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Katie Holmes & Suri: Whole Foods Shoppers!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Whole Foods Shoppers!

Katie Holmes smiles down on her daughter Suri while doing a bit of shopping at their local Whole Foods Market on Thursday (June 21) in New York City.

After their grocery excursion, the 33-year-old actress carried Suri out of the store and down the block.

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It was recently announced that Katie will be co-hosting the Dizzy Feet Foundation‘s second “Celebration of Dance” Gala on July 28!

Stay tuned to for information on how to purchase general and VIP tickets.

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  • kelly martineau

    That kid needs to go to school and make friends. And Katie shouldn’t carry a 6 year old.
    Suri has two legs she needs to use them. And Katie dress is ugly.

  • Ellen

    I don’t think Suri is pretty. I’m sorry.

  • Stunna

    so big yet carried around……..

  • Stunna

    Katie dresses worse than my grandma

  • http://justjared POLO

    katie please you need to cover those hideous legs for everybody’s sake, if you really want to then just show them to your gay husband.

  • ME

    The poor child doesn’t know how to walk yet… maybe when she is 20, she might be walking on her own…

  • Adrianne

    Do you guys have kids? Who cares if she is carrying a six year old? they are still little kids and at times they want to be carried. They get tired. Im sure that Suri walks around just as much as every other 6 year old…

  • Scarlett

    Why do they continue to baby her? I get there is a point where you protect child from the camera and flashing. But carry her around and having her mom be her only friend is not normal. Its sad.

  • essie

    well suri looks terrified of the paps.. so i don’t blame her

  • thedog

    suri mapother…… they said

  • niagirl

    Another pic of a kid who doesn’t want her picture takened.

  • obsessed

    cutest looking mum and daughter

  • Kat


    LOL..I am sure most of us that are commenting about carrying a 6 yr old- a first grader have kids and know that its unusual for a kid that age get carried like a baby. If she is too old for a stroller….she is def. too old to be carried like that! Anybody with a mind would know that! It’s too bad Suri has many issues… do her bimbo mom and off the wall dad!

  • lori

    i thnk it’s weird that katie seems to have no friends. but as far as carrying a 6 year old. no big deal. eventually the kids will just be too heavy and that will be that.

  • Happy Jacky

    Tom Cruise is a weirdo and Holmes is not that much better if she got involved with him. I feel sorry for the kid, who looks like she could use a good dose of the real world and walk by herself instead of being carried around all the time.

  • NYC

    @kelly martineau:
    Mind your own business and It’s SUMMER!

  • oh please


    Suri is absolutely beautiful. It’s absolutely disgusting to see the negative comments that some people choose to dedicate to a 6 year old, let alone, a 6 year old they don’t know. I bet some of you are the same ones who are so against bullying, right? Some of you are disgusting pigs!

    And her mom can carry her if she chooses. I see many people in my area who carry their 6 year olds when they’re tired or are afraid of strangers. Nothing new or abnormal about it.

    Leave them alone!

  • danielle

    @oh please:

    I don’t know where you live, but I have lived in Chicago, NYC, London and Dallas and I don’t see anyone carrying their 6 year old. And I can’t think of any six year old that I know that would want to be carried. It is one thing to carry a child that is tired, it is another to carry a six year old down the street like KH is doing. KH has bodyguards and no doubt the Nanny is somewhere near, but out of sight. The child is perfectly safe. Unfortunately Katie and Tom have not dealt well with her in terms of getting her adjusted to the paps unlike every other A to A+ level couple whether they are royalty, politicians or actors. And if the child is NOT safe, then shame on Katie and Tom for subjecting her the daily walk through their yelling and picture taking.

  • florence2

    Agree with many both Tom and Katie need to let Suri walk more she is 6yrs old and I wonder to does she go to school becuase I’ve a feeling that she does’nt which is a shame she needs to be mixing with other kids her age and making friends and not being treated like a baby. Tom did it the other week when he carried her out of their hotel with a blanket over her.

