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Leonardo DiCaprio: Popsicle Treat!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Popsicle Treat!

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps cool with a popsicle as he leaves a friend’s house on Friday (June 22) in Malibu, Calif.

The 37-year-old actor kept a low profile in a fedora and Carrera‘s X-cede 7001S sunglasses.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo is currently working on a new movie called Django Unchained. Directed by Quentin Tarantino, the western follows the story of a slave-turned-bounty hunter who sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner. Django Unchained hits theaters December 25 – check out the trailer!

FYI: Leo is wearing a Zanerobe shirt and tank top.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio enjoying a popsicle…

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leonardo dicaprio popsicle 01
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 01
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 02
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 02
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 03
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 03
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 04
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 04
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 05
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 05
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leonardo dicaprio popsicle 06
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leonardo dicaprio popsicle 07
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leonardo dicaprio popsicle 08
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 09
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 09
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 10
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 10

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407 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Popsicle Treat!”

  1. 1
    Elle Says:

    What is with that outfit? And look now that Blahtherton isn’t with him he doesn’t want his picture taken.

  2. 2
    Patricia Says:

    @Elle: True!

  3. 3
    katie Says:

    @elle Yeah right, he really needs the exposure and for his picture to be taken, ever. She might, he does not.

  4. 4
    lori Says:

    popsicle treat? Who does the captioning here for Christ sake?

  5. 5
    Fassdong Says:

    It’s refreshing to see him without one of those blonde bimbos around him! He’s looking cute with that “popsicle treat”
    I can’t wait for his new movies!

  6. 6
    what happened Says:

    old heavy man – lol

  7. 7
    carrie Says:

    not his best look!

  8. 8
    Miss Ellie Says:

    He might not be exactly alone as it seems like he has his head turned towards someone. Thanks JJ. Yes, it’s nice to know his desperate puppy is not on his heels for once.

  9. 9
    Solange Says:

    Thanks Jared. I wonder if the Django filming is over.

  10. 10
    @Miss Ellie Says:

    Yeah, his head is turned away from the photographer so they can`t get a good shot of his face. No Borington, no posing for the paps?

  11. 11
    Dieter Says:

    He wants to found a family with Erin !!! She is the one who is unsure !!! But it will work in the end. They will be having babies. Take my word for it !!!!

  12. 12
    His looks Says:

    I can’t wait for him to get rid of that awful dark beard. Is he keeping it for some probable post-production reshoots?

  13. 13
    @Dieter Says:

    Oh please don’t start again with your idiot fantasies. Are we sure the Boring Bubley is not “on his heels” or already in the car waiting for him?

  14. 14
    Erin Fan Says:

    No Erin is in NY. Here is her last tweet after she had a good time last night.

    Erin Heatherton‏@ErinHeatherton

    @SunneryJames @gvanderwiel @shannerydemeza best night!!! Thanks for keeping us moving for 4 hours. Epic.

  15. 15
    Oh, boy! Says:

    When is he going to give up the prehistoric look? And get a mirror? And get rid of the current fame-hungry toy and grow the h*ll up?
    Dieter, isn`t it what you said about Bar as well? You are always a huge fan of his dummies! Babies, she is the one? Thanks for the joke again!

  16. 16
    @Dieter Says:

    @Dieter: and houw do you know that ? she doesn’t look like an insecure woman with doubts. I don’t think she she asks so many questions on her ( future (she is only 23 years old after all)

  17. 17
    Jane Says:

    @Oh, boy!:

    Django Unchained is still in post production right now which is why he still has the beard. It’s ending soon though so the beard will be gone any day now. Unless he decides to keep it, of course.

  18. 18
    Oh, boy! Says:

    @Jane: It`s not just the beard… Leo likes facial hair so I doubt he is keeping it only for Django.

  19. 19
    check! Says:

    If his girlfriend can’t change the way he looks and dresses, then no-one can. lol

  20. 20
    Oh, boy! Says:

    The thing is that he is kind of changing the way he dresses but not in a good way. You see him in this hat pretty often ( not always baseball caps ) and not always in his khaki shorts with the long white socks ( unfortunately he still has that look but not that often ). But is this really an improvement? NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!

  21. 21
    Erin Fan Says:

    Erin’s ex boyfriend, Andrea, used to dress in a much more trendy manner.

  22. 22
    Erin Fan Says:

    .. well of course Andrea is a designer.

  23. 23
    @Erin Fan Says:

    @Erin Fan: they look good together better than her and Leo

  24. 24
    AngieLoonie Says:

    He’s gross.

  25. 25
    check! Says:

    Congratulations to Erin, with the dream-career and the dream-boyfriends!!

  26. 26
    @Erin fan Says:

    Yes, we already know her reputation for going after rich and famous guys. Andrea Stefanowicz Sabrier is one very sought-after bachelor with a big family fortune. Look at the way she clings to him on that pic.
    He got probably tired of having her clinging to him. The guy needed air.

  27. 27
    @11 Says:


    I know you are being sarcastic, because I have an idea of who you might be. Erin is lovely, lots in common with Leo. Let them be, already. Step back and take your insults to another site. You’re actually answering to your own monicker, on this string, aren’t you?

  28. 28
    Geez Says:

    @@Erin fan:
    And we already know your reputation of calling every one of Leo’s girlfriends goldiggers. None of the girls are/were paupers, Leo being significanlty wealthier then them does not say anything negative about the ladies as most Hollywood A list stars are richer than most

  29. 29
    @Geez Says:

    Not all decent and self-respected models go after and cling to Hollywood A list celebrities like pots of glue.

  30. 30
    @29 Says:

    Oh really?
    Cindy Crawford – Richard Gere, Christy Turlington – Ed Burns, Naomi Campbell – Robert De Niro, Elaine Irwin – John Mellanchamp, Kate Moss – Johnny Depp etc etc. etc etc
    Models and A listers joining is as old as the hills, but only Leo stans KNOW for sure the dynamics of his relationships and call ALL his grilfriends pots of glue

  31. 31
    @Miss Ellie Says:

    Barf fan, you’re back! And still bitter I see.

  32. 32
    LOL Says:

    @@29: Iman and David Bowie, Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger, Patti Hansen and Keith Richards,Yasmin & Simon Le Bon, Stephanie Seymour and Axl Rose/Warren Beatty, Tatjana Patitiz and Seal, Heidi Klum and Seal,Naomi Campbell and Mike Tyson,Paulina Porizkova and Ric Ocasek, Rachel Hunter and Rod Stewart, Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel,Claudia Schiffer and David Copperfield, Linda Evangelisa and Kyle MacLaclan/Bryan Adams,Helena Christensen & Michael Hutchence,Renee Simonsen & John Taylor,Elle MacPherson & Bryan Adams,Jill Goodacre and Harry Connick Jr,Carre Otis and Mickey Rourke

    models and celebs have been dating since um the 60s/70s? probably before…I dont see the big deal, they’ve got the same social circles. They get their hair done by the same stylists,makeup artists,photographers,attend the same events etc. If you dont know half the names up above, I suppose you brush up on your pop culture history before speaking.

  33. 33
    LOL Says:

    Oh forgot Christy Turlington also dated Christian Slater. Most of these models listed above are some of THE most iconic, well respected models of ALL TIME. so your theory does not hold true #29.

  34. 34
    34 Says:


    Dicaprio is a famous modelizer, he has nothing to do with self-respected models like Schiffer, Crawford, Evangelista etc. So your theory does not hold true, 33.

  35. 35
    35 Says:


    Bryan Adams
    David Bowie
    John Taylor
    Rod Stewart


    #29 was talking about ‘A-list Hollywood celebrities’, sweetie. lol

  36. 36
    @Lol Says:

    And these girls are supposed to be qualified as decent and self-respected…??? Give me a break.

  37. 37
    @ErinFan Says:

    Erin was very skinny. Did she suffer from an episode of anorexia of any sorts? That guy Andrea is a real hunk. No wonder she was holding him tightly:)

  38. 38
    @35 Says:

    Robert De Niro not A list? Mmmmmmk. Keep shifting the goalposts
    And Richerd Gere, Christian Slater, et al were very much A list at the time while Leo was in Growing Pains

  39. 39
    @#31 Says:

    …and I am having the time of my life:)

  40. 40
    Geez Says:

    But #29 claims no ‘self respecting model’ would go for an A lister wish is pure nonsense. Oh Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, Johnny Depp for example were known modelizers/womanisers but they still got famous accomplished women/models to date and marry them

  41. 41
    @Miss Ellie Says:

    No doubt! Keep the hope alive as you now trash Erin, while Ms-2 kids before-I’m-30 playboy model still scours the globe desperate for a famous man to wife her. Still no takers sigh?

  42. 42
    Fernanda Says:

    Am I the only one who actually thinks he’s looking good with that beard? Haha

  43. 43
    Miss Ellie Says:

    You’re talking about Bar? LOL! At least she is not parading with a bunch of young blonde boy toys fifteen years younger than her, unlike her former boyfriend who, within a period of 6 months, has dated 3 different famewhores! She must be very relieved and happy to remain single.

  44. 44
    @Miss Ellie Says:

    And Bar is not a famewhore????????lol
    She keeps tweeting about d-bag ex boyfriends and even ******* about other models’ boyfriends to keep herself in the limelight.
    Stripping in videos to sell her flop underwaer line and paying mens magazines to write about her.
    The rumor in Spain is that she was trying to hook Gerard Pique behind Sharkira’s back but he told her to get lost. She’s deperate for a famous boyfriend and is single cos no one wants her. She has fans like you to express her anger and lack of wedding ring after 5 years from Leo.

  45. 45
    Philly Says:

    @@Miss Ellie:
    Yep the d list maxim model and her deranged stage mama are the biggest famehos of all!!!!!!!!!!!!! leo’s lucky to be away from that family.

  46. 46
    Miss Ellie Says:

    Obviously, you are the one angry! Not me.

  47. 47
    35 Says:


    Exactly.Only DeNiro is real A-list from your list. Keep thinking.

  48. 48
    35 Says:


    DeNiro wife is not a model. And he is not a dumb modelizer.
    Men from your list use (used) models like models use them.

  49. 49
    mindless dating Says:

    Neither Bar or Erin can compare to the list of those models that was listed earlier dating Hollywood actors. Those were actual supermodels who didn`t necessarily need to date famous actors to get some attention. Now we can`t say the same about Bar or Erin. Both are beyond blah with no career of their own until they got picked by him. Big difference! Nobody would care about Erin if it wasn`t for Leo. Sorry but she has been working for VS for a while and she didn`t get the attention she is getting now before. For a reason. She is boring without any appeal. She is the typical `supermodel` that has the physical requirements to be a model but nothing more. Unlike those models mentioned before… She has one appeal right not and that`s her private life/boyfriend. Same applied to Bar.

  50. 50
    Canada Girl Says:

    Hi Leo-fans…!
    How much am I in love with the beard. A lot. It looks great. I’ve been having the lady b*ner for facial hair for awhile. The Ryans can grow a nice beard too. Yum.
    Have to admit that I’m liking LD mixing up his style with the hat and beard. The shirt situation is a different look too. All in all pretty nice. I’d like to see him with different jeans, but … whatever.
    Not to be the one to bring up the unmentionable one, but read this link. LOL. Someone got the smack down from a better known model.
    I can’t believe that I am staying in on such a gorgeous day, but I stayed out (and up) too long last night and I’m just… off…. It’s the worst feeling when you’re physically discombobulated. *sigh*
    *waves* I’ll check back in later.

  51. 51
    vagabond Says:

    @Fernanda: @Canada Girl: I agree i think the beard looks good.I’ve seen some guys with some really pathetic scraggly beards.His is very masculine.I don’t understand why people are saying he looks heavy,from these pics he looks just about right.It kind of bums me out that he’s been wearing his hats so much lately.

  52. 52
    sayuri Says:

    He´s the most AMAZING beautiful MAN in the earth ,D

  53. 53
    OMG Says:

    Just perfect!!!

  54. 54
    mindless dating Says:

    @Canada Girl: May I ask why do you have to post about Bar and her twitter account/fight here? I know as Leo`s ex she gets mentioned here like I did in my comment. But seriously who cares about her tweets and fight with another woman? Is it really relevant to this thread?

  55. 55
    Solange Says:


    Hmmm I doubt Bubley from Skokie will stay away from him very long. Now that he took her back after a 2 month interruption period, she sure won’t let the chance to be seen by his side. So expect her to be around him in L.A. very shortly. I wonder when a sighting of the two at a grocery store or in Disneyland will occur?

  56. 56
    El Says:

    Hmm..I wonder why are you so happy?! As sly as a fox! But i like it :-))

  57. 57
    @50 Says:

    @Canada Girl:

    (chuckle) Good find!

  58. 58
    mindless dating Says:

    @Solange: `he took her back after a 2 month interruption period`???? What do you know that we don`t? I bet she will show up for publicity and she will milk it as long as it lasts.

  59. 59
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Erin Fan: she looks better with the lighter dye job and the clothes are better than she dresses now. She must have had to cheapen up for VS—blonder hair, cut offs, flip flops. I hate that look. I like the clothes here. she looks better then than now.

  60. 60
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@Miss Ellie: curious….

    do you know for sure that the underwear line is a flop? because I thought it would be for a couple of reasons:

    1. You need to be in with a HUGE retail chain like Target, JC Penney, Walmart, etc, for this to work. And the designs need to be for that market as well. Simpson made a fortune but I think she was backed by Walmart, that’s why. That’s how all the original celebrity lines started out, Cheryl Tiegs, one of Charlie’s Angels STILL has a line I saw…

    2. If you are going to sell lingerie, it has to be cute/pretty as the VS line. Otherwise you just go to Target and buy Hanes.

    I am not going to get mean but it really did not seem like a good idea…you need a contract with a retailer. If she had got Fox Israel or someone that might have helped because there was guaranteed visibility.

    I’m also curious about her lack of hook-ups…its been a year and she hasnt had a date? I mean that would have been the smart thing to snag a dude with visibility or even sign another contract with someone who needs it…some HW B or C lister to be seen. I am wondering why no one is biting? Could the rumor that the connection to leo was a family friend on his PR team be true? Or is it that everyone knows Leo is a hard act to follow….

    Also, do you know for a fact that she paid for the Maxim 100 and if so, how much? And if so, HOW? I thought it was more the nude photo thing and being willing to go to the party. I looked all over the internet for gossip as to how that list is actually generated and no one said PAYOLA….but the nude photo helped because there were not any other ones and it gets click to their ad base…

    oh well, I am just curious. Too busy taking care of my own issues, AND NO I DID NOT BRING HER UP, someone else did.

