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Leonardo DiCaprio: Popsicle Treat!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Popsicle Treat!

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps cool with a popsicle as he leaves a friend’s house on Friday (June 22) in Malibu, Calif.

The 37-year-old actor kept a low profile in a fedora and Carrera‘s X-cede 7001S sunglasses.

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Leo is currently working on a new movie called Django Unchained. Directed by Quentin Tarantino, the western follows the story of a slave-turned-bounty hunter who sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner. Django Unchained hits theaters December 25 – check out the trailer!

FYI: Leo is wearing a Zanerobe shirt and tank top.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio enjoying a popsicle…

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leonardo dicaprio popsicle 01
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 01
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 02
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 02
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 03
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 03
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 04
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 04
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 05
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 05
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 06
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 06
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 07
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 07
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 08
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 08
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 09
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 09
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 10
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • raven

    Um yeah, im not be happy or any other names, not anyones pr.

    Btw hi Canada girl!

  • tinkerbell

    @Leo Fan: yep, out with crawley mcnuggets tomcatting around not a good sign. But maybe not fatal either.

  • @Leo Fan

    So Leo was at Lure on Saturday? Nice to see he still keeps his good ol’ habits of partying with his boys on Saturday nights, just like all single guys do. Especially at Lure Holywood:)

  • tinkerbell

    they didnt break up, its just that Erin is extremely freelance. As in once in every three months freelance. And the post says she is trying hard to not be “high maintenance”

    It doesnt work that way honey. If he’s out tomcatting around when he could be with you, you have to wonder. BUT, we havent heard any obvious rumors like with bar so maybe he’s taking it easy on the hoes, too, because in this day with twitter and camera phones and instragram et al he’s always being watched.

    They are still together. Let’s see about

    A. Labor Day
    B. After Wolf wraps and he’s too busy to see her even when he’s in the same city.

    She’ll be around for a bit because she is fairly low key, comparatively speaking, but at some point it’s going to blow for her. You know whata I mean? You can only take so much from a guy before you realize you’re a booty call and move on yourself. Dont need any big flare up just start moving on yourself and dont jump when he calls you.

    This is will be interesting to watch play out.

    Does anybody know who Blakey is supposed to be cheating on Ryan with???

  • tinkerbell

    @@Leo Fan: is that a hook up spot? Sounds like it.

  • tinkerbell

    @@131 CHEATERS?: she’ s nowhere near Leo and they no longer have anything to do with each other. Please.

    OK, what I want to know is should I go to the Scorcese cattle call on Friday? I usually those things are such a drag but why not….

  • Patricia
  • Elena

    @Patricia: Yeah, that’s the same tired song and dance tabloids have been selling for years. What is ridiculous is that they’re actually saying that Leo wants to marry her because she LIKES BASKETBALL?! I mean Jesus, I know that society likes to pretend that all women are interested in is looking pretty, but there are plenty of women who are into sports and video games and comics and anything else under the sun. Finding a woman who likes/is good at a sport is not like finding the last unicorn or something.

  • IMO

    Erin or not. I actually think its pathetic that Leo at almost 40 and his cohort of sleaze pals still nightclub and carouse to the extent they do. Eventually you are the old dog in the room and completely unaware you’re partying with people you used to babysit.
    I’m not saying he should put on the pipe and slippers. Only isn’t it boring after 20 years of doing it? I just can’t think of any of his peers/age groups who cane it to the extent he does except – bleurgh – Gerald Butler.

  • star

    So just because Blake looks like a real vamp makes you think she’s cheating? Oh you’re probably right. LOL

  • @star

    Look this post is about Leo, maybe Erin. Leave his exes out of it. FFS

  • @@star

    oh no!! nobody EVER talks about any exes of leo’s, noooobody!! :)

  • @162

    lol. I know. I know. I didn’t mean it like that, its just this thread has already gone to hell already and it would be nicer to put it on track

  • I agree 100%

    #159. And I think the Playmate bnaging, nightclub hopping, Paris Hilton squiring party animal is more akin to the REAL Leo than his public persona.

