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Jennifer Aniston: '$ellebrity' Official Trailer - Watch Now!

Jennifer Aniston: '$ellebrity' Official Trailer - Watch Now!

Jennifer Aniston speaks candidly about living life in front of paparazzi cameras in the trailer for the upcoming documentary $ellebrity.

“When all of a sudden you are hearing rumors that are not true on the CNN crawl…you sort of go ‘this is CNN!’” the 43-year-old actress says in the film, directed by celebrity photographer Kevin Mazur.

Also featured in interviews about paparazzi are Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Sarah Jessica Parker, Salma Hayek, Elton John, Sheryl Crow, and Kid Rock.

$ellebrity first debuted at the South by Southwest Festival back in March. Check out the first official trailer below…

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197 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: '$ellebrity' Official Trailer - Watch Now!”

  1. 1
    lauren Says:

    why should i feel bad for celebrities who make millions for making movies?

    um no.

  2. 2
    ANNETTE Says:

    celebs are suffering from the hands of paps and especially tabloids like Just jared and national inquirer. they all dont speak the truth

  3. 3
    Birdie Says:

    Complex topic, but interesting that so many high profile celebs are being interviewed. But really, odd to see Jlo and Marc being together. When did they shoot this? Must be right before the breakup?!

  4. 4
    WTF Says:

    Great trailer! However I would like to say that I would switch my life with celebrities anyday. I mean there are actors like Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus, JLO, etc making like 100 million from what they do.

  5. 5
    sarah Says:

    Talented and beautiful. Love that she doesn’t do the Botox and other sh-it that so many do. You look at some actresses with the flat none movement forhead and try our best to figure out how they do it. So many negative people out there making up cr-ap about her or cutting her up. Makes me sick.

  6. 6
    lol Says:

    Well celebrities have an awesome life. Private jets, mansions, sports cars, designer clothes, makeup/hair stylists, bodyguards, MILLIONS, and God know what else.

  7. 7
    Angela Says:

    @ANNETTE: JJ is not a tabloid because they only post pictures of celebrities and use legit sources such as Deadline, Hollywood Reporter, People for information. I’ve never read “Jennifer Aniston is trying to get Brad Pitt back” as their headlines.

  8. 8
    SAh Says:

    Her face looks pretty bad there. Rough & old.
    Her rep calls paps & feeds stories to the paps, she can’t complain when her crying in Vanity Fair set everything off.

  9. 9
    urbigfatass Says:

    it all looks pretty stupid, celebs and tabloids just feed off dumb people who are so dumb they buy into it … if any of those wh ack of fs , celebs, tabloids and paparazzi all included ever had to get a real job like selling women’s shoes, picking tobacco or door to door sales they would not last a half day, especially at the wages…. sc rew !

  10. 10
    urbigfatass Says:

    maybe so but they do help fuel the industry

  11. 11
    Fric n Frac Says:

    I love her hair

  12. 12
    JEN IN REHAB Says:

    WTH is she talking about she calls the paps no one is chasing her, fans or photogs.
    Flop after Flop she is box office poisen

  13. 13
    LOLing Says:

    Jen agreeing to be part of this crappy documentary makes her douchy

  14. 14
    sarah Says:

    @SAh: Guess you’re one of those chicks that can’t let go of the Brad/Angie/Jen thing. She’s talented, a multimillionaire. Does what she wants when she wants, buys, goes, etc because she’s worked her butt off. You know you’d trade your boring, negative life for her’s. Deep down you know you would. Negative comments like yours is why pap’s attack/intrude on the celeb’s life.

  15. 15
    African Girl Says:

    “When all of a sudden you are hearing rumors that are not true on the CNN crawl…you sort of go ‘this is CNN!’
    This her Chorus, no?
    Can’t count how many times she’s told us about the rumor (re: the good ol’ plant and deny) on CNN crawl.

  16. 16
    Eric Says:

    @lauren: Um maybe because they are get publicly humiliated and have their entire lives exploited for absolutely no reason. That is why you should feel bad. I agree that if you are a celebrity then it’s expected to have all the paparazzi, gossip, etc. but it is sad and it is very horrifying. They can’t go anywhere without getting photographed. It may not sound bad when you say it like that, but if you actually watch videos on Youtube and such, you will realize how bad it actually is. They aren’t standing far away, they are up in your face and being as close and intrusive as they possibly can just to get a freaking photo. It’s ridiculous. What’s even more horrifying is the fact that people like you think it’s no big deal simply because they are getting paid millions. It is a big deal. How would you like to have your entire life on display? How would you like to have paparazzi outside your house or outside your child’s school? How would you like to be followed every place you go? Even though it is expected and it’s the life you sign up for it, it’s horrible and I think they have every right to complain, especially since it’s just getting worse and worse as they years go on.

  17. 17
    Eric Says:

    @JEN IN REHAB: WTH are you talking about? The paparazzi follows her like crazy! Jennifer Aniston is probably one of the most talked about celebrities in Hollywood. She could go 5 years without making a movie and there would be a rumor about her every other week simply because she is a huge target. I don’t know why she is such a huge target, as she seems like a very lovely person, but she is.

  18. 18
    Stunna Says:

    OH PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE! It comes with the “job”. You asked for it. It’s not like getting photographed is something bad. I mean, yeah you can look awful, so freaking WHAT??? You still make millions for making believe?! What’s the problem? Those celebrities are just UNGRATEFUL. Their complaining makes me SICK, really. If you want it all to stop, you can just retire for the love of pipes. I’d switch my life with theirs right now. I don’t call what they do a “job”….Seriously, we, regular people have jobs. We work hard to earn not even a quarter of what they earn a month. GIMME A FVCKING BREAK!!!! ugh

  19. 19
    blab Says:

    Is this a joke? Paparazzie HELP these celebs make more money in forms of endorsements, promotions, awareness, and image. These celebrities you see on the cover of fashion magazines and doing fashion endorsements are because of their IMAGE and that is because of the paparazzie. Today a normal celebrity like Miley Cyrus makes $90 million and Kim Kardashian makes $65 million because of this

  20. 20
    Jo Says:

    Fck these celebrities who make so much money that not even doctors will make in their life time. They can walk out if they want to anytime and still live a luxious life with their millions.

  21. 21
    zs Says:

    horse face.

  22. 22
    JEN IN REHAB Says:

    @Eric: This 47yoa hasbeen just Traipsed over Paris/Rome in areas filled with tourist and NO ONE Cared, she did not trend on twitter or anywhere else,look at the photo’s by the 1 pap. no one around her,

    The celebs who are being hounded like KristenS.Rob P and Brangelina don’t have time for this BS because it Does come with job.
    so you and jenny should just STHU

  23. 23
    AddisonDeWitt Says:

    I can’t wait to see this. Jennifer looks lovely and is so talented. She deserves all the best.

  24. 24
    AddisonDeWitt Says:

    I wonder how Theresa’s celebrity/society Park Avenue dinner party was last night. Has she mentioned it today? I missed it.

  25. 25
    G Says:

    She has a man jaw

  26. 26
    Man in drag. Says:

    Still looks like a man in drag

  27. 27
    @ Says:


    You do know she already confessed to using botox don’t you.