    By the way who is DIETER??? Ive been trying to figure it out…Erin writing herself, Jared person trying to get the thread going??? (more likely) or a third party. I think a Jared person or Jared himself because this poster posts laudatory stuff on all the threads…..maybe to keep the cash coming???

  61. 61
    tinkerbell Says:


    By the Fassbender is great in Prometheus. Both as the young guy doing the speech for the promo/trailer and as the old guy. I can see the fascination but dont know why there is so much fan rivalry between him and Leo….from what I saw Fass is a better overall actor…..but Leo will still be better in character roles like Candie and frankly was born to be Gatsby..

  62. 62
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Dieter: No he doesnt ! But they are dating now ! SO what!

  63. 63
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@ErinFan: yes, apparently she did and that makes us wonder, do self esteem issues make you a better candidate for leo…not being able to think you deserve better?

  64. 64
    #54 Says:

    why do you have to dictate what other people write about? you prefer a 100% bitchfest against the girlfirend of the moment and thats fine but others too can read/have their say. Especially when they are as GREAT as CanadaGirl – waves @ CG
    #55 – they’ve already been to Disney land I believe

  65. 65
    Philly Says:

    I agree she looks much much better in that picture.

  66. 66
    chaer Says:

    LOL Mick Jagger and Keith Richards aren’t A listers, nope you’re right little girls. they’re only fcking music LEGENDS. Im sure Leo listens to them on a daily basis his whole life…

  67. 67
    mindless dating Says:

    @64: Dictate? You mean asking a polite question is dictating what others write about? It seems like you have a totally different definition of the word `dictate` in your head than I do. I simply wanted to know why did she bring up Bar`s twitter fight here since it`s totally irrelevant. It was a QUESTION!!!!!! Why are so so upset about it?

  68. 68
    Dirty legend Says:


    They are pretty dirty, these legends, and of course Dirty lifestyle= dating models. By the way Leo’s gfs aren’t cool models from 90, they are just nothing interesting.

  69. 69
    Dirty business Says:

  70. 70
    tinkerbell Says:


    Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking the following for The Wolf of Wall Street, directed by Martin Scorsese:

    The film begins shooting in New York in August.

    An open casting call will be held on
    Friday, June 29 from 10a-1p for SAG-AFTRA members and 2-4:30pm for NONUNION
    On Craigslist….for real….I could go to the non-union but don’t want to waste my time, but I am going to think about it !

    LOCATION- 570 Washington St at West Houston, 2nd Fl, New York, NY 10014.

    No experience necessary. Be prepared to have a digital photo taken.

    Anyone who cannot attend the open call but are interested in appearing in the film should email us a recent picture and contact information.

    For more information visit or call 212 685 3168.

  71. 71
    tinkerbell Says:

    Nope! thought so!

  72. 72
    Erin Fan Says:

    Another photo of Erin with Andrea. They were very touchy and affectionate towards each other.
    Unfortunately, I don’t expect to see Erin posing like that with Leo….

  73. 73
    be happy Says:

    I think he looks cute.

  74. 74
    Patricia Says:

    OMG this thread….what a mess!!!!!! lol

  75. 75
    tinkerbell Says:

    Dieter = j a r e d e n g himself

    that is why I was moderated up there

  76. 76
    Elena Says:

    How is it that JJ always doubles the amount of pictures there are? I see quite a few up there that look identical.

  77. 77
    LOL What??? Says:


    Casting for beautiful young womens??? Martin is perhaps looking for Leo’s next girlfriend???? Martin isn’t happy with Erin either??? LOL

  78. 78
    PR game? Says:

    So based on the logic of this post how do they explain that photo at the premiere where that designer grabbed her a**? Where were her eyes then? She refused to take photos probably because she thinks she is better than him. And this is how it`s explained…

  79. 79
    dudes Says:

    I’d stay far from the whole bunch if it’s only about who grabs the ass of whom, what an inflated ****-up!!

  80. 80
    dudes Says:

    If he’s happy with Erin, let him. Who cares what Marty has to say about it.

  81. 81
    dudes Says:

    Look here, what kind of example is this next-ing people as if they’re toys? Leo’s next girlfriend, we all want to take an example from big Leo, do we?

  82. 82
    ig Says:

    wow I dont understand leos topics. are you guys ok up there?

  83. 83
    Leo Fan Says:

    @PR Game?: Idiot comments and explanations from Page Six, as usual. These “a** grabbing” pics were taken in March and I believe it was a period of when we stopped having sightings or razzi pics of her with Leo, they were probably into their 2-month break-up. She looked very much frozen or drunk (or both) on that night. I can not see any valuable reason why she actually refused to have her picture with Adrian. And what if it is in fact Adrian who didn’t want his picture with her?

  84. 84
    @77 Says:

    @LOL What???:

    He probably was REALLY IMPRESSED when someone related to an ex said that he and Leo were hjaving sex for money???

    Erin will learn about acting. The unmentionable did a good job in her first role,as a manipulative and codependent, but then she was just being herself. No challenge there, she knew all the lines and expressions before the movie hit production.

  85. 85
    ???? Says:

    2 months break? Can I ask what makes you think that? I`m just curious. Leo is an on/off boyfriend and if they indeed broke up for a while it started way earlier than usual.
    The article is stupid. She has eyes only for Leo and that`s why she refuses to be photographed at a social/public event with another guest? How stupid is that? So what happens if she takes that photo with Adrian? NOTHING! Because both of them are irrelevant celebs and who cares?

  86. 86
    Vac Says:


    Heatherton is just the same: the vaccum, the shameless stuff.

  87. 87
    Vac Says:

    DiCaprio is their patron. Like the prostitutes have a pimp, the most shameless and untalented famewhores have DiCaprio as the most constant and faithful partner.

  88. 88
    Gay truth Says:


  89. 89
    Canada Giirl Says:

    @#54: Hi. :)
    @vagabond: Agreed. He looks really good. Trim, slight tan, and the skin looks good (as always).
    So who is the friend that he was visiting? I’m not familiar with those popsicles (?), what is he eating? ….. You can tell I don’t have kids. I’m not up on the latest snacks and treats.
    Is Leo done with his Django filming? I’m excited to see this film. Quentin is one of my favourite directors. He has an unusual way of looking at the world and his movies rely on dialogue (as well as action); as a fan of dramatic fare it’s nice to see something intelligently scripted.

  90. 90
    Canada Giirl Says:

    @Gay truth: He must have been surrounded by paps. We’ve had pictures from several angles.
    Kinda sucks when you think about it. He can’t enjoy a visit without being hounded.
    That picture does show how his hair is growing out though. He’s had a lot of awkward hair roles lately. :)

  91. 91
    amanda Says:

    yes, the truth is gay. but does that mean we need to bother with Martin for anything? well, if Leo thinks it’s his dad or whatever, which I don’t think he does.

  92. 92
    loveleo Says:

    leo is not gay”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. 93
    Leo Fan Says:

    Before leaving for LA early in the week, Leo attended a jazz concert with his dad at the Birdland Jazz Club in NY.

  94. 94
    Not gay Says:

    Leo is not gay….

  95. 95
    Leo Fan Says:

    @94 – Not gay

    Oh man… I know he is not gay, I just wish he could look at me this way.
    One can only dream:)

  96. 96
    @ Says:

    @Gay truth: gay? hehe! what’s up in ur mind ,honey?!! which gay is playboy mantion regular as even playboy owner_hef_said obvi. in his interviews besides playmats said as well about how much the playmates love to be with him and colin farrell coz they both r the best in sex,so much better than all other playboy clients!!!! + going to clubs like him with all thoes tweet pixes in the clubs while he’s not aware and lots of pixes while he think no pap is around such as when he was with anna j+all these cheating since he was with kristin zang till now??? (not just with models with all kind of women such as claire danes as she said about for romeo and juliet)!!c’mon,……! maybe u think he has all these sex/cheatings/.. just for covering his gay image?!!! lol!

  97. 97
    be happy Says:

    @Canada girl

    I also notice how good his skin looks too! I wonder if he does anything to take care of it or if that is just natural for him.

  98. 98
    From a Bunny book Says:

    @#96: You are referring to Izabella St-James book where she describes as Leo visiting the Mansion and leaving with several girls to his house, I presume. Yeah, he was dating Gisele Bundchen at the time. You will never change a Playboy and a modelizer. Never.

  99. 99
    Canada Girl Says:

    @be happy: I’ve wondered that too. His pores are really small and his skin is nice and clear. If I were photographed all day, I’d live part time at the spa.
    Leonardo is Great in Bed…. Do tell…. o.O’

  100. 100
    Bazinga Says:

    Hope ____ is still redundant. Wow! Heavily moderated right now. Same with Bellazon.
    Where are Leo, and his girlfriend Erin, right now? Are they they together enoyinging the weather in New York?
    Or is Leo and Bar together looking at water issues and global warming with the warming of glaciers? Did he already propose? Why do I get the feeling that the wedding it at Christmas 2012 or summer 2013???

  101. 101
    by_princess Says:

    @Leo Fan:

    Yes, here is the pic

  102. 102
    Leo Fan Says:

    Cool! How did you get the picture? Anat Cohen is on the picture, so it shows he was there Tuesday night.

  103. 103
    @101 Says:

    Cute – Nice looking family. Well, I don’t see (the unmentionable) going to an icy destination of her own valition. Is it a Leo Global Warming or Enough Water for Everyone project that they are on?

  104. 104
    by_princess Says:

    @Leo Fan:

    in the Birdland Jazz Club facebook page… not sure if this link works.!/pages/Birdland-Jazz-Club/85855471707

  105. 105
    Princess Says:


    Suddenly became a fan of jazz? He reminds me of his models (past and recent): they have no class, no real beauty, even no education, but they desperately want to look classy women despite the fact that they are just the good hangers for the good clothes.

  106. 106
    Jen Says:

    Thanks by_princess from Bellazon. Almost looks like you have a job moderating for JJ or someone else? Anyway, I don’t see the answers for 100 and 103.
    They are fair questions, non? It almost looks like someone is trying to bury these fair questions and not answer with the truth? I thought Leo was in NY or LA with his girlfriend, Erin, enjoying the weather?
    Or is he with Bar on one of his interesting philanthropic projects. I don’t think I have ever seen Bar in an icy destination. She prefers the beach and warm weather? So, she might be with Leo, because I doubt she would be there under her own volition? Seems strange to me.
    This would mean Leo is not with his gf :(????? Please explain.
    Since someone moderated this post out last time; although, it’s a fair question, maybe someone can provide the truth?
    Leo’s support – the ticketholders- deserve that respect, non?

  107. 107
    ???? Says:

    Ok, am I the only one who has no clue what`s going on on this thread? Posts like #106 or #103… What are they talking about? It`s crazy over here!

  108. 108
    Geez Says:

    Its often crazy like this. The challenge is to pick out the gems from the sludgefest from Vac , HM, eh and the numbers’ person who will simply change their names and write the same shti over and over again

  109. 109
    @105 Says:

    Why are you so insane??????
    If Leo is such a wretch with no class, brains, beauty e.t.c and dates “ugly prostitute models” as you write again and again in your numerous nonsense posts why are you here???????
    Follow and admire someone else

  110. 110
    Leo Fan Says:

    Thanks. Yes, the link is working. Nice to see he was at the show with his dad.

  111. 111
    Princess Says:

    Why are you so dumb?Leave your nonsense to your parents.I don’t know that his models are prostitutes,but almost all call them this way.

  112. 112
    @111 - 115 Says:

    The same person, see stupid words and her obesession with the word prostitue. You’re obviously that crazy Spanish/Argentinian Barf fan, saying ‘useless for humanity’ Leo has no more decent jobs only prove you’re a wacko. Thread ruined. Job done.

  113. 113
    IDIOT at 114 Says:

    @Not a fan:
    That is total BS, and you know it. SHE just gave you Bar’s camp’s monickers, and she is trying to say that we all agree with her and her people. I highly doubt that is true. No matter how you try to control the thumbs, it will never be a valid statistic. Maybe in your mind, especially if this is the person who said she has HIGHER MORAL STANDARDS THAN THE GENERAL POPULATION – in 3 posts on the Erin and Leo thread.
    Leave Leo and Erin alone so they can develop their relationship. An EX surely wouldn’t want to be accused of being obsessed with Leo over a year after the break-up? Obsessed much???
    Bar the beach queen in the ice caps….for a panty shoot? Yeah, right. Following him around like a puppy? Dunno. Meanwhile, Erin is left to be humiliated, yet again??? SICK.
    If you are leading Erin on for some kind of ruse to protect Bar, than you are a bad user taking advantage of someone who has presented well in the public…..and she is a fkng human being with feelings and a career to protect!
    Gosh, if this is true with Bar, Leo, than bad form for how you are treating Erin. I dunno. (shaking head)

  114. 114
    tinkerbell Says:

    @OMG: I think it is cute to see them together and I think his dad is sort of old hippy cute. and his stepmom. Nice to see them together, maybe NOLA got Leo into something better than club music. Nice to see him with the people that really matter.

  115. 115
    be happy Says:

    I don’t know how you can say he doesn’t have a decent job just because he is pictured with an icecream? The guy was just on location making 2 films and is about to make another one. Uh, last time I checked that is what actors do….

  116. 116
    Leo Fan Says:

    Leo has been a fan of Jazz for quite a while. Him and Scorsese share this taste in music and Leo is the one who chose one of Django R.’s song for The Aviator. I think it must come from his dad’s vast culture he transmitted to his son.

  117. 117
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Leo Fan: I’ve always throught the cooincidence sort of funny+Django Reinhardt, Django the Dog, Django unchained.

    Django is spanish gypsy name I thought, not african, but then again Broomhilda is from a German folktale.

  118. 118
    Fake A-list Says:

    @be happy:

    Staged posing with an icecream. Decent job for 37 year old male.

  119. 119
    Fake A-list Says:

    @be happy:

    Are you talking about his great and laborious work in Gatsby – Django-Wolf comedy?

  120. 120
    Fake A-list Says:

    @IDIOT at 114:

    That’s pretty funny how A-list model like DiCaprio was born. General population (like you, bellafreaks etc) is the real mother/father of his fame and money. Not his talents.

  121. 121
    be happy Says:

    It’s interesting to see someone spending a lot of time insulting one of America’s finest actors. What’s your point? Leo doesn’t have to make movies anymore, but I’m glad he does because I enjoy his work. Are you saying he doesn’t deserve the money or fame? Well, he made money by producing a product that millions of people will pay for. To say he is untalented is laughable.