  • 100%

    By the time Erin shows up on Leo’s side at events looking the way Blake does, I might start mentioning her. :)

  • @165

    You mean like a drag queen with a joker smile?

  • Philly

    Actually Erin is going to be at the VS for cancer event in NY with the other angels. The Angels always knock it out of the park and look gorg!
    Erin actually did a lot of HF shows in 2007/8, VS somewhat stifled her career but her association with Leo has deffo blown it up again!

  • @166

    No, like a woman with sex-appeal and the ability to pick a fine dress. :)

  • @167

    Yeah, the other angels are always gorgeous except for Borington. She had high fashion jobs like 5 years ago? And ever since then it’s all about waving bras in malls. No wonder she is working hard to keep the relationship going. Finally she is somewhat relevant again. For now!

  • @168

    We must be looking at different photos then.

  • 100%

    Well, I wouldn’t mind if these girls would show more often in dresses with some fashionable outlook to entertain us, instead of just jumping around half-naked in whichever bra was lying around.

  • Philly

    To be fair. The angels actually look cute and stylish during promotion from the days of Gisele and Tyra. I dunno why people think they are always half naked. That’s not the case.
    @167 You’re right, but I don’t think there is much of a relationship to keep going. I honestly think they both know its casual. I could be wrong though. Has Leo met her parents? I mean they have reached the 6 month mark

  • Philly

    Sorry I meant – @169

  • be happy

    Wow, these threads are unreal. Is there anything Leo can do without getting criticized? I mean, if he’s pictured with an icecream, he’s a bum, if he’s out with his Mom, he’s a mama’s boy, if he’s seen with his gf, it’s a staged photo op, and if he’s out with his friends, he’s an out-of-control party animal? Sounds to me like he has a well-rounded life that consists of friends, family, love interest and success at work. Good for him.

  • @174

    Well rounded life. At his age still clubbing, chasing barely legal girls and yes, clear photo ops for PR. Sounds like a well-rounded life!

  • @be happy

    @be happy:
    these aren’t fans of his. the level of invective directed at leo for his choices and the astonishing abuse his girlfriends receive, show a level of emotional investment in the life of a man who does not know any of us exist. be happy 174, the majority of us simply like leo for his movies not everyone obsesses on his sex life.

  • ichi

    @be happy: ohh common just go back to your fairyland about Leo been a saint, his cheating on her, he did it with all his girlfriend and will continue doing that until he realize that is time to change (maybe never) but guess what? that woman isn’t Erin she is just a Toy until he gets tired of her !@!# , you can be his fan but your not blind the guy love to party and be disrespectful with his girlfriends, but you Know he maybe does wrong but is even worse been a woman that accept been treated like sh!!234@#@@T, as a woman you can support that!

  • @174

    Its the 3 Macbeth witches Leda, Cammie, Tinkerbell under their multiple pseudonyms that destroy it for everyone

  • @178

    … here we go again!

  • Whatever

    uh, yup. Bar in Alaska or the Antartica (think she romoved those comments from the pictures)? You guys are naive or playing PR if you don’t think she’s with Leo right now. I just don’t see her pulling out a tacky bikini bottom and hugging an ice cap with frozen mipples stuck to ice for some trashy panty catalogue.She probably would have negotiated for a beach location. Makes sense? Or did she start to model parkas too.

  • @Whatever

    Why do you insist on pushing this story for heavens’ sake? I’m not been sarcastic but this is truly bordering on weird obsession.

  • be happy

    Considering the circumstances, I think he handles his fame and success extremely well. I never said he was a saint or perfect (who is?) but to judge him for being 37 and going to a nightclub is a little extreme. He’s a movie star, people. I like Leo’s movies and I admire him in that regard. What he does in his personal life and the decisions, bad or good, that he makes, are ultimately between him and his partner. What I’m saying is, don’t you guys think you may be taking it a little too far? He’s single, good-looking, rich and a famous movie star. What do you want him to do? Live like a monk or go to the library on Saturday night? OK, so you guys aren’t fans….I’m fine with that. I’d rather spend my time admiring someone that I like and who’s work I enjoy, but that’s just me. All these snarky comments, etc., just seem like a waste of time and energy. Whether you like to admit it or not, Leo has millions of fans around the world and your vicious campaign to criticize him probably it’s going to change that anytime soon.

