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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Flight with the Family!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Flight with the Family!

Nicole Kidman and hubby Keith Urban carry adorable daughters Sunday and Faith through the airport to catch a departing flight on Thursday (June 21) in Sydney, Australia.

The Aussie actress celebrated her 45th birthday the day before! Happy belated birthday, Nicole!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

According to a Sydney newspaper, Keith took Nicole out for her birthday to a Greek-Australian restaurant, The Apollo in Potts Point, to celebrate. The two then took in the Lady Gaga concert together. Sounds like a great birthday!!

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  • Me3

    Seems like forever that we got a new Keith cd. I’m so looking forward to the next.

  • Cris

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaw so cute
    this family made me AWW*.*
    thank you JJ

  • Shelby

    Keith looks pissed at the photographers. Nicole looks more curvy than usual. Added a few pounds? Girls are adorable.

  • yngl

    Had a tough day at work, but seeing those lovely babies made my night!!!!
    Thank you , JJ for posting this pics.

  • Julia

    Dang he’s good looking.

  • Melissa

    He is S E X Y when mad

  • Ms. Scarlet

    Keith is sexy all the time. Every photo. Every word spoken and sung. Nicole is darn lucky.

  • Annie

    What angelic looking babies! It’s sad for Nicole that she doesn’t get to have much contact with her other two kids though.

  • Cris

    more photos will come out at LAX

  • Moh123

    Gorgeous lady. i am so happy for all the changes in her life from the husband to the kids to the work.

  • Nic

    Beautiful family!

  • pri

    cute photos of the family

  • nancy

    Gorgeous family!! Adorable.

  • sasha

    The girls are so adorable

  • D++

    lovely family

  • Jenna

    Sunday is the splitting image of Keith, whereas Faith looks more like Nicole. Adorable girls!!

  • BullockGlen

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  • Wow

    If you ain’t cute at 3, you ain’t ever gonna be cute!

  • love

    Adorable family

  • Mimi

    Why is Keith holding a kid who’s almost as big as him? Are her legs broken?

  • brigith

    Girls are so Adorable

  • somali girl

    Are you guys blind? He is ugly and always looks greasy
    and dirty. Go take a bath you vile disgusting midget.

  • Gloria

    @somali girl:

    Somali girl…’re the disgusting one! Keith is probably cleaner than you. He smells heavenly according to the people that meet him. They always give that comment about him. And Mimi….can’t you tell the little girl is horrified of the paps! Some of you are so ridiculous. They are a happy couple and they love & protect their children.

  • Louise

    Beautiful, loving family. Those little girls are absolutely gorgeous; but with a father as handsome as Keith and a mother as beautiful as Nicole………..they have the good gene pool. Keith is not ivy league, he is working class Aussie and works extremely hard. Sunday is only three years old, she should be carried through an airport.

  • SerenaL

    @Mimi: do you ever question why Tom Cruise is carrying Suri (age: 6) who is almost as tall as him?

    Sunday is not yet 4 y/o. She seems to be terrified of the paps. It only makes sense for her daddy to carry her so they can hurry through the airport.

  • jane

    You don’t leave a 4 year old straggling behind when you are walking through a busy airport. It’s easier to carry them and know that everyone is safe together.

  • mary

    Gorgeous family

  • Kary

    I just love this family so much… they are the cutest family ever!!!

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    Gloria, why bother? The people who use these comment sections to spew hatred are poor malcontents who probably need a little mental help OR belong to a pseudo religious group. Sunday Rose is not even 4 years old, of course, she’s being carried. To make a child that age who obviously just woke up walk is poor parenting to say the least. Now to go to the ‘midget’ remark. Nicole’s height is actually over the 5′ 11′ stated. Now you add her high heels, and most people do look very short beside her. Keith’s about 5′ 10″, and has enough self-esteem to appreciate how lovely Nic looks in heels, and doesn’t pay any attention to the crazies.
    So Gloria, sobeit. God willing, the Urban family will always have a group of loving fans to back them up.

  • Lola

    Keith is not 5′ 10″.

  • we know you

    Did you ever think maybe Sunday WANTED to be carried? Oh I know you really GREAT mothers (who flop their big bu tts down in front of a computer all day) would MAKE your kid walk no matter what. Thanks for reminding me how stupid you haters are.

  • @Wow

    If your an a$$h0le picking on a child’s looks when you’re middle aged, you always were and always will be an a$$h0le.

  • Eve

    @we know you: They are just really pi$$ed off. The Voice was a success for Keith and it wasn’t supposed to be. Keith will be recording a new album this year with Capitol. He wasn’t supposed to be. Nicole is filming new movies this year and next, with possible award nominations. She wasn’t supposed to be. Keith and Nicole were supposed to be outed as unfit parents who are hiding a child with special needs. That was all in their heads and warped wishful thinking. Today they are back to putting their own issues with alcohol and depression on the future teeange years of a 4 year old and pleading for anyone to look into the lies they’ve made up to “expose” Nicole. The will at this point say ANYTHING to look like they know something. They are sad and patheitc hate junkies.

  • Anna

    The Kidman-Urban Family is definitely the most beautiful family in Hollywood.

  • Anne

    They are a lovely family. It is wonderful that they have found each other and are so much in love. I personally LOVE reading about them as it is a breath of fresh air in today’s world to see a love such as theirs and a happy family. How they juggle the travel and careers and manage to have fun with the children is truly amazing.
    The people who write horrible things should listen to the saying “if you cannot say something nice about someone, then don’t say anything!” I personally think that they are just extremely jealous that is why they are so nasty.
    Good luck to you Keith and Nicole – I hope to get to see you in Brisbane Keith.

  • jane

    Ignore the crazies that spew on Keith and Nicole. It only puts more of a spotlight on them when you respond to their nonsense.

  • Andy


    Virtually every single thread or article on the internet about anyone and anything gets a percentage of weird, rude and crazy people, the Urbans are no exception. If you go on the internet, expect to find nonsense. No big deal. If people let that worry them; they have been born in the wrong era!! Just get used to it. Easy.

  • Andy

    I agree with you jane; my comment was aimed at those who get upset at the ridiculous comments.

  • http://Comcast Marj


  • Wanna

    Hope you together forever…..

  • Julia

    @we know you: I’ll bet your big bu tt is in front of a computor or i-phone all day too. Even your work computors. I wonder if your bosses know. Keith isn’t 5’10″ by his own admission, he is 5’9″.

  • justanotherfan

    An open letter to Mr. Urban. Since I can’t have you, can I at least have a new CD of yours in my car by the end of summer? Okay, okay – how about Christmas time? Come on you sexy thing – at least give me THAT!!!