  122. 122
    Not a fan Says:

    @be happy:

    Hard to accept the truth, american Leo fan? Prefer to laugh instead?

  123. 123
    Doctor Says:


    Go back to your room, the patient!

  124. 124
    @Doctor Says:

    What the heck is your problem with by_princess? That she posted a new photo of Leo? Un-freaking-believable! How offensive and rude of her!
    What`s going on with this thread? It`s like the twilight zone!
    Sudden interest in jazz? You are aware that Leo`s dog is named Django after his favorite musician? And he has had that dog for a long time so the sudden interest sounds pretty ridiculous.

  125. 125
    LOL Says:


    They talk as if she or others from there have never posted here.

  126. 126
    @LOL Says:

    Yeah, I know they post here. But what`s the point on picking on by_princess? What did she do that`s so horrible? I read her comments on bz and there`s nothing to pick on. She posted this new photo of Leo and look how she is treated! Unbelievable!

  127. 127
    Cute Leo Fan Says:


    I am only aware that Django is nothing but a stinker, like Leo.

  128. 128
    @127 Says:

    and why would anyone care about a story that originally came from national enquirer ( = zero credibility )?
    why don`t you spend your precious time on a celeb you actually like?

  129. 129
    Cute Leo Fan Says:

    I actually like to spend my precious time on a celeb i don’t like (it is funny) : Leo is my favourite.

  130. 130
    Post is getting buried Says:

    Bar the beach queen in the ice caps….for a panty shoot? Yeah, right. Following Leo around like a puppy? Dunno. Meanwhile, Erin is left to be humiliated, yet again??? SICK.
    If you are leading Erin on for some kind of ruse to protect Bar, than you are a bad user taking advantage of someone who has presented well in the public…..and she is a fkng human being with feelings and a career to protect!
    Leave Leo and Erin alone so they can develop their relationship. An EX surely wouldn’t want to be accused of being obsessed with Leo over a year after the break-up? Obsessed much???
    Gosh, if this is true with Bar, Leo, than bad form for how you are treating Erin. I dunno. (shaking head)

  131. 131
    Leo Cheating? Says:

    Is Leo cheating on his gf, Erin? The other messages are correct. There are pictures of Bar in small glaciers. This has to be a Leo project?

  132. 132
    @#131 Says:

    Bar is traveling with her dad. She is nowhere close to Leo right now, for sure. Of course, we don’t know how often they speak or write to each other… and they won’t tell. I have no idea why she had decided to visit the glaciers at this time of year…and with her dad? But again, just like Leo, she is close to her dad and shares just like Leo nice family values.

  133. 133
    @132 Says:

    You Bar fans will never quit. Its been a year and you still cling to the hope. Erin, Gisele and Blake I’m sure also have nice family values. Bar enjoys the glaciers while Leo enjoys Erin and all his side pieces.

  134. 134
    LMAO Says:

    Yep. Erin biking/ holidaying with Leo’s mum shows she also has the same family values.

  135. 135
    Dejavu Says:


    DiCaprio enjoys Heatherton?In which universe?

  136. 136
    @LMAO Says:

    Too bad her family values don’t apply to her own family. Only to her famous boyfriend’s mom / photo ops!

  137. 137
    be happy Says:


    Oh she probably didn’t do anything wrong, except express her enthusiasm for Leo, which apparently is just a way to make yourself a target on this thread for some bitter and negative person. I fancy this person is like the evil queen in snow white that sucks the life out of happy Leo fans to make herself more powerful. I can see it now, her going to the grand mirror and saying, “Mirror, mirror on the wall…..who’s the happiest Leo fan of them all?” You know (addressing bitter and negative person) you should get an avatar of charlize theron in that evil queen costume, that would be a good look for you. :)

  138. 138
    Dejavu Says:


    Sure only this piece of model is glad that uncle Leo is currently ‘dating’ her.

  139. 139
    @136 Says:

    BTW is there an existing photo of Erin Bubley with her parents (mom and dad)? We can find some of her with her ex-boyfriend, but I don’t even know what her parents look like. I wonder if she visits them from time to time or even if they even invite them to her place. Weird.

  140. 140
    Snow Queen Says:

    @be happy:

    I see your intelligence level is between Leo pores and ‘be happy with Erin’.

    Next time you can post here the link to your avatar and I will say in which costume you can make next post to look more laughable and unicellular in the eyes of the beholders.

  141. 141
    @be happy Says:

    Don’t worry, ignore. They are mostly the illiterate bitter Barf fans

  142. 142
    Erin Fan Says:

    @#139 – Mr. and Mrs. Bubley, Erin’s parents.

  143. 143
    @142 Says:

    Erin WITH her parents. Like riding bikes or stuff like that.
    @be happy: right. She simply shared a photo and a link and look at the response. I don`t get it!

  144. 144
    Valet Says:

    @Snow Queen:

    ‘be happy’ is raven/erin/leo pr (possibly on drugs), that’s why she always sounds so calm, boring and opportunistic. I don’t know which costume will suit her, possibly the Cinderella’s pumpkin coach.

  145. 145
    123456 Says:

    He looks stupid.

  146. 146
    be happy Says:

    @141 – Are they “fans” really or people who are emotionally invested in seeing them together, like personal friends or family members? I don’t see why anyone is still hanging onto hope when I don’t see her in the picture, literally or figuratively? It’s like the people who want to see Leo and Kate Winslet get together…..silly!!

  147. 147
    Leo Fan Says:

    - Saturday, June 23

    Star studded weekend at Lure nightclub…

    Leonardo DiCaprio spotted at Lure nightclub Saturday with an entourage of friends in tow, including pal Kevin Connolly. True to his typical incognito party attire, Leo donned his usual baseball cap and a recently grown out full beard, which is seemingly for his upcoming role in the movie “Django Unchained.”

  148. 148
    @131 Says:

    I have not heard anything about a break-up with Erin. He was enjoying himself with her just last week! If this is true, is he crazy? If you break up a couple of times before the stress and joy of kids, it’s insane. It really does look like he is cheating on Erin!

    Owwww, the public is going to LOVE this! I don’t see Bar going into ice, because it’s her choice travel destination. I smell a stinky DiCaprio.

    Poor Erin.

  149. 149
    @131 Says:

    I have not heard anything about a break-up with Erin. He was enjoying himself with her just last week! If this is true, is he crazy? If you break up a couple of times before the stress and joy of kids, it’s insane. It really does look like he is cheating on Erin!

    Owwww, the public is going to LOVE this! I don’t see Bar going into ice, because it’s her choice travel destination. I smell a stinky DiCaprio.

    Poor Erin.

  150. 150
    LOVE Says:

    remember this?
    TZIPI LEVINE REFAELI “Bar is still the most beautiful girl in the world Israeli putrefaction doesn’t get any better than this, except for Esti Ginzburg. But who’s paying attention? They will not get married they will not have kids, I can’t deal with its all the fault of that NAPPY HEAD IN CONEY ISLAND.LEO IS GAY HE HAS SEX WITH MARTIN SCORCESE FOR MONEY HE ONLY SCREWS REAL SUPERMODELS THAT ARE MUCH BETTER LOOKING THAN BAR FOR A COVER, – lasYOU ARE ALL JEALOUS AND JUST A BUNCH OF HATERS!”

  151. 151
    raven Says:

    Um yeah, im not be happy or any other names, not anyones pr.

    Btw hi Canada girl!

  152. 152
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Leo Fan: yep, out with crawley mcnuggets tomcatting around not a good sign. But maybe not fatal either.

  153. 153
    @Leo Fan Says:

    So Leo was at Lure on Saturday? Nice to see he still keeps his good ol’ habits of partying with his boys on Saturday nights, just like all single guys do. Especially at Lure Holywood:)

  154. 154
    tinkerbell Says:

    they didnt break up, its just that Erin is extremely freelance. As in once in every three months freelance. And the post says she is trying hard to not be “high maintenance”

    It doesnt work that way honey. If he’s out tomcatting around when he could be with you, you have to wonder. BUT, we havent heard any obvious rumors like with bar so maybe he’s taking it easy on the hoes, too, because in this day with twitter and camera phones and instragram et al he’s always being watched.

    They are still together. Let’s see about

    A. Labor Day
    B. After Wolf wraps and he’s too busy to see her even when he’s in the same city.

    She’ll be around for a bit because she is fairly low key, comparatively speaking, but at some point it’s going to blow for her. You know whata I mean? You can only take so much from a guy before you realize you’re a booty call and move on yourself. Dont need any big flare up just start moving on yourself and dont jump when he calls you.

    This is will be interesting to watch play out.

    Does anybody know who Blakey is supposed to be cheating on Ryan with???

  155. 155
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@Leo Fan: is that a hook up spot? Sounds like it.

  156. 156
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@131 CHEATERS?: she’ s nowhere near Leo and they no longer have anything to do with each other. Please.

    OK, what I want to know is should I go to the Scorcese cattle call on Friday? I usually those things are such a drag but why not….

  157. 157
    Patricia Says:

    Yeah,right…gimme a break!!!

  158. 158
    Elena Says:

    @Patricia: Yeah, that’s the same tired song and dance tabloids have been selling for years. What is ridiculous is that they’re actually saying that Leo wants to marry her because she LIKES BASKETBALL?! I mean Jesus, I know that society likes to pretend that all women are interested in is looking pretty, but there are plenty of women who are into sports and video games and comics and anything else under the sun. Finding a woman who likes/is good at a sport is not like finding the last unicorn or something.

  159. 159
    IMO Says:

    Erin or not. I actually think its pathetic that Leo at almost 40 and his cohort of sleaze pals still nightclub and carouse to the extent they do. Eventually you are the old dog in the room and completely unaware you’re partying with people you used to babysit.
    I’m not saying he should put on the pipe and slippers. Only isn’t it boring after 20 years of doing it? I just can’t think of any of his peers/age groups who cane it to the extent he does except – bleurgh – Gerald Butler.

  160. 160
    star Says:

    So just because Blake looks like a real vamp makes you think she’s cheating? Oh you’re probably right. LOL

  161. 161
    @star Says:

    Look this post is about Leo, maybe Erin. Leave his exes out of it. FFS

  162. 162
    @@star Says:

    oh no!! nobody EVER talks about any exes of leo’s, noooobody!! :)

  163. 163
    @162 Says:

    lol. I know. I know. I didn’t mean it like that, its just this thread has already gone to hell already and it would be nicer to put it on track

  164. 164
    I agree 100% Says:

    #159. And I think the Playmate bnaging, nightclub hopping, Paris Hilton squiring party animal is more akin to the REAL Leo than his public persona.

  165. 165
    100% Says:

    By the time Erin shows up on Leo’s side at events looking the way Blake does, I might start mentioning her. :)

  166. 166
    @165 Says:

    You mean like a drag queen with a joker smile?

  167. 167
    Philly Says:

    Actually Erin is going to be at the VS for cancer event in NY with the other angels. The Angels always knock it out of the park and look gorg!
    Erin actually did a lot of HF shows in 2007/8, VS somewhat stifled her career but her association with Leo has deffo blown it up again!

  168. 168
    @166 Says:

    No, like a woman with sex-appeal and the ability to pick a fine dress. :)

  169. 169
    @167 Says:

    Yeah, the other angels are always gorgeous except for Borington. She had high fashion jobs like 5 years ago? And ever since then it’s all about waving bras in malls. No wonder she is working hard to keep the relationship going. Finally she is somewhat relevant again. For now!

  170. 170
    @168 Says:

    We must be looking at different photos then.

  171. 171
    100% Says:

    Well, I wouldn’t mind if these girls would show more often in dresses with some fashionable outlook to entertain us, instead of just jumping around half-naked in whichever bra was lying around.

  172. 172
    Philly Says:

    To be fair. The angels actually look cute and stylish during promotion from the days of Gisele and Tyra. I dunno why people think they are always half naked. That’s not the case.
    @167 You’re right, but I don’t think there is much of a relationship to keep going. I honestly think they both know its casual. I could be wrong though. Has Leo met her parents? I mean they have reached the 6 month mark

  173. 173
    Philly Says:

    Sorry I meant – @169

  174. 174
    be happy Says:

    Wow, these threads are unreal. Is there anything Leo can do without getting criticized? I mean, if he’s pictured with an icecream, he’s a bum, if he’s out with his Mom, he’s a mama’s boy, if he’s seen with his gf, it’s a staged photo op, and if he’s out with his friends, he’s an out-of-control party animal? Sounds to me like he has a well-rounded life that consists of friends, family, love interest and success at work. Good for him.

  175. 175
    @174 Says:

    Well rounded life. At his age still clubbing, chasing barely legal girls and yes, clear photo ops for PR. Sounds like a well-rounded life!

  176. 176
    @be happy Says:

    @be happy:
    these aren’t fans of his. the level of invective directed at leo for his choices and the astonishing abuse his girlfriends receive, show a level of emotional investment in the life of a man who does not know any of us exist. be happy 174, the majority of us simply like leo for his movies not everyone obsesses on his sex life.

  177. 177
    ichi Says:

    @be happy: ohh common just go back to your fairyland about Leo been a saint, his cheating on her, he did it with all his girlfriend and will continue doing that until he realize that is time to change (maybe never) but guess what? that woman isn’t Erin she is just a Toy until he gets tired of her !@!# , you can be his fan but your not blind the guy love to party and be disrespectful with his girlfriends, but you Know he maybe does wrong but is even worse been a woman that accept been treated like sh!!234@#@@T, as a woman you can support that!

  178. 178
    @174 Says:

    Its the 3 Macbeth witches Leda, Cammie, Tinkerbell under their multiple pseudonyms that destroy it for everyone

  179. 179
    @178 Says:

    … here we go again!

  180. 180
    Whatever Says:

    uh, yup. Bar in Alaska or the Antartica (think she romoved those comments from the pictures)? You guys are naive or playing PR if you don’t think she’s with Leo right now. I just don’t see her pulling out a tacky bikini bottom and hugging an ice cap with frozen mipples stuck to ice for some trashy panty catalogue.She probably would have negotiated for a beach location. Makes sense? Or did she start to model parkas too.

  181. 181
    @Whatever Says:

    Why do you insist on pushing this story for heavens’ sake? I’m not been sarcastic but this is truly bordering on weird obsession.

