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Leonardo DiCaprio: Popsicle Treat!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Popsicle Treat!

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps cool with a popsicle as he leaves a friend’s house on Friday (June 22) in Malibu, Calif.

The 37-year-old actor kept a low profile in a fedora and Carrera‘s X-cede 7001S sunglasses.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo is currently working on a new movie called Django Unchained. Directed by Quentin Tarantino, the western follows the story of a slave-turned-bounty hunter who sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner. Django Unchained hits theaters December 25 – check out the trailer!

FYI: Leo is wearing a Zanerobe shirt and tank top.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio enjoying a popsicle…

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leonardo dicaprio popsicle 01
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 01
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 02
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 02
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 03
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 03
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 04
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 04
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 05
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 05
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 06
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 06
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 07
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 07
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 08
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 08
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 09
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 09
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 10
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • vagabond

    @Fernanda: @Canada Girl: I agree i think the beard looks good.I’ve seen some guys with some really pathetic scraggly beards.His is very masculine.I don’t understand why people are saying he looks heavy,from these pics he looks just about right.It kind of bums me out that he’s been wearing his hats so much lately.

  • sayuri

    He´s the most AMAZING beautiful MAN in the earth ,D

  • OMG
  • mindless dating

    @Canada Girl: May I ask why do you have to post about Bar and her twitter account/fight here? I know as Leo`s ex she gets mentioned here like I did in my comment. But seriously who cares about her tweets and fight with another woman? Is it really relevant to this thread?

  • Solange


    Hmmm I doubt Bubley from Skokie will stay away from him very long. Now that he took her back after a 2 month interruption period, she sure won’t let the chance to be seen by his side. So expect her to be around him in L.A. very shortly. I wonder when a sighting of the two at a grocery store or in Disneyland will occur?

  • El

    Hmm..I wonder why are you so happy?! As sly as a fox! But i like it :-))

  • @50

    @Canada Girl:

    (chuckle) Good find!

  • mindless dating

    @Solange: `he took her back after a 2 month interruption period`???? What do you know that we don`t? I bet she will show up for publicity and she will milk it as long as it lasts.

  • tinkerbell

    @Erin Fan: she looks better with the lighter dye job and the clothes are better than she dresses now. She must have had to cheapen up for VS—blonder hair, cut offs, flip flops. I hate that look. I like the clothes here. she looks better then than now.

  • tinkerbell

    @@Miss Ellie: curious….

    do you know for sure that the underwear line is a flop? because I thought it would be for a couple of reasons:

    1. You need to be in with a HUGE retail chain like Target, JC Penney, Walmart, etc, for this to work. And the designs need to be for that market as well. Simpson made a fortune but I think she was backed by Walmart, that’s why. That’s how all the original celebrity lines started out, Cheryl Tiegs, one of Charlie’s Angels STILL has a line I saw…

    2. If you are going to sell lingerie, it has to be cute/pretty as the VS line. Otherwise you just go to Target and buy Hanes.

    I am not going to get mean but it really did not seem like a good idea…you need a contract with a retailer. If she had got Fox Israel or someone that might have helped because there was guaranteed visibility.

    I’m also curious about her lack of hook-ups…its been a year and she hasnt had a date? I mean that would have been the smart thing to snag a dude with visibility or even sign another contract with someone who needs it…some HW B or C lister to be seen. I am wondering why no one is biting? Could the rumor that the connection to leo was a family friend on his PR team be true? Or is it that everyone knows Leo is a hard act to follow….

    Also, do you know for a fact that she paid for the Maxim 100 and if so, how much? And if so, HOW? I thought it was more the nude photo thing and being willing to go to the party. I looked all over the internet for gossip as to how that list is actually generated and no one said PAYOLA….but the nude photo helped because there were not any other ones and it gets click to their ad base…

    oh well, I am just curious. Too busy taking care of my own issues, AND NO I DID NOT BRING HER UP, someone else did.

    By the way who is DIETER??? Ive been trying to figure it out…Erin writing herself, Jared person trying to get the thread going??? (more likely) or a third party. I think a Jared person or Jared himself because this poster posts laudatory stuff on all the threads…..maybe to keep the cash coming???