  • shame on you

    Maybe she gets carried a lot is due to the fact she doesn’t like the paps all the time in her face which is clearly evident in lot of these pics lately how scared she looks. Seriously some of you idiots have way too much time picking on 6 year old.

  • obsessed

    suri doesn’t have any issues, but you people here have a hell of a lot of issues going on…..disgusting doesn’t even start to describe most of you, that’s for sure!!!!!!!!!!

  • wtf?????

    People calling a 6 year old little girl ugly gets thumbs up,people calling a six year old little girl beautiful gets thumbs down? This is why bullying has become so prevalent because of what children learn from unscrupulous adults,no wonder society is going to the dogs.

  • Halli

    Wow, you mean they’re actually shopping for food and not hitting up bakeries and Starbucks? Progress.

  • Pippa

    @shame on you: No, that is not why she is being carried (cuz of the paps). She is carried because SHE WANTS TO BE CARRIED. What Suri wants, Suri gets. Its not because of the paps because she is carried other times when the paps are far away and using telephoto lenses, or they are outside of a store and she is inside where they can’t bother her and she is still being carried. She is carried by her father inside of a banquet hall at a formal ceremony and she stands on a the chair w/ his blessing BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO. She is emotionally stunted. She thinks her baby dolls are real. Kids mimic what they live. She carries her dolls wrapped up in blankets & covers their head when walking thru paparazzi. JUST LIKE SHE WAS. She most definitely has emotional problems from the way she is being raised. (Never more than a week in one City. No routine, from what we can see w/ late nights out w/ bff Katie, no real school, no schedule. Living in hotels, wearing pajamas out of the house often.) How many times in the past year have we seen Suri burst into tears while walking down the street for apparently no reason. It happened just 2 days ago. A month before that. On a helecopter because she forgot her blanket. FAO Schwartz. She is 6, not 2! This poor kid definitely is not being carried because of the paps. Yes, she is emotionally damaged by the paps but she is carried because she asks to be carried and her parants do whatever she says.

  • oh please

    Some of you need to STFU. If this was one of Brangelina’s kids, these comments would be completely different. You all are beyond transparent!

  • oh please

    And the fact that so many so called teens and adults see nothing wrong with the hateful comments that are directed towards this CHILD is mind boggling!

  • relax!

    @wtf?????: oh please. This website is not for children. Do you let your kids look at this site? Then that’s your own fault. Only a dumb parent would let their kids surf through just jared and read the adult comments on here. Besides, its not bullying when the person involved doesn’t go to school and therefore can’t be bullied! Lol. Classic.

  • Hamlet

    Get a life, #1

    You’re sorry, #2? Why point that out?

    You have no idea how she’s being raised, #8.

    Who cares if any parent carried their kid, #18. What is it to you?

    Subjecting her to the paparazzi by walking in public in broad daylight?

    Of course she goes to school, #19. She is HOME SCHOOLED though. How many times must this be said?

  • whatevs, tots cray cray. snap!

    @oh please: “omg, I’m soooo transparent! Uh-oh…Transparent person on the web! Hurry, Call the cops!”
    And wtf is STFU? Imo that’s stupid! Oh and BYOB TTYL. Lol. GTG. WAFM. Good luck with that one.

  • wtf?????

    Dear idiot: I didn’t imply at all that my child goes on this site,. I’m on about ADULTS putting down a six year old girls looks ,what person in the right mind does this or I guess you think its ok because its just a comments blog?? Newsflash!! Bullying doesn’t only happen in school between children anybody news that,but then again what can you expect from somebody who doesn’t read posts properly.


    She’s not a baby yet..


    She’s no longer a baby srry

  • freya

    @oh please:

    Yeah because Brangelina doesn’t treat their adopted children children disposables even if they had 3 biological ones. This people are despicable. Do you really think that just because Tom and Kate has Suri
    they love her. i’m sorry but that kid is not only senselessly spoiled but severely malnourished too the reason why she can.t walk on her own because she doesn’t have energy that well nourished children of her age group has.

