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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Weekend Workout!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Weekend Workout!

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler try to keep a low profile as they step out together on Saturday (June 23) in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress and her boyfriend were reportedly headed to a yoga class.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Earlier in the week, Vanessa was spotted meeting up with her mom, Gina!

Also pictured inside: Vanessa and Austin loading up a moving van with furniture.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler on their way to a yoga class…

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vanessa austin going to yoga 01
vanessa austin going to yoga 02
vanessa austin going to yoga 03
vanessa austin going to yoga 04
vanessa austin going to yoga 05
vanessa austin going to yoga 06
vanessa austin going to yoga 07
vanessa austin going to yoga 08
vanessa austin going to yoga 09
vanessa austin going to yoga 10
vanessa austin going to yoga 11
vanessa austin going to yoga 12
vanessa austin going to yoga 13

Photos: FameFlynet, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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    Cute cute cute

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    Please breakup please

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    I like Vanessa, but STOP posting so many posts about her! NONE are worthy or anything to do with her career. JustJared, you’re site is getting worse.

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  • florence2

    Love seeing her and Austin together and hope that he is going with her to the TCA this weekend and we get lots of lovely pictures of the two of them.

    Wonder if that’s Austin’s furniture and he is moving in with Vanessa it would’nt suprise me if he is doing that or will do very soon they have just clicked right away with one another and it’s lovely to see.

  • Emma

    I’m sick of it..

    I wonder why people who hate her come to her postings

    If you don’t like her, why bother to come here

  • Joochi

    I understand that we are all entitled to our opinion on this site but honestly some of you have to much hate for this young women who has done nothing for you to actually feel the hate. My belief is this, if you don’t like the person that be held accountable and move on without feeling the need to post an ugly comment. Don’t judge Vanessa or anyone for that matter because it comes back to bite you in your rear later on. Vanessa can’t help it if she’s getting papped they are just there, everywhere in LA so don’t accuse or assume either that she is calling the papps, don’t think so. Don’t hate! it actually spit’s right back!!!

  • ics

    Beautiful Baby V! She’s in very good shape!

    ps. it’s pretty weird that there are far more (down) votes than people commenting around here…. it quite possible that someone uses some proxy/vpn to manipulate the votes

  • Pinoy

    She should try dating a Filipino man for a change.

  • Stunna

    @BOJI: 10 people seem to agree with what I said, stupid

  • yets

    i love her and Austin is fine w/ me.

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    Wow. I don’t check this site for a couple of dates and my name is everywhere, saying the stupidest things. @Stunna can you not read? The arrows mean nothing. 10 agreeing wth you is probably 5 disagreeing with you. Good to see them spending time together before he goes to NY.

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    #67, I’m sure Austin is fine with you because you are probably another brainwashed Filipino girl who drools over white guys and wouldn’t give a Filipino man a chance. She is half Filipino but she prefers the white half of herself.

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    @Pinoy: And that’s her choice, isn’t it? Thank God, she isn’t racist like you. She loves guys for WHO they are, not their nationality or race.

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    @Stunna, now who is Stupid? You with your ignoramus comments. Thanks, Tina.
    @Pinoy, I must say you are one Filipino with a huge chip on your shoulder. What’s with the hang up? You are really something else, you belong in the middle ages, dearie.

  • MoreThanWords

    I absolutely LOVE these two, and those hating on Austin have serious issues. You bluudy door knobs, just because he isn’t as famous or whatever like what’s his face, does not necessarily mean he doesn’t have any credibility to be dating V. Besides, comments that irrelevant only highlights how much of a space cadet you haters are. It is what it is, love it or fcuk off.

  • yajaira

    why so shy?

  • tina

    @pinoy This is begining to sound like a personal problem to me. Since I’m assuming you don’ t know Vanessa personally, it sounds like someone dumped you for somone else. You do know Vanessa has nothing to do with your personal life? Do you think it might have to do with you? Your personality or lack there of? Grow up and stop blaming others for your short commings.

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    @Very Nice :):
    lmao… but if you change your name you can use the thumbs again.. so the whole thumb up down it has nothing to do with i agree / i don’t!

