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Miranda Kerr Shares Secret to 'Beautiful, Kissable Lips'

Miranda Kerr Shares Secret to 'Beautiful, Kissable Lips'

Miranda Kerr flaunts her bikini body in this pic posted on her Instagram page.

The 29-year-old Aussie model recently updated her Kora Organics blog to share how she gets “beautiful, kissable lips.”

“The truth is my lips never used to be so healthy. All of the traveling (flights) I do takes its toll on my lips,” Miranda wrote.

“I was sick of my lips drying out … and I wasn’t happy with the other lip balms available on the market because of the petroleum-based ingredients in them,” she added, “plus they weren’t moisturising enough. That is why I created my own KORA Organics Lip Balm and as most of us are Vitamin C deficient I decided to enhance the lip balm with Vitamin C!”

Also pictured inside: Miranda‘s hubby, Orlando Bloom, riding his motorcycle on Wednesday (June 20) in West Hollywood, Calif.

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  • hottiepatrol

    Which lips ?

  • Mimi

    Her fat pimple head is so ugly. I don’t know how she can be a “supermodel” she has NO bone structure in her face, just fat.

  • Lola

    That is her spokesperson advising her what to say. In the current economy, who can afford those products anyway? There are far more important things in the world than organic skincare.

  • Roz

    LOL, shares secrets to “beautiful, kissable lips”…I hope she didn’t say that herself

  • frisbee

    Don’t laugh. It’s a serious problem when products aren’t moisturising enough. And travelling can be a b*tch on your lips. For real.

  • cinderella

    Lol, she’s adorable!!! They make a really cute couple. She’s the classiest one of VS. Definitely my favourite!!! :D

  • mlllllllllllle

    Those Victoria’s girls are F_______ deep !

  • XYZ

    So newsworthy that makes u wanna puke…

  • Callie

    She doesn’t have any lips and she’s built like a 12-yr-old girl.

  • Jo

    If she had beautiful, kissable lips then she might have a point.

  • Dieter

    I just creamed my jeans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vfg

    beautiful body horrible chipmunk head.

  • Effy

    I think she’s pretty and don’t get why you people waste your time posting negative comments. Oh well. Free speech.

  • lmao

    lmao now that Adriana is pregnant, she’s filling in for her because it’s been more than a year since she last shot for VS. Enjoy your 15 miuntes

  • forbes list

    #1 Gisele 45 million
    #2 Kate Moss 9 million
    #4 Adriana Lima 7.3 million
    #7 Miranda kerr 4million

    Miranda is so far behind…
    She still isn’t part of the elites.

  • wow

    Haters just spend their lonely, empty lives stalking her across the internet.
    No matter what you idiots say, think, or feel. Miranda will remain healthy, happy, successful and gorgeous.
    You lot, however, will remain pathetic and desperate.

  • @14

    Huh? She’s shot for VS several times this year, and just did another commercial.

  • here

    she has not done VS swim in a while if that’s what u are talking about

  • shut up

    wait she had $4 millions I thought her company was doing incredibly well?
    Guess I was wrong

  • @18

    But she’s done lingerie and clothing.
    Most profit for an owner goes back into production and development.
    It’s not until a business is well established that an owner makes any ‘real’ money.
    But since her net worth is higher than it’s ever been, I would guess that she is starting to make money from it now.

  • LimaFansgoaway

    @forbes list: you are a dreaming Lima fan. all you Lima stans know how to do is hate and talk crap about her co workers. (you care more about other models, than her apparently, which I always found strange…) She must be so proud to have rabid,mean,angry,bitter jealous fangirls. NOT. I always thought she seemed nice, I wonder why she attracts such trash? I dont think she has one classy fan on this planet.

  • Randee

    @forbes list: Behind Gisele and Kate? yes. theyre legends and have been around since the 90s. Behind Adriana? not by much. and Miranda has has been modeling for alot less time than flima. AND has a successful business. When Lima quits modeling panties she has NOTHING to fall back on. The 90s models who started businesses are still around today. The ones who didn’t, disappeared into oblivion once their modeling gigs dried up. Lima better do something soon other than flinging bras around her head.

  • sara

    She looks amazing. She is such a beautiful young women.
    And Orlando is looking fantastic and fit as well. The pap pics from the other day where he is showing his arms had me and my friends gasping for air. =)
    Add in their adorable baby boy, and you have one gorgeous little family.

  • come on

    I don’t think the forbes list poster is necessarily a Lima fan
    Why are u guys so bitter?.the post mentioned other models

  • lips

    Kora lip balm costs more than $65 once you add s&h an duty to the United States. I can’t afford that much money for lip balm no matter who makes it. I can get organic lip balm for $5 and it would work just as well.

  • jealous much

    Miranda fans always have to mention Adriana for some reason.
    Who is to say Adriana won’t start a business till she retires! She obviously knows what she’s doing. And smh at those saying Adriana isn’t an Icon. She may not be an icon in the fashion industry, but check everywhere else…She like the sophia loren of our generation.
    Miranda on the other hand is still trying…Always see her on the cover of some cheap random magazine that no one knows about… Seems like she says yes to all the jobs that come along. The only great campaign she’s done this year is reebok.
    Adriana is selling cars and flowers and jeans…and sales are growing at everything she touches…

  • @26

    “She like the sophia loren of our generation.”
    That has to be one of the funniest things that I have read all week!
    “Always see her on the cover of some cheap random magazine that no one knows about”
    It’s not like anyone has ever head of VOGUE, or HARPERS, or W, or iD, or IN STYLE, or NUMERO, etc, etc, etc.