  • jghawaii

    Suri is going to end up hurting her mother’s back by being carried all the time. From these photos it looks like Katie is having trouble holding her. Maybe they need a strong bodyguard to carry the six year old if she refuses to walk.

  • siennagold

    Why is this kid always being carried???

  • Jenna

    God, why is she always carrying her 6 (!) year old daughter? Girl’s got two perfectly fine legs. Just another proof how this girl is spoiled rotten. Just look at that arrogant face…meh!!

  • Van

    I’ve seen Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie carrying Maddox, Max, Zaharah when they were six or more and had no problem with that. But I’m having serious with this. Why? Because it happens on daily basis and it’s seriously. You can carry your 6-year-old kid once in a while, but not all the time like that!

  • jaspisgirl

    she has ,,lady-evenings” with mommy when other six-year old are in bad and having nice dreams about the adventures they had that day. what is this little one dreaming about,shopping tours with mom,adult galas with dad ??????? she is never seen while playing with other kids,are they not able to buy her some friends at least. or maybe this is the really seems she has no friends at her age.i mean she is 33 or so.if she wants to go out and have a shopping trip why not with person at her age.weird weird weird.suri is her daughter ,not her doll.let her play and be a kid ,she is an adult soon enough!!!!!!!

  • LFR

    Katie’s legs look like telephone poles.

  • Suri is stimming

    Do not slander telephone poles. The poles are straight and nicely shaped.
    Kaka Homely’s tree trunk legs are crooked bows.

  • Scarlett

    @ Hamlet
    Most people that belong to Scientology believe that their child should go to a Scientology school which is perfectly fine. They already said that they home school her. Whats wrong with her being put in a Scientology school? I am sure they can pay for the best or whatever. Such a weird family.

    But really its not her fault. Shes freaking six. Her parents let her be spoiled than hey. Who calls a six year old ugly though??!??!

  • andrea

    i’m guessing that all negative comments here about suri (child) are either NOT A PARENT ..SINGLE … OR NEVER HAD AN INTERACTIONS WITH KIDS IN THEIR LIFE …

  • pr person

    She has to have a bodyguard to go to the grocery store?! WTF? Nobody cares…. The only one following them is the papparazzi that they paid to take these dumb pictures. UGH!!! Ummmm.. and why after leaving the store would she walk with and/or carry her daughter down the block instead of getting into a waiting car? Unless of course it was to be certain that the paid pap got his fill of pictures. Blech!!

  • Janis

    @Adrianne: #7

    I have 4 children and non of them were carried at 6, or 5, or 4, or 3.

  • Janis

    They’ll be CARRYING THAT SPOILED BRAT when she is in junior high school.

  • Janis

    Even if we were foolish enough to want to carry our children past toddler-hood, they would not let us.
    Children are independent they don’t like to be carried when they can walk on their own. That’s why it is evident Suri is ROTTEN beyond reason.

    Even when we went to places like Disneyland, my little children wanted to walk.

  • Common civilian

    Wow, the amount of ignorant bullies on this thread really disturbs me. Stop being jealous and go outside with your own kids or friends. Last time I checked none of you guys knew them. Like stfu, seriously. If your sister, kid, or parents was trashed daily by imbeciles … how would you feel? Stop behaving like bratty teens. Just shows the true nature of your characters. I’d love it if you saw her and said this to her face. Do the civil and ethical thing and bashing a 6 year old and her mother (who actually spends a LOT of time with her kid) is ridiculous. Now give me a thumbs down for being logical. It’s ok, I know the truth hurts :)

  • Eesh!
  • j

    @Ellen: At Least she is cuter than @oh please:
    I agree

  • j

    How many 6 yr olds are being hounded by photographers?