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Katie Holmes & Suri: Early Morning Outing!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Early Morning Outing!

Katie Holmes flashes a smile as she steps out with her daughter Suri for a girls’ day out on Friday morning (June 22) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress kept close to her 6-year-old daughter, who tried to avoid photographers by covering her face heading to their car.

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The day before, Katie and Suri went grocery shopping together at their local Whole Foods Market.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri leaving their New York apartment…

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63 Responses to “Katie Holmes & Suri: Early Morning Outing!”

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  1. 26
    @Mary Says:

    Shes home-schooled… And she is always out and about. The season has nothing to do with it

  2. 27
    Mary Says:

    The paps stalk their apartment. I have seen it with my own eyes. It is NOT Katie. People also “give them up”, call the paps on them. It should not be allowed. A pic of Tom Cruises wife and child is worth a lot of money. Not all stars are pursued like this. You have to see the crowds of strangers that also encircle them as they attempt to walk down the street. It is frightening I assure you. Unless you witness it, it is hard to believe. I would carey my chilr all the time if I was subjected to that.

  3. 28
    hgfhf Says:

    well no duh the paps stalk their apartments. Their million of videos of it. But their are precautions that they can take. Like i am sure that there are back doors that they could take. But honestly i think its her PR. And since Tom movie just came out so their pictures would be pretty big

  4. 29
    come ON!!! Says:

    There is just SO MUCH wrong here!!!

    On the petty level; Katie, what you are wearing is HIDEOUS!!!
    There is a time and place for the ‘lingerie-as-outerwear’; but not in this instance! The boots are just wrong; everything is wrong about what you are wearing.

    STOP PUTTING THIS POOR CHILD THROUGH THIS BLO.ODY NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!! Get an apartment that has a garage INSIDE!!!!!! Then get a driver!!!!!! You know, the kind of apartment that Kidman has whereby the garage is up in the sky; next to the apartment. YOU HAVE THE BLEEDIN’ MONEY FOR IT!!!!! You may want the attention; BUT THE CHILD DOES NOT!!!!! Can’t you see it!!!!??? YOU are smiling but the child is petrified!!!!!!! Look at these pictures, Katie, AND TOM!!!! and look at all the papz pictures; poor child; putting her thru all this every time YOU want some attention. Jeeezzz! I really really hate you for doing this to a poor innocent child!!!! I used to think this child was ‘creepy’, but now I just feel sorry for her! It is the parents’ doing!!!!

    Proud to be “HATER” in this instance. Grow up, Katie & Tom!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: NOTHING to do with Scientology; but everything to do with an innocent child being drawn into an unnatural world; a world of self-promotion, ego and what-blooody-ever!!!

    ok, rant over.

  5. 30
    danielle Says:


    I’m no fan of this family, but possibly she is not in school because it is summer and school is out?

  6. 31
    mantab Says:

    The poor little SIX year old girl looks totally traumatized. New laws need to be implemented regarding the paps. It is beyond ridiculous how they invade and disrupt the lives of people they leech off of.

  7. 32
    mantab Says:

    @elle: I whole heartedly agree with you. But in the end, it is some of these jag off posters who are so insensitive and mean that cause the most harm. They think their posts are cool and edgy, when in reality they are low classed, rude, usually uneducated and downright ugly.
    Gossip is one thing, pure evil and hatred quite another.

  8. 33
    danielle Says:


    Mary, I saw this in Chicago with Angelina Jolie and her kids when she was filming Wanted I believe. BUT the difference that I saw and many others was that Jolie and her body guards guarded the kids. The car parked as close as possible to the doors. The body guards made sure that the paps stayed away from the art or toy shop she took the kids to so that they could browse. Jolie, according to friends in the media, would go through elaborate plans to make sure the kids could eat, shop, play or whatever without the paps constantly in their face.
    Katie does none of this. She exits the Feldman building and walks down the street with Suri. I believe this building not only has parking in it, but they also have other exits and I believe an underground access to nearby buildings. Why does Katie not use them? Why do Tom and Katie take Suri to Chelsea Pier for gymnastics where paps can see thru the windows? You do know don’t you that there are several excellent gymnastic facilities for kids in NYC that would allow privacy? Why does Katie take her out to eat at known pap hang outs or popular restaurants? There are many restaurants that would protect their privacy.
    Katie refuses to change her routine to protect this child. And the pictures are NOT worth a lot of money because they are too common. What they are worth are hits and the paps are waiting for this child to melt down so that they can get “the” picture that will be flashed around the world. Yes it is despicable, but then so is Katie for allowing this to happen.
    Katie has figured out how to get around LA without constant stalking. You can tell since once they leave and end up there generally we see nothing until Katie needs her pap fix and goes back to NYC. You do realize don’t you that there is always a nanny on call. The nanny probably could take the child to her activities through one of the back routes. I bet Suri would jump at being able to hide from the paps and go about her business. But Katie doesn’t do anything to prevent the pap activity.
    I have lost any and all respect that I’ve had for both Holmes and Cruise with the way they pimp this child out.
    And by the way, the paps don’t get a lot of money for shots of Holmes walking down the street with Suri. X17 is one of the largest pap agencies and they pay their paps a weekly salary in exchange for all rights to the photos which they then resale over and over. Other paps are free-lance and the value of the photo depends on the exclusivity (how many got the same photo), the person, and what is happening. The pictures the paps are taking of Katie and Suri are probably worth no more than $75-250 each. And when you look at the expenses involved (time, stalking contacts etc) and the glut in the market of the pictures–this is hardly worth the effort. Why do they do it? Because if katie ever trips carrying Suri or Suri has her melt downs, the pictures, especially if fairly exclusive will command several thousand dollars each.
    Katie and Tom both know this. Yet they continue to pimp her out. I’d say bad parenting.

