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Leonardo DiCaprio: Popsicle Treat!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Popsicle Treat!

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps cool with a popsicle as he leaves a friend’s house on Friday (June 22) in Malibu, Calif.

The 37-year-old actor kept a low profile in a fedora and Carrera‘s X-cede 7001S sunglasses.

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Leo is currently working on a new movie called Django Unchained. Directed by Quentin Tarantino, the western follows the story of a slave-turned-bounty hunter who sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner. Django Unchained hits theaters December 25 – check out the trailer!

FYI: Leo is wearing a Zanerobe shirt and tank top.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio enjoying a popsicle…

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leonardo dicaprio popsicle 01
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 01
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 02
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 02
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 03
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 03
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 04
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 04
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 05
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 05
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 06
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 06
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 07
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 07
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 08
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 08
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 09
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 09
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 10
leonardo dicaprio popsicle 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • @300

    Call out whoever you want but if you don’t want people to respond or comment on your posts you shouldn’t write them. Feel free to call out whoever you want to I never said don’t do it. But prepared that people just might do the same to you. That’s how these forums work! :)

  • Sorry but…

    @#299… I don’t think the breakup with Gisele was that easy in 2005. She started to see Kelly Slater in July 2005. People from Germany tweeted sightings and pictures of her with him in Bali. Leo was filming The Departed at the time. She cheated and even Ted Casablanca admitted in November 2005 that the reason why they broke up was because of a third party. Leo met Bar in November of that year. And Gisele was seeing Slater openly.
    And Bar did leave Leo in April/May after she realized he was pursuing Blake Lively. She sure did the right thing but where did it lead him? He got dumped by Blake who prefered Ryan Reynolds. He dated for a short while that Romanian model for weeks and ended up with the most available and easiest catch (lay) of the fashion world, Erin Bubley.

  • ^^^^^

    I definitely don’t think the breakup with Gisele was mutual. As far as I know she left him. I assume Bar did as well just like Lively.

  • Anyway


    Anyway these models were dating him for boosting their careers not because of great love.

  • Anyway

    They are all fakes, including Leo.

  • ^^^^^

    @anyway: True. The only exception I make is Gisele. I think she loved him regardless of her career. I’m not a big Gisele fan but Leo looked genuinely happy with her.

  • @302

    Gisele was openly seeing Kelly Slater because she hoped to use him as a pawn to get Leo to propose to her. It failed. They were not over each other and July-August 2006 Gisele was spotted out and about with both Leo on her b-day and his mom regularly. The word is they had one last low key fling b4 she met Brady 3 months later.

    Leo and Bar ended before April 2006. They were spotted in Paris and people assumed they were there 2gether but Leo was filming the Chinese phone commercial and I think Bar was shooting for Bel Air. The reason I don’t buy that she left is because, he had already broken up with her several times during their relaysh and as even Ted C admits cheated on her non stop and she STILL did not leave then. Secondly, she seemed to drag out their non togetherness for a long time right up till the Met Gala with her agent telling the NY Post that they were ‘trying to work things out’ which was a lie. Leo had moved on and was not trying to work anything out but let her down easy.

  • Philly

    Thanks for that and if I memory serves that’s what Tinkerbell & Canada Girl wrote that’s how I remember it to.
    But who knows? Tinkerbell where are ya?

  • IMO

    Direct quotes
    “Bar really loved Leo, she was not happy about this break up. Leo brought her a lot of restlessness and she has found completeness in his decision”. – May 22 2011
    “I have had my heart broken. I have faced disappointment”. Bundchen does not mention Dicaprio by name but it is easy to infer the pain – . GQ December 2006

    Does not sound like he got dumped to me but we all have our opinions.

  • @#307

    Leo and Bar were spotted together at JFK airport in April 2011. They were coming from Paris. Pictures exist to prove it. She wasn’t shooting for Bel Air in Paris, she was accompanying him. But I guess she realized he was bored and was flirting (like he always does with other models) so she decided to put an end to this relationship that was going nowhere. He agreed and he was totally free to pursue Miss Lively.

  • @310

    That`s exactly how I recall it. They weren`t seen together in Paris but they arrived back to NYC together. This is the first time I hear this `they weren`t together in Paris` theory. Everyone has an opinion about it and I think Leo gets very comfortable in a relationship and he likes it going his way. As long as the girl plays along he is fine. If they are not happy they walk away. That`s how I see it. I do think Gisele gave up on him and moved on. I also don`t think they had a `fling` after the break up. I guess different people have different theories….