  28. 28
    Nika Says:

    no one forces those celebrities to be in a public eye, it’s their choice and they are famous only because of paps so I do not feel sorry for them at all…

  29. 29
    Eric Says:

    Wowww, I can’t believe how many unfeeling a s s holes there are on here. You guys seriously need to get hearts.

  30. 30
    Deer In Headlights! Says:

    Darn, that look on Aniston’s face is scary! She is already the runt of HW.

    Also, she has got some nerve to talk about the paparazzi when she has the biggest pr guru in HW on payroll. She’s so concerned (which she don’t need to be these days because nobody really cares) about paps she could fire her pr guy and go in hiding. Yet, she won’t do that because she needs Huvane and the tabs to stay relevant because she has to keep up her tabloid celebrity. Because we all know she is not famous for movies.

  31. 31
    ex nihilo Says:

    i’d never switch places w/the famous; i’ll take the fortune, you keep the fame. don’t think i’d deal very well w/a camera up my nose after my transatlantic flight… that said, celebrities are ridiculous to complain about paps. comes w the territory, and as technology becomes more intrusive, more real-time, they’ll be increasingly devoured like the products they are. in the deal w/the devil, he always gets his due.

  32. 32
    cm Says:

    The only one of these people I ever kinda feel bad for is SJP. In LA, there’s no excuse for not being able to escape it. In NY, walking your kid to school…that seems more intrusive.

  33. 33
    Kara Says:

    What in the world is wrong with Aniston’s face?!?!? I hate that stupid expression she always makes when trying to be “serious”

    Her chin, nose, thin lips make for one UGLY face.

    How d-list has she become……

  34. 34
    rikki Says:

    Jennifer is so freakin’ beautiful! the people who are calling her “old and rough looking” or saying she’s got a “manly jaw” are stupid. you guys say mean things about their natural looks, but you’re also the first ones to judge and criticize when the celeb gets plastic surgery

  35. 35
    suki Says:

    oh for cripes sake – can the angelina fans give it a rest for once. Jeebus.

  36. 36
    M.J. Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is the most over-exposed celebrity in Hollywood. Her friends leak items to the press like there is no tomorrow…her publicity team leaks her whereabouts to the press and tells them what time to be at a certain location to see her…..she willingly agrees to photo shoots for all sorts of magazine covers and saturates the market with her photos on every magazine at the checkout counter and the list goes on and on and on.

    Do you see the paparazzi constantly stalking the likes of Shia Lebouf, Natalie Portman, John Cusack, Reese Witherspoon, Sean Penn and even Leo DiCaprio (just a few of many examples) to the same extent and frequency that they do to Aniston? NO! Why? Because the paparazzi does not view those celebrities as hypocrites because those celebrities do not purposely do all the things that Aniston allows her management team and her friends to do. Total over exposure. When you willingly over expose yourself like she does, the paparazzi doesn’t want to hear your whining about being followed and they will stalk you even more becuase of it.

    She is getting bad advice from her management team and isn’t bright enough to figure it out herself. I have zero sympathy for her.

  37. 37
    Hahaha Says:

    Only in your delusional mind! LOL

  38. 38
    Hahaha Says:

    Jennifer is that you?

  39. 39
    M.J. Says:

    Oh really Eric? You clearly are not in the industry.

  40. 40
    Hahaha Says:

    Jennifer are you talking about yourself again?

  41. 41
    suki Says:

    Angelina Jolie is the most over-exposed celebrity in Hollywood. Her friends leak items to the press like there is no tomorrow…her publicity team leaks her whereabouts to the press and tells them what time to be at a certain location to see her…..she willingly agrees to photo shoots for all sorts of magazine covers and saturates the market with her photos on every magazine at the checkout counter and the list goes on and on and on.
    Let’s get real for a moment – the paparazzi stalk Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt because they are the modern day Debbie Reynolds, Liz Taylor and Eddie Fisher. As far as gossip goes – a good infidelity/triangle story is the most lucrative of tabloid stories. While I’m sure most people have reached their saturation point with this story -for those in the gossip/tabloid industry there is still money to be made in continuing this story for the most diehard fans.

  42. 42
    My Question to Suki Says:

    Why is it when someone makes a non-complimentary comment about Jennifer Aniston they have to be labled a Jolie fan????? You do realize not everyone has bought into her fake “girl next door” or “America’s sweetheart” act that she and her pr paid hand developed for you to believe, right??? This women is a product of being built up by her pr guy and shoved into our faces to brain wash us that she is something special, when she is not. Therefore, I don’t see how Jolie has anything to do with this woman other than the stupid triangle crap created by her pr firm. Not everyone find Aniston special so stop trying to start a Aniston vs. Jolie fight on this thread. All I see is Aniston beady eyes on this one and that is who we are talking about, no one else.

  43. 43
    M.J. Says:


    I hear you about Angie, but there is two big differences. One, Angie doesn’t whine about it and two, she is viewed in the industry as a more serious and more talented actress than Aniston. Jolie takes on heavy dramatic roles where as movie studios will only offer Aniston romantic comedies or light hearted type work. You may not think that is fair, but thats the reality of why the two are viewed differently.

  44. 44
    juliana mendes Says:

    if you do not want to ask about your personal life then do not talk about it in MAGAZINES, I love actors and actresses who just talk about their work not on how this relationship and what qualities your boyfriend has or how they met.

  45. 45
    aubri Says:

    all she ever does is whine

  46. 46
    Candi Says:

    lol. she really does look like a man in drag! lol.

  47. 47
    JL Says:

    @M.J.: This is just your SINGLE mind Jolie is more talented. And more serious.
    JA has a pr team but she is a symbol of normal human values.
    Jolie’s lie is HUG. She promotes the pervert things like it’s normal. She slept with MOTHER’S MAN. She had sex with her brother. She destroyed families. She uses the UN trademark for own pr.
    But you and your pr partners protect her.

  48. 48
    honeyboo Says:

    Notice how all of the not-so-famous-anymore stars are in this? Where is George Clooney or Matt Damon? So this is all of the Hollywood reject documentary…Interesting.

  49. 49
    JL Says:

    Tht’s right!
    Where is Brad Pitt?
    He afraid to earn possible problems.
    He will protect the SYSTEM.
    A HERO

  50. 50
    JL Says:

    George Clooney is busy with Stacy.
    May be George wants MONEY for this interview?

  51. 51
    Sweetness Says:

    Any one who pays to see this movie is an absolute FOOL.These whining actors who make millions would go crazy if paps didn’t take their photos! These narcissists loved the paps on their rise up as stars and now they complain about the people who make a living keeping their mugs in the spotlight!

