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Leonardo DiCaprio: Popsicle Treat!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Popsicle Treat!

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps cool with a popsicle as he leaves a friend’s house on Friday (June 22) in Malibu, Calif.

The 37-year-old actor kept a low profile in a fedora and Carrera‘s X-cede 7001S sunglasses.

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Leo is currently working on a new movie called Django Unchained. Directed by Quentin Tarantino, the western follows the story of a slave-turned-bounty hunter who sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner. Django Unchained hits theaters December 25 – check out the trailer!

FYI: Leo is wearing a Zanerobe shirt and tank top.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio enjoying a popsicle…

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leonardo dicaprio popsicle 01
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 01
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 02
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 02
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 03
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 03
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 04
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 04
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 05
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 05
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 06
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 06
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 07
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 07
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 08
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 08
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 09
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 09
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 10
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Elle

    What is with that outfit? And look now that Blahtherton isn’t with him he doesn’t want his picture taken.

  • Patricia

    @Elle: True!

  • katie

    @elle Yeah right, he really needs the exposure and for his picture to be taken, ever. She might, he does not.

  • lori

    popsicle treat? Who does the captioning here for Christ sake?

  • Fassdong

    It’s refreshing to see him without one of those blonde bimbos around him! He’s looking cute with that “popsicle treat”
    I can’t wait for his new movies!

  • what happened

    old heavy man – lol

  • carrie

    not his best look!

  • Miss Ellie

    He might not be exactly alone as it seems like he has his head turned towards someone. Thanks JJ. Yes, it’s nice to know his desperate puppy is not on his heels for once.

  • Solange

    Thanks Jared. I wonder if the Django filming is over.

  • @Miss Ellie

    Yeah, his head is turned away from the photographer so they can`t get a good shot of his face. No Borington, no posing for the paps?

  • Dieter

    He wants to found a family with Erin !!! She is the one who is unsure !!! But it will work in the end. They will be having babies. Take my word for it !!!!

  • His looks

    I can’t wait for him to get rid of that awful dark beard. Is he keeping it for some probable post-production reshoots?

  • @Dieter

    Oh please don’t start again with your idiot fantasies. Are we sure the Boring Bubley is not “on his heels” or already in the car waiting for him?

  • Erin Fan

    No Erin is in NY. Here is her last tweet after she had a good time last night.

    Erin Heatherton‏@ErinHeatherton

    @SunneryJames @gvanderwiel @shannerydemeza best night!!! Thanks for keeping us moving for 4 hours. Epic.

  • Oh, boy!

    When is he going to give up the prehistoric look? And get a mirror? And get rid of the current fame-hungry toy and grow the h*ll up?
    Dieter, isn`t it what you said about Bar as well? You are always a huge fan of his dummies! Babies, she is the one? Thanks for the joke again!

  • @Dieter

    @Dieter: and houw do you know that ? she doesn’t look like an insecure woman with doubts. I don’t think she she asks so many questions on her ( future (she is only 23 years old after all)

  • Jane

    @Oh, boy!:

    Django Unchained is still in post production right now which is why he still has the beard. It’s ending soon though so the beard will be gone any day now. Unless he decides to keep it, of course.

  • Oh, boy!

    @Jane: It`s not just the beard… Leo likes facial hair so I doubt he is keeping it only for Django.

  • check!

    If his girlfriend can’t change the way he looks and dresses, then no-one can. lol

  • Oh, boy!

    The thing is that he is kind of changing the way he dresses but not in a good way. You see him in this hat pretty often ( not always baseball caps ) and not always in his khaki shorts with the long white socks ( unfortunately he still has that look but not that often ). But is this really an improvement? NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Erin Fan

    Erin’s ex boyfriend, Andrea, used to dress in a much more trendy manner.

  • Erin Fan
  • @Erin Fan

    @Erin Fan: they look good together better than her and Leo

  • AngieLoonie

    He’s gross.

  • check!

    Congratulations to Erin, with the dream-career and the dream-boyfriends!!

  • @Erin fan

    Yes, we already know her reputation for going after rich and famous guys. Andrea Stefanowicz Sabrier is one very sought-after bachelor with a big family fortune. Look at the way she clings to him on that pic.
    He got probably tired of having her clinging to him. The guy needed air.

  • @11


    I know you are being sarcastic, because I have an idea of who you might be. Erin is lovely, lots in common with Leo. Let them be, already. Step back and take your insults to another site. You’re actually answering to your own monicker, on this string, aren’t you?

  • Geez

    @@Erin fan:
    And we already know your reputation of calling every one of Leo’s girlfriends goldiggers. None of the girls are/were paupers, Leo being significanlty wealthier then them does not say anything negative about the ladies as most Hollywood A list stars are richer than most

  • @Geez

    Not all decent and self-respected models go after and cling to Hollywood A list celebrities like pots of glue.

  • @29

    Oh really?
    Cindy Crawford – Richard Gere, Christy Turlington – Ed Burns, Naomi Campbell – Robert De Niro, Elaine Irwin – John Mellanchamp, Kate Moss – Johnny Depp etc etc. etc etc
    Models and A listers joining is as old as the hills, but only Leo stans KNOW for sure the dynamics of his relationships and call ALL his grilfriends pots of glue

  • @Miss Ellie

    Barf fan, you’re back! And still bitter I see.