  • bizarro posts

    I don’t know who is weirder, the person who keeps saying that Leo is cheating on Erin with Bar or the one who keeps saying Blake is cheating on Ryan. They’ve both been out of Leo’s life for a long time. He might be cheating on Erin, but not with Bar or Blake.

  • @181

    I know. It’s like they make up these stories in their heads and in their minds they believe them to be true.

  • Leo Fan

    @be happy (182): No one is pretending to change Leo’s ways of life or change his reputation. His fans who have been following him through the years have come to a point where they realize that he will always be the same no matter what film he chooses to work on, no matter how rich he becomes and no matter what model he chooses to date. He’s been following the same pattern when his personal life is concerned and people are simply “commenting” his habits. He chose to become a very public personality because of the career he “chose” to do. His life is exposed and I think he knows he can not do anything about it. Furthermore, the girls he chooses to date happen also to have chosen careers where they are very much exposed to the public.

  • @185

    @Leo Fan:

    Well said. Personally, I don’t have a problem with Leo having a social life. Just my opinion.

    Did anyone see the movie Going Down in La-La Land. Well, it opens your eyes to HW culture, and what is considered normal in a very unique life. I think Erin is an appropriate age for Leo considering his station in life. His gfs are famous too.

    I like Erin. The movie shows that it is very normal to have an age difference.I think she could be good for Leo.

  • Dejavu


    think he is a desperate fool if heatherton, famous only for her naked shameless pics and hypocrisy is good for him?

  • @186

    Based on your logic Bar was good for him, too.

  • @186

    … and that`s exactly why I don`t think your comment and/or logic makes sense. Being in Hollywood is no excuse to remain a manchild. Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg or Tom Hanks ( just to name a few ) are also in Hollywood and they are not single at nearly 38 chasing these young things. You can have a family in Hollywood if you want it. You can grow up in Hollywood if you want to. Sorry but this Hollywood ( lifestyle ) thing just seems like an excuse. He might not be a guy who will ever get married or get kids and that`s perfectly fine. It`s not for everyone but it`s not because of Hollywood or his lifestyle. You can date a woman close to your age in Hollywood and you can grow up. You can tell that commitment is not for me ( see Clooney ) and still be successful instead of saying one thing in interviews and doing something different in real life.
    Leo seems like a great guy to me but I think his professional life controls his private life. It`s just my opinion.

  • Leo Fan

    @186 and 187
    Despite the fact that he lives the Hollywood life, is rich, famous, single and only dates models, I strongly believe he deserves better than dating someone who has her butt grabbed by a male designer/ friend on a red carpet during a very public event. The girl is indeed very young and of course one can not expect maturity from a girl her age and when I look at her promoting VS padded pushup bras and blowing kisses in shopping malls, I wonder what Leo actually sees in her. I think just like most men, he doesn’t like to be on his own and since she is the easiest catch he has ever made….

  • leo’s fan girl

    Just finished watching the Django Unchained trailer,the movie looks exciting. Leo does look sexy as Django and of course he is delicious.

  • Solange

    I’m afraid most of you are too polite and classy. why don’t you admit that Erin Bubley is just an easy catch who made money out of posing in the nude for hideous photoshoots and is now posing in bras and panties for a company that has no respect for women. VS uses skinny tall bony models, have their hair bleached, have them botoxed and siliconed like cheap barbies. All the same, what a nice image for women and young girls. Yes, Leo can do better, but obviously he doesn’t want to. i’m sorry but whom a guy dates refflects on what he is, and where his values are.

