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Leonardo DiCaprio: Popsicle Treat!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Popsicle Treat!

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps cool with a popsicle as he leaves a friend’s house on Friday (June 22) in Malibu, Calif.

The 37-year-old actor kept a low profile in a fedora and Carrera‘s X-cede 7001S sunglasses.

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Leo is currently working on a new movie called Django Unchained. Directed by Quentin Tarantino, the western follows the story of a slave-turned-bounty hunter who sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner. Django Unchained hits theaters December 25 – check out the trailer!

FYI: Leo is wearing a Zanerobe shirt and tank top.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio enjoying a popsicle…

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leonardo dicaprio popsicle 01
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 01
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 02
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 02
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 03
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 03
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 04
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 04
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 05
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 05
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 06
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 06
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 07
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 07
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 08
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 08
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 09
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 09
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 10
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • @244

    He’s probably in an exotic location somewhere sipping mai tais and canoodling with his cute gf. He’s probably not sitting in front of a computer posting snarky comments on a gossip website. :)

  • ^^^^

    Possible! In that case she should enjoy it while it lasts!

  • Sossie

    She really does have unfortunate breasts. It’s not the small size, but the saggy shape and wrinkled nips. How does that happen at her age? I don’t blame her for getting implants. There’s no way Leo would like her original boobs.

  • @253


    How about the way they like his original tool?Or because he is famous it doesn’t matter for their health?

  • ???

    @@243: Dont worry about the cynical, bitter and twisted old biddies here! I’m with you girl :)

  • ke$ha

    @???: first off she’s not that cute, secondly its not cynicism when you’re talking the truth. She’s going to get dumped and everyone knows it, even YOU. Its only a matter of a concept that you might have heard of called TIME and I think her TIME will be this year. Nothing last forever especially when you have Leo as a bf. Haters will win this one sadly again, but we are tired of being “right,” and rubbing it in the lover’s faces. Speaking as a hater I want a chance to love too but the girl has to be right. I have hope despite what I see.

  • @255

    Awww, thanks girl! I don’t get it, but it’s like they have an agenda to hound Leo, anyone that associates with Leo or any of his fans. It just exudes bitter hatred and jealousy.

    “Anger and jealousy can no more bear to lose sight of their objects than love.” ~George Eliot

  • Leo Fan

    Leo was in Miami filming….

  • @257

    Whatever helps you through the day! Jealous if what or who? Hatred? No, it’s seeing the obvious!
    @leo fan: I thought he was in Puerto Rico where a movie is filming that his company is producing. What was he filming in Miami and how do you know he was there?

  • Huh?

    How is it obvious when it is ONLY our interpretation? Do we know the man personally? And if its not jealousy or hatred why repeating the same attacks on Leo or (insert g-friend name) over and over again? Why not move on to admire/hound some other celebrity?

  • @260

    Maybe because his love life is the same for a long time? His girlfriends seem to be identical so what`s really different? And that`s what I meant under obvious. That it`s the same type of woman, same age group, same job, same everything. You are absolutely correct that we don`t know him – no argument there but his pattern is undeniable. Maybe that`s why the opinion about him and his gf hasn`t changed and not because of jealousy. JMO.

  • @261

    So what? He likes underwear models. No one here is denying that. We are talking about the people on the thread who attack anyone that post pretty much anything positive about Leo or his life. We are not talking about the people who are expressing opinions. There is a difference.

  • @261

    Honestly it doesn`t matter what you think about Leo or his life you get attacked. Not just the ones who have positive things to say. You make it sound like that those who say positive things are expressing opinion and those who don`t see him all perfect only attack.

  • Stop Slamming on Erin

    People seem to be obsessed over Erin, because they probably work for JJ, Leo, or Bar. You can see who is posting the same anti-Erin messages over and over under different names. They are Bar+Leo=MarriageandBabies obsessed.

    It’s an unfair game on here for Erin. Someone (by_princess?) said on Bellazon that maybe Leo will just runaway with Oxford25 (pfffHaHa@the moniker|). I see a May 31, 2011 join date. Who is Oxford (LMAO). Read the last 4 or 5 pages of Bellazon. Read it well!

