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Daniel Craig: Diamond Jubilee Shopping Spree!

Daniel Craig: Diamond Jubilee Shopping Spree!

Daniel Craig keeps a low profile as he does a bit of shopping on Saturday (June 23) in London, England.

The 44-year-old actor carried with him a Diamond Jubilee tote bag, a celebration which honored the Queen‘s 60th anniversary of her ascension to the throne.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Daniel Craig

Earlier this month, Daniel was spotted in a tight t-shirt showing off his rockin’ biceps in New York City.

Daniel‘s upcoming Bond flick Skyfall is fast approaching! Be sure to check out him and his supporting cast, including Javier Bardem, Judi Dench, Bérénice Marlohe, and more, when the flick hits theaters on November 9.

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  • Aeson Alexandrukas

    this man needy?

  • E.

    He’s so handsome! Never gettin’ tired of seeing pictures of him :)

  • Aeson Alexandrukas

    this man need mony?

  • Lenz

    old and finshed better take young

  • Laura

    Where can I buy a Diamond Jubilee tote bag? Not for sale?

  • ZamoraNona

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  • Amber

    It’s JAVIER BARDEM, not Barden

  • Ana

    @Aeson Alexandrukas: Does man live to eat or eat to live? Everyone needs money to live anyway.

  • Kate

    Daniel goes shopping to buy groceries for Rachel and her son. Sweet!

  • Elle

    Richard Ruddy ‏@RichRuddy
    Just served Rachel Weisz’s mum…chilling with a Gucci Scarf given to her by Daniel Craig. #asyoudo

    24 Jun 12 via Twitter for iPhone

  • petit

    Daniel is da man!

  • Elle

    @Smoother on the last thread. Thank you for the link!! I found his FaceBook. He’s a model?

  • SavageMike

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  • Leon

    Daniel’s sexy as f-ck for an old guy. mmmmm.

  • Mike

    @Elle: Okay, Daniel is doing the amiable to Rachel’s mom. But, hey, England gets into a pinch at Euro 2012. You had better go back home now and support them! LOL

  • Michelle

    Love this casual look with the special touch of the jacket!

  • Luvcat

    One word – HOT! Dan rocks.

  • Meg

    Daniel is so fit!! Stylish but still very manly :)

  • Jo

    I bought it from Amazon, though it’s not the same as him.

  • Helena

    So dapper yet breezy casual! Love it!

  • Elle

    @Mike. I’m sure he’s dying..

  • Carlos

    I need those shoes! Anyone now that brand??

  • Kirsten
  • Rachel Girl

    Connie Chase ‏@ConnieChase93
    Just spent an hour with Rachel Weisz’ granny.
    Connie Chase ‏@ConnieChase93
    @Lucyphonehome she was buying a load of stuff. She was really nice and about 100
    Connie Chase ‏@ConnieChase93
    So today I met Daniel Craig’s mother in law. Essentially I can now become his lover

  • Natasha

    Ooh flares, it takes a brave man to tackle them! But this particular gentleman looks so clean and sharp, his silhouette is impeccable! He definitely carries them off with flair. Love the hat!

  • Amy

    @Rachel Girl: I have heard Daniel’s grandpa is the age of 90 or more. Longevity runs in both families. :)

  • Wedding Anniversary Party

    Sore head? Rachel Weisz makes coffee dash after celebrating first wedding anniversary with Daniel Craig
    PUBLISHED: 05:50 GMT, 25 June 2012 | UPDATED: 05:50 GMT, 25 June 2012

    Low-key is definitely their thing, after all, when Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz got married last year… they only had two witnesses, their children.
    So without any fanfare the couple are said to have quietly celebrated a year of marital bliss this weekend with a private party at their London home.

