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Nicole Kidman: Birthday Kisses from Sunday Rose!

Nicole Kidman: Birthday Kisses from Sunday Rose!

Nicole Kidman gets a sweet kiss from her almost 4-year-old daughter, Sunday, on Thursday (June 21) in Sydney, Australia.

The Aussie actress, who celebrated her 45th birthday the day before, relaxed on the balcony of a beach house with hubby Keith Urban, her parents, and her sister and brother-in-law. Happy birthday, Nicole!

The Paperboy, which Nicole premiered at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, will be hitting U.S. theaters October 5.

The film also stars Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, John Cusack, and Macy Gray.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman at a beach house in Sydney…

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  • kimy

    What a beautiful family! so cute.

  • Siena


  • naturegirl


  • hopeso

    Love this family

  • Cris

    thank you,thank you so much JJ.
    I would love for you guys post pictures of Nicole and daughters in Luna Park in Sydney,PLEASE

  • Scarlett

    What a beautiful little girl Sunday is.

  • love!!

    Lovely family

  • tania

    That picture of her and her daughter is so sweet.

  • hanna

    Sunday is beautiful!

  • notyourfriend

    Sunday is such a cutie, Nicole looks so happy, Im happy for them!

  • lori

    sorry but keith never looks happy in pics anymore.

  • Nic

    Sunday is a very beautiful girl. She is a perfect mix of Keith and Nicole.

  • http://yahoo Liz

    Terrific looking family, and yes, Sunday Rose is a very pretty little girl. With Nicole and Keith as parents how could she miss?

  • John

    Sunday look like her dad, Keith. And she is pretty.

  • http://yahoo Liz


    Lori, he looked very happy in the pictures taken at a restaurant the prior night with Nicole and her parents. He does look miserable here, but could be just the cold. These snaps were taken at her sister’s beach house, and maybe Keith was ready to leave.


    Where is Faith? Hidden again? Not perfect enough to join in?

  • Jill

    You eonline be-atches are pathetic.

  • Not Buying It In Iowa

    So hit n run err I mean tara err I mean maclen err I mean Urban Myths err I mean Taralea….is it really that fun having conversations with yourself?

    If I were you I’d be focusing on grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. Learn the difference between your and you’re and their and they’re. Horrible what passes for a librarian these days, even if you are in a cornfield.

  • Dave

    so happy she got a second shot at life after her first marriage.. she truly looks happy for her:)

  • freya

    Yeah she has a beautiful family. But she’s still a crappy mother. Just because you have a new family doesn’t mean you have to ignore and reject the first two she has with Tom Cruise.. I can’t believe that just because they’re adopted doesn’t mean you turn your back on them.
    She build a life with them they were dependent on her and was the only mother they know. Did she ever realized how painful that is and not caring that her children are now a free babysitters for Tom biological child. She did not even fight for them.. I wish Isabella and Connor could emancipate themselves from this people. After all they obviously don’t need them anymore since they proved that they can both spawn their own children with different people. I didn’t realized that adopted children by the rich can be disposable.

  • wakeupNsee

    Sunday is a beautiful little girl. So sweet how she gives her mommy a kiss and holds onto her in such a sweet way.

  • Madeleine
  • Cris

    Thank you Madeleine.
    I wanted more photos of the park that day, came out in Grosby beautiful pictures of them.
    JJ please put pictures of the Urban family in the park

  • Louise

    Gee, when I am putting on my jacket I usually do not have a smile on. These are pictures taken at a great distance and the subjects are not even aware they are being taken. I bet Mr. Urban is not happy about the closeup picture of Sunday. Keith is a very private and protective person. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Best wishes always to the Urbans.


    They weren’t aware – that’s why she’s staring right at the camera.

  • tasha

    This moment is wonderful and all, but has she forgotten that she has two other children, Isabella and Conor?
    You just never see those three in a picture nowadays. So sad…

  • Melissa

    Omg Keith’s body. Amazing.

  • Moh123

    A really good mother.

  • Colleen

    Why isn’t she spending time with Isabella and Connor on her birthday? She looks more like Sunday’s grandmother than mom.

  • Roger

    @Colleen: Connor and Isabella are not there because they are hardcore scientologists just like their dad. Nicole left scientology and is now considered a “suppressive person” aka someone true scientogists must “avoid or destroy” (just google the words”scientology” and “disconnection”).
    Your other comment about Nicole looking like Sunday’s grandmother is absolutely disgusting and says a lot about the kind of person you are, dear Colleen. Sad, pathetic, envious, mean-spirited Colleen…

  • Kriss

    Papparazzi are you pedofils?

  • English lesson

    @Not Buying It In Iowa:

    “So hit n run err I mean tara err I mean maclen err I mean Urban Myths err I mean Taralea….is it really that fun having conversations with yourself?
    If I were you I’d be focusing on grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. Learn the difference between your and you’re and their and they’re. Horrible what passes for a librarian these days, even if you are in a cornfield.”

    Actually, if you want to be pedantic about grammar, you may wish to know that:

    - there ought to be a comma after ‘So’
    - it is er, not err, (‘err’ means to make a mistake);
    - there should be a comma on either side of each ‘er’, (in the way that you have used it);
    - people’s names should be capitalised/capitalized (‘s’ or ‘z’ depending (up)on which country you reside in);
    - there should be spaces on either side of your dots … and usually only 3 dots are used;
    - in fact, it would be more correct to use a colon rather than dots (full-stops);
    - ‘that fun’ should be written ‘that much fun’;
    - there ought to be a comma after ‘If I were you’;
    - there is no need for the comma after ‘spelling’;
    - ‘focusing’ is actually spelt (spelled) like this: ‘focussing’;
    - there should be quotation marks around the words ‘your’, ‘you’re’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’;
    - there should be a comma on either side of the ‘and’ between ‘you’re’ and ‘their’;
    - there should be an ‘It’s’ or ‘It is’ before ‘horrible’, (then spelt with a small ‘h’).