  • be happy

    I see what you all are saying. I just don’t think his behavior is that abnormal than other men his age that are single, successful and good-looking. I know plenty of single men his age that still go clubbing and date women in their 20s. You know, we don’t know the whole story. I bet someone like Leo gets invited to all kinds of clubs, restaurants, parties, events, who knows (?) and has an onslaught of requests to attend social events. Celebrities are sometimes paid for appearances at clubs, like Paris Hilton for example, and it helps promote the club. I don’t think this is the case with Leo, but I do think he and his friends are probably treated very well, have a private area where they can socialize and have fun. I mean, I think that would be fun! Who wants to stay home trapped inside all the time because they are worried about what their fans might think or that someone will take a picture? As far as the girls, I don’t have a problem with any of his current or ex-gfs. They all are unfortunately subject to a lot of scrutiny and sounds like that part of dating him would be awful. I guess what I find so annoying is that people have expectations about how he should act and behave based on what? Maybe he hasn’t found the right girl yet? I mean did anyone stop and think that he hasn’t found someone that makes him want to settle down? I don’t think anyone should get married just to get married and get approval from the public. That’s a terrible reason to get married. And if he doesn’t want to get married, that’s fine too! I say leave the man alone to do what he wants. He’s going to anyway.

  • Next filming in NY

    Since Erin lives in NY and that Leo’s next movie will be filmed in NY, I presume we should get lots and lots of sightings, pictures and news of the two. But before the filming starts, and if Leo’s pattern respects his good old habits, he should take his 23 yearl-old model to some luxurious yachts in Europe in the future weeks. So more pictures, sightings and gossip news for his fans.
    And since the next movie will be a Scorsese one, Leo should be in NY for a long period.

  • @193

    I honestly don`t think that at his age, being single and in Hollywood explains this. It comes from the inside. It`s his nature. At his age he didn`t even try a mature relationship. I think he just doesn`t want to regardless of Hollywood. You can get distracted by young blonde things and parties, fame and money but if it`s inside you… to start a family and settle down he should have shown sings of it. I bet all those Hollywood pals ( Wahlberg, Damon or Tobey ) enjoyed life before they had the urge to settle down. He just want fun and no commitment from his girlfriends. He wants to know what he can expect from them and that he is in control.

  • @194

    NYC is full of models. Lots and lots of models. How do you know he won`t just enjoy the variety instead of sticking to one? He has the tendency to be off while filming. You never know…

  • tinkerbell

    @@174: oh booh. We dont destroy it we keep it going silly.

  • tinkerbell

    @be happy: “Gentlemen prefer blondes, but they marry….brunettes…”

    which is to say they like the ornamental, but when it comes to trusting their lives and their children’s lives, they look for someone they can trust who is an asset as well as an ornament. And yes, the brunette that gets married could be a blonde, a la Reese Witherspoon, but there is something else going on behinds the facade. –basically its trust, sanity, capability and compatibility they look for when it’s marrying time.

    That having said, it may never be that time for him. Ever. He likes to keeo his relationships down to midget status, he never lets them grow and become important. Maybe he can’t, or maybe he just doesnt want to.

    Guys, I have like three jobs offers right now, I have to think which is the best for me in the long and short run… I may not have the answer. I guess it’s still look further because I’m not sure. I only have at max like two months to get something secure in place….yes, even the Tink has doubts, problems, you know….I’d rather stay home and do freelance work but I want the insurance and pension…also pays slighlty more…

  • @195

    How is he any different from someone like Matthew McConaughey? I never thought he would get married. And he just did do a younger woman, a model (surprise surprise).

  • 189


    It’s his life. Is anyone telling you how to live yours? When you have money and clout, you get to live your life on your terms. So many of us are dependent on bosses, mortgages, healthcare, car payments, getting along with the in-laws, relationship politics, etc. If I won the lottery, I might make some changes that people in my life would not appreciate, and I probably wouldn’t care at that point either.

    You get one. Live a healthy lifestyle; choose an appropriate partner LOVE and the rest, because love is not enough; don’t feel guilty for making decisions that make you happy – the anti-pragmatic.

    Hope he does not choose Bar though….poor morals? A few people here actually have a long list. Unless confessed simpletons turn him on? Thank Gawd my partner has a brain – love him, but not my first love and exbf of 8 years. Thank Gawd we did not have kids together – hell.