  182. 182
    be happy Says:

    Considering the circumstances, I think he handles his fame and success extremely well. I never said he was a saint or perfect (who is?) but to judge him for being 37 and going to a nightclub is a little extreme. He’s a movie star, people. I like Leo’s movies and I admire him in that regard. What he does in his personal life and the decisions, bad or good, that he makes, are ultimately between him and his partner. What I’m saying is, don’t you guys think you may be taking it a little too far? He’s single, good-looking, rich and a famous movie star. What do you want him to do? Live like a monk or go to the library on Saturday night? OK, so you guys aren’t fans….I’m fine with that. I’d rather spend my time admiring someone that I like and who’s work I enjoy, but that’s just me. All these snarky comments, etc., just seem like a waste of time and energy. Whether you like to admit it or not, Leo has millions of fans around the world and your vicious campaign to criticize him probably it’s going to change that anytime soon.

  183. 183
    bizarro posts Says:

    I don’t know who is weirder, the person who keeps saying that Leo is cheating on Erin with Bar or the one who keeps saying Blake is cheating on Ryan. They’ve both been out of Leo’s life for a long time. He might be cheating on Erin, but not with Bar or Blake.

  184. 184
    @181 Says:

    I know. It’s like they make up these stories in their heads and in their minds they believe them to be true.

  185. 185
    Leo Fan Says:

    @be happy (182): No one is pretending to change Leo’s ways of life or change his reputation. His fans who have been following him through the years have come to a point where they realize that he will always be the same no matter what film he chooses to work on, no matter how rich he becomes and no matter what model he chooses to date. He’s been following the same pattern when his personal life is concerned and people are simply “commenting” his habits. He chose to become a very public personality because of the career he “chose” to do. His life is exposed and I think he knows he can not do anything about it. Furthermore, the girls he chooses to date happen also to have chosen careers where they are very much exposed to the public.

  186. 186
    @185 Says:

    @Leo Fan:

    Well said. Personally, I don’t have a problem with Leo having a social life. Just my opinion.

    Did anyone see the movie Going Down in La-La Land. Well, it opens your eyes to HW culture, and what is considered normal in a very unique life. I think Erin is an appropriate age for Leo considering his station in life. His gfs are famous too.

    I like Erin. The movie shows that it is very normal to have an age difference.I think she could be good for Leo.

  187. 187
    Dejavu Says:


    think he is a desperate fool if heatherton, famous only for her naked shameless pics and hypocrisy is good for him?

  188. 188
    @186 Says:

    Based on your logic Bar was good for him, too.

  189. 189
    @186 Says:

    … and that`s exactly why I don`t think your comment and/or logic makes sense. Being in Hollywood is no excuse to remain a manchild. Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg or Tom Hanks ( just to name a few ) are also in Hollywood and they are not single at nearly 38 chasing these young things. You can have a family in Hollywood if you want it. You can grow up in Hollywood if you want to. Sorry but this Hollywood ( lifestyle ) thing just seems like an excuse. He might not be a guy who will ever get married or get kids and that`s perfectly fine. It`s not for everyone but it`s not because of Hollywood or his lifestyle. You can date a woman close to your age in Hollywood and you can grow up. You can tell that commitment is not for me ( see Clooney ) and still be successful instead of saying one thing in interviews and doing something different in real life.
    Leo seems like a great guy to me but I think his professional life controls his private life. It`s just my opinion.

  190. 190
    Leo Fan Says:

    @186 and 187
    Despite the fact that he lives the Hollywood life, is rich, famous, single and only dates models, I strongly believe he deserves better than dating someone who has her butt grabbed by a male designer/ friend on a red carpet during a very public event. The girl is indeed very young and of course one can not expect maturity from a girl her age and when I look at her promoting VS padded pushup bras and blowing kisses in shopping malls, I wonder what Leo actually sees in her. I think just like most men, he doesn’t like to be on his own and since she is the easiest catch he has ever made….

  191. 191
    leo's fan girl Says:

    Just finished watching the Django Unchained trailer,the movie looks exciting. Leo does look sexy as Django and of course he is delicious.

  192. 192
    Solange Says:

    I’m afraid most of you are too polite and classy. why don’t you admit that Erin Bubley is just an easy catch who made money out of posing in the nude for hideous photoshoots and is now posing in bras and panties for a company that has no respect for women. VS uses skinny tall bony models, have their hair bleached, have them botoxed and siliconed like cheap barbies. All the same, what a nice image for women and young girls. Yes, Leo can do better, but obviously he doesn’t want to. i’m sorry but whom a guy dates refflects on what he is, and where his values are.

  193. 193
    be happy Says:

    I see what you all are saying. I just don’t think his behavior is that abnormal than other men his age that are single, successful and good-looking. I know plenty of single men his age that still go clubbing and date women in their 20s. You know, we don’t know the whole story. I bet someone like Leo gets invited to all kinds of clubs, restaurants, parties, events, who knows (?) and has an onslaught of requests to attend social events. Celebrities are sometimes paid for appearances at clubs, like Paris Hilton for example, and it helps promote the club. I don’t think this is the case with Leo, but I do think he and his friends are probably treated very well, have a private area where they can socialize and have fun. I mean, I think that would be fun! Who wants to stay home trapped inside all the time because they are worried about what their fans might think or that someone will take a picture? As far as the girls, I don’t have a problem with any of his current or ex-gfs. They all are unfortunately subject to a lot of scrutiny and sounds like that part of dating him would be awful. I guess what I find so annoying is that people have expectations about how he should act and behave based on what? Maybe he hasn’t found the right girl yet? I mean did anyone stop and think that he hasn’t found someone that makes him want to settle down? I don’t think anyone should get married just to get married and get approval from the public. That’s a terrible reason to get married. And if he doesn’t want to get married, that’s fine too! I say leave the man alone to do what he wants. He’s going to anyway.

  194. 194
    Next filming in NY Says:

    Since Erin lives in NY and that Leo’s next movie will be filmed in NY, I presume we should get lots and lots of sightings, pictures and news of the two. But before the filming starts, and if Leo’s pattern respects his good old habits, he should take his 23 yearl-old model to some luxurious yachts in Europe in the future weeks. So more pictures, sightings and gossip news for his fans.
    And since the next movie will be a Scorsese one, Leo should be in NY for a long period.

  195. 195
    @193 Says:

    I honestly don`t think that at his age, being single and in Hollywood explains this. It comes from the inside. It`s his nature. At his age he didn`t even try a mature relationship. I think he just doesn`t want to regardless of Hollywood. You can get distracted by young blonde things and parties, fame and money but if it`s inside you… to start a family and settle down he should have shown sings of it. I bet all those Hollywood pals ( Wahlberg, Damon or Tobey ) enjoyed life before they had the urge to settle down. He just want fun and no commitment from his girlfriends. He wants to know what he can expect from them and that he is in control.

  196. 196
    @194 Says:

    NYC is full of models. Lots and lots of models. How do you know he won`t just enjoy the variety instead of sticking to one? He has the tendency to be off while filming. You never know…

  197. 197
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@174: oh booh. We dont destroy it we keep it going silly.

  198. 198
    tinkerbell Says:

    @be happy: “Gentlemen prefer blondes, but they marry….brunettes…”

    which is to say they like the ornamental, but when it comes to trusting their lives and their children’s lives, they look for someone they can trust who is an asset as well as an ornament. And yes, the brunette that gets married could be a blonde, a la Reese Witherspoon, but there is something else going on behinds the facade. –basically its trust, sanity, capability and compatibility they look for when it’s marrying time.

    That having said, it may never be that time for him. Ever. He likes to keeo his relationships down to midget status, he never lets them grow and become important. Maybe he can’t, or maybe he just doesnt want to.

    Guys, I have like three jobs offers right now, I have to think which is the best for me in the long and short run… I may not have the answer. I guess it’s still look further because I’m not sure. I only have at max like two months to get something secure in place….yes, even the Tink has doubts, problems, you know….I’d rather stay home and do freelance work but I want the insurance and pension…also pays slighlty more…

  199. 199
    @195 Says:

    How is he any different from someone like Matthew McConaughey? I never thought he would get married. And he just did do a younger woman, a model (surprise surprise).

  200. 200
    189 Says:


    It’s his life. Is anyone telling you how to live yours? When you have money and clout, you get to live your life on your terms. So many of us are dependent on bosses, mortgages, healthcare, car payments, getting along with the in-laws, relationship politics, etc. If I won the lottery, I might make some changes that people in my life would not appreciate, and I probably wouldn’t care at that point either.

    You get one. Live a healthy lifestyle; choose an appropriate partner LOVE and the rest, because love is not enough; don’t feel guilty for making decisions that make you happy – the anti-pragmatic.

    Hope he does not choose Bar though….poor morals? A few people here actually have a long list. Unless confessed simpletons turn him on? Thank Gawd my partner has a brain – love him, but not my first love and exbf of 8 years. Thank Gawd we did not have kids together – hell.

  201. 201
    Solange needs an enima Says:


    Stop trying to campaign against Erin. It’s pathetic and transparent already. Go to bellazon.

  202. 202
    @199 Says:

    Mathew is married to a young woman (yes a model), and I don’t recall ever seen Camila having her butt grabbed by a guy on a red carpet.

  203. 203
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Leo Fan: he’ll keep her at a certain level…that is on call and not that important. Trust me, he always has. It won’t change. But maybe look for a change after Wolf of Wall Street when she realizes it.

  204. 204
    tinkerbell Says:

    @189: don’t even worry about the unmentionable. In fact, she hasnt had a post here in weeks…maybe she gave up finally and realized she wont get what she wants here.

    She’s gone, she’s done, etc. And there was a time that looked hopeless too, we thought we were stuck with her and then BAM ! all over. Right before 25. Funny thing that.

  205. 205
    @204 Says:

    Was she really on here campaigning for herself? How do you know?

  206. 206
    CanadaGirl Says:

  207. 207
    @206 Says:

    I really hope Django Unchained comes out before Christmas. Just doesn’t seem like a Christmas movie to me… I can’t wait that long!

  208. 208
    Mari Says:


    Thanks, CG. Leo is smoldering in that photo.

  209. 209
    spanishlover Says:

    you know most people would say that Leonardo is lucky because he wasn’t affected by Hollywood as a child and didn’t go down the route a la so many other child stars ie drugs and what not!! well i agree it might not have effected him that way….but i think it has in some way…i think of him as a restless soul….i cannot think of any other answer to the reason why he parties all the time at his age for almost 20 years….restless soul…and it shows!!!

  210. 210
    Leo Fan Says:

    According to US Weekly, Leo was spotted partying at the AV Nightclub in L.A……:)

  211. 211
    TM Says:

    June 27 is Tobey Maguire’s birthday. I am sure Leo went to celebrate with him and his family over the weekend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 37th, TOBEY!

  212. 212
    NY Post Says:

    Page Six has a Leo sighting today. Apparently he was at a play in Chelsea, NYC this Saturday night. The audience is supposed to wear it during the play and he continued wearing it later to party. Interestingly he was seen at Lure nightclub in LA on Saturday and he was seen leaving LAX earlier this week.

  213. 213
    Huh? Says:

    So on Saturday night he was on BOTH sides of the coast?
    Makes no sense

  214. 214
    I wonder... Says:

    I wonder sometimes if Page SIx’ sources are always reliable. Or they don’t report the accurate times and dates.

  215. 215
    NY Post Says:

    I`m wondering about the same thing. Saturday both in LA and in NYC? There was another club sighting from LA ( Us Weekly ) and he was seen leaving LA on Tuesday so how was he in NYC as well?
    Both sightings says Saturday. I think the one from LA was definitely last Saturday but with the post you never know… Also the audience at this play have to wear masks and allegedly Leo kept it on after the play. So who knows if it was really him?

  216. 216
    Leo Fan Says:

    NY Post-#215 – You are right. Page Six got their “sighting” and report wrong. For sure.

  217. 217
    @216 Says:

    I also think the NY Post sighting is not correct. He was definitely in LA and he was seen leaving LA on Tuesday. I wonder where he is now… No sightings or tweets ever since the LAX ones. Or where is Borington?

  218. 218
    NY Post Says:

    @I wonder…:

    NY Post is part of the DiCaprio pr machine.

  219. 219
    Philly Says:

    @NY Post:
    NY Post seems to be everyones PR Machine, from political figures to celebrities. Although the Post DID have a blind on Leo in 2008 calling him out for his non stop cheating on Barf.

  220. 220
    @Philly Says:

    I wonder when they are going to have a blind on him again for cheating on the new girl. It seems like another condensed version of Leo+Bar. We already read about pregnancy, marriage…etc. I doubt he is going to be any different with Borington.

  221. 221
    Page Six comment Says:

    I`ve just read the comments for the page six sighting from today. This is one of them.
    Kenyon Noble · Subscribe · Top Commenter · Assistant Director at Directors Guild of America
    Witty retort, but not true, I’ve worked with the guy before and if he’s gay..he doesn’t know it, because that dude CLEANS UP…him and Jeter hold the “king playa” belts at the moment

  222. 222
    why? Says:

    Why is he such a losa???

  223. 223
    be happy Says:

    I guess men want to be him and women want to be with him….it’s a tough life for Leo. :)

  224. 224
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Page Six comment: he’s right…oh leo you break my heart.

    Was in his neighborhood yesterday…battery park is a really nice area to live, there is Riverview Park and you can take the ferry now to Governor’s Island which s beautful. Very walkable, livable…dont know exactly where River House is but it is down there. Nice place to raise kids, actually! better than Tribeca which is overcrowded and boring.

    That bike route is part of the Riverview park built by Bloomberg, its really nce, been to a lot of nice events there… I know exactly where it is but, NO, I’m not showing up I’m just saying it was a good move. Tribeca got old. Remember seeing him and Bar cross Canal Street.

    go to LSA to see some interesting tea about the unmentionable…search Shayk….I think “fishina” might be Irina herself to for a lot of reasons I wont get into.

    I tried to post the text and got moderated up the wazoo….someone doesnt like tea being spilled about her.

  225. 225
    tinkerbell Says:

    basically that the UM is not well liked by other swimsuit models and that she ran after Adam Levine when he was still with Anne V….and that she was very nasty about Brooklyn Decker when she got the cover, and that Leo was effng two of her fellow SI swimsuit models.

  226. 226
    tinkerbell Says:

    new post by Fishina

    In 2009 Leo was seeing Anne Vyalitsyna (Anne V) both during and after he was dating Bar. That is why Bar went after Adam Levine who was seeing Anne V until this past April. Bar wanted to get back at her for sleeping with Leo. Leo was also sleeping with Julie Henderson in 2008 while he was in a relationship with Bar. In 2010 when Brooklyn got the cover of SI Swimsuit Bar was pissed, thinking that she should have been on the cover for the second straight year. She threatened not to show up at the launch party in NY (of course she showed) and threatened not to go to the party in Vegas (again an idle threat because she was in Vegas as well.)

