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Blake Lively: Gucci's Newest Face!

Blake Lively: Gucci's Newest Face!

Blake Lively has just been named the new face of the new Gucci fragrance Gucci Première!

Gucci is a staple. It is a brand I have always looked up to because to me it represents strength,” the 24-year-old actress told WWD. “In their designs, in their images, in what they stand for philanthropically, and especially in their fragrance. I couldn’t be more proud to be working with Gucci and its heart, Frida.”

“Although she’s young, she’s also very determined, and I liked this spirit,” Frida Giannini, creative director of Gucci, added. “She knows how to be a diva in the right sense, with an aspirational glamour.”

Look out for Gucci Première set to hit stores in the U.K. in late July and worldwide in September.

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Credit: Theo Wargo; Photos: Getty
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  • Naya

    Great news! Love her!!!

  • Lena

    Good for Blake. Let’s see how long it takes the jealous haters to trash her. 3..2..1

  • Chace

    Good for her.
    But what does Kaiser Karl think?

  • MrsKutcher

    yeah good for her the best news ever…she gets a load of money and i dont….yeahhhh

  • jay

    she is so stunning… and i am happy for her!

  • Chace

    It does not matter what they say.
    They’ve been ranting, cussing and slandering her for so long (instead of focusing on their darling Leighton) that after 3 years it’s null.
    Her getting a contract like this post Chanel is testament in itself. Hoping for a Vogue UK cover.

  • rochelle

    Uncle Karl won’t be happy LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • Kat!

    Good choice! Such a beautiful girl

  • Hel

    This woman is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the commercial!

  • kitty

    gurl you are just blah, and irrelevant. gossip girl is so 2009

  • oh yes

    bad day for her haters ahahahahahah lol

  • InLove

    I can’t deny, I love this woman…

  • ….

    Glamour and style don’t go with nudey pics sent on her cell phone.

    didn’t blake say the same thing about chanel?? she dreamed and looked up to it?? guess chanel dumped her

  • barbie*

    oh amazing choice! blake is stunning

  • Ell11

    Great! Good for her!

  • lena

    I like her as a person.. she’s very fun and bubbly, BUT I don’t understand the fashion world’s obsession with her? She doesn’t have the high fashion look at all. I thought she was a terrible mismatch for chanel. She suits something like Tommy Hilfiger.. because she kind of has the “beach girl” look

  • Ruby

    Classy woman!

  • jj

    New face of Gucci? How about the new face at the tip of my C@ck!

  • emm

    Does this mean she will be in adds with Chris Evans or do they have a new guy too?!

  • uh

    i’d prefer jennifer lawrence

  • stupid

    @Ruby: before or after the nudies?

  • Dave Franco

    Does this really mean anything? Pure cash grab for Blake. If I was a celeb, no way I’d endorse any product. Just seems like a cheap cop out. Looks like Blakey is trying to make as much money as she can before her “so-called” career fizzles out.

  • s

    Another average woman who’s making big name by dating A-list actors and nude pictures. Classic!

  • frances

    love the news! cant wait to see the ad :) blake is just wonderful

  • lulu

    so excited for her :)

  • haters suck

    she’s a nice person. haters should just GO AWAY

  • wait

    Sad but true…

  • D

    Yes. Please just model things. Stop acting and just model.

  • leave please

    people who use the term ‘haters’ please seek out just jared Jr. Its the place for you. (Its called having an opinion BTW. Not ‘hating’.)

  • Brie

    Stupid Gucci. More work for them! lol. They’ll have to spend days and hours photoshopping the pictures.

  • sweetness

    No one can criticize her for making a business deal with fashion that involves money. She did not originate that idea.
    Second if Kristen Stewart is the highest paid actress..why shouldn’t this actress accept endorsement deals..Stewart, Theron, Hayek, Olivia Wilde..and the list goes on of actresses who endorse fashion icons…actors accept deals SO again why shouldn’t she?

