about paps she could fire her pr guy and go in hiding. Yet, she won’t do that because she needs Huvane and the tabs to stay relevant because she has to keep up her tabloid celebrity. Because we all know she is not famous for movies.

  • ex nihilo

    i’d never switch places w/the famous; i’ll take the fortune, you keep the fame. don’t think i’d deal very well w/a camera up my nose after my transatlantic flight… that said, celebrities are ridiculous to complain about paps. comes w the territory, and as technology becomes more intrusive, more real-time, they’ll be increasingly devoured like the products they are. in the deal w/the devil, he always gets his due.

  • cm

    The only one of these people I ever kinda feel bad for is SJP. In LA, there’s no excuse for not being able to escape it. In NY, walking your kid to school…that seems more intrusive.

  • Kara

    What in the world is wrong with Aniston’s face?!?!? I hate that stupid expression she always makes when trying to be “serious”

    Her chin, nose, thin lips make for one UGLY face.

    How d-list has she become……

  • rikki

    Jennifer is so freakin’ beautiful! the people who are calling her “old and rough looking” or saying she’s got a “manly jaw” are stupid. you guys say mean things about their natural looks, but you’re also the first ones to judge and criticize when the celeb gets plastic surgery

  • suki

    oh for cripes sake – can the angelina fans give it a rest for once. Jeebus.

  • M.J.

    Jennifer Aniston is the most over-exposed celebrity in Hollywood. Her friends leak items to the press like there is no tomorrow…her publicity team leaks her whereabouts to the press and tells them what time to be at a certain location to see her…..she willingly agrees to photo shoots for all sorts of magazine covers and saturates the market with her photos on every magazine at the checkout counter and the list goes on and on and on.

    Do you see the paparazzi constantly stalking the likes of Shia Lebouf, Natalie Portman, John Cusack, Reese Witherspoon, Sean Penn and even Leo DiCaprio (just a few of many examples) to the same extent and frequency that they do to Aniston? NO! Why? Because the paparazzi does not view those celebrities as hypocrites because those celebrities do not purposely do all the things that Aniston allows her management team and her friends to do. Total over exposure. When you willingly over expose yourself like she does, the paparazzi doesn’t want to hear your whining about being followed and they will stalk you even more becuase of it.

    She is getting bad advice from her management team and isn’t bright enough to figure it out herself. I have zero sympathy for her.

  • Hahaha

    Only in your delusional mind! LOL

  • Hahaha

    Jennifer is that you?

  • M.J.

    Oh really Eric? You clearly are not in the industry.

  • Hahaha

    Jennifer are you talking about yourself again?

  • suki

    Angelina Jolie is the most over-exposed celebrity in Hollywood. Her friends leak items to the press like there is no tomorrow…her publicity team leaks her whereabouts to the press and tells them what time to be at a certain location to see her…..she willingly agrees to photo shoots for all sorts of magazine covers and saturates the market with her photos on every magazine at the checkout counter and the list goes on and on and on.
    Let’s get real for a moment – the paparazzi stalk Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt because they are the modern day Debbie Reynolds, Liz Taylor and Eddie Fisher. As far as gossip goes – a good infidelity/triangle story is the most lucrative of tabloid stories. While I’m sure most people have reached their saturation point with this story -for those in the gossip/tabloid industry there is still money to be made in continuing this story for the most diehard fans.

  • My Question to Suki

    Why is it when someone makes a non-complimentary comment about Jennifer Aniston they have to be labled a Jolie fan????? You do realize not everyone has bought into her fake “girl next door” or “America’s sweetheart” act that she and her pr paid hand developed for you to believe, right??? This women is a product of being built up by her pr guy and shoved into our faces to brain wash us that she is something special, when she is not. Therefore, I don’t see how Jolie has anything to do with this woman other than the stupid triangle crap created by her pr firm. Not everyone find Aniston special so stop trying to start a Aniston vs. Jolie fight on this thread. All I see is Aniston beady eyes on this one and that is who we are talking about, no one else.

  • M.J.


    I hear you about Angie, but there is two big differences. One, Angie doesn’t whine about it and two, she is viewed in the industry as a more serious and more talented actress than Aniston. Jolie takes on heavy dramatic roles where as movie studios will only offer Aniston romantic comedies or light hearted type work. You may not think that is fair, but thats the reality of why the two are viewed differently.

  • juliana mendes

    if you do not want to ask about your personal life then do not talk about it in MAGAZINES, I love actors and actresses who just talk about their work not on how this relationship and what qualities your boyfriend has or how they met.

  • aubri

    all she ever does is whine

  • Candi

    lol. she really does look like a man in drag! lol.

  • JL

    @M.J.: This is just your SINGLE mind Jolie is more talented. And more serious.
    JA has a pr team but she is a symbol of normal human values.
    Jolie’s lie is HUG. She promotes the pervert things like it’s normal. She slept with MOTHER’S MAN. She had sex with her brother. She destroyed families. She uses the UN trademark for own pr.
    But you and your pr partners protect her.

  • honeyboo

    Notice how all of the not-so-famous-anymore stars are in this? Where is George Clooney or Matt Damon? So this is all of the Hollywood reject documentary…Interesting.

  • JL

    Tht’s right!
    Where is Brad Pitt?
    He afraid to earn possible problems.
    He will protect the SYSTEM.
    A HERO

  • JL

    George Clooney is busy with Stacy.
    May be George wants MONEY for this interview?