  • tinkerbell


    By the Fassbender is great in Prometheus. Both as the young guy doing the speech for the promo/trailer and as the old guy. I can see the fascination but dont know why there is so much fan rivalry between him and Leo….from what I saw Fass is a better overall actor…..but Leo will still be better in character roles like Candie and frankly was born to be Gatsby..

  • tinkerbell

    @Dieter: No he doesnt ! But they are dating now ! SO what!

  • tinkerbell

    @@ErinFan: yes, apparently she did and that makes us wonder, do self esteem issues make you a better candidate for leo…not being able to think you deserve better?

  • #54

    why do you have to dictate what other people write about? you prefer a 100% bitchfest against the girlfirend of the moment and thats fine but others too can read/have their say. Especially when they are as GREAT as CanadaGirl – waves @ CG
    #55 – they’ve already been to Disney land I believe

  • Philly

    I agree she looks much much better in that picture.

  • chaer

    LOL Mick Jagger and Keith Richards aren’t A listers, nope you’re right little girls. they’re only fcking music LEGENDS. Im sure Leo listens to them on a daily basis his whole life…

  • mindless dating

    @64: Dictate? You mean asking a polite question is dictating what others write about? It seems like you have a totally different definition of the word `dictate` in your head than I do. I simply wanted to know why did she bring up Bar`s twitter fight here since it`s totally irrelevant. It was a QUESTION!!!!!! Why are so so upset about it?

  • Dirty legend


    They are pretty dirty, these legends, and of course Dirty lifestyle= dating models. By the way Leo’s gfs aren’t cool models from 90, they are just nothing interesting.

  • Dirty business
  • tinkerbell


    Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking the following for The Wolf of Wall Street, directed by Martin Scorsese:

    The film begins shooting in New York in August.

    An open casting call will be held on
    Friday, June 29 from 10a-1p for SAG-AFTRA members and 2-4:30pm for NONUNION
    On Craigslist….for real….I could go to the non-union but don’t want to waste my time, but I am going to think about it !

    LOCATION- 570 Washington St at West Houston, 2nd Fl, New York, NY 10014.

    No experience necessary. Be prepared to have a digital photo taken.

    Anyone who cannot attend the open call but are interested in appearing in the film should email us a recent picture and contact information.

    For more information visit or call 212 685 3168.

  • tinkerbell

    Nope! thought so!

  • Erin Fan

    Another photo of Erin with Andrea. They were very touchy and affectionate towards each other.
    Unfortunately, I don’t expect to see Erin posing like that with Leo….

  • be happy

    I think he looks cute.

  • Patricia

    OMG this thread….what a mess!!!!!! lol

  • tinkerbell

    Dieter = j a r e d e n g himself

    that is why I was moderated up there

  • Elena

    How is it that JJ always doubles the amount of pictures there are? I see quite a few up there that look identical.

  • LOL What???


    Casting for beautiful young womens??? Martin is perhaps looking for Leo’s next girlfriend???? Martin isn’t happy with Erin either??? LOL

  • PR game?

    So based on the logic of this post how do they explain that photo at the premiere where that designer grabbed her a**? Where were her eyes then? She refused to take photos probably because she thinks she is better than him. And this is how it`s explained…

  • dudes

    I’d stay far from the whole bunch if it’s only about who grabs the ass of whom, what an inflated cock-up!!

  • dudes

    If he’s happy with Erin, let him. Who cares what Marty has to say about it.

  • dudes

    Look here, what kind of example is this next-ing people as if they’re toys? Leo’s next girlfriend, we all want to take an example from big Leo, do we?

  • ig

    wow I dont understand leos topics. are you guys ok up there?

  • Leo Fan

    @PR Game?: Idiot comments and explanations from Page Six, as usual. These “a** grabbing” pics were taken in March and I believe it was a period of when we stopped having sightings or razzi pics of her with Leo, they were probably into their 2-month break-up. She looked very much frozen or drunk (or both) on that night. I can not see any valuable reason why she actually refused to have her picture with Adrian. And what if it is in fact Adrian who didn’t want his picture with her?