  9. 34
    KC Says:

    These photos are creepy – especially the one where Katie is smiling from ear to ear while Suri appears to be traumatize by the experience.

  10. 35
    kami Says:

    are katie and tom still together? i saw pix of the rock of ages premiere and katie wasn’t there, but suri and connor were. usually she goes to his movie premiers.

  11. 36
    wandalismus Says:

    it was a general question – she is always with her mother – there are no “bringing suri to school runs” or something like that. Kate sure isn’t like the other hollywood moms. Neither Tom nor Katie try to raise there kid normal. Suri is like a little monkey they drag around for publicity – nothing more, nothing less…

  12. 37
    Gloria Says:

    Did Katie the mouse forget to put on her skirt?? She looks really awful and those shoes do her no justice at all. Her thighs are huge and she needs to cover them up or wear a shoe that slims her legs. It seems the more money you have the poorer some of these so called stars try to look. Suri acts a little strange, but she knows no better because her whole family seems to be that way.

  13. 38
    Bon Says:

    One weird family . Kid is a mess

  14. 39
    gret Says:

    New giog for Suri. Act scared . Poor acting kid!

  15. 40
    Oh boy: Blind Vice Says:

    63. MORTON REPORT 06/22
    Rumours abound concerning the marriage of a famous couple, yet there is a bewildering silence in the media. Let’s call the pair Mr. and Mrs. VIP – I’m not even saying whether they are British. Recently, Mrs. VIP failed to turn up to an event that she might reasonably have been expected to attend. Strangely, the media scarcely mentioned the fact. Meanwhile, the whispers say that Mr. and Mrs. VIP are no longer together and are using the excuse of busy lives as a cover. The theory is that they won’t announce the split for family reasons. Maybe, but a divorce would also mean the disentangling of considerable wealth and property interests…and a lot of secrets still bind this couple together. There is already one privacy agreement with the media in place regarding a past incident, and the continuation of the Leveson Inquiry into press ethics might explain the reluctance of even the hardest-nosed British papers to expose the situation: so we have stalemate. This suits Mr. and Mrs. VIP as they don’t want nosy parker journalists taking a close look at their life, or heaven forbid, some forensic biographer shining a flashlight into the dark corners of their union. The funny friends? The magic millions? Oh no! So expect a choreographed Hollywood-style loving couple appearance with cheesy smiles this summer. And it’s not Charles and Camilla. The ‘$300 million divorce’ exists only in the fantasyland of US tabloids. No names, please, in the comments: TMR is read in some very high places.
    famous couple: Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes
    event: Friars Icon Award
    forensic flashlight: who is Suri’s father?

  16. 41
    Look Closer Says:

    I think Suri is just embarassed of Katie’s outfit.

  17. 42
    elle Says:

    there really should be laws made to protect these kids. People do much less harm and get introuble for it- yet a child can be perpetually harmed in this way and it is okay and even celebrated? awful. please, someone help that child!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 43
    pr person Says:

    Holy….what the …..???? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
    There are NO words…. except to say that maybe she should rethink allowing Suri to dress her…. That is the reasonable explanation.. right?

    For all of you that are upset about the paps and how distressed Suri is… Her mother (and her father) do this to her and have done this since she was small. Also, take a look at her mothers face. Does that look like a mother who is upset that the paps are there and have upset her child? And dont forget that there are more than likely numerous other exits they could take, rather than the front door with all the paps around it!

  19. 44
    Janis Says:

    Se looks more like 43, not 33.

  20. 45
    Janis Says:


    I think Katie loves the attention, too. This is why she moved to NY. So she could exposed to more cameras. Than stuck in a mansion in California.

  21. 46
    Frozoid Says:

    @Nika: I think she thinks those god awful boots she always wears DO elongate her legs.

    It’s clear she’s self-conscious about her legs.

  22. 47
    R Says:


    Can’t you see your poor child is in distress and your smile like some fame ***** to keep your career alive?

    I would think that you would protect your child not let her clearly be attack by all these paprazzi….. SHE DIDN”T ASK FOR IT….EVEN IF YOU WANT IT!

  23. 48
    My way Says:

    She forgot her skirt!!!
    I bet those boots Stinks!
    She’s happy to see the Paparazzi.
    Her daughter hates the Paparazzi.

  24. 49
    Hamlet Says:

    What makes you say that, #8?

    Well he is simultaneously the most famous and most infamous movie star on Earth, #16.

    This couple is famous enough on their own not to rely on a child that does nothing, #20.

    Because she is home schooled, #21. Not a difficult concept to grasp.

    You’re paranoid and they people shouldn’t have to sneak around all the time and avoid the best places in NYC to enjoy themselves, #28 and #33. The Cruises have nowhere near as many kids as the Jolie-Pitts do. There are plenty of pics of Holmes in L.A. How does a child that does nothing boost anyone’s career?

    She was busy filming a movie, #35.

    How is a celebrity child raised normally, #36? How can be she used for publicity? She can’t do anything.

    Don’t believe everything you read, #40.

    The paparazzi shouldn’t be harassing kids and no celebrity should be made to feel a prisoner, #43.

    Nobody moved to NYC, #45

    How is she letting anything to happen, #47?

  25. 50
    Oh boy: Blind Vice Says:


    Sorry Hamlet, there are none so blind as those that cannot see–YOU.

    If this was any other celebrity couple every magazine, blog etc. would be asking why they are never together. There are rumors swirling around that they are separated. I believe it. Tom is trying to hard to pretend everything is okay.

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