  • @310

    Erm did I not explicitly write that they were spotted in Paris. Problem is they were only spotted at the airport, though Leo less so. They were never actually spotted together in the city Paris. You can take that to mean they were together I dont’t.
    Then Leo was in Washington for the Branson seminar, then at Coachella with Lukas, then to a Bachelors party with Bradley Cooper where he got the infamous chair dance. All the while Bar was travelling btw NYC and Israel. This was in April and before the announcement of any break up, but shows to me it had already ended, and the Paris trip was a likely a last grasp by her.
    @309 – I agree with you

  • Philly

    She let him? He agreed? LOL
    Oh the benevolence of Ms Rafaeli. I suppose it was only right as she was also generous enough to let him pursue, Julie Henderson, Anna V, Jessica Wallace and countless co-eds in nightclubs during their
    ‘relationship’. As even a celeb ass k isser like Perez Hilton knew

  • @312

    I think you are just twisting this Paris thing to your taste but don`t we all do that? Leo was seen on the Big Island of Hawaii ( tweet ) and his friends posted photos of Borington being there with Jen Meyer and that other blonde friend of Leo`s. They weren`t seen together on Hawaii so you think they are there separately? Same situation. Both were spotted on Hawaii but not together. So you think they are not there together?

  • @314

    To my taste?
    There were no pictures of Leo/Bar together in the city of Paris kinda unusual as in the past there were either biking pics or dinner pics. Her being there with I think her brother /assistant after months of Leo behaving like a single man in the months of March and April before, and hiding like a criminal (Leo) in the airport pics does not suggest togetherness or even the remotest possibility of two people together rather one party’s last ditch effort.
    The comparison to Erin pics is stupid. We would never have even known Leo /Erin were in Hawaii but for the tweets in the first place.
    I believe Leo being OK with the Emily gal publically tweeting that pic of she, Erin and Jen Meyer says it all. As was the case of the pap pics of them together in Sydney and tweet pics in the Bahamas with Chuck and Nicki.
    If you see that as the same situation we deffo have different tastes/memories and its going to stay that way.

  • @315

    Exactly the same situation. No photos together so they are not together. Your logic. You do twist it to your taste and you ignore the fact that they got to NYC together from Paris. It’s not unusual not to see photos of them together and Leo was working in Paris. You see what you wanna see. You are never going to convince me. The photos were not lying. It’s obvious that their relationship was coming to an end but it won’t change the fact that they were together in Paris. What’s the big deal about it anyway?

  • @316

    And you see what you wanna see. It’s not the same situation. They arriving on the same one flight from Paris-NYC, could very well have been a coincidence, and coming after months of Leo brazenly and publically behaving like a single man in the US, indicates to me a relationship that had long ended.
    Its not a big deal. I’m not trying to convince you. And you are never going to change my mind either.

  • @315

    It’s not about Leo agreeing with the tweet photos. It’s about the fact that you didn’t see photos of Leo with Bar in Paris so you don’t believe they were together. Same situation on Hawaii. Have you seen anything that would suggest that they are together? Don’t complicate it with other tweet photos and stuff like that.
    I don’t like Bar more than you do but I do believe they were together in Paris just like I believe he is with erin on Hawaii right now

  • @316

    Coincidence? You mean two people who were dating for years being in the same city at the same time then arriving to another city on the same flight is just a coincidence? Also Leo acting like a single man while in a relationship is nothing unusual. Leaving his gf in Mexico to go to Miami to party with all types of models? Partying ( in LA ) when she is not around are typical Leo things.

  • ….


    omg…there is a lot of models…why bibley…the most shameless, bitchy unattractive model ever…Pure hell..

  • @320

    Do you think a better one would go out with him? With his reputation?

  • @319

    Could have been manipulation on her part rather then coincidence?
    Even more so despite Leo partying with other models and hanging around other women post the Met Gala while she was in the city, and Refaeli’s agent telling the NY Post that “they were still trying to work thing out” proves to me that she did definitely did not want to let go but Leo forced it.

  • ….

    I don’t think so…but erin hell really seems to be here/there to promote the Hell using his fame.