  52. 52
    Eric Says:

    Let me get this straight, all of you think that just because they are celebrities and they signed up for it means that it’s not wrong with the paparazzi is doing? I will agree with everybody here when I say that when you do become an actor, musician, reality star, etc. you are signing up for it all. If you decide to become any of those, your personal life will be exploited and you will have the paparazzi constantly following you. But just because they sign up for it doesn’t mean that what they are doing is right. The paparazzi will do anything just to get a picture of a celebrity. Jennifer Garner has spoken out many times about her hate for them because they will seriously stand outside the gates of her daughter’s school just to snap a photo of her. That is just beyond ridiculous. I think it’s fine for them to take photos of them, but it has gotten out of hand. They are way too intrusive when trying to take photos. Like I said, I get that they sign up for it, but it doesn’t make it right that the paparazzi does it. And it’s crazy to me that people actually think it’s right. What’s even crazier is the fact that people think that just because they make millions of dollars means that they have no room to complain. I can guarantee you that if any of you were actually in a position like some of these celebs are, you’d be pissed too. Just because they make millions doesn’t mean they are less deserving of their privacy and sure as hell doesn’t make what the paparazzi does right. The majority of you sound beyond ignorant and I find it quite sad. And as someone pointed out, no, I am not in the industry, obviously. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t know how intrusive, annoying, and aggravating the paparazzi can be. Some of you just sound dumb with some of your ignorant comments. It just goes to show that people really don’t understand. Celebrities do make millions, but it doesn’t make what the paparazzi does right.

  53. 53
    M.J. Says:

    Jennifer Garners’s publicist – with approval from her client – has told photographers on a number of occasions which park/playground she would be with her daughter and at what time. So if Ms.Garner is now going to complain that the paparazzi is taking photos of her kids at school, then she is just as hypocritical as Aniston is.

  54. 54
    JL Says:

    when you’ll feel the paps camera in your a$$ you’ll get what this documentary is about.
    Everyone must stay a human being. Even paparazzi.

  55. 55
    Marieme Says:

    SAh @ 06/21/2012 at 9:38 pm

    “Her face looks pretty bad there. Rough & old.
    Her rep calls paps & feeds stories to the paps, she can’t complain when her crying in Vanity Fair set everything off”

    Could not agree more!!

    Btw nice screen grab, JJ. Haha! Well played. I bet phone calls are being made from angry Fug team members complaining about the fug. Love it. No photo-shop. Fugs in all her frowny, thin-lipped glory.

  56. 56
    M.J. Says:

    I am not a fan of the paparazzi and many of their tactics are out of bounds. My only point is that there is one exception to the rule. Hypocritical public figures who one on hand whine and complain about them to the media, but at the same time allow their management teams and PR agents to inform these very same photographers of their whereabouts and leak info to gossip columnists, and totally over expose themselves to the media in general. They are hypocrites and do not deserve any sympathy.

  57. 57
    LOLing Says:

    That face she is making….Yuck.

  58. 58
    JL Says:

    @M.J.: People WANT to know all about celebrities life. That’s why photographers are necessary. Photographers NEED the information about stars location – to save the time, money and energy. This is a part of INDUSTRY.
    But everyone must stay a human being.

  59. 59
    JL Says:

    @Marieme: her face looks not like your

  60. 60
    MrsKutcher Says:

    specialy these people are talking all these famwhores without any good talent….aniston, lopez or parker can not tell me that they never called the paps to sell there stories….such hypocrites!!!

  61. 61
    Marieme Says:


    When you cease writing like a drunk Yoda maybe you’ll make some sense. Until then, you bore.

  62. 62
    JL Says:

    @Marieme: Don’t change the subject: what about YOUR face?
    Do you have some problems with her face?
    Because your face is better?
    who is boring ?

  63. 63
    pumpkin Says:


    JL, yes we have a problem with HER face, because she is a public persona and we are forced to look at it even if we don’t want to. She is a celebrity and is suppossed to look good. Instead, she looks like a scarecrow with a huge chin and thin lips. She is a no-talent ugla mf.

  64. 64
    JL Says:

    @pumpkin: pumpkin, when people have no wish to look at some face they go to another thread.
    But you are talking about her lips and chin every day. This is an OBSESSION.
    I afraid you have lots of pictures with her Iips. WHAT FOR ? :)

  65. 65
    Sandrine Says:

    Why do people hate Aniston so much? Just wondering…

    In my opinion, being chased by the paparazzi is a small price to pay for all the privileges that come with being a celebrity. All the perks, the loads of money, properties, preferential treatment, their ‘team’ of people at their beck and call. Heck, there are people who are more well educated than these celebrities that earn only a fraction of what these celebs earn because they aren’t celebs. The paparazzi and the rumors, they come with the territory. If they don’t want those things, then they should change jobs and be nobodies instead.

  66. 66
    pumpkin Says:


    JL, I don’t talk about her lips and chin every day. You are the one who is obsessed, spending all day on these threads. I have better things to do in life. Making comments here is just for fun, I find it amusing and nothing more. But I guess it’s a different story with you, obsession to the max.

  67. 67
    Maya Says:


  68. 68
    Maya Says:


  69. 69
    lea Says:

    I`m not in movie business, so i don`t know is it right for actors or other working celebrities, famous i mean, to get such a lot of money from the works they do, or could that money be used some other, useful way, for people worldwide, so i don`t is that RIGHT. BUT anyway it`s definitely right to follow other peoples personal life, how they deal that? I`m sure if it would be examined it would so that it`s dangerous for the person mental health, that`s just not normal, so it`s very wrong and it has to stop, but i understand that it`s big business and we normal folks are a reason why they do that…maybe it should be at least diminished very much, like only one paparazzi for person, or couple…and only designated time., oh yes, and enough (much) distance. How about that?

  70. 70
    lea Says:

    NOT right i mean! :) <3

  71. 71
    JL Says:

    @lea: I spend a lot of time in front the Laptop, so I can check what’s happens here every hour.
    But you must recognize the right of Celebrities to have the chin and lips.
    If you don’t like it – don’t look.

  72. 72
    Kriss Says:

    YOU people here make thoese paparazzie RICH!!
    That is NO BALANCE in play between THEM and actors and celebrities

    WHO gave them rihgts to take pictures of small kids only to PLEASED YOU HERE?

  73. 73
    iola25 Says:

    I dont feel bad for them specially JA she has a publicist everytime JA has bad rumor they always denied I dont understand JA include the CNN if there is a rumor about her they can call and deny it. She would b happy because papz chasing her because if the time comes nobody is interested with her she may be the one call the papz.

  74. 74
    vavavoom Says:

    She looks like a hillbilly with those red cheaks. Muuuuu… go and live on a farm, not in Hollywood. You won’t have any problems with papz there, you stupid cow.

  75. 75
    kate Says:

    This is a 40 something yr old women who is a 20 yr old wanabe.
    Can’t act her way out of a paperbag,has nude completely nude pics on mags for a childrens movie coming out a mo later. Marley and Me.
    There are getting to be more nude pics then Dirtbag award dress pics where she looked like a cow . And yet she was all about the cameras being on her but hey when another flop comes out she is Pap ready.

    IMO If she didn’t go on national tv to advertise her divorce her acting is so lousy she knew without using her X husbands name eventually she would be no longer relavant in HW. She has continued to coattail her X husband and his children for going on 8 yrs . It’s time to stop and find a man she doesn’t have to buy, fall in love and mean it.

    You can’t go on national tv to try and ruin another womens name while milking a divorce she knew was coming 1 yr and a half before the other women even met her unhappy husband who was leaving even going thru trial separations in 03 b/c as she said on the C. Handler show “I fight dirty. Go ahead fight dirty and turn around and purchase $$$$$ another womens man , Heidi bivens man who was blindsided by her man of 14 yrs only to find out he was sleeping with this celebrity and her at the same time.