    Today Weisz was spotted leaving their pad to get coffee with a friend and her dog, perhaps with a sore head from all the champagne.
    It was hard to tell as although dressed to protect herself against the unseasonable inclement weather, she still looked radiant.
    Friday marked their first year of wedded bliss, and it’s one that they’ve acquitted both stylishly and without over-sharing.
    Craig famously, and with verbal dexterity, lambasted the Faustian pact with celebrity made by the likes of Kim Kardashian, so he takes care not tofall into the same trap himself.

  • Fio

    So Daniel and Rachel invited their friends and celebrated the first anniversary of their marriage, how time flies!, with a private party at their London home. Daniel was spotted with Rachel’s mom, and Rachel spotted with her friend and her dog (cute!) yesterday, huh? On the other hand, Daniel was spotted in NY late last night. I feel… God is everywhere, Daniel is everywhere! lol

    Jenny Rosales. ⚓: My dad just texted me that he met Daniel Craig aka 007 at work lol. He’s bout siced !
    angel: I’m high as f*ck and just ran in to daniel craig in an elevator
    Emil Caillaux: @iamthe0nly What happened next?
    angel: @emilcDC i tripped walking out

  • Sunshine Daydream

    There’s something so sexy about a patriotic man! Love him always! Can’t believe it’s been a year for them. Bless! Here’s to 50 more.

  • Looking

    so old. He looks at least 55.

  • Guinness

    not kidding–i dreamt about that Italian hat last night. NOT kidding. he looks delicious.

    are you joyously jubileeing mendel? it has been an interesting show of events over here. and the olympics the same year AND bond 50 yr party celbration? damn. he gonna be busy over there.
    i am home alownnn—-my Dan is in Portland OR, go figure. Kids at camp for 5 days. whollly crap, come across the pond–girls night out. i cant believe i have nothing to do..i am watchign a horrendous amoutn of movies tho—saw Golden compass last night(then i dreamed about that hat…..) he could have something else Italian on his head……..ohhhh yea GUINNESS

  • Mendel

    to Helena

    “So dapper”

    Yes, that’s exactly it. Dapper! Sexy and dapper! And only Dan can wear a hat, a Jubilee tote bag, trainers, and a t-shirt that looks as if somebody had torn at the v-neck (wish it had been me…!) and look dashing!

    to Fio

    “I feel… God is everywhere, Daniel is everywhere! lol”


  • Mendel

    GUINNESS!!! Welcome back!!!

    It’s been so quiet without you…

    “i am home alownnn”


    “come across the pond–girls night out”

    Where’s that Dan Van when you need it (mind you, it would need wings to get across the pond…)

    “are you joyously jubileeing mendel?”

    Jubileeing, footballing (ugh…), getting wet, getting wet some more, need Dan’s…hat, and some bonding… *grin*

  • Guinness
  • Guinness

    not exactly the same hat—he may have a few!!
    yes, good to see you too my friend. ahhh–the Dan Van with wings….mmmmm it could be our portal—imagine that?? Dan’s Van as a passage to another place & time. Damnnnn Straight!!
    and i do have freezy and Curious black to keep me from bawling my head off—I haven’t had time to myself like this for 12 years!!! damn—dan, call me ffs! (ah, Mendel, sending the Van)
    the leather coat……

    raining there? ooo—footballing in the mud…with football men with the men being very footballing ready, and in the mud. mmmmm–dan, in the mud, foot and ballllls and all!!! yeeee hwwww

  • Amy

    Daniel and Rachel have just arrived in NYC!
    Daniel Cooper ‏@sirdanielcooper
    Was on the same plane as Daniel Craig and Rachel Weiss.
    Daniel Cooper ‏@sirdanielcooper
    @british_airways. Adele looked after me brilliantly today on BA0189 to new York. #lovelypeople

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    “not exactly the same hat—he may have a few!!”

    I love that hat pic – so cute!!! And he can leave his hat on… ;)

    “Dan’s Van as a passage to another place & time. Damnnnn Straight!!”

