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Katie Holmes Hosting Dizzy Feet Foundation Gala 2012

Katie Holmes Hosting Dizzy Feet Foundation Gala 2012

Katie Holmes rocks an orchid pleated maxi skirt from her Holmes & Yang line while leaving her apartment building on Thursday (June 21) in NYC.

The 33-year-old actress will be co-hosting the Dizzy Feet Foundation‘s second “Celebration of Dance” Gala on July 28.

Katie will take care of hosting duties with fellow board members Nigel Lythgoe and Adam Shankman at L.A.’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

The night will feature performances by talent from So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, Step Up Revolution, The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, and the American Ballet Theatre!

General and VIP tickets can be purchased on!

FYI: Katie is wearing a Gap cami.

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katie holmes purple skirt 03
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katie holmes purple skirt 06
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  • ck

    Katie doesn’t look bad there, but she isn’t exactly “rocking” anything.

  • jjjj

    Katie looks good, but that dress is one of the worst I have ever seen.

  • Kari


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    The world has to know about this!!!!!

  • Rocky

    She loves dancing, too bad she’s not a good dancer.

  • sorella

    She always gets the shoes wrong doesn’t she?!!!

    She’s been smiling a lot the past few days. She must have received a sci-reboot from Xenu or her bank account was replenished recently or Tom ordered it under the contract, maybe a combo of all of these.

  • Real

    She looks beautiful. She seems to be a sweet person

  • raay

    nice to see her looking happy

  • BowenCara

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  • DillonSocorro

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  • KC

    Nothing she is wearing works together!

  • Lanalu

    Holy mother of god what the he?? is she wearing? She has managed to take a top, that H&Y skirt, and the shoes — and put together one horrible outfit.
    This look definitely is a visual of someone running their fingernails down a chalk board.

  • Question

    Are they going to cancel it last minute because of scheduling conflicts like last ime?

  • Gloria

    She looks like a scared mouse all the time! The outfit is so ugly. That suit she made xenu Cruise that he wore the other night was ugly too. Face it Katie you have no talent. Just be mom to Suri and forget the acting and fashion jobs.

  • Katie’s Boyfriend?
  • Katie’s Boyfriend?
  • Katie’s Boyfriend?
  • wakeupNsee

    That’s an ugly and ridiculous looking outfit. Since Tom’s movie tanked, Katie and Suri will be needed to keep Tom in the news. Probably why she’s smiling. Tom needs to extend her contract.

  • Granny Needs A Boob Job

    Her breasts aren’t where The Gap thinks they should be.

  • DailyNightly

    Suri is going to have a fit when she sees what Katie wore here! There is going to be Hell to pay.

  • @wakeupNsee

    You are so right!

  • joel

    what the HELL is she wearing??? She looks like a friggen clown!!

  • danielle

    Awful look. She always brags about how much she loves color, detail, texture, fabric etc. in interviews. She says she prefers to be comfortable. Here she has paired a casual top with silk evening pants and fugly shoes. Ohmigod. FUG.
    If she had any fashion sense she could have made herself look fantastic while still being comfortable.
    First take the straps of the top up about a half to one inch so that it fits her front and accentuates her body.
    Secondly deep six those awful silk palazzo pants. Pair the top with cream or off white slacks that flatter her thick legs.
    Belt the top with a cute belt or wear it out. OR look in a darn mirror and tuck it/leave it artfully out.
    Add some jewelry to compliment whatever look you are going for–casual, sophisticated, funky. But then Katie can’t figure these things out on her own and Suri is falling down on the job here!
    And finally those awful shoes. They make her feet look huge. Pair the look with some wedgies, strappy sandals or a great pair of heels or pumps.
    But no. She prefers to look awful. But I guess one could be pleased that she has at least washed her hair today and isn’t running around with it in that awful scrunchy. AND one can be even more thankful that she didn’t wear those awful suede booties with this.

  • bizzness

    I love katie Holmes! She is so elegant and classy. She dresses well. Her daughter is a wanna be fashionista and spoiled brat but we all love
    Suri. Who doesn’t want to give their child everything. Tom, meanwhile, is still sowing his wild oats in the form of a bucket list that reads like a couple of movie titles, Rock of Ages…who knew mr. cruise was a bonafide rock star. we all knew he could climb a rock or too and hold on for dear life but the fact that Tom could sing…wow…he really shocked me on that one. And then there’s Mission Impossible IV which i thought Tom was really good in and again defied what the average fifty year old could do.
    What’s ur secret Tom? Katie, I love your hair. I have that same brown/dark brown hair as u. Yours is pretty and long. Keep it that way. We love u and Tom. Take Care if u read this!!!

  • bizzness

    @joel: Hilarious bro!! Keep it up ;)

  • bizzness

    @Granny Needs A Boob Job: Wow, i’m impressed. You really did ur homework. And yes i did notice that her bossom has dropped most definitely and NOTICEABLY.

  • obsessed

    katie looks very happy, and she seems to love new york

  • Kat

    oh my gawd! She’s “rocking that outfit”????? Hilarious!
    Plus, that thing she is wearing on her bottom half is no skirt! It’s some kind of humongous thing that looks like something out of ” I Dream of Jeannie” bottle, or during the Arabian times…only, she murders the look!
    That is exactly the only thing Katie can do….is murder good fashion, dancing…singing..acting….on and on! Homes and Yang…is down the crapper soon if not already.

    Just plain weird.

    Oh, and why in the h*ll is she even involved with Dizzy Feeet??

    Every time dancing is mentioned with the name Katie Holmes..reminds me of the stupid thing Tom said….” Kate, she’s a dancer….blah blah….


  • Hamlet

    What are you talking about, #13?

    You’re an idiot, #18

  • Jenna

    Whoops, flat as an ironing board! And that outfit…HIDEOUS!!