  • LOL

    @@29: Iman and David Bowie, Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger, Patti Hansen and Keith Richards,Yasmin & Simon Le Bon, Stephanie Seymour and Axl Rose/Warren Beatty, Tatjana Patitiz and Seal, Heidi Klum and Seal,Naomi Campbell and Mike Tyson,Paulina Porizkova and Ric Ocasek, Rachel Hunter and Rod Stewart, Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel,Claudia Schiffer and David Copperfield, Linda Evangelisa and Kyle MacLaclan/Bryan Adams,Helena Christensen & Michael Hutchence,Renee Simonsen & John Taylor,Elle MacPherson & Bryan Adams,Jill Goodacre and Harry Connick Jr,Carre Otis and Mickey Rourke

    models and celebs have been dating since um the 60s/70s? probably before…I dont see the big deal, they’ve got the same social circles. They get their hair done by the same stylists,makeup artists,photographers,attend the same events etc. If you dont know half the names up above, I suppose you brush up on your pop culture history before speaking.

  • LOL

    Oh forgot Christy Turlington also dated Christian Slater. Most of these models listed above are some of THE most iconic, well respected models of ALL TIME. so your theory does not hold true #29.

  • 34


    Dicaprio is a famous modelizer, he has nothing to do with self-respected models like Schiffer, Crawford, Evangelista etc. So your theory does not hold true, 33.

  • 35


    Bryan Adams
    David Bowie
    John Taylor
    Rod Stewart


    #29 was talking about ‘A-list Hollywood celebrities’, sweetie. lol

  • @Lol

    And these girls are supposed to be qualified as decent and self-respected…??? Give me a break.

  • @ErinFan

    Erin was very skinny. Did she suffer from an episode of anorexia of any sorts? That guy Andrea is a real hunk. No wonder she was holding him tightly:)

  • @35

    Robert De Niro not A list? Mmmmmmk. Keep shifting the goalposts
    And Richerd Gere, Christian Slater, et al were very much A list at the time while Leo was in Growing Pains

  • @#31

    …and I am having the time of my life:)

  • Geez

    But #29 claims no ‘self respecting model’ would go for an A lister wish is pure nonsense. Oh Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, Johnny Depp for example were known modelizers/womanisers but they still got famous accomplished women/models to date and marry them

  • @Miss Ellie

    No doubt! Keep the hope alive as you now trash Erin, while Ms-2 kids before-I’m-30 playboy model still scours the globe desperate for a famous man to wife her. Still no takers sigh?

  • Fernanda

    Am I the only one who actually thinks he’s looking good with that beard? Haha

  • Miss Ellie

    You’re talking about Bar? LOL! At least she is not parading with a bunch of young blonde boy toys fifteen years younger than her, unlike her former boyfriend who, within a period of 6 months, has dated 3 different famewhores! She must be very relieved and happy to remain single.

  • @Miss Ellie

    And Bar is not a famewhore????????lol
    She keeps tweeting about d-bag ex boyfriends and even bitches about other models’ boyfriends to keep herself in the limelight.
    Stripping in videos to sell her flop underwaer line and paying mens magazines to write about her.
    The rumor in Spain is that she was trying to hook Gerard Pique behind Sharkira’s back but he told her to get lost. She’s deperate for a famous boyfriend and is single cos no one wants her. She has fans like you to express her anger and lack of wedding ring after 5 years from Leo.

  • Philly

    @@Miss Ellie:
    Yep the d list maxim model and her deranged stage mama are the biggest famehos of all!!!!!!!!!!!!! leo’s lucky to be away from that family.

  • Miss Ellie

    Obviously, you are the one angry! Not me.

  • 35


    Exactly.Only DeNiro is real A-list from your list. Keep thinking.

  • 35


    DeNiro wife is not a model. And he is not a dumb modelizer.
    Men from your list use (used) models like models use them.

  • mindless dating

    Neither Bar or Erin can compare to the list of those models that was listed earlier dating Hollywood actors. Those were actual supermodels who didn`t necessarily need to date famous actors to get some attention. Now we can`t say the same about Bar or Erin. Both are beyond blah with no career of their own until they got picked by him. Big difference! Nobody would care about Erin if it wasn`t for Leo. Sorry but she has been working for VS for a while and she didn`t get the attention she is getting now before. For a reason. She is boring without any appeal. She is the typical `supermodel` that has the physical requirements to be a model but nothing more. Unlike those models mentioned before… She has one appeal right not and that`s her private life/boyfriend. Same applied to Bar.

  • Canada Girl

    Hi Leo-fans…!
    How much am I in love with the beard. A lot. It looks great. I’ve been having the lady b*ner for facial hair for awhile. The Ryans can grow a nice beard too. Yum.
    Have to admit that I’m liking LD mixing up his style with the hat and beard. The shirt situation is a different look too. All in all pretty nice. I’d like to see him with different jeans, but … whatever.
    Not to be the one to bring up the unmentionable one, but read this link. LOL. Someone got the smack down from a better known model.
    I can’t believe that I am staying in on such a gorgeous day, but I stayed out (and up) too long last night and I’m just… off…. It’s the worst feeling when you’re physically discombobulated. *sigh*
    *waves* I’ll check back in later.

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