    There could be a book in this…

    “I haven’t had time to myself like this for 12 years!!! damn”

    Pop the champagne – enjoy – because the me-time will soon be over…

    “mmmmm–dan, in the mud, foot and ballllls and all!!! yeeee hwwww”

    Yeeeehawwww indeed :)

    to Amy

    “Daniel and Rachel have just arrived in NYC!”

    They do have wings! Never in one place for long…

  • Amy

    @Mendel: Yes, they are always on the move. They borrowed the book of dinosaurs from the NY public library today, I guess!
    TreyWitty ‏@TreyWitter
    Daniel Craig and his family just walked past me in the East Village. Smokin wife. #007
    Ashleigh Williams ‏@suicidal_panda
    Just used my NYPL library card for the first time! #imabigkidnow
    Ashleigh Williams ‏@suicidal_panda
    Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig

  • Fio

    Rachel Weisz Online—daniel-craig-and-beauty
    RACHEL WEISZ can’t say how she bagged her very own James Bond, but her original ambition to be a spy might have played to her advantage when husband Daniel Craig first caught her eye.
    The British actress, who stars on her third British Vogue cover this month, came online this week to answer the best questions sent in via Facebook and Twitter by Vogue’s readers – and nothing was out of bounds: marriage, career ambitions, most demanding roles, favourite actors, fashion – and how to achieve those perfect eyebrows.
    See Rachel in conversation below:
    Milica Markovic: What was your dream job when you were little?
    A spy.
    Isabel Hicks: Why did you choose to keep her wedding (and arguably your relationship with Mr Craig) so private?
    I feel pretty sure that the majority of people don’t share their marriage or their wedding with strangers. I think it’s pretty ordinary to think that marriage is private and sacred.

  • Fio

    Unfortunately her breasts were precisely at eye level…
    Recently, on twitter #editortips, the comment was made that in a character description we don’t always need exact details. Tall is enough, the measurement to the inch isn’t necessary. Which some people disagreed with, which got me thinking…

    At a workshop I recently attended we were discussing ‘What makes a hero?’, and of course all the adjectives you would expect were listed; tall, dark, handsome, rich, kind…..and then Kate Walker pointed out that it is how he is seen through the heroine’s eyes that matters, that is what makes him a hero.

    Tall to one person is small to another. If our heroine has to look up to meet his gaze we can take it she thinks of him as tall, if we read ‘unfortunately her breasts were precisely at eye level, which left him with somewhat of a quandary..’ then either he’s vertically challenged, or she’s a very tall lady. After all, there is such a thing as too tall, and if you say your hero is specifically 6’ 7”, because you as the writer are 6’ then fine, but some unfortunate reader who is 4’ 8” will probably shrink back in horror and not think of him as hero material at all (you do the logistics!).

    So yes, as Adrien (@smoulderingsea) pointed out, we don’t need all the details. We need just enough and we can leave the rest to the reader’s imagination. It is the other characters, and the reader, who have an image in their own mind of what tall, dark, handsome means, and as the writer surely we have to let go of our strict definition, how we see the characters, and let the reader create in their own mind the complete character. Okay, shock horror, they may completely redesign our character, but once he goes out there he isn’t ours any more. He belongs to the reader.

    And at the end of the day it is the emotions, in any story, that help define how much we like the character.

    How many times have you watched a film where initially you didn’t particularly like the actor (Daniel Craig when he first played 007 had lots of bad press before the film came out, as some people didn’t think he looked the part), but because of the way the person was depicted, through his actions & emotion (his character!) you learned to love him, and root for him. And fancy him?!