    I use to like the tv gal from Friends but the more i have gotten to know about her and not from tabloids i have no use for this phoney .

    A phoney who lives for tabloid gossip which requires paps and cameras.
    Paid friends who talk to magazines saying exactly what she has told them to say. This middleage women is not what she pretends to be.
    If she is ever lucky enough to do another flop rom com don’t worry she will be talking to the paps , showing herself to the arranged camera men awaiting her arrivall , putting on a show like as if she just loves all of the attention the paps and cameras give her..

    Phoney Baloney!

  76. 76
    She Stinks! Says:

    JHO Bag loves to get her picture taken and tells them where she is going to be, then act mad about it. She’s a big no talent no class phoney.

  77. 77
    maria Says:

    @kate: You JP fans just need to shut up about the marriage part. The BOTTOM line is, BP was an A$$ and cheated. AJ was a **** and pulled a married man out of a marriage. Say what you want about anything else, but BP and AJ were the ones who acted inappropriately back then. Not JA.

  78. 78

    OH MY GOD.

  79. 79
    Myeah Says:

    I would totally watch this movie. Obviously, since I’m here I like celebrity gossip. The whole phenomenon of celebrities interests me. But at the same time I’m aware that it’s a dodgy business, the selling of people’s private lives for public entertainment. Sure these people are rich and can afford security and they are dependent upon media for their careers.

    But I totally agree that there has to be boundaries. Paparazzi’s cross the line many times, and I find it especially disturbing when there’s children involved or when the celebrity is obviously sick in some way like when Britney had her breakdown. The media circus around her was just not OK…they need to know when to stop or else they can really destroy people. Like what happened to Princess Diana.

    And also the deaths of Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Why are people interested in pictures of dead people? It’s disturbing!

    But then again, some desperate celebrities really know how to play that dirty game and sell sex tapes of themselves and stuff like that so maybe some of them are ready to play that game. (paris hilton, the kardashians etc.)

    But for those people who just love what they do and aren’t interested in playing the media game for themselves, but only for the projects they are involved in, then I think the pap’s need to respect that and not make them be a part of something they’re not asking for. Again, especially for children who have no say in the matter and didn’t choose to have celebrity parents.

  80. 80
    elizabeth taylor Says:

    Jennifer Anniston is one of the brightest stars in shining in Hollywood. She is everyone’s sweetheart and the Rom/Com reigning queen. Her personal style is known as iconic. She is known around the world and is followed for her celebrity. She needn’t alert the press when she is travelling about like some celebrities. The vitriol on these message boards is spectacular. So small.

  81. 81
    OMG Says:

    Jennifer Aniston puts it out there she wants to do a SmartWater ad (which she reps and owns stock in) about the paps following her life, then proceeds to go to Paris–where it is obvious—her PR called the paps, people don’t know who she is, she waves at the paps. Then, on to Vatican in her usual nipple showing shirt and short skirt. Riiiight. Jennifer Aniston is the Kathy Hilton today. (Kathy’s driver pulls up to where paps are waiting for other stars and yells for her, “Look it is Kathy Hilton!”) This IS Jen Aniston wanting to be on CNN.

  82. 82
    lol Says:

    Jenny got caught wearing spanks on her fat thighs in France, next thing you know….her PR Guru telling us her secret diet shake she uses to maintain that great body. Aveeno?? Does it burn when one uses your lotion after a laser peel burns off multiple layers of skin? Jenny is addicted to these peels, said so on talk show, another beauty secret. Aniston is a aging fraud, she’s the greatest PR-spun so called celeb –read loser–(call the paps!) in Hollyweird.

  83. 83
    sweetness Says:

    And people think by watching these woe is me celebrities complain about paparazzis is going to make their already rich lives better and pap free?

    They are all attention wH_0_re$….

    show me one pap that is living in some mansion because he’s taken some over exposed celebrity’s pic..they’ve got bills just like the rest of us.

    Stars like Brangelina and DiCaprio ..even Depp know they have solutions to paps..if rich stars don’t want to be photograph don’t walk around like a regular’s a form of crazy denial.

  84. 84
    Li Says:




  85. 85
    JenMN Says:

    This is definitely a touchy subject. I am a huge consumer of pop culture and kind of a celebrity addict. I buy the magazines & I read the celebrity blogs daily. I can see both sides of this debate.

    I understand where the celebrities are coming from. Paparazzi are definitely an invasion of privacy, especially at the lengths some of them go through to get photos. I know NONE of us would enjoy being in the public eye 24/7. Not even being able to go to Target without getting photographed or harassed by Paps. You wouldn’t enjoy that. Most privacy goes out the door where you’re a celebrity and so I can definitely understand what they are saying with that part of it.

    On the other hand…photos keep them in the spotlight and keep them relevant. Relevancy gets them the jobs & money. I agree with some who say they asked for this. I am sure they know it comes with the job but the constant attacks of photographers always on them has got to get old!

    Tough thing to try and make sense of because each one needs the other whether they want to admit it or not.

  86. 86
    lol Says:

    Now it makes sense, Jennifer was never pap’d going to her hairdresser or the gym before or out to dinner with the Hanks or BF but suddenly she’s getting papd everywhere. Trip to Europe, she’s waving to the pap after we are saturated with pics of her and boyfriend every day. Paparazzi bothering Jennifer Aniston, I don’t think so. Jen pimping a film for her dying career? yup. Btw, why is it Jen always the one doing ALL the PR? Fame-ho Aniston.

  87. 87
    Haha Says:

    @elizabeth taylor:

    Jennifer how many times do I have to tell you to stop talking about yourself???? Nobody is interested in listening to you! You’re boring!!! Don’t you realize that by now?

  88. 88
    Jester Says:

    Jenniple is going though menopause.

  89. 89
    dido Says:

    If Ange could play Maleficent, Jen should play King Stefan’s wife

  90. 90
    My way Says:


    Likey the new words for the day “Jennipple”, “Anistoned”!!!! LOL!

  91. 91
    B Says:

    The irony is comical. These celebutards employ an army of people to make sure their marginally talented a s s e s stay in the press and then whine about it for …. more publicity.

    99% of these people have the paps of speed dial and people to tip them off on where they will be and when – just look at the one pap who followed Anisiton around last week – when did she look put out about having a camera in her face? She didn’t, because it was her own people that put the camera in her face. And by no means is she the only one.

    If these people want the paps out of their face, then go away and we will wait to see you in a future “Where are they now?” feature.

    And don’t worry, some other celebutard will take their place tomorrow and it will be like they never existed.

  92. 92
    Question Says:

    Why is it Aniston is always doing these type of things??? Didn’t she do something like this not even 2 years ago?? This woman craves attention and yet always whinning about the paps but has the highest paid pr jerk in her back pocket to plant and deny for her and call paps when she needs to remind use she still breathing. She built this image and started her own personal pap trilogy. She can do us all a favor and go hide in N.Dakota somewhere so we all can forget about her and she don’t have to worry about paps ever bothering her again! Sounds like a win-win for all to me!