  • lol

    @sweetness: no one is saying she shouldn’t but there are a lot of other people who would have been a better choice (in my opinion).. i just don’t find her that fashionable. Gucci always reminds me of someone older and more distinct. Besides gossip girl and a couple of movies what has she really accomplished? she doesn’t deserve it yet.

  • lena

    @sweetness: she’s allowed to accept the deal. no one said she couldn’t. lol however, people don’t think she matches these high fashion brands and there’s nothing wrong with expressing our opinions over it. It’s not like we’re criticizing her as a person.

  • sammy

    @lena: that is what “lol” said. get-your-own-material. thanks

  • NYC

    Miss Mumbles

  • mary

    to lol

    i don’t know how to tell you this but Gucci really doesn’t care what you think. for what ever reason, they have chosen Blake. it’s a done deal.

  • um

    This girl is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Her agent keeps getting her all these things trying to accumalate things in an attempt for her to seem like she’s IT but guess what, she isn’t. Kristin Stewart who loathes anything like this and all the extras of being a celeb is number 1. Now I’m not a big fan of Kristen but she’s proof that you don’t have to be freaking everywhere to be number 1. They are the same age also.

  • lol

    @mary: they don’t???????????????????

  • anon

    wow she looks like Jen Aniston.

  • lucy

    i saw “Savages”. i have to say it’s actually a very good film. Since I’m not an Oliver Stone fan I was very surprised. but what really surprised me is that Blake actually does a pretty good job in the role of “O”. But, really, how could she do otherwise when working with Benicio Del Toro and John Travolta,

  • tdw

    lol ew. i don’t like gucci anyway, so i guess it’s a good choice to choose someone who does nothing but wear nice clothes and pretend to act?

  • Stace

    I think the one thing that bothers me about her most is her claim to be so fashion forward and so proud of the fact she doesn’t use a stylist. In the one interview she said “It’s so much work” and that she sometimes wonders why she doesn’t have a stylist because it’s so time consuming. She makes it sound like she stays up all night and sews the clothes herself! she finds dresses then calls her people and they get them for her. Why is that a big deal? How is that completely different from what any other actress does?

  • Geez

    She’s everywhere? When was Blake last on a red carpet?
    Kristen is low key? You HAVE to be joking or insane. And no they’re not the same age. We have to deal with the Leighton stans are the twihards going to be up in here too.

  • @um

    Kristen loathes it. Lol Keep swallowing the kool aid ‘non twihard’ twihard.

  • yuck

    One more thing to avoid because of her! Actually I had Gucci perfumes in the past but now it`s definitely the past.
    I saw Savages posters all over NYC and her face is covered in paint! Good choice! I bet she mumbles through the whole thing as usual. Another movie not to watch!

  • Judsie

    chanel apparently dumped her, she wasn’t at any chanel event ( and there were a lot of them) after the iphone nude pics story.
    But i think they were a mismatch anyway she’s a californian beauty not a parisian chic woman. Dunno how i feel about gucci, have to see it first. Didn’t like their campaign w/ evan rachel woods, it was kind of cheap.
    I think she would suit better for brands like tommy hilfigher or even ralph lauren. Something more american would suit her looks better.

  • @Judsie

    Considering there are several several nude pics of Alice Devall the new Chanel model available I doubt it. Nudity is not that big a deal in the fashion world. The contract probably just ended as is often the case. Haters keep grasping though.
    I do agree she would suit an American brand more though

  • kara85


    lol You really think kristen stewart “loathes anything like this and all the extras of being a celeb ” Man are you delusional!
    FYI, Kristen Stewart is the spokesperson for a Balengia perfume, yep the girl who hates the fame so much that in the last year of Twilight franchise, fearing that she would soon be irrelevant, she suddenly finds fashion interesting and basically becomes the very person she hated being associated with what all the fashion shows she goes to nowadays just be seen by the paps lol
    Kristen Stewart is same as Blake Lively, except at least Blake Lively was always interested in fashion and is not a hypocrite and does not pretend to not play the Hollywood games.

  • RE


  • kare

    great choice. she looks like a model so its only common sense fashion world loves her.