    Okay, I just had to add this -

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    You should come to see us all the time!! :)
    “not exactly the same hat—he may have a few!!”
    Yeah, he has the same type of hat.
    “ooo—footballing in the mud…with football men with the men being very footballing ready, and in the mud. mmmmm–dan, in the mud, foot and ballllls and all!!! yeeee hwwww”
    When it comes to football, Daniel is really passionate! He’s soooo Brit! He doesn’t watch football on TV at their home with Rachel because he is half beside himself in a frenzy of excitement. lol

    Matthew Rodriguez ‏: My friend is at an empty bar watching the soccer match. Oh and Daniel Craig is there. Yes, he made the joke about sending over a martini.
    Chris Toy: Daniel Craig just walked in at Smithfield, tempted to attack him and see if this bond stuff is real

  • Guinness

    excellent-Dan is moving about NYC, with some fans noticing!! And i would definitely have sent Guinness–NOT a stuffy martini. well, he could stuff the Guinness! ooohh yes I did!!! (ur welcome Mendel and others…)
    We bought Golden Compass so I am watching him again–beard or no beard he is delicious. wow–alot of British actors. And My Dan still announces him as Frodo Bond. (he’s soooo jealous. )
    Hey Fio–no problema–where you at? Mendel has the Dan Van now–she wont give it up till Dan portals there. ah, ya better get Dan before he parachutes into Olympics. is that really happenin? we are going to NYC for July 4th holiday—the day we said “we’re not gonna take it anymore”!! yey Jubileeee!

    ….and my family is whole again–My Dan’s hat fell off the first night back…for you my friend. wow, would i make alllll his hats fall off.

    cheers. tonight is Summer Pale Ale micro brew!

  • Guinness

    sweetness of Dan. love this site.
    i hope the english country side is treating you well my friend. cuz
    summer here it comes.
    lake suntan
    beautiful weather
    black fly bites
    bike riding
    movies—-(hey, we saw Brave! pretty cool movie about a girl being brave and it is part of my girls heritage so it was kinda special toooo.)
    sharing the razors again
    diff summer suntan lotion smells
    and Dan getting spotted with less clothing. Huh? how come he never wears shorts? hhmmm. too much airconditioning?

    so what is the next time he goes back to work…….i lost track.

  • Danny Boy?

    Now that his best buddy, Anderson Cooper is out and proud .I wonder how long before Danny joins him.

  • Mendel

    to Fio

    “And fancy him?!”


    “When it comes to football, Daniel is really passionate! He’s soooo Brit!”

    Yes, I was surprised that he didn’t just parachute into the England – Italy match… ;)

    Hi Guinness

    “And My Dan still announces him as Frodo Bond”

    Has anybody checked if he has hairy feet???

    “we are going to NYC for July 4th holiday”

    Chasing Dan? ;)

    “i hope the english country side is treating you well my friend. cuz
    summer here it comes.
    lake suntan
    beautiful weather…”


    We just had the wettest June in record history. And July doesn’t look any better so far.

    Excuse me while I dry out my umbrella – again…

    (Dan can share my brolly anytime…)

  • to 44

    Cooper is not his best buddy. He only chatted with him once at a party after the Oscar.

  • Fio

    Rachel (maybe Daniel, too) knows how to avoid paparazzi.

    Rachel Weisz reveals secret to private marriage
    Rachel Weisz keeps her relationship with husband Daniel Craig private by avoiding paparazzi hotspots.

    The couple married in a secret ceremony in June 2011 and are reluctant to discuss their romance. Rachel insists it is possible for Hollywood stars to keep their personal lives out of the spotlight.

    “I suppose you just don’t turn up to places with red carpets,” she told Empire magazine. “Now and again [press intrusion is an issue]. Sometimes you don’t know they’re there. You don’t find out until later. I just think there certain places, there are certain restaurants in New York where there will be photographers, so any celebrity who goes there will know that. I would assume they want to be photographed when they go there. So I just don’t go there.”

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinnee
    You and your family will go to NY tomorrow, right? Great! Let your husband put this on if you cannot find Daniel… lol
    Hi, Mendel
    “Yes, I was surprised that he didn’t just parachute into the England – Italy match… ;)”
    Before Italian player, Alessandro Diamanti, kicks a penalty kick? lol
    And Daniel wears Union Jack brief? :)

  • Fio
  • Mike

    I would assume they want to be photographed when they go there.
    It means Kardashian or DiCaprio? LOL