  93. 93
    pleasestop!!!!! Says:

    @B: I LOVE everything you said. You speak the truth, half these people call the paps to make SURE they get them comming and going from certain spots. Especially Lopez and Aniston.

  94. 94
    interesting Says:

    I find it especially hilarious that Jennifer Lopez is in this. Isn’t this the same woman who sold pics of her new born infants to people magazine but she wants privacy?!? She is the ver definition of over exposed media *****.

  95. 95
    JL Says:

    It’s so interesting to look at all his…
    I love when people come here to say : YOU ARE BORING !
    YOU ARE PR ***** !
    HOOH !

  96. 96
    Nika Says:

    ok, we all know that she’s a butterface…Justin is too hot for her, same goes for Brad.

  97. 97
    JL Says:

    Justin is HOT when she buys the time on tv and he demonstrates his HOT break dance.
    In the pants she bought.

  98. 98
    To be fair Says:

    Some actors/artists just love what they do and want to entertain people. Sure they get a lot of money for it, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to have some degree of privacy. There are plenty of people with money and power in this world who don’t have to go through this kind of scrutiny even though they maybe should.
    Maybe so called journalists should be stalking banking CEOs or politicians and investigating their every move instead of some mindless entertainers. I’m sure it could be more interesting to know what the truly powerful people in the world are up to, than what Justin Bieber ate for breakfast this morning.

  99. 99
    Janis Says:

    Botoxed ugly heifer.

  100. 100
    Maya Says:

    I like her

  101. 101
    She's so annoying Says:

    That chicken lips… That horse face…. That chin… Body that looks like a little boy, then comes that annoying Voice!!!!!!
    Amazing what $$$$$$ can buy……

  102. 102
    JL Says:

    Amazing how to earn big $$
    with wrong lips, face, chin body & annoying Voice …

  103. 103
    Ghost Says:

    This moron has never worked a real job in her life. If she had to work 10hrs a day 6 days a week for 20 to 30 years at a construction job she would realize just how petty , self serving and abysmal her comments truly are. The problem with her and the people in this video is that it’s like watching junior high school with money. When will this no talent idiot realize that without them she would be even less than she is now….Don’t like the truth ? …….Blo me…………..Love The Ghost.

  104. 104
    aha Says:

    She is famous b/c of these tabloid presses. She has no talent and beauty. She is living in la la la land.
    Look at the names of these supposed stars. They all are not good actors. They are only famous b/c of tabloids.

  105. 105
    aha Says:

    Her face is showing her ages. You can not air brush movie like in magazine.

  106. 106
    Give up, Jen! Says:

    Aniston simply CANNOT make it as a movie star. She’s just a TV girl. Always has been, always will be. She isn’t talented enough to make the transition to the big screen. It’s embarrassing that she won’t just give up but I guess in her mind it’s better to be a B actress in B movies than just a TV personality. She’s lucky she at least had that. If she had never been married to Brad Pitt no one would remember her name anymore. She is completely irrelevant.

  107. 107
    Give up, Jen! Says:

    WOW! I just took a good look at that pic. Jen-Jen’s looking rough! Botox didn’t really help her at all. And always that stupid expression. She’s a one-trick pony, that one!

  108. 108
    Soph Says:

    @Eric: I agree with all you wrote. Celebrities can be very hypocritical about asking for privacy when at the same time they give interviews talking about their private life, BUT that doesn’t make right to have helicopters flying over their houses, their kids’ photos taken or having paps just outside their houses. Some of it it’s part of the job, self promotion is part of it all but there should be limits.
    Only people who have never felt invaded by being photographed without permission and being harassed and provoked, can say it’s all ok because “they asked for it”. Yes, sometimes they could deal differently with it, but maybe saying where they are going to be at a certain time gives them control, giving something to the paps so after that they can do something or go somewhere privately.
    And you mentioned other stars who do not complaint… well, most don’t do it because they know that if they did they would be criticized just like most people are doing here.
    This is not a b&w subject.

  109. 109
    spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    they can hear, and see what your visually thinking
    this is the absolute complete truth!!!
    The reason a lot of Asians have completely expressionless faces, segregate from everybody else-only associate with Asians and don’t associate with non Asians that much, and are very unfriendly in general is to avoid accidentally revealing that they can read minds. If all over a billion Asians where to show facial expressions all the time just as much as non Asians, integrate and associate with non Asians much more, and be much more friendly and talkative, then a lot of them might accidentally reveal that they can read minds by accidentally showing a facial expression or dirty look when someone thinks, or visually pictures something in their mind they don’t like, find astonishing, or funny etc because those people might see that and and really wonder what that was that just happened there and see the connection, and they might accidentally say something similar to what the person was just thinking and going to say. If they all associated with non Asians a lot more then there would be a lot more people around for them to accidentally show facial expressions when those people think things they don’t like etc, so they segregate and only associate with Asians so there won’t be anyone around for them to see that and have any accidents happen in the first place.
    I know this may sound crazy, impossible and unbelievable, BUT IT ISN’T CRAZY WHEN ITS TRUE
    You have to spread the message!!!!!
    The world has to know about this!!!!!

  110. 110
    JL Says:

    @Give up, Jen!: Welcome to the world of haters “logics” !!!
    If she had never been married to Brad she could receive different roles in USUAL ORDER – not like now – as Jolie’s “enemy”…
    If she had never been married to Brad no one F hen would HATE HER for this.
    She made a strong name in Friends and she IS a big screen actress last 10 years.
    It’s YOU are the one freak pony!

  111. 111
    JL Says:

    @aha: Oh, “her face is showing her age”
    43, 45, 48, 53 – it’s a LUXURY age when woman looks GREAT and has a WISDOM unlike stupid 20 years old hens with ZERO IQ..

  112. 112
    JL Says:

    @Ghost: After the work 10 hrs a day 6 days a week for 30 you must be a ROBOT. No life – just a MECHANICAL MOVES.
    Do you think your work on construction is something special? Every monkey can do that – even without language. Can you get HOW IS IT – to reduce the own weight? Water for breakfast, apple for dinner and AIR for supper.
    You’ll start kill the people on the street without your stake and beer. Because you are a working mechanical ANIMAL.
    Read your comment! YOU are the **** after dinner, not Ghost….

  113. 113
    JL Says:

    oh this freaking “decency”: you are the f.a.r.t. after dinner, not Ghost.
    smelly f.a.r.t.

  114. 114
    Average Jane Says:

    These celebrities are so disconnected from real life, THAT’S the funny part. When was the last time JLo or Aniston had to decide between paying the electric or the mortgage? They have no concept of what REAL PROBLEMS are. I WISH my only problem in life was having photographers at the end of my driveway. If it’s so bad, quit the entertainment industry and work somewhere for $15 an hour, DUH!

  115. 115
    Maya Says:

  116. 116
    Average Jane Says:

    @Sandrine: YES, Sandrine EXACTLY RIGHT!!!! What job doesn’t have an annoying component to it? As a police officer if there is a downside to his or her job. Ask a nurse or a teacher if there are any downsides to their job. These celebrities have forgotten what life is like for the average person. If being a celebrity is so bad, come trade with me, I’d love to!