  227. 227
    tinkerbell Says:

    well, can’t post that….. see for youself

    LSA has a huge WAGS (wives and girlfriends of Soccer players) thread. I mean it has like 2,000 posts, so Irina would know and she’s a swimsuit model and she would know about LSA. Just saying. Also Bar and Irina are having words…

  228. 228
    tinkerbell Says:

    fishina = Irina???

  229. 229
    tinkerbell Says:

    let the furor begin.

    Casting for Wolf of Wall Street extras tomorrow. Nah I aint going, but if you werent interested….they were filming down on Wall Street yesterday–could just be a commercial but maybe second unit stuff for Wolf….sigh I was thinking of TV/Film as a new career…BEHIND the scenes thank you…friends made a lot of dough doing it.

  230. 230
    @227 Says:

    @tinkerbell: listen c.u.n.t no one gives a fck about Bar. God you’re TRULY MENTAL!!!

  231. 231
    Philly Says:

    Julie Henderson??? LOL I though Leo liked women with big tatas.
    I now have even less respect for Bar that she could actually tolerate him doing that with colleagues in her own workplace.
    Ok July is coming up is Leo not going to Europe this year??????????

  232. 232
    lisa runnels Says:


  233. 233
    lisa runnels Says:


  234. 234
    Nessa Says:

    Ugh. Every time I hear a story like this I am so skeeved out by Leo. He is so dirty. Even if I had the chance, I just don’t think I could ever date/hook up with him. He has literally had s.x with every girl that he has ever wanted to. Like, his number of sexual partners would have to be thousands. That is so gross!!!

  235. 235
    be happy Says:

    Well, I made the mistake of going to that website and reading that nonsense. You guys are ruining the fantasy!! All I can say about Bar is, it’s tough to let go of a dream. She was dating one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. She is young and beautiful and should have no problem finding a suitable partner. Erin better suit up and get the body armor on, she’s gonna need it! Looks like Leo’s fans and the public at large can be ruthless.

  236. 236
    @be happy Says:

    Sadly most of the world is not as shallow as you. Being ‘young and beautiful’ is not enough for most men to want to put a ring on it, they have mistresses for that. There must be something off about Bar and reading that stuff about her treatment of Brooklyn Decker, if true, just confirmed her dreadful personality.

  237. 237
    Lips8it Alley Says:

    Anyone who believes those bunch of deluded ‘insiders’ – let’s see we’ve had Leo and his relationships with loves of his lives Rihanna, Naomi Campell, Michelle Obama kept secret to prevent being killed in Hollywood – is stupid stupid

  238. 238
    lipstickalley Says:

    @Lips8it Alley: most people at the alley don’t believe that Leo has a secret gf. With Leo what you see is what you get. There is no government conspiracy. We all don’t think
    alike over there. Shameonya. Most believe he’s shallow, into models, and pretty much a loser if you ask me. If you been around the alley long enough you would see many people get mock for making such ridiculous claims. LSA is a public forum, anyone can join….ANYONE…

  239. 239
    @235 Says:

    Ruthless? Rather realistic! Erin should have been smarter than starting with an infamous modelizer but I guess she is very into becoming famous no matter what! I bet it’s worth for her knowing she will end up just like the others! Instead we have the ‘he is the one’ stuff. Is she for real? She needs a body armor for sure because she is like asking for this! A womanizer who is well known for his ways and she is still up for it! Don’t make her a victim! She couldn’t be further from that!!!!!

  240. 240
    @239 Says:

    She should be smarter, but least she’s young. What is his excuse? I don’t believe Lipshite Alley, but there’s plenty of evidence that he is a user and abuser of young girls. He needs to stop taking advantage of the youngsters.

  241. 241
    @240 Says:

    And when did I say he is perfect? Never. She was 22 when she started dating him and that`s not that young. Also she spent years in the fashion industry and no matter how young you are you should know when you start with a `user`. Her age is not an excuse. She wanted a famous boyfriend and she was up for this regardless of his reputation. I was talking about Erin and not about Leo. Leo is a user, someone who never grew up and clearly he takes advantage of these young fame hungry models. No disagreement there. No excuse for him. He is immature and spoiled but sorry I don`t think we should victimize someone who is ready to play along.

  242. 242
    @236 Says:

    What I meant by that was, she has time to find a suitable partner, because of the stage she is at in her life. She’s in her mid-20s, has a lot going for her and is in the prime of her life for finding a mate. If you think being complimentary is shallow, that’s your opinion. I don’t know her personally so I cannot comment on her personality and I don’t really follow her in the media either….so I don’t have an opinion about her one way or the other.

    As for Erin, everyone seems to think she is pursuing this for her own selfish needs. The thing is she actually has an opportunity to get to know him as a person and can make a decision for herself based on that. Not based on perceptions and claims of total strangers who don’t even know him.

  243. 243
    @242 Says:

    And you just keep idolizibg both of them for what? Especially Erin? What makes her so special ( besides Leo )? Nothing! It seems like you are living in some sort of dream land. This is show business and a game for him! For her it’s career! It’s not a coincidence that stories like ‘he is the one’ are already out there! I think you are fooled by her/them! lol

  244. 244
    Solange Says:

    No news? Is he still in L.A.? Or is he back filming in NOLA? Or he’s trying to find out what to do with Erin Bubley following him on his heels? No one knows?

  245. 245
    @243 Says:

    I believe Leo has a gift and talent for acting and am an admirer of his and his films. As for Erin, I don’t feel the need to bash a woman because she is dating a famous movie star. She is a beautiful young lady with a successful career and good for her. If that makes me a fool, then so be it. :)

  246. 246
    @245 Says:


    To be more exact it makes you an old plain jane, just like erin.

  247. 247
    Solange Says:

    Erin Bubley promoting the wonder of what a padded pushup bra can do for you….. from this:

  248. 248
    Solange Says:

    …to this:

    So we know what she looks like when she takes off her VS bra at night….LOL!

  249. 249
    @Solange Says:

    Why are you obsessed with Erin? She’s not even pictured in the post, but you’re looking for anything and everything on her. Go find a date

  250. 250
    @245 Says:

    A dream couple! An aging womanizer ( = famous movi star ) and an up-and-coming model who wants to be famous ( = young lady with a successful career ). If you know Leo and I believe you do you know what kind of a boyfriend he is. But hey, it’s your business but don’t make a victim out of Miss Boring!

  251. 251
    @244 Says:

    He’s probably in an exotic location somewhere sipping mai tais and canoodling with his cute gf. He’s probably not sitting in front of a computer posting snarky comments on a gossip website. :)

  252. 252
    ^^^^ Says:

    Possible! In that case she should enjoy it while it lasts!

  253. 253
    Sossie Says:

    She really does have unfortunate breasts. It’s not the small size, but the saggy shape and wrinkled nips. How does that happen at her age? I don’t blame her for getting implants. There’s no way Leo would like her original boobs.

  254. 254
    @253 Says:


    How about the way they like his original tool?Or because he is famous it doesn’t matter for their health?

  255. 255
    ??? Says:

    @@243: Dont worry about the cynical, bitter and twisted old biddies here! I’m with you girl :)

  256. 256
    ke$ha Says:

    @???: first off she’s not that cute, secondly its not cynicism when you’re talking the truth. She’s going to get dumped and everyone knows it, even YOU. Its only a matter of a concept that you might have heard of called TIME and I think her TIME will be this year. Nothing last forever especially when you have Leo as a bf. Haters will win this one sadly again, but we are tired of being “right,” and rubbing it in the lover’s faces. Speaking as a hater I want a chance to love too but the girl has to be right. I have hope despite what I see.

  257. 257
    @255 Says:

    Awww, thanks girl! I don’t get it, but it’s like they have an agenda to hound Leo, anyone that associates with Leo or any of his fans. It just exudes bitter hatred and jealousy.

    “Anger and jealousy can no more bear to lose sight of their objects than love.” ~George Eliot

  258. 258
    Leo Fan Says:

    Leo was in Miami filming….

  259. 259
    @257 Says:

    Whatever helps you through the day! Jealous if what or who? Hatred? No, it’s seeing the obvious!
    @leo fan: I thought he was in Puerto Rico where a movie is filming that his company is producing. What was he filming in Miami and how do you know he was there?

  260. 260
    Huh? Says:

    How is it obvious when it is ONLY our interpretation? Do we know the man personally? And if its not jealousy or hatred why repeating the same attacks on Leo or (insert g-friend name) over and over again? Why not move on to admire/hound some other celebrity?

  261. 261
    @260 Says:

    Maybe because his love life is the same for a long time? His girlfriends seem to be identical so what`s really different? And that`s what I meant under obvious. That it`s the same type of woman, same age group, same job, same everything. You are absolutely correct that we don`t know him – no argument there but his pattern is undeniable. Maybe that`s why the opinion about him and his gf hasn`t changed and not because of jealousy. JMO.

  262. 262
    @261 Says:

    So what? He likes underwear models. No one here is denying that. We are talking about the people on the thread who attack anyone that post pretty much anything positive about Leo or his life. We are not talking about the people who are expressing opinions. There is a difference.

  263. 263
    @261 Says:

    Honestly it doesn`t matter what you think about Leo or his life you get attacked. Not just the ones who have positive things to say. You make it sound like that those who say positive things are expressing opinion and those who don`t see him all perfect only attack.

  264. 264
    Stop Slamming on Erin Says:

    People seem to be obsessed over Erin, because they probably work for JJ, Leo, or Bar. You can see who is posting the same anti-Erin messages over and over under different names. They are Bar+Leo=MarriageandBabies obsessed.

    It’s an unfair game on here for Erin. Someone (by_princess?) said on Bellazon that maybe Leo will just runaway with Oxford25 (pfffHaHa@the moniker|). I see a May 31, 2011 join date. Who is Oxford (LMAO). Read the last 4 or 5 pages of Bellazon. Read it well!

    What is Leo thinking with all this ****?

  265. 265
    Bellazon Lobotomy Says:

    @Stop Slamming on Erin:

    Obsessed female fan from oxford is a good match for uneducated selfish modelizer.

  266. 266
    @264 Says:

    Seriously very wrong.
    You’re seeing / projecting things/situations that don’t exist
    But on #265 you are correct it is that usual demented Bar freak

  267. 267
    @264 Says:

    The only obsessed person here is you. The pot calling the kettle black! Bar, Bar, Bar …. She is behind every comment and everything bad on the planet! If the anti-Erin comments come from people who work for JJ, Leo or Bar then you must work for Erin and that’s why you leave pro-Erin comments. How is that about a theory? It’s based on your logic!
    About BZ! Are you for real??????

  268. 268
    @264 Says:

    @Stop Slamming on Erin:

    Why waste my time reading BZ???

  269. 269
    Nice Girls Says:

    This is very sweet. From Bellazon.

    “Apparently (Erin’s twitter), Leo’s gf is going to be God Mother to her baby Dixie? Erin gave the baby some of Jen Maguire’s jewelry:

    Lily Aldridge‏@LilyAldridge
    I just got my @JenMeyerMaguire “D” necklace!!!! Its so beautiful I love it!!! I’m so proud to wear it! Thank you @ErinHeatherton! “

  270. 270
    Erin & Leo Summer Vaca? Says:

    Nice article on Leo’s GF, Erin, from The Sun:

    “ERIN Heatherton’s boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio must be dying to take her on a summer holiday when she looks this good in a bikini.”

    the article is entitled: Leo’s lady Erin Heatherton is a beach babe

    Love this couple!

  271. 271
    LOVE Erin Says:

    Hope Leo is not cheating on Erin??? I don’t even know Erin. How come people who like her are picked on? It’s like they are trying to bring the conversation back to the unmentionable.What gives? Take it easy.

  272. 272
    Solange Says:

    @269, 270 and 271 (all the same Bellazony freak): Your Erin Bubley is very boring to look at and she is desperate to have Leo’s attention. How can you qualify these two as “a couple”? Are they living together? Do they share the same house, appartment? Besides, does a sl*t acting like this is really considered being in a couple with anyone?

  273. 273
    @272 Says:

    Yeah, it’s strawberry from bellazon. It’s boring I er there and that’s when they come here and post stuff like that article that has no info them whatsoever. Just recycled and boring Erin photos.

    @271: It’s you who mentioned her again so why don’t you take it easy.

  274. 274
    Solange Says:

    So strawberry is the name…thanks I take note. I can’t believe how these idiot losers insist on wanting to see Leo date the most boring model alive who promotes padded bras and only knows one single pose. THey do see Leo as a pathetic modelizer, for sure.

  275. 275
    @Solange Says:

    And here you are again. An equally idiotic loser obsessed with Erin when she’s not even featured in this post. Not everyone who calls you out on your nonsensical bitchy tirades is from BZ.
    There is no Leo news so you drag out upteenth boring pictures of Erin that have already been shown, to leer and sneer at.
    I suspect you are a jilted Leo one night stan or a bitter Bar freak. They are the ones who have NEVER recovered from Leo dumping their draft dodger and leaving her catalogue non Vogue career on the D list. Her ****** porn videos to sell her underwear line not withstanding.

  276. 276
    tinkerbell Says:

    OK, you can all jump on me if you want, but I am going out of town so wont be around for a few days….

    1. We havent had an unmentionable post for like three weeks…what happened? Did she and JJ fall out? And we’re being heavily moderated-I couldnt post the tea from LSA.

    2. Leo is treating Erin like a booty call. I am sorry, but the booty is always the last to know.

    3. Read some of the stuff on TomKat. Apparently Scientology picked her out for him….they tried with various people and then the leader of Scientology picked out Katie…its soooooooooo weird. Scientology might have started out as innocent quacks but now they are full time evil…frightening…******** with lives.. Read it at LSA from an Incog or in the NY Post…pretty much the same thing. Mind bending.

  277. 277
    tinkerbell Says:

    I actually just had a brilliant idea!

    What BR needs is…..Tom Cruise! He’s A-list, he will be looking for a beard, and he needs a girl who will sign multiple non-disclosures. Bar cant get a date with anybody her own age or anybody else, so Tommy boy should be next ! And whenever they have a fight there are plenty of gay rumors to regurgitate….

    The NY Post has a front page article about how Scientology helped Tom pick out a compliant young girl who looked good on his arm…
    it all sounds TOOO familiar.