    What is Leo thinking with all this shit?

  • Bellazon Lobotomy

    @Stop Slamming on Erin:

    Obsessed female fan from oxford is a good match for uneducated selfish modelizer.

  • @264

    Seriously very wrong.
    You’re seeing / projecting things/situations that don’t exist
    But on #265 you are correct it is that usual demented Bar freak

  • @264

    The only obsessed person here is you. The pot calling the kettle black! Bar, Bar, Bar …. She is behind every comment and everything bad on the planet! If the anti-Erin comments come from people who work for JJ, Leo or Bar then you must work for Erin and that’s why you leave pro-Erin comments. How is that about a theory? It’s based on your logic!
    About BZ! Are you for real??????

  • @264

    @Stop Slamming on Erin:

    Why waste my time reading BZ???

  • Nice Girls

    This is very sweet. From Bellazon.

    “Apparently (Erin’s twitter), Leo’s gf is going to be God Mother to her baby Dixie? Erin gave the baby some of Jen Maguire’s jewelry:

    Lily Aldridge‏@LilyAldridge
    I just got my @JenMeyerMaguire “D” necklace!!!! Its so beautiful I love it!!! I’m so proud to wear it! Thank you @ErinHeatherton! “

  • Erin & Leo Summer Vaca?

    Nice article on Leo’s GF, Erin, from The Sun:

    “ERIN Heatherton’s boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio must be dying to take her on a summer holiday when she looks this good in a bikini.”

    the article is entitled: Leo’s lady Erin Heatherton is a beach babe

    Love this couple!

  • LOVE Erin

    Hope Leo is not cheating on Erin??? I don’t even know Erin. How come people who like her are picked on? It’s like they are trying to bring the conversation back to the unmentionable.What gives? Take it easy.

  • Solange

    @269, 270 and 271 (all the same Bellazony freak): Your Erin Bubley is very boring to look at and she is desperate to have Leo’s attention. How can you qualify these two as “a couple”? Are they living together? Do they share the same house, appartment? Besides, does a sl*t acting like this is really considered being in a couple with anyone?

  • @272

    Yeah, it’s strawberry from bellazon. It’s boring I er there and that’s when they come here and post stuff like that article that has no info them whatsoever. Just recycled and boring Erin photos.

    @271: It’s you who mentioned her again so why don’t you take it easy.

  • Solange

    So strawberry is the name…thanks I take note. I can’t believe how these idiot losers insist on wanting to see Leo date the most boring model alive who promotes padded bras and only knows one single pose. THey do see Leo as a pathetic modelizer, for sure.

  • @Solange

    And here you are again. An equally idiotic loser obsessed with Erin when she’s not even featured in this post. Not everyone who calls you out on your nonsensical bitchy tirades is from BZ.
    There is no Leo news so you drag out upteenth boring pictures of Erin that have already been shown, to leer and sneer at.
    I suspect you are a jilted Leo one night stan or a bitter Bar freak. They are the ones who have NEVER recovered from Leo dumping their draft dodger and leaving her catalogue non Vogue career on the D list. Her slutty porn videos to sell her underwear line not withstanding.

  • tinkerbell

    OK, you can all jump on me if you want, but I am going out of town so wont be around for a few days….

    1. We havent had an unmentionable post for like three weeks…what happened? Did she and JJ fall out? And we’re being heavily moderated-I couldnt post the tea from LSA.

    2. Leo is treating Erin like a booty call. I am sorry, but the booty is always the last to know.

    3. Read some of the stuff on TomKat. Apparently Scientology picked her out for him….they tried with various people and then the leader of Scientology picked out Katie…its soooooooooo weird. Scientology might have started out as innocent quacks but now they are full time evil…frightening…screwing with lives.. Read it at LSA from an Incog or in the NY Post…pretty much the same thing. Mind bending.

  • tinkerbell

    I actually just had a brilliant idea!

    What BR needs is…..Tom Cruise! He’s A-list, he will be looking for a beard, and he needs a girl who will sign multiple non-disclosures. Bar cant get a date with anybody her own age or anybody else, so Tommy boy should be next ! And whenever they have a fight there are plenty of gay rumors to regurgitate….