  • maria

    @MoreThanWords: You are so right. If she dated someone more famous than she is, she would be crucified for “dating up” for fame. So she dates a nice guy, doesn’t care about how famous he is, cause it doesn’t matter to her, and she’s still crucified. Those hating on him are just pissed it’s not Zac, cause he’s perfect in every way. Well, I won’t go into that, but I’ll just say this. They WERE a lovely couple, with the world at their feet. But that world, and their bad timing got in the way. They came to a crossroads in their relationship, where you “either sh*t or get off the pot”, as they say. He didn’t want anything other than the fame and career. She wants both. Simple as that. So hearts have to move on. There is love again, and people have to let her move on. Honestly, he is a great guy for her. He is intelligent, sweet, cultured, and spiritual. Not some a$$ hung up on appearances, image, and himself.

  • anne

    love her so much! and i loooooove to see her out with Austin!
    it looks like EVERYONE wants to know about Vanessa… all her post have 50+ comments!

    Everyone cares about her! <3

  • anne

    and i dont get why some people are talking about her living with Austin… acording to some really reliable source (close friend) they are “living” together since march… and by living together i mean he usually stays at her house almost all the week…
    Probably they are moving some stuff to their Malibu house… i hope we get to see them enjoy part of the summer there and spend a wonderful 1 anniversary together!<3

  • joy

    no, if you change your name, or reboot your modem, or turn off your computer and log in again, etc. you can’t use the thumbs feature again. it works with the ip address, so if you want to vote twice, you would have to go to your neighbor’s house or like someone mentioned use some proxy/vpn to manipulate the vote. seems like a lot of trouble just for voting on a gossip site. i personally never experienced problems with the feature but i agree with you guys that it’s lame and should be removed.

  • Tara

    Liked her so much more with Zac :/

  • florence2

    It’s obvious that they are living together because for one because of the amount if time they are together they obviously can’t bear to be seperated which is lovely. Vanessa is proof that you can gave a career and a loving relationship without making one more important than the other and finding the balance like they obviously have found with each other fame can come and go but building on a relationship can last a lifetime and I’ve a feeling that we will be seeing Vanessa and Austin together for a very very long time and just as happy as they are now.

    And good for them moving into their Malibu house together for the summer’s may they have a long lovely summer together and a great and i,I’m sure of many more anniversary’s to celebrate as a couple.

  • tina

    I have to call bull on them living together. 1(one) small u-haul truck would hardly movie her bedroom let alone her house. All they saw her move from her house was one dresser. I just don’t like it when people (florence) start stupid rumors by stating them as facts..

  • tina

    @anne so her close friend is telling you her business. Again bull.

  • tina

    In July Austin is going to NY to film his series. Why would they move anywhere now?

  • Lauren (BestTrendz)

    She looks so younger than her age

  • anne

    lol i never said that.. i said that their friends (close sources) have been telling they were “living” together since march.. and by living together i mean, he is with her at her house almost all the week… he sleep there and he stays there all the time, they are sharing her place… dont go all defensive with me, i love Vanessa and i LOVE her relationship with Austin, they are really good together, and she is finally happy, she is smiling again after all the crap she has to handle in the past, now she is with someone who actually loves her.

  • maria

    @anne: I wouldn’t be surprised, but it is no big deal. Efron spent most of his time at her house too. That’s what people do when in a relationship. Spend a lot of time together. Especially when their work takes them away for months at a time. I don’t know why this is an issue.

  • MoreThanWords

    @maria: Agreed! it’s nice to see Austin doing everyday stuff with her. There’s no need for pretense or lip gloss *slight chuckle*. In all seriousness, I agree, there was too much going on with one wanting cake and to eat it too, whilst the other wanted it all, including a normal life, to some degree. I think credit goes to Vanessa and her strong bond with her family for allowing her to maintain some of her normal life, pre fame.

  • mykamicks


    Hi Boji! Have a Filipino blood too! That is why I love Fil ams, Causians, Fil Canadians, All Asians with filipino mixes etc… who has talents to share and excels and contribute much to their countries, even to the whole world. The first time I saw Vanessa and able to know that she has a filipino blood, I came to support this woman.

    I cannot get why other fellows of mine always tend to put down someone who does nothing into thier lives bad.

    You cannot dictate someone to love somebody just because you wanted to cater you own taste of nationaity.

    On the positive note, I learned how to love Austin as Vanessa’s BF simply because this guy really shows respect & always care about Vanessa. He is just 20 years old, but you can see how genlteman he is everytime. A simple opening his girl a door car is a plus factor which you cannot disregard for a man like him now a days.