    Whether Leo’s girls are full on contracts or not, I don’t know, but it sounds so familiar…find a girl who is young and manipulable and wants a leg up in the industry and offer her a contract…..

    Katie has been seen with savage bruises all over her body….the pix are on LSA….damn, she was abused physically as well. Some **** is really going to hit the fan.

    Interesting that Ted Casablanca and other gossip sites have been proved right about both Travolta and TomKat….I think Ted was saying Katie had quietly separated months ago…(someone was)

    Katie is getting followed in NYC, I feel like walking up to her with a Louisville Slugger and say don’t worry hon, I’ll take care of it. Or you get a can of Raid and a bic lighter…”GHETTO FLAME THROWER”—
    she needs to get armed security stat—scientology has knocked people off before..

    Also I think JJ and Bar fell out, that is why when you search “Refaeli” you get a big, ugly picture of Sarah Jessica Parker whom we always said looked like Bar.

    “Cause I’m a bad girl….”

  278. 278
    tinkerbell Says:

    a tweet puts leo at big island in HI, I so hope this isnt a bikini op for you know who but that is what it sounds like. Tune into tomorrow.


  279. 279
    Erin Fan Says:

    It is sad she doesn’t tweet while in the presence of her on-an-off famous boyfriend. She only lets the others post tweetpics for her. She used to be very open to show her affection to Andrea in the past.

    I feel sorry for girlfriends who are ordered to shut up or hide when they decide to date a celebrity. I wonder why she accepts this type of behavior.

  280. 280
    #278 & #279 Says:

    Looks like they are in Hawaii. I’ll say this she seems to have been accepted by his closest friends i.e Tobey M and family

    @Erin Fan
    You’re a very strange ‘Erin fan’ (which I don’t believe you are). She was probably open with her other boyfriend cos he was not famous and no one cared about pictures of them making out or not. It does not mean she accepts anything now.
    For all we know she was the same with him unless somepone can post a picture of she and he making out i front of the cameras.
    Of course if there are pics of she and Leo making out y’all would scream PR!!!!!!!
    Sheesh, I believe this thing betwen them is NOT serious but it does not make me blind, hateful or illogical

  281. 281
    Well Says:

    @280 – Since they first started to date (well after she pursued him for weeks in Sydney), she was already tweeted pictures of her with Leo’s friends and their girlfiends and wives. So it’s not new. The only time we did not see pictures was during the time of their break-up from end of March to end of May.
    @279 – Erin Fan – She accepts it because it suits her. All Leo’s girlfriends were ordered to shut up. They all agreed till they got too sick of it. But obviously, till now and since the on-off relationship is still new, she finds it’s worth it. BTW, I didn’t know she was with Sabrier during 2 years.

  282. 282
    Solange Says:

    Erin Bubley seems to have a lot of free time in her life. The only job she has for now is VS. So till her next appearance to blow kisses and promote cheap perfume or waving bras in high heels with her squeezed almost non-existent boobs in a tight padded bra, she is more than free and willing to follow her famous boyfriend taking a small vacay with his buddies and wives. She has posted pics of her before with Lukas H., Nikki Erwin, Kevin C. All these guys are Leo’s friends so yes, they will “accept” whoever dates Leo. They were taken in pictures before with Leo’s previous gfs. And they’ll be taken in pictures and travel with his future blonde models in the future as well.LOL. Same pattern, remember?

  283. 283
    Erin Fan Says:

    To Solange: I wish she’d have more contracts than VS. :) She used to do so many interesting editorials.

  284. 284
    @281 Says:

    Of course “she pursued him”, you know this for a fact. Stupid bitter Bar freaks pretending they know intimate details of Leo’s life. Erin’s doing no different to the D list playboy model who followed Leo like a puppy around the US even though most of her trashy strip work was in Europe/Israel and Leo never bothered to follow/support her.

  285. 285
    Hawaii Says:

    @Erin Fan:


  286. 286
    Hawaii Says:


    Hahaha.Bubley still doesn’t know that she is a booty call?Can’t believe it.

  287. 287
    ^^^^ Says:

    @284: When are you going to give up on this `bitter Bar freak` theme? It`s boring and stupid at the same time! Get over Bar already! `you know this for a fact`. Like you know for a fact that Bar fans are posting here.
    @280: I don`t think it`s about his friends accepting his current toy. It`s about his friends knowing Leo for a long time and accepting his lifestyle = playing with young girls, keeping them young, no commitment just fun. I guess they do the best in the situation. It seems like Jen and the other ( very not sympathetic blonde ) woman like her so it worked out well. It seems like most of his friends are married or in relationship and this way he `fits` on a trip like this. Haven`t we seen this before?
    @Erin fan: It does seem like she has nothing other than VS going on for her. Even after dating Leo for like 6 months. She gets more attention from the media and VS but nothing more? If she had better jobs in the past but not now ( even with a famous boyfriend ) means ( to me at least ) that she is really not that good of a model. She got the chance to be more with those high fashion jobs but she couldn`t ace it…

  288. 288
    Hmmm Says:

    @281 – Not that I want to defend Bar…. but Leo did bother to follow and support Bar. At least 3 times. He brought his mom and Oma to Barcelona in June 2006 to attend Bar’s Pronovia fashion show (Hello magazine confirmed he was in attendance with the ladies). We had pictures to prove they visited the city together after. And later that year while Bar had an editorial shoot for Report Signature in Greece, Leo brought along his dad and step-mother to Santorini meeting Bar’s family who came also to Greece for that matter.
    Leo was also spotted in Slovenia in May 2009(?) when Bar was filming a commercial for Garnier. There are probably some other occasions where Leo accompanied and supported Bar. They were probably not mentioned.

  289. 289
    Hmmm Says:

    I meant to address my comments to #286.

  290. 290
    Hawaii Says:

    I can’t believe he left 2 pretty cute models for being with bubley in the end. God has a sense of humour, for sure.

  291. 291
    ^^^^ Says:

    @Hawaii: `in the end`? Do you think Erin is `the end` for Leo? You are funny! Who are the 2 pretty cute models you referred to? If it`s Gisele and Bar they left him so he ended up with the last pick of the litter again.

  292. 292
    Hawaii Says:


    He allowed them to left him. Heatherton is not the end for him – she is just the beginning of the very quick end.

  293. 293
    Yeah right 288 Says:

    .Hmmmm indeed, you forgot to mention that this was all when Leo was filming BD 2006 in Africa and made regular stops in nearer Europe ( Paris, Greece, Italy, Portugal) when filming was on a break rather than go back to the US.
    By 2007 that pretty much stopped and he was chasing other girls like Julie Henderson
    He was never spotted in Slovenia the back lof of posts here on JJ showed that to be BS, (probably from camp Tzipi) he was in Louisiana at the time, especially considering we all know he dumped her in 2009, before she came begging back. So why would he bother?

  294. 294
    God Mother Says:

    @Nice Girls:

    God mother?They are crazy (I mean also Toby M+family) or what?!

  295. 295
    @287 Says:

    Pls shut the fcku up. I wrote that it was my belief while your fellow idiot stated Erin pursued Leo as a fact.
    And considering we now appear to have oompa loompas on here now trying to rewrite his history with Bar, I don’t think I’m off course at all. So **** off with telling me what to write as s ho le

  296. 296
    ^^^^ Says:

    Oh, why don`t you sh*t the f*ck up with your beliefs? Just for you information it didn`t read like it`s was your `belief` and she didn`t say it was a fact. People here post opinion and belief not facts. But IN MY OPINION you are obsessed with Bar and you see her fans behind every comment which I THINK is ridiculous. Also I never told you what to write so take it easy and get over yourself!

  297. 297
    ((())) Says:

    @#294 – LOL, LOL, LOL!!!! What a classy picture and a good choice for a God mother! I wonder what happened to Leo’s judgment.

  298. 298
    Apocalypse Now Says:

    @God Mother:

    Yeah, this one is not only an Angel but also the God Mother.

  299. 299
    @291 Says:

    No Gisele and Bar did not leave him.
    He and Gisele mutually broke it off in 2005
    He broke it off for good with Bar in 2011.

  300. 300
    @296 Says:

    And to my knowledge you are not the fckuing post monitor. If I want to call out you the Bar fans here for their BS /lies I will do so. The laughable claim that Bar the desperado dumped him ( sticking around in a 5 year open relationship hoping to get knocked up and a green card yeah she dumped him all right lol lol ) or that Leo followed her everywhere I will do so. And no amount of your rants is ever going to stop me mother kisser.

  301. 301
    @300 Says:

    Call out whoever you want but if you don’t want people to respond or comment on your posts you shouldn’t write them. Feel free to call out whoever you want to I never said don’t do it. But prepared that people just might do the same to you. That’s how these forums work! :)

  302. 302
    Sorry but... Says:

    @#299… I don’t think the breakup with Gisele was that easy in 2005. She started to see Kelly Slater in July 2005. People from Germany tweeted sightings and pictures of her with him in Bali. Leo was filming The Departed at the time. She cheated and even Ted Casablanca admitted in November 2005 that the reason why they broke up was because of a third party. Leo met Bar in November of that year. And Gisele was seeing Slater openly.
    And Bar did leave Leo in April/May after she realized he was pursuing Blake Lively. She sure did the right thing but where did it lead him? He got dumped by Blake who prefered Ryan Reynolds. He dated for a short while that Romanian model for weeks and ended up with the most available and easiest catch (lay) of the fashion world, Erin Bubley.

  303. 303
    ^^^^^ Says:

    I definitely don’t think the breakup with Gisele was mutual. As far as I know she left him. I assume Bar did as well just like Lively.

  304. 304
    Anyway Says:


    Anyway these models were dating him for boosting their careers not because of great love.

  305. 305
    Anyway Says:

    They are all fakes, including Leo.

  306. 306
    ^^^^^ Says:

    @anyway: True. The only exception I make is Gisele. I think she loved him regardless of her career. I’m not a big Gisele fan but Leo looked genuinely happy with her.

  307. 307
    @302 Says:

    Gisele was openly seeing Kelly Slater because she hoped to use him as a pawn to get Leo to propose to her. It failed. They were not over each other and July-August 2006 Gisele was spotted out and about with both Leo on her b-day and his mom regularly. The word is they had one last low key fling b4 she met Brady 3 months later.

    Leo and Bar ended before April 2006. They were spotted in Paris and people assumed they were there 2gether but Leo was filming the Chinese phone commercial and I think Bar was shooting for Bel Air. The reason I don’t buy that she left is because, he had already broken up with her several times during their relaysh and as even Ted C admits cheated on her non stop and she STILL did not leave then. Secondly, she seemed to drag out their non togetherness for a long time right up till the Met Gala with her agent telling the NY Post that they were ‘trying to work things out’ which was a lie. Leo had moved on and was not trying to work anything out but let her down easy.

  308. 308
    Philly Says:

    Thanks for that and if I memory serves that’s what Tinkerbell & Canada Girl wrote that’s how I remember it to.
    But who knows? Tinkerbell where are ya?

  309. 309
    IMO Says:

    Direct quotes
    “Bar really loved Leo, she was not happy about this break up. Leo brought her a lot of restlessness and she has found completeness in his decision”. – May 22 2011
    “I have had my heart broken. I have faced disappointment”. Bundchen does not mention Dicaprio by name but it is easy to infer the pain – . GQ December 2006

    Does not sound like he got dumped to me but we all have our opinions.

  310. 310
    @#307 Says:

    Leo and Bar were spotted together at JFK airport in April 2011. They were coming from Paris. Pictures exist to prove it. She wasn’t shooting for Bel Air in Paris, she was accompanying him. But I guess she realized he was bored and was flirting (like he always does with other models) so she decided to put an end to this relationship that was going nowhere. He agreed and he was totally free to pursue Miss Lively.

  311. 311
    @310 Says:

    That`s exactly how I recall it. They weren`t seen together in Paris but they arrived back to NYC together. This is the first time I hear this `they weren`t together in Paris` theory. Everyone has an opinion about it and I think Leo gets very comfortable in a relationship and he likes it going his way. As long as the girl plays along he is fine. If they are not happy they walk away. That`s how I see it. I do think Gisele gave up on him and moved on. I also don`t think they had a `fling` after the break up. I guess different people have different theories….

  312. 312
    @310 Says:

    Erm did I not explicitly write that they were spotted in Paris. Problem is they were only spotted at the airport, though Leo less so. They were never actually spotted together in the city Paris. You can take that to mean they were together I dont’t.
    Then Leo was in Washington for the Branson seminar, then at Coachella with Lukas, then to a Bachelors party with Bradley Cooper where he got the infamous chair dance. All the while Bar was travelling btw NYC and Israel. This was in April and before the announcement of any break up, but shows to me it had already ended, and the Paris trip was a likely a last grasp by her.
    @309 – I agree with you

  313. 313
    Philly Says:

    She let him? He agreed? LOL
    Oh the benevolence of Ms Rafaeli. I suppose it was only right as she was also generous enough to let him pursue, Julie Henderson, Anna V, Jessica Wallace and countless co-eds in nightclubs during their
    ‘relationship’. As even a celeb ass k isser like Perez Hilton knew

  314. 314
    @312 Says:

    I think you are just twisting this Paris thing to your taste but don`t we all do that? Leo was seen on the Big Island of Hawaii ( tweet ) and his friends posted photos of Borington being there with Jen Meyer and that other blonde friend of Leo`s. They weren`t seen together on Hawaii so you think they are there separately? Same situation. Both were spotted on Hawaii but not together. So you think they are not there together?

  315. 315
    @314 Says:

    To my taste?
    There were no pictures of Leo/Bar together in the city of Paris kinda unusual as in the past there were either biking pics or dinner pics. Her being there with I think her brother /assistant after months of Leo behaving like a single man in the months of March and April before, and hiding like a criminal (Leo) in the airport pics does not suggest togetherness or even the remotest possibility of two people together rather one party’s last ditch effort.
    The comparison to Erin pics is stupid. We would never have even known Leo /Erin were in Hawaii but for the tweets in the first place.
    I believe Leo being OK with the Emily gal publically tweeting that pic of she, Erin and Jen Meyer says it all. As was the case of the pap pics of them together in Sydney and tweet pics in the Bahamas with Chuck and Nicki.
    If you see that as the same situation we deffo have different tastes/memories and its going to stay that way.

  316. 316
    @315 Says:

    Exactly the same situation. No photos together so they are not together. Your logic. You do twist it to your taste and you ignore the fact that they got to NYC together from Paris. It’s not unusual not to see photos of them together and Leo was working in Paris. You see what you wanna see. You are never going to convince me. The photos were not lying. It’s obvious that their relationship was coming to an end but it won’t change the fact that they were together in Paris. What’s the big deal about it anyway?

