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Jennifer Lopez: 'Ready to Party' at the Pop Music Festival!

Jennifer Lopez: 'Ready to Party' at the Pop Music Festival!

Jennifer Lopez smiles and blows kisses as she deplanes with boyfriend Casper Smart and her twins Emme and Max on Friday (June 22) in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

The 42-year-old entertainer will perform at music festivals in Sao Paolo, Rio, Recife, and Fortaleza while she’s in Brazil.

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JLo tweeted about getting to Brazil, saying, “Just arrived in beautiful Sao Paulo. What’s up with the traffic? @kelly_clarkson @parishilton are ready to party tomorrow #PopMusicFestival”.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez arriving in Brazil…

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jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 01
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 02
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 03
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 04
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 05
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 06
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 07
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 08
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 09
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 10
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 11
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 12
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 13
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 14
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 15
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 16
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 17
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 18
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 19
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 20
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 21
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 22
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 23
jennifer lopez brazilian arrival 24

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  • Joyce

    “Just arrived in beautiful Sao Paulo.” not in Rio.

  • Carry-on

    She’s a traveling corporation, creating jobs wherever she goes with her whole family helping with the babies..You can have it all.

  • Global Superstar

    She makes Hollywood look lazy by comparison.
    Hardest working woman in showbiz.

  • Carbon Copy

    Casper looks like a midget and Robert Blake… Not a good combo.

  • MccrayAgnes

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  • aula de português

    Sao PaOlo?????????????????
    Rio de JanIEro?????????????????????


    Its’s Sao PaUlo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It’s PORTUGUESE NOT ITALIAN!!!!!)
    Rio de JanEIro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Sampa

    Jennifer Lopez , you don’t need lie about Sao Paulo ! Sao Paulo is bustling, the most cosmopolitan and important city of Brazil, the lasgest city in the South Hemisphere, offers a great variety of cultural and gastronomic options from different parts of Brazil and the World! I love Sao Paulo! But Sao Paulo is not a beaultiful city

  • She Stinks!

    Of course she is ready to party – she can’t wait to dump those kids, put on her skin tight spanx ridden glittery catsuit and shake her fat a$$ and act like she’s Casper’s age. This low class used up wannabe stripper trash is just so tacky. She’s old enough to be Casper’s mother – she can’t sing, dance, act, design clothes or raise kids. She continues to make a fool of herself! Her shows are bombing too – people are coming to see Enrique, not this washed up loser.

  • lexy hates bilson

    How come she and gang don’t wear those cheap clothes she designs for Kohls?? Are they only for the poor people?? Does she want the regular people to buy her tacky clothes so she can fly on private jets and wear Gucci??

  • Josie

    It’s a shame that she puts her interests and career first, and is dragging her two kids all around Latin America while she’s lipsyncing all over the place on tour. Those kids don’t know what it is to have stablity and a mother that devotes herself to them. She will be 43 years old next month, but JLO wants so badly to live her life as if she is the age of Casper Smart. She has enough money to take a break and devote herself to her children, but her career and the limelight is her priority.

  • Karen

    You go JLO show the world how it’s done! you are a good mom and a great entertainer. While Ben Affleck is complaining and licking his wounds you are out there having fun with your kids and a real Gentleman. Age only matters if you let it. Say no to Hollywood’s double standard.

  • Guy

    Casper is hot!!

  • Kissmyfeet

    She is so sad and pathetic having a mental breakdown trying to stay 20 while she parades around that young gay boy who is using her for the money alone.