  • @77

    @LOL What???:

    He probably was REALLY IMPRESSED when someone related to an ex said that he and Leo were hjaving sex for money???

    Erin will learn about acting. The unmentionable did a good job in her first role,as a manipulative and codependent, but then she was just being herself. No challenge there, she knew all the lines and expressions before the movie hit production.

  • ????

    2 months break? Can I ask what makes you think that? I`m just curious. Leo is an on/off boyfriend and if they indeed broke up for a while it started way earlier than usual.
    The article is stupid. She has eyes only for Leo and that`s why she refuses to be photographed at a social/public event with another guest? How stupid is that? So what happens if she takes that photo with Adrian? NOTHING! Because both of them are irrelevant celebs and who cares?

  • Vac


    Heatherton is just the same: the vaccum, the shameless stuff.

  • Vac

    DiCaprio is their patron. Like the prostitutes have a pimp, the most shameless and untalented famewhores have DiCaprio as the most constant and faithful partner.

  • Gay truth
  • Canada Giirl

    @#54: Hi. :)
    @vagabond: Agreed. He looks really good. Trim, slight tan, and the skin looks good (as always).
    So who is the friend that he was visiting? I’m not familiar with those popsicles (?), what is he eating? ….. You can tell I don’t have kids. I’m not up on the latest snacks and treats.
    Is Leo done with his Django filming? I’m excited to see this film. Quentin is one of my favourite directors. He has an unusual way of looking at the world and his movies rely on dialogue (as well as action); as a fan of dramatic fare it’s nice to see something intelligently scripted.

  • Canada Giirl

    @Gay truth: He must have been surrounded by paps. We’ve had pictures from several angles.
    Kinda sucks when you think about it. He can’t enjoy a visit without being hounded.
    That picture does show how his hair is growing out though. He’s had a lot of awkward hair roles lately. :)

  • amanda

    yes, the truth is gay. but does that mean we need to bother with Martin for anything? well, if Leo thinks it’s his dad or whatever, which I don’t think he does.

  • loveleo

    leo is not gay”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leo Fan

    Before leaving for LA early in the week, Leo attended a jazz concert with his dad at the Birdland Jazz Club in NY.

  • Not gay
  • Leo Fan

    @94 – Not gay

    Oh man… I know he is not gay, I just wish he could look at me this way.
    One can only dream:)

  • @

    @Gay truth: gay? hehe! what’s up in ur mind ,honey?!! which gay is playboy mantion regular as even playboy owner_hef_said obvi. in his interviews besides playmats said as well about how much the playmates love to be with him and colin farrell coz they both r the best in sex,so much better than all other playboy clients!!!! + going to clubs like him with all thoes tweet pixes in the clubs while he’s not aware and lots of pixes while he think no pap is around such as when he was with anna j+all these cheating since he was with kristin zang till now??? (not just with models with all kind of women such as claire danes as she said about for romeo and juliet)!!c’mon,……! maybe u think he has all these sex/cheatings/.. just for covering his gay image?!!! lol!

  • be happy

    @Canada girl

    I also notice how good his skin looks too! I wonder if he does anything to take care of it or if that is just natural for him.

  • From a Bunny book

    @#96: You are referring to Izabella St-James book where she describes as Leo visiting the Mansion and leaving with several girls to his house, I presume. Yeah, he was dating Gisele Bundchen at the time. You will never change a Playboy and a modelizer. Never.

  • Canada Girl

    @be happy: I’ve wondered that too. His pores are really small and his skin is nice and clear. If I were photographed all day, I’d live part time at the spa.
    Leonardo is Great in Bed…. Do tell…. o.O’

  • Bazinga

    Hope ____ is still redundant. Wow! Heavily moderated right now. Same with Bellazon.
    Where are Leo, and his girlfriend Erin, right now? Are they they together enoyinging the weather in New York?
    Or is Leo and Bar together looking at water issues and global warming with the warming of glaciers? Did he already propose? Why do I get the feeling that the wedding it at Christmas 2012 or summer 2013???