  317. 317
    @316 Says:

    And you see what you wanna see. It’s not the same situation. They arriving on the same one flight from Paris-NYC, could very well have been a coincidence, and coming after months of Leo brazenly and publically behaving like a single man in the US, indicates to me a relationship that had long ended.
    Its not a big deal. I’m not trying to convince you. And you are never going to change my mind either.

  318. 318
    @315 Says:

    It’s not about Leo agreeing with the tweet photos. It’s about the fact that you didn’t see photos of Leo with Bar in Paris so you don’t believe they were together. Same situation on Hawaii. Have you seen anything that would suggest that they are together? Don’t complicate it with other tweet photos and stuff like that.
    I don’t like Bar more than you do but I do believe they were together in Paris just like I believe he is with erin on Hawaii right now

  319. 319
    @316 Says:

    Coincidence? You mean two people who were dating for years being in the same city at the same time then arriving to another city on the same flight is just a coincidence? Also Leo acting like a single man while in a relationship is nothing unusual. Leaving his gf in Mexico to go to Miami to party with all types of models? Partying ( in LA ) when she is not around are typical Leo things.

  320. 320
    .... Says:


    omg…there is a lot of models…why bibley…the most shameless, bitchy unattractive model ever…Pure hell..

  321. 321
    @320 Says:

    Do you think a better one would go out with him? With his reputation?

  322. 322
    @319 Says:

    Could have been manipulation on her part rather then coincidence?
    Even more so despite Leo partying with other models and hanging around other women post the Met Gala while she was in the city, and Refaeli’s agent telling the NY Post that “they were still trying to work thing out” proves to me that she did definitely did not want to let go but Leo forced it.

  323. 323
    .... Says:

    I don’t think so…but erin hell really seems to be here/there to promote the Hell using his fame.

  324. 324
    Solange Says:

    FYI, Leo has always blazengly and publically behaved like single man. No matter if he is dating someone or not. Just days ago, he was partying with his pals in L.A. He’s been seen partying in Miami, Sydney, New York… name it (most of the time he was rumored to date Blake, or Bubley).
    So I’m not sure exactly when the relationship between Bar and Leo ended, but in January 2011 they were seen very much together in Hawaii with Tobey, his wife, Cameron Diaz and other friends. In February 2011, Bar was still seen shopping in LA with her friend Emily. But you know, it doesn’t matter if we try to convince one another about the dates, the facts, the breakups. THe point is that all these girls need to deal with an immature narcissist modelizer. And at 22-23 they are still too young to realize it, but when they get near 25-26, they are bored of his behavior and he is bored with them as well.

  325. 325
    @Solange Says:

    Intersting you mention his partying and throw Blake and Bubley but not your heroine Bar’s name in the mix. I guess Leo kicking her to the curb like Warren Beatty did to mommy before she could get her green card still stings.
    I knew you were a Barfbot with your regular dissing of Erin. As post 313 showed the relationship was a joke from 2008 and earlier in LA and NYC and only Barf’s internet fans like you think otherwise. Her being seen on holiday with him does not mean ish to what he did when she was carted back to Israel and he was doing who and whatever he pleased. He still took her on holidays when he was banging her fellow SI models and after she crawled back to him in 2009 he still behaved like a single man, as she clung on, repeating how she wanted to have 2 kids before she was 30 and her idiot fans claiming she was preganat with Leo’s baby. LOL

  326. 326
    @322 Says:

    Well, that’s your opinion. First you said it was a coincidence and now it’s manipulation. What’s next? They never dated?
    @Solange: Well said. Finally some sense…

  327. 327
    @320 Says:

    @@319: it seems impossible but he has a big challenge now finding someone with less class than her

  328. 328
    @326 Says:

    I never said it was coincidence I gave you leeway in my reply by saying ‘it could very well have been’ a coincidence’. But my wording and what I said after would suggest to the literate that I believed it to be nothing of the kind and more a deliberate manoevure by Bar.
    @325 I agree wholeheartedly with you and Philly. Well remembered

  329. 329
    @328 Says:

    Oh, to the literate… Too bad that your logic doesn’t make sense to anyone! Literate or not! Even the idea or slight possibility of the Paris trip being a coincidence doesn’t make sense!

  330. 330
    @329 Says:

    ‘the idea or slight possibility’ not making sense to you or Solange does not mean it does not make sense to everyone. But keep huffing and puffing

  331. 331
    @330 Says:

    Come on! Does it make sense to you? Really? Me and Solange only according to you!

  332. 332
    .... Says:


    Yeah this fact probably will give him strength to make her the Mother Wife…Erin Hell, the Angel, the God Mother, and finally just Mother….pure hell..

  333. 333
    Solange Says:

    Of course he was partying with models while dating Bar. I didn’t say he wasn’t.

  334. 334
    Svelt Says:

    I think Gisele really loved him but couldn’t deal with his cheating. That’s probably why he moved on to Bar. She was younger, raised to be a rich man’s plaything and had little career prospects outside of Israel. She looked the other way while he cheated in exchange for trips, gifts and status. Now she doesn’t date and ******* about unnamed ex’s. Erin is young, her career isn’t going anywhere and staying model thin is very difficult for her. She seems like perfect girlfriend material for Leo.

  335. 335
    @334 Says:

    If that’s all he wants in a woman, being young, thin and a model she is perfect for him. If he doesn’t want commitment and just have fun without a serious relationship she is perfect for him. It’s sad to realize that’s all he needs. Erin is nothing more than a play thing, an arm candy. Just like Bar was. None is better than the other….

  336. 336
    Linsay E is the best Says:

    cheap **** in sweet cover!

  337. 337
    YX Says:


    Less class than her…How about this one for uncle leo (next summer)?

  338. 338
    Leo Fan Says:

    Unlike you, I don’t think she is anything near a “candy”. She’s opportunist, very boring, and probably the least attractive girl he has ever dated (including Kristen). Yes, he has the reputation of being a modelizer, we all know that, his friends, relatives all know that. But still, I believe he can do better.

  339. 339
    DejaNu Says:


    It seems to me that erih is the best low class model ever.
    So no way for this model to be with this uncle next summer.

  340. 340
    Tobey M. follower Says:

    FYI, and for the ones registered to Press Agency, there are 7 recent pictures appearing of Tobey on a beach surrounded with friends. It doesn’t say they’re from Hawaii, though. It looks more from L.A. SO if anyone can understand German and can open the pictures, please let us know who are on the pictures with Tobey.

  341. 341
    Tobey M. follower Says:

    You can also see them on NEWSCOM publishers. The pictures were taken yesterday, July 1st in Malibu. We don’t see all his friends.

  342. 342
    ((())) Says:

    @Hmmm(#288): You forgot to add that Leo took also the time to visit Bar in Syracuse in 2007 when she was working on a movie. He went all by himself, no family, no friends. He just wanted to be with her and took a break from the Revolutionary Road filming.
    Does any of you remember how exciting it was for that waitress?

  343. 343
    Elena Says:

    @Leo Fan: Agreed, she is incredibly blah, although there aren’t many models nowadays who are as stunning as girls like Claudia Schiffer or Tyra Banks. The saddest thing about Leo’s modelizing ways is that he clearly doesn’t care if the girl is beautiful, he just wants the “prestige” of dating a model. Like, if he saw a tall stunning blonde walking down the street he wouldn’t date her, he’d still choose a completely ordinary looking girl simply because she was a model.

  344. 344
    @342 Says:

    Because going to Syracuse in NY is not that big a deal for an American resident. It would have bee more noticable if he had to visited her in Israel at least once a year as a bigger sign of devotion. Paps or no paps. He probably banged the waitress and paid her not to talk lol. Leo also went to Brazil at least 6 times for Gisele. More importantly when Bar’s Sessions movie showed at the NY festival in 2010 Leo showed how much he cared by snubbing the event. Even more at the UN delegation event 2 weeks later and with NO cameras allowed, he chose to take his mother and leave Bar in the dust even though she was in the states. But by then he had dumped her more times than he could probably count

  345. 345
    Geez Says:

    This is a Leo, and possibly Erin post. Are the Bar fans so pathetic that they are reminiscing on a relationship Leo tossed aside over a year ago

  346. 346
    @Geez Says:

    No this is not an Erin Bubley post. This is a Leo topic.

  347. 347
    Leo Fan Says:

    6 times in Brazil for Gisele???? LOL! Get out of here! I don’t even think he went twice. I have followed him through the years and took note of lots of stuff and events. If he’s been more than twice, PLEASE SHOW ME THE LINKS AND PHOTOS where it proves he went to Brazil many times. I am not saying he never went… but 6 times? No way, girl. No way.

    I do not prefer Bar to any of his girls (except for Bubley), but I believe Bar was priviledged when it came to important and meaningful events. He had her for the Obama Inauguration in Washington and she was with him at the Berlin Peace FIlm Festival with Irmelin. He was with Bar when they celebrated his birthday in a very glamorous and unique way in Cairo. She met Scorsese, traveled with Leo in Italy, Iceland, Greece, Galapagos….. I took note of all this, and yes, she was the most priviledged of all. The luckiest probably.

  348. 348
    @347 Says:

    LOL Barf fan. I have followed Leo since basketball diaries and the days of Kristen Zang
    Only a Barf fan will describe a Berlin festival (where they did not walk the red carpet) as a world event. Some of us might say the Oscars which is world renowned and the pinnacle of Leo’s profession where he took Gisele as more meaningful but not in Barf land. I mean for example, when he took Gisele and her family to the Himalayas for a govt changing policy to save the natives that was not important at all.
    And Gisele still hanging out with Iremlin in 06,08,09 (google the pics) does not show how imprtant she was to her ex’s family event hough he had another girlfriend. Sure
    Him taking Bar around Europe does not suggest ish considering in the 6 months with Erin he he has squired her to Sydney, Xmas skiing, the Bahamas and now Hawaii.These are places Leo takes his pieces it is not suggestive that they are important or special they are simply available.
    True Bar would never have met Scorcese, Armani, Cavalli without Leo. But is it not interesting that even with their friendship with Leo they still did not give her a campaign?
    Lol celebrating his birthday in a unique way?????????? Your’e right Leo never celebrated his birthday till he met Bar. Not in Europe, not in South East Asia. Nowehere. Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend took his vessel to the Middle East for holiday invited Leo and Bar tagged along. Of course the Refaeli family started the BS engagement rumors again. He was always going to Cairo with or without Bar. And when the celebrations were over he was back at Teddy’s in LA with his other girlfriends while Bar was in Israel.
    Bar was privileged.;jsessionid=2079D3708F00D20A07590EB945288A9D
    Privileged enough to not get an STD while her boyfriend cheated on her left and right before finally dumping her even though Mama Tzipi was telling all it was marriage time LOL.

  349. 349
    @Tinkerbell Says:

    As the longest gossip resident here, I can’t wait to you read and take apart all the crap the Refaeli rats are writing/claiming

  350. 350
    What? Says:

    Clearly this guy’s personal life is a mess no matter what girl he dates so stop blaming his girlfriends.

  351. 351
    Geez Says:

    Too true. I don’t wish to derail the thread but you forgot to add that Bar was available to tag along with Leo to all these places because unlike the Vogue Covering richest supermodel Gisele, she did not have much of a career. That’s all I’ll add. Thanks for the Tobey M links #340, but sorry I can’t speak German

  352. 352
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@Tinkerbell: There isnt much to say that hasn’t been said.

    It was a dysfunctional relationship, driven by Bar and Mom’s neurotic need for her to be a”supermodel” when she just didnt have the goods herself to do it. They were a lot more arrogant then, have toned down significantly and are not so obvious or more undercover now. They even claim to be me once in a while.

    A codependent, aka “bad” relationship is where neither party gets what they want but are driven desperately over and over again to try. THere is an endless cycle of break-up make-ups, and the fact is that the relationship is itself an addiction.

    Bar stuck like glue for years because unlike a lot of her other model pals she couldnt transfer into acting (because she was exceptionally bad at it) and also couldnt do anything else without him.

    As for going to Berlin, that was a minor event not even televised in the US that no one has ever heard of, and yeah, she did go a lot of places with him and had some fun, but also a lot of misery from what we hear. If she was the most “priviledged” then she also was privileged to suffer the most as reports even from her own flack said that “he cheats on her all the time, I hate to see what he does to her as a woman.”

    In any case, I’m pissed that Erin Bubley is in Hawaii, possibly with Leo, no one knows for sure. I have to just say that, pissed. I can’t really begrudge her, she is nowhere near as obnoxious and as persistent as the bar crew, but it still irks me. She is such a bunch of nothing, and will get her come uppance, but she still gets to be happy for a while now….who knows for how long. This girl is just NADA in a thong.

    I can’t believe how much the bar crew has to argue about and defend the PAST. I mean its over a year now, why cant barfie get a date?

  353. 353
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Leo Fan: Yeah, the Obama inauguration, freezing out on the mall with everyone else. I could have stood next to them. He was wearing an ugly five dollar hat and looked like crap.

  354. 354
    tinkerbell Says:

    @((())): He also told the WAITRESS that he was going to see a FRIEND not a GIRLFRIEND. And he didnt go to the “premiere” of the unreleasable film at the Syracuse Film Festival, althought they tried to make it seem like he did. He did not.

    I hope this is over soon- EH and LD. I hope he’s not in HI with the loser but chances are he is as he was sighted there and those tweets with JEnnifer Meyer who is unbelievably homely.

  355. 355
    Scooter fan Says:

    I was wondering…. how many Leo’s girlfriends did we see with Leo on his scooter or motorcycle?

  356. 356
    @Tobey follower Says:

    I saw the pics of Tobey in Malibu. So he’s not with his wife in Hawaii?

  357. 357
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Scooter fan: The only one was BAR. Big deal. He doesnt own a motorcycle, only a lame eco-scooter. Keanu is the one who always rides his hog. He adds and drops transpo like I do umbrellas. When I need one, I buy a new one. Just a fad with him, just like HER.

    Why are you arguing about the past? How “special” Bar supposedly WAS over a year ago…..get on with your life. Try EHarmony for a match. Either that or go for Tom Cruise, he’ll be looking for a beard in 3.2.1….houston we have ignition…

    This girl topped out at 25? Is she going to get stuck on what might have been like her silly mom? I mean Warren Beatty had sex with 13,500 women in the pre AIDS era….she would have had to have a bar code scanner on the back of her neck for him to remember her.