  117. 117
    Maya Says:

    Jennifer aniston and Justin in Island of Capri

  118. 118
    DEE Says:

    The same Jlo who was front and center on the RC at brad Pitt’s TCCOBB premiere. I don’t recall her having a part in the movie or being friends with BA. However, she made sure the paps captured a photo of Her greeting Angie with a kiss on the cheek. Then recently telling a Magazine she didnt know or never met angie. That’s when her star was dwindling .and no one cared about her. Now she thinks she special again.

    I won’t go there with ticky the other posters said it All.

  119. 119
    MJ Says:

    The truth why Anuston claimed that she hates paparazzi is because when her photos are released without photoshopped. Remember, this woman complained before that she hates these fans who use their cell phones to take a pictures. There is one reason why. The quality of the pictures that are being taken are not as good as photoshopped pictures. Tell me if I’m wrong that if not about the quality of the pictures, if you notice, none of her fans posted a pictures of hers during her premieres that were taken by their own cameras but you saw her fans in some videos that they took a pictures of her. Was Huvane took all their cameras and delete those pictures that were not good? Anuston is not complaining about her privacy being invaded by the papz, she’s complaining about the unphotoshopped pictures. This is the woman who complained about her unphotoshopped pictures that were being released during her photoshoot in Mexico for her stink perfume. If she truly wants privacy, she should not be worry because her pictures are not worth a dime anymore. Once Anuston cannot use Brad or Angie then papz will avoid her. Hopefully she will just go away.

  120. 120
    Josh Says:

    Another FLOP for Jen!

  121. 121
    Janis Says:

    @Give up, Jen!:
    If she had never been married to Brad Pitt no one would remember her name anymore. She is completely irrelevant.

  122. 122
    Drew Says:

    Ohh please, people like JLo call the paparazzi. You want a true story, put Britney on this movie. Thats the ultimate proof of what celebruty power and media is all about.

  123. 123
    Tota Says:

    Angiman fan are su..k

  124. 124
    Kiki Cohen Says:

    @AddisonDeWitt: What is she talented at??? Whenever JA’s fans come running to her defense saying ?”She’s SO talented!!!” at what???acting?? NO
    She needs years of lessons

  125. 125
    JL Says:

    @Kiki Cohen: What the lessons are you talking about?
    How to BECOME talented?

  126. 126
    To #124 Says:

    The only talent Aniston have is conning folks to believe she is talented.

  127. 127
    Tota Says:

    Jennifer aniston and Justin in Island of Capri

    I love it

  128. 128
    Kiki Cohen Says:

    @Jo: Thankyou- best comment! My husband is a doctor and has devoted his life to finding cures for rare illnesses- he’s no primadonna, treating people like he is the messiah. 75% of these celebs act this way and the don’t come close to doing what he does on a daily basis, in terms of impacting people’s lives for the vetter

  129. 129
    Lia Says:

    I can’t understand them . They make millions , and yes sometimes they had their picture taken , so what ? Otherwise nobody will actually know about them .

    Oh and this is not A job ! Take for example the kardashians , kim says that she works ” so hard ” . But what on earth is she doing anyway ?
    Those people are ridiculous !

    I bet that they would not be happy to trade ” privacy ” for their millions !

  130. 130
    spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    they can hear, and see what your visually thinking
    this is the absolute complete truth.
    The reason a lot of Asians have completely expressionless faces, segregate from everybody else-only associate with Asians and don’t associate with non Asians that much, and are very unfriendly in general is to avoid accidentally revealing that they can read minds. If all over a billion Asians where to show facial expressions all the time just as much as non Asians, integrate and associate with non Asians much more, and be much more friendly and talkative, then a lot of them might accidentally reveal that they can read minds by accidentally showing a facial expression or dirty look when someone thinks, or visually pictures something in their mind they don’t like, find astonishing, or funny etc because those people might see that and and really wonder what that was that just happened there and see the connection, and they might accidentally say something similar to what the person was just thinking and going to say. If they all associated with non Asians a lot more then there would be a lot more people around for them to accidentally show facial expressions when those people think things they don’t like etc, so they segregate and only associate with Asians so there won’t be anyone around for them to see that and have any accidents happen in the first place.
    Every single Asian alive is hiding their mind reading abilities, they don’t want ANYBODY to know that they can read minds, they will always deny that they can read minds, they will lie about having mind reading abilities forever!!!!
    Because they value hiding their mind reading abilities more then their own lives!
    That’s why nobody knows about it!
    Try thinking, best yet visually picturing in your mind something absolutely crazy as you possibly can when you are around Asians, and try looking for Asians who give people particular looks, especially dirty looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, that is them giving people looks when they hear and visually see someone thinking something they don’t like, find astonishing, or funny etc.

    I know this may sound crazy, impossible and unbelievable, BUT IT ISN’T CRAZY WHEN ITS TRUE

    You have to spread the message!!!!!
    The world has to know about this!!!!!

  131. 131
    jilly Says:

    I love Jennifer but I must say that I don’t agree with these celebrities complaining and in some occasions beating up the papz, since their whole fame and money comes from these papz. They are worth millions of Dollars for very little fun work they do because they are famous. They don’t even have to get a role and still make tons of money because of all the Advertising gigs and perfume and clothing lines that they can sell, because of their fame. So, they should just shut up and deal with it. Life is hard for everyone and I’m sure they can handle a little of picture taking in exchange of being multi millionaires for life!

  132. 132

    Aniston megawhore alert
    vile stench
    huge supply fawp
    Aniston biggest w#ore
    hazmat suit
    thickest rubber
    gas mask
    radio active tart

  133. 133
    jilly Says:

    Another reason that they HATE papz could be that they can’t cheat on their other half. It’s like they’re being followed by 100 private detectives 24/7. Sorry, no privacy for hanky panky millionaires, LOL!

  134. 134
    jade Says:

    @ Maya and Tota

    Thank you for the great pictures of Jen and Justin in Greece. I’am glad
    they went there, on their vacation.

  135. 135
    Kiki Cohen Says:

    @JL: O@To #124: Ok- I get it now- she’s a total con job! Thanks for the insight!

  136. 136
    TK Says:

    Has anyone ever thought that perhaps celebrities are telling their stories not for the sake of getting sympathy but for the sheer fact that they want us to look at it in perspective?

    By no means do I think the way the world works is fair (meaning that celebrities make billions of dollars while a lot of hardworking people make less than a fraction of that), however, that is the way that it is.

    Even though paparazzi keep celebrities relevant, I would hope that most people out there would not want paps in their personal business when they’re going through a divorce or a death in the family.

    Point is, I don’t think celebs are looking for sympathy–just some understanding.

  137. 137
    facts for the uneducated Says:


    Capri is in Italy, not Greece, don’t you even know that? LOL LOL

  138. 138
    Brad the future husband Says:

    Who dis white woman?

  139. 139
    Brad the future husband Says:

    Kid Rock, you don’t have to worry about anyone taking your picture – no one cares about you. It’s all about Angelina Jolie and her horns right now.

  140. 140
    omg it is Miss Piggy! Says:

    wow the resemblance is amazing !