  • jealous much

    lol keep dreaming babes
    Also, I was reading one of Miranda’s previous threads and I saw someone post a link…it was about a photographer dropping Adriana’s name.
    Some foolish commenter said, there was noway that the photographer brought up her name by himself and that it was first mentioned by the interviewer.She said the photog would have said Adriana Lima instead of Adriana because only Kate and Gisele are known by there first names
    What kind of denial is that? I checked on the internet and it turns out not only did the photographer praise Adriana but also Charlize Theron. Kylie Mogue, David Beckham etc…
    lol even Candice is known by her fist name these days

  • @28

    Sorry sweets.
    We have nothing to be jealous of.
    Miranda has everything.
    She not only has success, wealth, happiness and a beautiful family, she is also smart enough to realize that a model’s career is a short one.
    While Adriana is embarassing herself trying to still be sex kitten after 40 to support her hasbeen husband, Miranda wll probably be on her third or fourth book, and enjoying the success of her skincare line while she and Orlando Freakin’ Bllom relax on their yacht in Cannes
    Miranda is versatile, smart and ambitious.
    Adriana is….a derp-faced panty model.
    So while you recover from your idiotic comments being shot down over and over again, we Miranda fans will just keep laughing.

  • What?

    Why is an Adriana fan even on this thread?
    Do you stalk other models across the internet? Or just other VS girls?
    Seems pretty desperate and pathetic to me.

  • honesty

    Adriana vs Miranda war needs to end.
    but we need to be honest here… Right now..Adriana is really ahead of Kerr

  • children

    @What?: no for years all they do is bash and stalk other models. They hate any model who is getting some shine in their careers. When Heidi was the main angel they started petitions for her to retire so miss derpy could finally be the main angel after 100 years. They hate any and all other Brazilian models who get great work, thinking Adriana should be the only one. They hate Miranda since her fame sky rocketed. They hate Candice because she is a new VS star and they obviously see her as a threat. pretty much all of Adriana’s “supposed” competition whos careers are taking off, they hate.

  • three cheers for the shippers

    @wow: thank you for the paid for advertisement on her behalf.

  • three cheers for the shippers

    @@28: you and a cast of two other fans

  • @31

    Adriana is ahead of Miranda financially. Right now, anyway.
    But Miranda is way ahead of Adriana as far as being a respected and versatile model. Miranda and Candice are cross over stars. Adriana will never be high fashion. In any sense of the word.
    So we are back to that old insult?
    No one has to be paid to state the truth.

  • @34

    Yeah, sure. keep telling yourself that.
    Your delusions are all that you have left.

  • Dee

    Some of you guys need to get lives! It’s one thing to be a fan of a model, or even dislike a model….but to pin them against each other and say she is better than this other one because blah blah blah is just lame. They’re out living their lives, being successful, in stable relationships with beautiful children while you’re being keyboard warriors behind a computer screen. Admire what you like, ignore what you don’t and move forward in your lives.

  • @37

    Common sense on JJ?
    Now you’re just bsing silly.

  • hell no

    lmao at Miranda being a versatile and respected model.

    #34, that post is a lie, people like candice and most of the other vs models…it’s Miranda who wants us to believe she’s a powerhouse we dislike

  • @39

    From VS to (multiple) HF runways, as well as HF editorials and covers of some of the most important fashion magazines means that she IS versatile.
    Ignoring facts doesn’t help your credibility.
    Not that you had any to begin with .

  • hell no

    sweetie but Adriana has done all that, including dior haute couture (something Miranda has never done) and a Ralph Lauren campaign… All that and she’s still not versatile?

  • hell no

    Miranda has never walked a real haute couture show in general

  • @41

    Do you even know what haute couture is?
    If you mentioned haute couture and Ralph Lauren in the same breath, they you sure as heck don’t.
    PS: Donna karen isn’t HC either!
    Maybe that’s why Adriana fans are so confused. They know absolutely nothing about fashion.

  • jj

    I bet she just rubs Orlando’s man sauce on her lips every day.

  • shade

    umm all I’m saying is Adriana did runway for versace haute couture.
    U seem like the one who don’t know it.

  • Teri

    “The truth is my lips never used to be so healthy. All of the traveling (flights) I do takes its toll on my lips,”
    LOL! What??? Am I the only one who finds that funny??

    btw I do think she is very beautiful, and I love her relationship w/Orlando
    this ad itself I find hilarious, they are just exaggerating the situation

  • @45

    Adriana walked for Versace way back in 2003. back when she showed some promise. Before she became little Miss Derp.
    Again, Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan aren’t even high fashion, much less haute couture.

  • shade

    yes, they’re not haute couture, not saying they are. But saying they’re not HF is a white lie. You’re kidding right.
    Anyway, I’m waiting for u guys to mention Miranda’s haute couture shows…not

  • @48

    They’re right. DK and RL are not high fashion. They are bridge designers. Nice, but NOT hf.
    And I’ll put up Miranda’s MULTIPLE hf shows over Adriana’s one, nine year old, show. Current events over ancient history.. LOL!

  • ray

    stop it. those are high fashion. Let this not be about Adriana. Lets just preach the truth.
    But I guess if u guys had your ways, blumarine and givenchy won’t be hf/hc because adriana worked with them.
    lets move on