  • Solange

    FYI, Leo has always blazengly and publically behaved like single man. No matter if he is dating someone or not. Just days ago, he was partying with his pals in L.A. He’s been seen partying in Miami, Sydney, New York… name it (most of the time he was rumored to date Blake, or Bubley).
    So I’m not sure exactly when the relationship between Bar and Leo ended, but in January 2011 they were seen very much together in Hawaii with Tobey, his wife, Cameron Diaz and other friends. In February 2011, Bar was still seen shopping in LA with her friend Emily. But you know, it doesn’t matter if we try to convince one another about the dates, the facts, the breakups. THe point is that all these girls need to deal with an immature narcissist modelizer. And at 22-23 they are still too young to realize it, but when they get near 25-26, they are bored of his behavior and he is bored with them as well.

  • @Solange

    Intersting you mention his partying and throw Blake and Bubley but not your heroine Bar’s name in the mix. I guess Leo kicking her to the curb like Warren Beatty did to mommy before she could get her green card still stings.
    I knew you were a Barfbot with your regular dissing of Erin. As post 313 showed the relationship was a joke from 2008 and earlier in LA and NYC and only Barf’s internet fans like you think otherwise. Her being seen on holiday with him does not mean ish to what he did when she was carted back to Israel and he was doing who and whatever he pleased. He still took her on holidays when he was banging her fellow SI models and after she crawled back to him in 2009 he still behaved like a single man, as she clung on, repeating how she wanted to have 2 kids before she was 30 and her idiot fans claiming she was preganat with Leo’s baby. LOL

  • @322

    Well, that’s your opinion. First you said it was a coincidence and now it’s manipulation. What’s next? They never dated?
    @Solange: Well said. Finally some sense…

  • @320

    @@319: it seems impossible but he has a big challenge now finding someone with less class than her

  • @326

    I never said it was coincidence I gave you leeway in my reply by saying ‘it could very well have been’ a coincidence’. But my wording and what I said after would suggest to the literate that I believed it to be nothing of the kind and more a deliberate manoevure by Bar.
    @325 I agree wholeheartedly with you and Philly. Well remembered

  • @328

    Oh, to the literate… Too bad that your logic doesn’t make sense to anyone! Literate or not! Even the idea or slight possibility of the Paris trip being a coincidence doesn’t make sense!

  • @329

    ‘the idea or slight possibility’ not making sense to you or Solange does not mean it does not make sense to everyone. But keep huffing and puffing

  • @330

    Come on! Does it make sense to you? Really? Me and Solange only according to you!

  • ….


    Yeah this fact probably will give him strength to make her the Mother Wife…Erin Hell, the Angel, the God Mother, and finally just Mother….pure hell..

  • Solange

    Of course he was partying with models while dating Bar. I didn’t say he wasn’t.

  • Svelt

    I think Gisele really loved him but couldn’t deal with his cheating. That’s probably why he moved on to Bar. She was younger, raised to be a rich man’s plaything and had little career prospects outside of Israel. She looked the other way while he cheated in exchange for trips, gifts and status. Now she doesn’t date and bitches about unnamed ex’s. Erin is young, her career isn’t going anywhere and staying model thin is very difficult for her. She seems like perfect girlfriend material for Leo.

  • @334

    If that’s all he wants in a woman, being young, thin and a model she is perfect for him. If he doesn’t want commitment and just have fun without a serious relationship she is perfect for him. It’s sad to realize that’s all he needs. Erin is nothing more than a play thing, an arm candy. Just like Bar was. None is better than the other….

  • Linsay E is the best

    cheap shit in sweet cover!

  • YX
  • Leo Fan

    Unlike you, I don’t think she is anything near a “candy”. She’s opportunist, very boring, and probably the least attractive girl he has ever dated (including Kristen). Yes, he has the reputation of being a modelizer, we all know that, his friends, relatives all know that. But still, I believe he can do better.

  • DejaNu


    It seems to me that erih is the best low class model ever.
    So no way for this model to be with this uncle next summer.

  • Tobey M. follower

    FYI, and for the ones registered to Press Agency, there are 7 recent pictures appearing of Tobey on a beach surrounded with friends. It doesn’t say they’re from Hawaii, though. It looks more from L.A. SO if anyone can understand German and can open the pictures, please let us know who are on the pictures with Tobey.

  • Tobey M. follower

    You can also see them on NEWSCOM publishers. The pictures were taken yesterday, July 1st in Malibu. We don’t see all his friends.

