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Miley Cyrus: Patys Lunch with Dad Billy Ray!

Miley Cyrus: Patys Lunch with Dad Billy Ray!

Miley Cyrus keeps it cute and casual as she and her dad Billy Ray step out for lunch at Patys restaurant on Wednesday (June 20) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 19-year-old entertainer and her dad were joined by a couple of Miley‘s pals, nail stylist Jenna Hipp and Jen Talarico Novak.

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Miley tweeted about her afternoon, saying, “just rescued a Buddha with @jennahipp @Jt_Novak @billyraycyrus”

FYI: Miley is wearing Frye boots.

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus out to lunch with her dad…

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miley cyrus patys lunch 01
miley cyrus patys lunch 02
miley cyrus patys lunch 03
miley cyrus patys lunch 04
miley cyrus patys lunch 05
miley cyrus patys lunch 06
miley cyrus patys lunch 07
miley cyrus patys lunch 08
miley cyrus patys lunch 09
miley cyrus patys lunch 10
miley cyrus patys lunch 11
miley cyrus patys lunch 12
miley cyrus patys lunch 13
miley cyrus patys lunch 14
miley cyrus patys lunch 15

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • livvyloo

    She dresses like she is in Joe Dirt.

  • Gin

    She wore that outfit to lunch with her father? Bra-less?

    Wrong in so many ways.

  • 007

    So trashy. But she has an amazing body and perfect long legs. The most beautiful set around lately imo.

  • dobbi

    Miley, get out of the double wide!

  • lina

    Lose the stupid bun Miley! I just can’t with her.

  • Chris

    She’s so unfortunate looking.

  • Mikaela

    This is sooo wrong…she’s going out for lunch with her father and friends, why can’t she wear something appropriate? Everytime there’s a pic of she’s always showing too much.

  • Asha

    I don’t care how old I am…I would never dress that way in front of my father ever. I mean really, who goes out in public with a crop top on and no bra??? That is so trashy.

  • Mimi

    She is SO ugly! Her teeth are way too big for her mouth, making it look like she can’t even close it. It’s always open! I can’t believe anyone would want to marry her???

  • Jean

    Who in the world would go out with their father dressed like that. That is SO tasteless.

  • denise

    You just don’t go out with and be with you daddy dressed like that. My dad would have told me to go put some clothes on.

  • Delilah

    I wonder how fast will she start to go around naked just to draw attention. I bet it will hapen in a foreseeable future

  • BEAN

    You can’t be wearing that near your dad… the hell

  • Amber

    If you wanna wear a crop top wear pants… and a bra!

  • BEAN

    @Mimi: I don’t think she is ugly AT ALL. That pineapple hair style is not nice, but she isn’t ugly lol. I do agree that she doesn’t seem at all marriage material. Not yet anyway. She clearly needs to grow and mature a little. A little modesty

  • Losa

    This girl has such an ugly face. She can’t sing and she is absolutely untalented too. I saw some interviews with her and the way she speaks is so annoying. It hurts my ears. Why is she famous?

  • Martha

    I like her but lately I just can’t with her clothes, her attitude…and I agree with @bean she definitely isn’t marriage material and needs to grow and mature.

  • Emma

    She has an amazing body, it’s just the face that throws me off…

  • ted

    She’s kind of a butterface.

  • DillonSocorro

    just as Denise implied I’m surprised that any body can earn $4441 in 4 weeks on the internet. did you look at this website(Click on menu Home more information)

  • raay

    that’s why I love kate middleton so much. such a classy lady

  • Annie

    Reminds me all a little too much of Lemann Rimes.

  • Chloe

    Lookin’ radiant!!
    So glad to see you out with your family and friends, your life is great and I’m so happy for you. You deserve a life of happiness! It’s california, it’s scorching hot. She’s 19. All of the haters on here can sh*t-talk all night, but it won’t change her life one bit.
    I hope you all find happiness, and won’t go on websites to look to someone who you clearly dislike to spend your time… do something worthwhile and pleasurable since she isn’t your favourite person.

  • LinNa

    TO EVERYONE: I don’t really think her dad cares, he looks as much in his own world as miley does, I mean, seriously: Who goes to lunch with a cowboy hat ???

  • Nicole

    So great to see you out and about! Enjoying time with your dad too!! Not all starlets make the time! Love you, and how rude of pap to follow you around… you cannot even dress down and lounge.

  • Jamie

    I’m sorry, but she looks like an idiot. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that atrocious outfit in the first place, but in front of my dad? Are you serious with this, Miley? For goodness sake.

  • Trinity J

    Shes gorgeous. But I dont think I would wear that outfit while going out with my dad.. Actually I dont even think I’d be allowed to wear that outfit… I guess its an L.A thing, hahaa

  • Shannon

    It’s showing way too much skin in the front but I was just on TMZ and they showed her in this outfit from the back and her ass cheeks are completely hanging out. No class

  • leelee

    I wonder what her rates are?

  • Tinker

    im not a fan of how she dresses every things a little bit on the small side for me but i do wish we had weather that good to dress like that in

  • dizzy

    Oh, Trinity J, I don’t think it’s really an LA thing. I live here and rarely see anyone dress like that. And I live near Toluca Lake, where these pictures were taken. She seems to be stuck in the 90′s with her wardrobe choices.

  • jane-lee

    Famous peoples have a new fashion, t-shirt without bra
    I think it’s not very pretty these visible nipples like that in public

  • mimi

    trashy trashy trashy!! daddy muct be so very proud and liam oh liam you must be sooo very proud of your wife to be!!! isnt she so very classy? NOPE

  • Nika

    I live in Venice Beach and we all dress like this here so if you have body for this then show it!

  • lea

    seriously all this talk of her being trashy and ugly is just jealously. She’s got a rockin hot bod, a sexy fiancĂ©, and did I mention her body?

  • Jenna

    Is there a reason why she insists on dressing like a hooker nowadays?? Jeez…

  • monaaa

    omg… did she seriously wear such a SHORT shorts for a lunch with her DAD?! ;o

  • jane-lee

    I think that this is not jealousy, in this case

    Many girls like us can do the same thing as miley
    But why ?
    Breasts, you show them to your companion or your husband
    No matter that people see our breasts under a t-shirt
    I find it, limit vicious

  • Trinity J

    @Dizzy Lol I know, i was just kidding around. I dont truly think its an L.A thing. There are strange outfits everywhere