    I guess it is the difference between the ‘Queen’s English’ and the ‘queen’s English’.

  • @Kriss


    … because the public wants the pictures!! Begs for the pictures.

  • @first


    any prizes for third place??

  • English lesson

    @Not Buying It In Iowa:

    One of my pet hates is when people say:

    “better then”

    rather than:

    “better than”


  • Kary

    OMG… Sunday Rose is a beautiful princess… god bless her

  • Lou

    Must be a slow day on E! Ofcourse it is, no one reads anything those crazy people say, except themselves. All 4 of them LMAO!

    They can pretend for weeks, but let a picture of the HAPPY URBAN FAMILY show up and they are all over it! lol lol

    E is a Laughing stock to anyone who knows about it.

  • we know you

    @not buying it in nashville: Sorry Old Hick. Nobod’s interested in your recycled stories about the Tin Roof. You were a nobody then and you’re even more of a nobody now. You should have listened to your old friend Palladium when she said he was going to sell his house and make this marriage work. It would have saved you 7 years of pretend.

  • Lame

    I didn’t read it, but by some comments it appears that Keith can’t walk down a street , pulling on his coat, minding his own business AND NOT HAVE A BIG SMILE ON HIS FACE !

    Give me a break. That is a dang lame post to make anywhere. LMAO

    Is that the best you haters can come up with now a days? LMAO again.

    Lame losers, go away! Why are you even looking at Urban Family Pictures to begin with???

  • Gordie

    @we know you

    Might as well save your breath. Good advice , but she is too dumb to “get It”


  • Bonnie

    Do you suppose that crazy bunch of haters EVER STOP TO THINK HOW CRAZY THE STUFF THEY WRITE MAKES THEM LOOK?

    Petty & Insane!

    Especially on E! lol

  • Nashville isn’t Blind

    Lori Your are dead right. we’re seriously concerned for Keith here and are worried for his health by the time he gets out of this mess. The only reason you were voted down as this will be is,people want to believe this premeditated every move scheduled and has a perpose bull is a beautiful love story. I sure wish it were true for Keith’s sake.

  • Nashville isn’t Blind

    @Not Buying It In Iowa: I’m not Terlea and I’m not Blind in Nashville either. I’m telling you fluffy little bunnies, We’ve known Keith a long time and I’ve never seen him look so sad in pictures. There are friends he that loved and that adore him for some strange reason he’s not allowed to even speak to anymore. And no they are NOT involved in any activities that would be bad for KU before that crap gets started. If someone is so happy then why always the sad face, unless the paps are “scheduled” yes scheduled to come in on cue..

  • Roger

    @Nashville isn’t Blind: Oh look, another psycho who thinks Keith Urban is her friend. Yes, it’s all fake. Nicole and Keith have been together for nearly 8 years, have 2 children together, Keith looks happier and healthier than ever but it’s all fake. And Keith is a friend of yours. Yeah. Sure. Right. Now take your pills. By the way, are you ‘Not buying it in Nashville”s sister or cousin? Ah the big family of Keith Urban obsessed psychos…

  • Get a grip

    @Nashville Isnt Blind You can photoshop as many gas station signs as you want. You can post as many Brad Paisley yoytube videos as you want , yes we all know you are behind that one. Nashville has nothing to do with your grand delusions. Now go be a good little skeptic and sit in front of your computer waiting for KU tickets to go on sale like you always do!

  • gret

    @Nashville isn’t Blind:

    Go peddle l your wares somewhere else.. No psychos needed here. Go back to E and talk to yourself like always.
    Oh thats right they don’t even talk to you there! LMAO

  • Jordan

    @Nashville isn’t Blind:

    Those things you actually typed are the caziest , , silly things you could write on here and be considered NORMAL.

    Apparently none of you silly E! people have two darling little girls or a very beautiful life partner or you would not post that crap.

    If y’all can’t see that Mr. Urban’s whole world is that family, you are blind! Life could not be any better for him !

    I guess you can’t understand that , that family is worth more to him than any $$ or friends you mention. It is gold in his pocket of life!

    All the rest you keep trying to talk about (everything & anything to drag him down) is bull roar. Thats just his job. NOT HIS LIFE.

    And if you have the two mixed up, you are a sad person with no life to enjoy ..period…

    give it up idiots.

  • http://Yahoo JoBeth

    I can’t believe I’m getting into this mess, but here goes – if anyone thinks Keith hasn’t had a picture looking genuinely happy lately, they didn’t see the snaps of him taken in Cannes after a 35-hour flight from Oz. The pictures were taken at an after preview party, and he looked like he was going to bust (in tux, no less) with happiness. These pictures weren’t staged, he was dancing and holding her and beaming. She made the statement the next day, that he was her rock, and without him she sometimes lost her way. Isn’t it nice to have someone have your back all the time, and they have each others as has been shown in the past.

  • Been There

    It’s quite obvious “Nashville isn’t Blind” isn’t from Nashville at all. IP’s don’t lie. Only skeptics do.

  • Sinclair

    Why the attacks on Keith? What has he ever done to deserve haters?

    I don’t understand that.