  141. 141
    lori Says:

    I just don’t like the pics of celeb kids. i know some of the celebs pimp out their kids (katie and tom, Jen Garner, etc) but some don’t. I’d like there to be some law against that. Maybe only allowed to print the pic with parents permision or something. I’d think that would cut it down. And we’d all know then who is using their kids for press. Nobody would bother taking Katie Holmes pic if she didn’t always have the kid with her, or if they weren’t allowed to sell pics of Suri

  142. 142
    Toni Says:

    It is a tough debate here – but truly – certain lines should be drawn and enforced by law, where paps can not follow the celebs children to the shops, schools etc. also peeking over home fences, filming under skirts, keep a physical distance of ‘X’ meters, etc. This is simply stalking. Also – each ‘pap’ should be registered and should wear an identity badge at all times that they are operating, otherwise you seriously have no idea what sicko is actually stalking a person and their family.

  143. 143
    jade Says:

    @ facts for the uneducated

    I’am sorry,my bad.Thanks!

  144. 144
    JL Says:

    @Give up, Jen!: Welcome to the world of haters “logics” !!!
    If she had never been married to Brad she could receive different roles in USUAL ORDER – not like now – as Jolie’s “enemy”…
    If she had never been married to Brad no one F hen would HATE HER for this.
    She made a strong name in Friends and she IS a big screen actress last 10 years.
    It’s YOU are the one freak pony!
    (answer me)

  145. 145
    Haha Says:


    Sad Spook is a BIG Screen actress?????????? In the past ten years?????? Jennifer what have I been telling you? You’re not suffering from memory lapses are you?

  146. 146
    Yousuck Says:

    @lori: celebs who pimp out their kids – #1 Brangelina.

  147. 147
    ann h Says:

    Every time Jen puts on her “serious” face I have to laugh. She looks like she’s about to cry.

  148. 148
    Tota Says:

    Wilcom jade

    Jennifer aniston and Justin in Island of Capri

  149. 149
    ol Says:

    Jennifer Aniston??? OH PLEASE!!! Her career is build on paparazis and spreading her Private Drama as if shes the only divorced women on earth, what a neurotic egocentric selfish woman! She went to Oprah, Vogue, D.Saywer etc…..
    Her MOvies BOMBS she NOT a Moviestar, shes a MagazineStar and still she manages to stay relevant just like Rupert Everett once said! She is the best evidence that the media IS important to Celebs. But i agree with Angelina, she said she understand its part of the job, the entertainment industriy, but i dont like it when they follow my kids very close. They already have huge lenses so they dont need to get that close…
    Jennifer and her PRsucker are just ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. 150
    lol Says:

    That BIKINI has seem the likes of John Mayer, Vince, Paul and now Manson.
    I know she is paying for the trip, this guy is costing her a bundle, but she will do anything to hold on to him, did the perv photographer take these pictures and sell them to an overseas agent?
    One could almost feel SAD for this VINDICTIVE woman, but she deserves everything that is happening to her, (taking time off) can’t get work.

  151. 151
    JL Says:

    @lol: You deserve everything that is happening to you too…

  152. 152
    blondie Says:

    How many FLOPS must we endure from Little Miss Dirt Bags,
    before she is sent out to pasture? Little Miss Tabloid Queen
    certainly keep the tabloids off of the real celebrities trail, so maybe
    there is a need for her bitter little face to show up here and there,
    but gee whiz, make the articles a little more interesting and more
    juicey. Give her a disease, if you are willing to invent lies, anyway.

    Let’s have her making up with dear old momsie.
    Have her torn between two lovers…like David Arquette and Justin,
    with flying fists of fury, and show pictures of Courtney holding a
    weeping Coco, and an confused photo of Heidi Bivens, in the
    background laughing her head off.
    Oh, and show Norman, the dead dog, leaping from his grave.

  153. 153
    lol Says:

    @blondie: It was really sad the public had to pay for her Mother’s health care, even if she was not talking to her, like I said earlier, she is vindictive, her MOM said she was fugly, not a lie.
    Jl life is good, going to lunch now, I enjoy life, get out get some fresh air and stop worrying about a woman that don’t even care about the woman that gave. BIRTH to her, cheers.

  154. 154
    blondie Says:

    Sorry, Jen Hags, but the tabloids
    did not feature Jen and Justin on the cover
    of their magazines this week. Haaaa haaa ha.

    The tabloids were much too much interested in
    all of the other couples that shoot sparks that are real:

    Kanyee and Kim….hee hee hee;
    Rhianna, Chris, and Drake…ha ha ha;
    Hallie Berry and Oliver Martinez…ho ho ho;
    George Clooney and Stacey…haw, haw, haw;
    Ashton and Mila….awwww sh!!t;
    Robert and Kristen…oh, yes;
    Jessica Simpson and her great big bootie full of love,
    and William and Kate….sweet.

    Nobody has time for Jen, Justin, or the tug boat
    that they harpoon on.

  155. 155
    JL Says:

    But there is YOU blondie,
    on this thread
    to say
    you don’t need Aniston :)

  156. 156
    JL Says:

    @lol: Thanks,
    a really nice advice: 3,5 hours of biking is exactly what I love. The weather was fine, the traffic loyal – yes, life is still good.
    About woman that gave birth I can say she is responsible too. Jennifer paid a lot of money for mothers cancer treatment. But if mother doesn’t want to accept the help – what to do with this? This is her choice. When her daughter was little sweet girl mother could say many things. But her own “achievements” are not impressive as we can see. This is an additional reason of mother’s hate. Sounds not good. But there are parents who can’t see children’s talent and success.
    You may be sure Jennifer is ready to help any time.

  157. 157
    JL Says:

    @lol: BTW the same situation with Oprah Winfrey.
    Her father can’t calm down his hate despite he lives in h e house Oprah bought. This is GENETIC hate. So sad. But it happens.

  158. 158
    yep Says:

    Jen and the other celebs are so right! There is a line in the sand like a person’s home! Flying over and taking photos, long lens that capture them in the backyards! So sad and more so when children are involved!

  159. 159
    ohdear Says:

    Maniston checking her wee one’s hair plugs harvest scar in that shot on that tugboat. Next, she will pluck and trim his eyebrows since he’s let it grow out a bit since his orangey, too mani-ston-scaped debut.

  160. 160
    Lol Says:

    If she not paying for health care, don’t see her buying her Mother a house, but she buys one for yoga instructor.

  161. 161
    JL Says:

    @Lol: Mandy and Nancy has exactly what they deserve.

  162. 162
    Billy Says:

    She acting! She’s a media stimulator. Look at her face is old and fugly,

  163. 163
    tomi Says:

    Her face look so mean and so ugly. No wonder how she make alot of money without talent?

  164. 164
    coco Says:

    Her skin face peeled off with chemical. It’s so red and un-natural

  165. 165
    She's so annoying Says:

    Try to picture her without that stringy hair ….. that she’s invest millions on…. The ugliest looking dude in “so called” movie stahh industry …. Lol

  166. 166
    She's so annoying Says:

    And with zero…. Nada … Talent !!!!!

