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Katie Holmes & Suri: Early Morning Outing!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Early Morning Outing!

Katie Holmes flashes a smile as she steps out with her daughter Suri for a girls’ day out on Friday morning (June 22) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress kept close to her 6-year-old daughter, who tried to avoid photographers by covering her face heading to their car.

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The day before, Katie and Suri went grocery shopping together at their local Whole Foods Market.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri leaving their New York apartment…

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  • HG

    These photos are extremely shocking!!! When the kid shows her obvious developing trauma because of the paparazzi… the mother smiles. What a monster of a mother the poor child has!!! This kid’s father is an absolute freak, and of course this woman might also be one if she supports his craziness and does nothing to protect that child from becoming a completely psycho. Maybe this child should be taken from her parents!

  • come ON!!!

    Hamlet said:

    “This couple is famous enough on their own not to rely on a child that does nothing.”
    “they people shouldn’t have to sneak around all the time and avoid the best places in NYC to enjoy themselves”
    “How does a child that does nothing boost anyone’s career?”
    “How is a celebrity child raised normally. How can be she used for publicity? She can’t do anything.”
    “The paparazzi shouldn’t be harassing kids and no celebrity should be made to feel a prisoner”
    “How is she letting anything to happen”

    YOU are a prize IDIOT!!!

    First of all, there is nothing “normal” about a celebrity’s life. Celebrities become ‘PRISONERS’ TO THEIR FAME!! They crave fame; i.e. to be recognised by everyone; then the minute that happens, they want their “privacy”. Well, you can’t have both.
    What we do know is that the most prized pictures of all are when a celebrity is caught having a “meltdown”, so that the rest of us poor mortals can sit back and gloat, and feel somewhat happy about our own boring lives and not being famous; i.e. subject to the intense scrutiny and the shenanigans of the papparazzi.
    Trying to tell the papparazzi not to ‘harass’ kids is like telling the sun to not come up. The papparazzi are here to stay!! And they are no doubt camped outside the Holmes-Cruise NYC apartment 24/7. We all know what that pack of wolves looks and sounds like; their yelling is DEAFENING!!!!!! THAT is why, at the very least, Katie should be using another exit to go to places to “enjoy themselves”. THIS can’t be “enjoyable” for Suri!! As we see!!
    Everyone is now waiting like vultures for Suri to have a meltdown; because, if this c.rap goes on, she WILL have a meltdown; more so than we see in the pictures here. That is what “she/they” are “letting happen”.
    Your defending Holmes-Cruise is JUST AS BAD AS THE ACTIONS OF THE PAPPARAZZI!
    And the publications who pay for pictures that make someone look bad or HURT!!!!! Society has surely sold its soul to the devil!

  • vool

    There is something really weird about their marriage. I don’t believe they are still together. What does Tom have on the media for them to not expose possible cracks in their marriage?

  • sachet

    Katie forgot her skirt.

  • sachet

    @vool: #53

    Tom has nothing on the media, the media is pretty vast.
    Apparently the media is just not interested in exposing the Cruise’s. But I also think they are not together.

  • jaspisgirl

    evening out morning out day out night out, my my my busy little kid!!!!!! stop this homeschooling shit,it is a waste of time,u already have the best job of the world.mommy’s best friend and social contact.i bet the house they live in has more than one door.if i had a six- year old i would at least try to spare her the daily dose of paps.the kid looks like horror and mom smiles???? buuuuuuhhhh bad parenting.if mrs.holmes should carry the girl,it would be the best in this can not buy you behavior or style and very obviously it does not make you a good parent!!!!!

  • no word…..
  • dani


    You said: “You’re paranoid and they people shouldn’t have to sneak around all the time and avoid the best places in NYC to enjoy themselves, #28 and #33.”

    Wow, one of the duo really looks like she is enjoying herself…Katie. The other one, which Katie should be protecting, does not.

    You know Hamlet, I go to the Westminster Kennel Club dog show every year and have stayed in all of the hotels (Penn, Holiday Inn, etc) that accept the dogs for the show. Do you know how many exits each hotel has? And since most of the dog grooming, relieving areas on in the basement–do you know how many ways Katie could take this child out and miss the paps? I’ve always found New Yorkers to be blunt, but extremely helpful and willing to assist you–both those that work there and those that live there. I’m sure all that Katie would have to do is ask for help–can you help me get out of here without the paps seeing US leave. What are the restaurants that cater to celebs and their privacy?
    And Hamlet, how is it being paranoid and not allowing THEM to go about their daily business by exiting the Feldman building in such away that they miss the paps. You know Pitt and Jolie have said they go through a heck of a lot of spy type maneuvers to allow the kids to live somewhat normal lives without the paps on their tails. Too bad Katie doesn’t care enough about Suri to do the same.

  • Denise

    They both look a hot mess!!! Katie looks like she is in her 50s! So ugly!!!

  • itstrueagain

    My favorite is the “get the look” triangle in the corner. Aye-yi-yi. The day she looks good is the day she leaves her pseudo-hubbie. She looks like she’s on drugs. AND, she could have spared the child all of this since day one. This is quite a farce.

  • Hamlet

    Separation and divorce rumors have surrounded this couple for years, #50. What makes this next story any more legit? They are both simply busy actors.

    Exactly, #52. The paparazzi should harass her PARENTS not their kids.

    They are simply very busy at the moment, #53 and #55.

    I saw the pics and only one of them does Suri Cruise look upset, #58. She was obviously happy and giddy when exiting and is just covering her face because of flash bulbs but she doesn’t look terrified or distressed.

    The Brangelina kids do NOT live normal lives no matter what craziness they do to sneak out of different entrances. TomKat doesn’t feel like doing that most of the time and most of the time, their kids don’t care.

  • Jeff

    Not to worry. Scientology works, so Suri will be just fine.

  • jessie

    hahah seems like kate is with suri autfits and suri with kate’s kkk

    the paps are making theyr jobs, and kate its just going out with her daugther, the thing hwo have to change is: the paps have to take pics. OK, but Really have to do EVERY TIME this kids go out?… when she goes at some event, or party, its Ok, but when she does things of normal life? thats sucks, once in while its ok, but she cant anymore!. she its just a KID!, she cant undertud!, for her its like: this people are follow me and my mom dont like it, must be something wrong..