    The NY Post has a front page article about how Scientology helped Tom pick out a compliant young girl who looked good on his arm…
    it all sounds TOOO familiar.

    Whether Leo’s girls are full on contracts or not, I don’t know, but it sounds so familiar…find a girl who is young and manipulable and wants a leg up in the industry and offer her a contract…..

    Katie has been seen with savage bruises all over her body….the pix are on LSA….damn, she was abused physically as well. Some shit is really going to hit the fan.

    Interesting that Ted Casablanca and other gossip sites have been proved right about both Travolta and TomKat….I think Ted was saying Katie had quietly separated months ago…(someone was)

    Katie is getting followed in NYC, I feel like walking up to her with a Louisville Slugger and say don’t worry hon, I’ll take care of it. Or you get a can of Raid and a bic lighter…”GHETTO FLAME THROWER”—
    she needs to get armed security stat—scientology has knocked people off before..

    Also I think JJ and Bar fell out, that is why when you search “Refaeli” you get a big, ugly picture of Sarah Jessica Parker whom we always said looked like Bar.

    “Cause I’m a bad girl….”

  • tinkerbell

    a tweet puts leo at big island in HI, I so hope this isnt a bikini op for you know who but that is what it sounds like. Tune into tomorrow.


  • Erin Fan

    It is sad she doesn’t tweet while in the presence of her on-an-off famous boyfriend. She only lets the others post tweetpics for her. She used to be very open to show her affection to Andrea in the past.

    I feel sorry for girlfriends who are ordered to shut up or hide when they decide to date a celebrity. I wonder why she accepts this type of behavior.

  • #278 & #279

    Looks like they are in Hawaii. I’ll say this she seems to have been accepted by his closest friends i.e Tobey M and family

    @Erin Fan
    You’re a very strange ‘Erin fan’ (which I don’t believe you are). She was probably open with her other boyfriend cos he was not famous and no one cared about pictures of them making out or not. It does not mean she accepts anything now.
    For all we know she was the same with him unless somepone can post a picture of she and he making out i front of the cameras.
    Of course if there are pics of she and Leo making out y’all would scream PR!!!!!!!
    Sheesh, I believe this thing betwen them is NOT serious but it does not make me blind, hateful or illogical

  • Well

    @280 – Since they first started to date (well after she pursued him for weeks in Sydney), she was already tweeted pictures of her with Leo’s friends and their girlfiends and wives. So it’s not new. The only time we did not see pictures was during the time of their break-up from end of March to end of May.
    @279 – Erin Fan – She accepts it because it suits her. All Leo’s girlfriends were ordered to shut up. They all agreed till they got too sick of it. But obviously, till now and since the on-off relationship is still new, she finds it’s worth it. BTW, I didn’t know she was with Sabrier during 2 years.

  • Solange

    Erin Bubley seems to have a lot of free time in her life. The only job she has for now is VS. So till her next appearance to blow kisses and promote cheap perfume or waving bras in high heels with her squeezed almost non-existent boobs in a tight padded bra, she is more than free and willing to follow her famous boyfriend taking a small vacay with his buddies and wives. She has posted pics of her before with Lukas H., Nikki Erwin, Kevin C. All these guys are Leo’s friends so yes, they will “accept” whoever dates Leo. They were taken in pictures before with Leo’s previous gfs. And they’ll be taken in pictures and travel with his future blonde models in the future as well.LOL. Same pattern, remember?

  • Erin Fan

    To Solange: I wish she’d have more contracts than VS. :) She used to do so many interesting editorials.

  • @281

    Of course “she pursued him”, you know this for a fact. Stupid bitter Bar freaks pretending they know intimate details of Leo’s life. Erin’s doing no different to the D list playboy model who followed Leo like a puppy around the US even though most of her trashy strip work was in Europe/Israel and Leo never bothered to follow/support her.

  • Hawaii

    @Erin Fan:


  • Hawaii


    Hahaha.Bubley still doesn’t know that she is a booty call?Can’t believe it.