  167. 167
    pumpkin Says:

    @She’s so annoying:

    Correct. Imagine her with short hair and no make-up. What do we get? One ugly mf with long chin, thin lips and the biggest ears I have ever seen. Plus she is a no-talent that can only play one character over and over and over again. People are not that stupid, they got fed up. Aniston is finitto in Hollywood. She won’t have to worry about the papz following her for much longer.

  168. 168
    JL Says:

    @pumpkin: Pumpkin
    your obsession with Aniston is phenomenal.
    You may relax – she will never make a short hair.
    So go wait, wait, wait…
    About her career you may relax too. You are not even a third assistant of any producer.
    Youcaan’t even find the Hollywood on the map.
    But she makes her millions anyway. :)

  169. 169
    devil's advocate Says:


    I double dog dare you to provide us with an authoritative source to
    support your comment that “Jennifer spent a lot of money for her
    Mother’s cancer treatment.”

  170. 170
    JL Says:

    @devil’s advocate: The most authoritative source is Nancy Dow: her cancer treatment is OVER. She is not in jail. And she is not enough rich to pay for this. Jennifer paid for the cancer treatment.
    I don’t care where is her mother right now.

  171. 171
    LOL Says:

    Nancy Dow last illness was a stroke and people called the daughter out because her previous illness was paid for by the State of California.
    Cindy Adams from the NY Post had to help pay her medical bills along with a few of her friends.
    Your Mother suffered a stroke and you’re at the hospital crying crocodile tears, and the next day off on vacation.
    @ devil’s advocate
    jl can’t prove it, I’m sure if she searches hard enough, she’ll find the free health clinic, Nancy went to for INDIGENT CARE.

  172. 172
    JL Says:

    I know one thing:
    GOOD parents has no problem when they become older or ill.
    Even SECONDARY parents has no problems with children’s care.
    Even BAD parents…
    But SADISTIC parents – it’s a special case…

  173. 173


    Well those who can have children do those who cant can pretend.. How many times have she played a mother???? How many times have she fooled her fans… Is that a paparazzi??? time for my famous pose hand on the stomach, look pap see me i may be pregnant, yeah i know i call you and pull the same stunt 3 months ago, 6 months ago but you never know when i am faking it i can pretend, bag over the stomach, disappear for 3 months , OH WAIT to was for the botax healing but like i said you never know i could be pregnant right now I AM THAT GOOD AT FOOLING MY FANS………:)

  174. 174
    The Original Miami D. Says:

    That dried up leather face Maybe AVENO can help that

  175. 175
    ohdear Says:

    Yeah Aveeno, what do we have to do to look like Jen?

  176. 176
    JL Says:

    very interesting:
    no Jurianna comment,
    no my latest comment.
    Yes, Jennifer got what she deserves.
    She deserves ALL THE BEST

  177. 177
    JL Says:

    @ohdear: She is beautiful on both pictures. I prefer the first photo.

  178. 178
    LOLing Says:

    There is nothing beautiful about this woman. Just look at her,.

  179. 179
    yep Says:

    so totally agree! it is sad when you can’t be in the privacy of your own home without paps outside with their long lens! or for children! Jen is AWESOME!

  180. 180
    Ghost Says:

    The men and women in the military have fought for our right to have freedom of speech, JJ is suppressing that right by censoring our comments. You may not like what I post and I may not agree with yours but we all still have the right to be heard. Stand up against this and type something so we can end this unconstitutional practice. ………….Love The Ghost.

  181. 181
    Jurianne Says:


    Jen deserves ALL the BEST ??? whahhaaaaahah !!!!!
    And with who did she actually end up with ?? Offer me Midget with 10 000 $ I’ll fully return it with a ribbon attached to the package ! Come on don’t start digging your own grave dear !!

    By the way, who’s Jurianna ?? Oh ! Now I see the reason as to why you’re Jen’s-oh-so-devoted-fan, you’re either color blind or illiterate, since you’re not even able to spell an 8-letters name WITHOUT a mistake ! Such idol, such fan! Jen has ALL the BEST !

  182. 182
    JL Says:

    I’m not your fan.
    So no big matter – Jurdiana, Yurogina, Gerardina, Jetrotina…
    Keep the subject.
    She will end up with Oscars.
    With great roles she acted and she will act.
    You may hate her – it’s natural if you do something really good.
    She looks really good. She is a really good actress. She is GREAT person.
    Her fans are stronger because their love is stronger anyway.
    Watch out.

  183. 183
    Rose Says:

    @LOLing: She is beautiful. and nice.

  184. 184
    Jurianne Says:


    And Amen to that for not being my fan ! Oh dear ! I would be ashamed to have lousy supporter who lack of even the decency to call up someone name without a mistake.

    Think about it if you can! If I were to call you JLo or JeLLo or Jsprout, would you know I’m talking to you ? No!! Because there’s the possibility of another JShit fan out there too !

    So if you want to call up someone and GET replies from that same person, move your lazy fingers and try to activate some brain cells of yours!

    Unless you didn’t want replies on purpose !!! Because hey let’s face it, it does hurt one’s ego for not being able to retort back ! Only sane people can do effortlessly ! And about staying on topic: 1 – why should I obey to your rules for ? I see lots of spamming around spread by yours truly ! 2- Talk about the pot calling the kettle black ! Make sure your own diaper is clean before going on the lecture route.

    But Jennifer’s got be loved too right ?, if not It would be way too pitiful, so let’s the brainless lot worships her then ! They are strong … in their own fantasy world!!! Sorry that I feel no pity for the dumpee and her brainwashed followers !

  185. 185
    Observer Says:

    I have been on the “inside” with a few well known musical artists.
    Trust me!…………………
    You can avoid being photographed when you have that kind of money.
    You can do all manner of things without the public knowing.
    Unless law enforcement gets involved (and even sometimes that can be muffled) anyone with big money can go undetected 24/7.
    If you want to be a “star” then accept the dues.
    You cannot go to the supermarket and not expect to be photographed.
    You cannot sit at an “open air” cafe and not expect to be photographed.
    Get over yourselves “celebrities”.
    You cannot have “stardom” and be expected to be treated like a “normal” person who has to schlep to work every day, take care of your kids, run a household, etc.
    I’ve been fortunate to see both sides of the celebrity coin.
    If you have the money then your life can be truly private.
    Quit yer faux b’tchen!!!
    Boo hoo wah wah-I think not!
    You want to have a private life and have the money to afford it?
    Then being photographed is your choice.

  186. 186
    JL Says:

    Oh Yuriandra dear!
    Your nick is SO GREAT, so one pitiful letter can’t spoil one.
    I can imagine what the concerts you organize to your boyfriend
    (or parents).
    Do you have a boyfriend? It’s not for a long time.
    You devote too much energy on the insignificant questions.
    So who is ‘dumpee’ is a good question…
    The significant thing is your “love” to JA.
    Hate her?
    Who care…
    End of story.
    And a LITTLE advice: change the nick please! FJ (F Jolie), or WB (want brad), or WC (wow, cool!).
    You will see – nobody will make the mistakes.
    All the best,
    WC/FJ :)

  187. 187
    Barbara Says:


  188. 188
    jilly Says:

    Oh Barbara, looking at yourself in the mirror again?

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