    Seriously, that is what I’d do. Wait like two weeks and then drop Tom a note you’ve always wanted to meet him, just have lunch. See what happens.

  358. 358
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@Tobey follower: are you sure its Malibu? That is weird. Erin, Emily, and Jenn were in HI…..very strange. I so hope he wasn;t with but I bet he was. Where else would he have been? But I bet it was a weekend thang and he’s back tomorrow..I hope.

  359. 359
    To Tinkerbell - Please Says:

    And what about you getting on with your life. Aren’t you the one obsessed with Bar and Bar’s family? Because you seem to know a lot of stuff about them:)

  360. 360
    be happy Says:

    Aloha! :) Wow, you all impress with all the details of Leo’s past relationships. I’m not sure I know my own relationships that well. What are you all, special agents? I’m no gossip goddess but no one has mentioned the fact that Bar is supposedly seeing Shaun White, the American snowboarder. Maybe her “fans” will migrate elsewhere? As for Erin and what she’s going to do, she was just in a small movie role so maybe she has other things in the works besides VS? I don’t know how her acting skills are but if she has any comedic talent, she could like a Cameron Diaz of sorts…..

  361. 361
    tinkerbell Says:

    @be happy: nope, she aint seeing Shaun White but she did get press by pretending to be for an evening. She’s also supposed to try to get at Adam Levine and also Gerard Pique, Shakira’s BF. Both failed.

    As far as my life, dont worry hon.

  362. 362
    tinkerbell Says:

    Yo, Leo,

    I got a good one for you ! She’s totally cute, all-american, girl next door but gorgeous, actress, and she’s only 33 and fresh out of a bad relationship so she probably just wants sex and a fun rebound thing. Sound up your alley??? She has experience dating A-listers and knows how to keep her mouth shut0 until you try to kidnap her only daughter into Scientology. Get what I am going with????

    Totally think it would be great/deserved if BAR got TOM and Leo got KATIE. What do you think? He likes kids and she is cuter in the face than ANY of his exes.

    Works for me !

  363. 363
    guh Says:

    All of his exes are better looking than dumpy lazy eyed chipmunk cheeked Katie Holmes. She lost what hotness she had years ago.

  364. 364
    guh Says:

    @Leo Fan:

    Privileged? Bar was the most cheated on. He made it up to her by taking her on trips. Doormat bimbo that she was, she accepted the deal.

  365. 365
    guh Says:


    She said she supports Hillary Clinton now. Like Americans care what an Israeli panty model thinks about U.S. politics.

  366. 366
    be boring Says:

    Who cares about what do you know about your own relationships? I bet you know a lot about Leo`s but since you are a Borington fan it`s all stupid. Small role in a movie? You mean trying to be sexy ( which she isn`t ) in a trashy cheerleading outfit could lead to a Cameron Diaz type of career? Really? She wishes…

  367. 367
    be stupid Says:

    @be boring:
    And you are a Barfbot. So you can’t have a problem with trashy.

  368. 368
    @be boring Says:

    Oh yeah that’s right. Miss Bubley has obtained a very interesting part in the latest Adam Sandler movie, LOL, LOL, LOL! The sponge lady! She looked so trashy and idiot next to the “real cheerleaders”, with her yellow hair and padded bra, it is ridiculous. But what was the classiest, is when she tweeted Sandler and wrote him: ” If you need a sponge bath, you know who to call”. Now that’s what Leo is dating.

  369. 369
    @Scooter Fan Says:

    Bar was seen many times with Leo on his scooter.

  370. 370
    be boring Says:

    The good old `if you don`t like Erin you must be a Bar fan` record. Can we get over that already? Maybe you should get some treatment for your Bar obsession and your conspiracy theories that it`s her fans behind every comment. Are you aware how ridiculous you are? I bet you tell everyone how much you hate Bar yet you just won`t stop talking about her. She is trashy and everything but she clearly had a huge impact on your life. You just can`t stop talking about her!

  371. 371
    @Scooter Fan Says:

    I have another riddle how many of Leo girlfriends have we seen driving his black Lexus? yes – Bar then and Erin drives it now, so who cares.
    Listen Barfbots he dumped her a year ago go find the D list mast ubatory tool a husband and leave Leo alone.

  372. 372
    @355 Says:

    LOL LOL. Yes you can tell how much a man loves a woman by the amount of times she’s on his scooter/bike. not by proposing or marrying her, but by cheating on her, letting her ride on his scooter and then dumping her. LMAO

  373. 373
    be boring Says:

    @371: Exactly. They broke up almost a year ago so why won`t you shut up about Bar already? Leo dates the same kind of woman over and over again. If someone didn`t like Bar why would that person like Erin? Why does it have to be a Bar fan whoever doesn`t like Borington? Clearly you are not aware how ridiculous your are with your `barfbot` stuff.

  374. 374
    @373 Says:

    Don’t you tell me or any one else to shut up. You dont f***king own this forum and if the Barfbots are here along with you to rewrite history and claim crap then anyone can and will call them on it. So go fcuk yourself. You, Solange. ‘leo Fan’ (()) and all the other bar idiots. I will respond when I want and to whom I want and no orders from you will change that. So suck it.

  375. 375
    Philly Says:

    Well said, I won’t phrase it that way though. There are things I read here that I consider unpleasant like attacks on parents, the incessant Borington jibes but I leave well enough alone, and Tinkerbell can be grating but I also find amusing. I don’t understand how anyone can dictate or demand what others can write/respond to her . Just don’t read it, problem solved.

  376. 376
    be boring Says:

    I thought I ASKED you why don’t you shut up about her. You might have missed the question mark at the end of the sentence ( in both comments ).I don’t have the right to tell anyone what to it not to do. And I didn’t. Asking a question is not ‘dictating’.
    You are ridiculous with your Barfbot cr*p so don’t be so upset if people call you out on it!
    PS ‘ Go fcuk yourself’ If you don’t want anyone to tell you to shut up how came you can tell someone what to do?

  377. 377
    DejaNu Says:

    Remind me of the things that leo promotes.

  378. 378
    xXx Says:

    Dicaprio likes his girlriends blond, tall, young and not very smart (it’s the less we can say about them) which means : he’s not smart or he thinks be beautiful and shut up

  379. 379
    Models Says:

    they are not really beautiful

  380. 380
    Models Says:

    that means: he is not smart. Point.

  381. 381
    @Models Says:

    @Models: he probably found them attractive

  382. 382
    Question Says:

    The New York Times dubbed Gisele “The Typhoid Mary of the Web”. What does it mean? She is smart or beatiful? Probably Tinkerbell knows, she is from NY.

  383. 383
    vagabond Says:

    @382 well my comment got moderated???But usually a reference to Typhoid Mary is bad.I believe this has to do with the comment she made after the superbowl.

  384. 384
    tinkerbell Says:

    @vagabond: what was really going on is the rivalry between the NY Giants and the New England patriots which at that point was rabid.

    The tabloids are very pro hometown sports, they were just fanning the flames of anti-New England fever, the Giants won anyway. She didnt say anything wrong, in fact I thought it was cute she called him “Tommie” nad actually asked for everyones support. Its a non macho football thing to do, unless she dissed ny fans which is unlikely (she hates Boston, as do I, its a very un NY city even though I grew up in New England)—- she did nothing wrong except support her man and it fell into Giants fans hands.

    No biggie. They dont like Gisele in Boston I think because she displayed a local irish girl—bridget moynihan. while she was pregnant, of all things.

  385. 385
    tinkerbell Says:

    we need a new dicaprio thread here, this one is from june 23rd, for crying out loud. People are so obsessed with Katie and the goon squad we dont even know if he went to Hawaii with his muffin or not, probably he did but we need the gory details, of course.

  386. 386
    be happy Says:

    Uh, I think someone came in here with a machine gun and just started firing. @ tinkerbell: Oh, I thought she was seen with Shaun more than that one time….so I thought maybe something was developing. Some people have said she doesn’t like the cold, so if the rumors are true and this keeps up…I see some slopes in her future. :) @366 & 368: There are plenty of actors that started out in small roles which then led to bigger and better things. I think an Adam Sandler movie is a pretty good start, it’s better than a horror movie. Since when does a role a person plays get tied to that person’s character in real life? She was cast to play a cheerleader, so does that make her trashy in real life?

  387. 387
    tinkerbell Says:

    Shaun White isnt big enough for Miss Thing, Mommy said a HANDSOME EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE MOVIE STAR like Leo or Warren Beatty to prove that you are BETTER THAN ALL THE OTHER GIRLS OUT THERE.

    That is what these girls think–that is the high of dating a guy who abuss you…only I can make him change as I am so wonderful….

    She was flirting with him at a party. Face it, he looks like carrot top, she was just trying to get her name in the paper as usual.

    Enough about her, her flacks are about to jump out of the woodwork and wreck the thread….

  388. 388
    be boring Says:

    Best tweet in a long time! LOL!

    Marc Dumalanta ‏@marc_dumes
    Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio, what are you doing on Maui with your not-so aesthetically pleasing gf?

  389. 389
    tinkerbell Says:

    @be boring: oh so its maui now. YUCK. Get this over please….

  390. 390
    tinkerbell Says:

    @be boring: I favorited it. You should too. oh well, lets get this vacay over soon.

    Crazy Day and Nights is supposed to reveal a lot of blind vices tomorrow….not leo, he already had his though it was light. If you’re interesting.


  391. 391
    be boring Says:

    @tinkerbell: I just doubt this is going to last long. This is too much of a cliche by now to be long term.

  392. 392
    How sweet Says:

    Leda and Tinkerbell finally have common cause and reason to live, going by an obviously sarcastic tweet to hold onto.Only Cammie left and the Macbeth trio of b it ches is complete. Cute

  393. 393
    be boring Says:

    @392: blah blah blah Another useless comment from the broken record. Nothing to say about Leo or anything related just the good old boring nothing. Not cute. Boring. Useless. As usual.

  394. 394
    be boring Says:

    `obviously sarcastic`? Maybe for you. Or maybe just saying the truth?

  395. 395
    Leo Fan Says:

    Actually, JJ has a new thread on Leo.

  396. 396
    Jenn Jenn Says:

    I can’t believe that Leo is putting his money on Fisker Automotive, the car has had many problems and didn’t finish it’s testing for Consumer Reports because it broke down. If he’s interested in investing for an all electric car he would do better to go with Nissan and the new Leaf.

    The technology simply isn’t there for electric sports cars. This must be his new toy.

  397. 397
    tinkerbell Says:

    @be boring: I have a feeling that she is too much of a “do-be”—willing to do anything. Sort of Bar 2.0 but as obnoxious or obvious. But then again, its not my life, so whatever.

    I just would like to be on Maui with Leo right now…just be alone. Sounds nice. Most of the time I actually pity these chicks because i know they are going to get taken for a ride, but if you can enjoy that ride for a while so be i t.

    Also really like to be in Maui, its cool there and blistering here. My man is a good person but not able to roll us out to Hawaii whenever he wants…that would be nice though….I’d still a pick a good man over Mr. Handsome Some a time !

  398. 398
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: he does do some dumb investments–like Mobli. He doesnt know what to do with all his money. He’smaking another $75 million this year….like last year…ugh.

  399. 399
    tinkerbell Says:

    @How sweet: I think that homeboy who tweeted is gay (gaydar went off) and he is dropping tea on EH- she just probably doesnt look that great in real life, the rest of his tweets are about how beautiful Maui is, so this seems like his opinion–you know gay guys are catty around women sometimes.

    In any case, it doesnt give me hope, makes me laugh because someone else is saying, does make me sad a bit. Most of the time I feel sorry for his chicks because I think he puts them through hell but on really nice one-on-one trips I do get a little jealous…mostly because of the place. I would love to be in HI right now, Hilo National Park is one of the places I most want to visit (Volcano House I want to stay in) so I’m jealous a wee bit.

  400. 400
    be boring Says:

    @tinkerbell: Being willing won’t take you far if you are as boring as Erin and there’s virtually no chemistry going on.

  401. 401
    three witches not bitches Says:

    when shall we three meet again?
    in thunder, lightning, or in rain?
    when the hurly burly’s done
    when the heatherton is over and done

    then we three shall all post again !

  402. 402
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    This car that he is choosing to back is not affordable for anyone, unless they’re millionaires!!!

    These damn celebrities don’t get it, if the common person can’t afford it, how the hell is it supposed to change the environment overall?

  403. 403
    Myself Says:

    I want the BREAK UP news soon…but for good !

  404. 404
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Myself: Yeah me too, but little Miss Erin seems too happy with the bones he throws. Actually, a HI vacation probably a private jet, isnt a bone exactly and he is who he is….but still. She seems a bit too complacent for me….and he’s not hoing, at least not yet. I mean Bar flat out deserved it and they were so off and on you could hardly track it or even know if it was cheating, but I didnt hear anything during Blake or yet during this. There are always the back up *******, the cocktail waitresses, bottle girls, wanna be actresses, startlets, etc
    whom he texts when he gets bored….we’ll see.

    she’s not as obnoxious or blatantly opportunistic as the Ratbelly, nopt planting gay stories and posing visibly to the paps, not as obviously anyways, so she is hard to hate. Leo said he hates opportunistic and vindictive girls, and that was bar et al so maybe it did filter through what the barifes were doing, planting gay stories on the web when he and barfie broke up or with Ted C to get back at t him for the cheating story that ran.

    I dont hate her, I think she is just a vapid child who won the genetic lottery, but not extremely well in my opinion. Still think she looks like a melted barbie from some angles. So she is not risking getting “fired” or having contract canceled that way either.

    I think we’re stuck for the duration, but I do remember that fun time when we were told Leo was getting a tux at Burbetty to wear to the Met Ball with Bar. and that this signaled a major change in their relationship…and he dumped her instead. That was a great time. Justice does get served sometimes.

  405. 405
    @tinkerbell Says:

    If you hate Bar why do you keep talking about her? Also if Leo hates opportunistic women why was he with her for such a long time? Or Lively and now Borington? They aren’t any better in that department.
    @Myself: I don’t think you have to wait much longer for that!

  406. 406
    renta de carros en mazatlan Says:

    Helpful information. Lucky me I found your site accidentally, and I am surprised why this coincidence did not came about earlier! I bookmarked it.

  407. 407
    Ironic quote from Leo Says:

    “Pretentious women really turn me off. Vindictive women, too. So do opportunistic women. I think what turns me on about a girl is what most men find attractive — which is something genuine about them. Being a good person.”

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