  • ^^^^

    @284: When are you going to give up on this `bitter Bar freak` theme? It`s boring and stupid at the same time! Get over Bar already! `you know this for a fact`. Like you know for a fact that Bar fans are posting here.
    @280: I don`t think it`s about his friends accepting his current toy. It`s about his friends knowing Leo for a long time and accepting his lifestyle = playing with young girls, keeping them young, no commitment just fun. I guess they do the best in the situation. It seems like Jen and the other ( very not sympathetic blonde ) woman like her so it worked out well. It seems like most of his friends are married or in relationship and this way he `fits` on a trip like this. Haven`t we seen this before?
    @Erin fan: It does seem like she has nothing other than VS going on for her. Even after dating Leo for like 6 months. She gets more attention from the media and VS but nothing more? If she had better jobs in the past but not now ( even with a famous boyfriend ) means ( to me at least ) that she is really not that good of a model. She got the chance to be more with those high fashion jobs but she couldn`t ace it…

  • Hmmm

    @281 – Not that I want to defend Bar…. but Leo did bother to follow and support Bar. At least 3 times. He brought his mom and Oma to Barcelona in June 2006 to attend Bar’s Pronovia fashion show (Hello magazine confirmed he was in attendance with the ladies). We had pictures to prove they visited the city together after. And later that year while Bar had an editorial shoot for Report Signature in Greece, Leo brought along his dad and step-mother to Santorini meeting Bar’s family who came also to Greece for that matter.
    Leo was also spotted in Slovenia in May 2009(?) when Bar was filming a commercial for Garnier. There are probably some other occasions where Leo accompanied and supported Bar. They were probably not mentioned.

  • Hmmm

    I meant to address my comments to #286.

  • Hawaii

    I can’t believe he left 2 pretty cute models for being with bubley in the end. God has a sense of humour, for sure.

  • ^^^^

    @Hawaii: `in the end`? Do you think Erin is `the end` for Leo? You are funny! Who are the 2 pretty cute models you referred to? If it`s Gisele and Bar they left him so he ended up with the last pick of the litter again.

  • Hawaii


    He allowed them to left him. Heatherton is not the end for him – she is just the beginning of the very quick end.

  • Yeah right 288

    .Hmmmm indeed, you forgot to mention that this was all when Leo was filming BD 2006 in Africa and made regular stops in nearer Europe ( Paris, Greece, Italy, Portugal) when filming was on a break rather than go back to the US.
    By 2007 that pretty much stopped and he was chasing other girls like Julie Henderson
    He was never spotted in Slovenia the back lof of posts here on JJ showed that to be BS, (probably from camp Tzipi) he was in Louisiana at the time, especially considering we all know he dumped her in 2009, before she came begging back. So why would he bother?

  • God Mother

    @Nice Girls:

    God mother?They are crazy (I mean also Toby M+family) or what?!

  • @287

    Pls shut the fcku up. I wrote that it was my belief while your fellow idiot stated Erin pursued Leo as a fact.
    And considering we now appear to have oompa loompas on here now trying to rewrite his history with Bar, I don’t think I’m off course at all. So **** off with telling me what to write as s ho le

  • ^^^^

    Oh, why don`t you sh*t the f*ck up with your beliefs? Just for you information it didn`t read like it`s was your `belief` and she didn`t say it was a fact. People here post opinion and belief not facts. But IN MY OPINION you are obsessed with Bar and you see her fans behind every comment which I THINK is ridiculous. Also I never told you what to write so take it easy and get over yourself!

  • ((()))

    @#294 – LOL, LOL, LOL!!!! What a classy picture and a good choice for a God mother! I wonder what happened to Leo’s judgment.

  • Apocalypse Now

    @God Mother:

    Yeah, this one is not only an Angel but also the God Mother.

  • @291

    No Gisele and Bar did not leave him.
    He and Gisele mutually broke it off in 2005
    He broke it off for good with Bar in 2011.

  • @296

    And to my knowledge you are not the fckuing post monitor. If I want to call out you the Bar fans here for their BS /lies I will do so. The laughable claim that Bar the desperado dumped him ( sticking around in a 5 year open relationship hoping to get knocked up and a green card yeah she dumped him all right lol lol ) or that Leo followed her everywhere I will do so. And no amount of your rants is ever going to stop me mother kisser.