  • ((()))

    @Hmmm(#288): You forgot to add that Leo took also the time to visit Bar in Syracuse in 2007 when she was working on a movie. He went all by himself, no family, no friends. He just wanted to be with her and took a break from the Revolutionary Road filming.
    Does any of you remember how exciting it was for that waitress?

  • Elena

    @Leo Fan: Agreed, she is incredibly blah, although there aren’t many models nowadays who are as stunning as girls like Claudia Schiffer or Tyra Banks. The saddest thing about Leo’s modelizing ways is that he clearly doesn’t care if the girl is beautiful, he just wants the “prestige” of dating a model. Like, if he saw a tall stunning blonde walking down the street he wouldn’t date her, he’d still choose a completely ordinary looking girl simply because she was a model.

  • @342

    Because going to Syracuse in NY is not that big a deal for an American resident. It would have bee more noticable if he had to visited her in Israel at least once a year as a bigger sign of devotion. Paps or no paps. He probably banged the waitress and paid her not to talk lol. Leo also went to Brazil at least 6 times for Gisele. More importantly when Bar’s Sessions movie showed at the NY festival in 2010 Leo showed how much he cared by snubbing the event. Even more at the UN delegation event 2 weeks later and with NO cameras allowed, he chose to take his mother and leave Bar in the dust even though she was in the states. But by then he had dumped her more times than he could probably count

  • Geez

    This is a Leo, and possibly Erin post. Are the Bar fans so pathetic that they are reminiscing on a relationship Leo tossed aside over a year ago

  • @Geez

    No this is not an Erin Bubley post. This is a Leo topic.

  • Leo Fan

    6 times in Brazil for Gisele???? LOL! Get out of here! I don’t even think he went twice. I have followed him through the years and took note of lots of stuff and events. If he’s been more than twice, PLEASE SHOW ME THE LINKS AND PHOTOS where it proves he went to Brazil many times. I am not saying he never went… but 6 times? No way, girl. No way.

    I do not prefer Bar to any of his girls (except for Bubley), but I believe Bar was priviledged when it came to important and meaningful events. He had her for the Obama Inauguration in Washington and she was with him at the Berlin Peace FIlm Festival with Irmelin. He was with Bar when they celebrated his birthday in a very glamorous and unique way in Cairo. She met Scorsese, traveled with Leo in Italy, Iceland, Greece, Galapagos….. I took note of all this, and yes, she was the most priviledged of all. The luckiest probably.

  • @347

    LOL Barf fan. I have followed Leo since basketball diaries and the days of Kristen Zang
    Only a Barf fan will describe a Berlin festival (where they did not walk the red carpet) as a world event. Some of us might say the Oscars which is world renowned and the pinnacle of Leo’s profession where he took Gisele as more meaningful but not in Barf land. I mean for example, when he took Gisele and her family to the Himalayas for a govt changing policy to save the natives that was not important at all.
    And Gisele still hanging out with Iremlin in 06,08,09 (google the pics) does not show how imprtant she was to her ex’s family event hough he had another girlfriend. Sure
    Him taking Bar around Europe does not suggest ish considering in the 6 months with Erin he he has squired her to Sydney, Xmas skiing, the Bahamas and now Hawaii.These are places Leo takes his pieces it is not suggestive that they are important or special they are simply available.
    True Bar would never have met Scorcese, Armani, Cavalli without Leo. But is it not interesting that even with their friendship with Leo they still did not give her a campaign?
    Lol celebrating his birthday in a unique way?????????? Your’e right Leo never celebrated his birthday till he met Bar. Not in Europe, not in South East Asia. Nowehere. Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend took his vessel to the Middle East for holiday invited Leo and Bar tagged along. Of course the Refaeli family started the BS engagement rumors again. He was always going to Cairo with or without Bar. And when the celebrations were over he was back at Teddy’s in LA with his other girlfriends while Bar was in Israel.
    Bar was privileged.;jsessionid=2079D3708F00D20A07590EB945288A9D
    Privileged enough to not get an STD while her boyfriend cheated on her left and right before finally dumping her even though Mama Tzipi was telling all it was marriage time LOL.

  • @Tinkerbell

    As the longest gossip resident here, I can’t wait to you read and take apart all the crap the Refaeli rats are writing/claiming

  • What?

    Clearly this guy’s personal life is a mess no matter what girl he dates so stop blaming his girlfriends.