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Jennifer Lopez: Brazil Meet & Greet!

Jennifer Lopez: Brazil Meet & Greet!

Jennifer Lopez shows Brazil some love as she displays the country’s national flag at her pre-concert meet and greet on Saturday (June 23) in Sao Paulo.

“BRASIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abrigado ‪#LOVE‬RS por el Bienvenido en el aeropuerto!! Los Quiero y los veo manana!!! ‪#jloDanceAgainTour” the 42-year-old entertainer tweeted in Spanish to her followers.

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During her concert later in the evening, JLo‘s production team members were the victim of a thief, who stole personal items from her entourage, according to reports.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez meeting some fans before her concert…

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jennifer lopez pre concert signing 01
jennifer lopez pre concert signing 02
jennifer lopez pre concert signing 03
jennifer lopez pre concert signing 04
jennifer lopez pre concert signing 05
jennifer lopez pre concert signing 06
jennifer lopez pre concert signing 07
jennifer lopez pre concert signing 08
jennifer lopez pre concert signing 09
jennifer lopez pre concert signing 10
jennifer lopez pre concert signing 11
jennifer lopez pre concert signing 12
jennifer lopez pre concert signing 13
jennifer lopez pre concert signing 14
jennifer lopez pre concert signing 15
jennifer lopez pre concert signing 16

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Marisol

    Ew! That weave looks wild.

  • Isabella

    i love JLO, i think she’s incredibly talented.. and i wish i was at her concert, but as a brazilian i’m dissapointed about her tweet. she wrote the word thank you wrong and besides it’s in spanish!! we don’t speak spanish. i don’t wanna seem mean, it’s not like that but i feel like when an artist wants to say something to his fans, no matter what country they’re performing in, you should go to the freaking google and try to learn how to speak. i’m sorry, i love her but i was very sad to read that tweet :(

  • kan223

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  • Alexa

    JLO can barely speak english so give her a break. poor thing is trying to stay relevant hobnobbing around the world to promote that awful loud noise she calls music.

  • jenn

    i love jennifer lopez. her music is amazing!!! thats why she been making hits since 1999. she is beautiful and talented.

  • Taylor Swift Fan

    Making music? since 1999 and still never won a Grammy, how sad.

  • Romona

    She was robbed! Probably ripped off again by her greedy criminal manager Benny Medina.

  • Luiza

    JLO, here in Brazil we speak Portuguese, not Spanish. Thank you.

  • http://hello lemon


  • http://hello lemon

    comoon dance with lemon

  • Well Done Ben

    Once Ben went Brown we didn’t want him back around he came to his senses and is welcome back into the fold.

  • YUCK!!

    Plain rot! She needs to foot the bill for the generations of Welfare Los Cupones spending mooching crotch rubbers and their baby mamas. They can have Vieques Island that rat hole of lazy welfare cheats.

  • ughhh

    JDS (JLO derangement syndrome) is a real illness, get help.

  • Lenz

    she`s sooooooo…………. yahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • brenda

    Go back to acting your music sucks and you are starting to remind of a wh@re I once knew.

  • Alison

    Stupidest woman alive. She went from a 90 pound Crackhead husband to a teen aged gay backup dancer. At least when Britney married K-Fed she was a naive 22 but J-LOW is an old brainless, 3 time loser at marriage 43 year old so she has no excuse. She is almost to pitiful to laugh at but I do anyway…LOL!!!!!!

  • lynda lopez

    exactly Alison and at least K-fed what some what good looking …this guy Casper is a double bagger….one for his face and the other one for his beaver teeth…YIKES!!

    why so sad? maybe because the cat out the bag and everyone knows Casper is gay.Don’t worry everyone will forget about like skeletor as soon as you dump him

  • lynda lopez

    exactly Alison and at least K-fed was some what good looking …this guy Casper is a double bagger….one for his face and the other one for his beaver teeth…YIKES!!
    why so sad? Maybe because the cat is out the bag and everyone knows Casper is gay.Don’t worry everyone will forget him like skeletor as soon as you dump him

  • Antonio

    Even though she is smiling her face looks sad.

  • ina

    If people want to be nice to Brazilians, one important thing: Don’t try to speak in SPANISH!!!!!!!!!!!! Brazilians don’t like it, brazilians hate it! It can sound offensive! Why? Because it shows ignorance about Brazil, brazilian culture! Brazilians speak Portuguese! The only thing in common with other countries of Latin America is that Portuguese is a Neolatin Language as Spanish is…… And “thank you” is NOT “abrigado” is OBRIGADO ( for men) and OBRIGADA (for women).

  • Samantha

    Go back to schoo. She can’t even spell “thank you” in Portuguese. It’s OBRIGADO, not ABRIGADO. Ignorant, lip synching turd.

  • Enrique is missing ?

    Ben mentioned her in his publicity again using the paps as a excuse!
    Still thinking about her again! Paps don’t care about him or harass
    Him anymore! Could of just said that he changed his life and got
    Married and had kids!

    Where is Casper got tired of being a babysitter to her son. When she
    Rarely holds her son at all! Wow what happened to her short do!

  • Shelly

    What happened to her shorter due lol? Stunning as usual

  • Karen

    so many haters
    anyways I love JLO am going to see her live for the first time this Nov

  • Kiki

    PORTUGUESE, J-Lo! In Brazil, the language is portuguese, NOT spanish! Besides, it’s “obrigada”, not Abrigada. At least she got “Brasil” right. That’s how it’s spelled in Portuguese.

  • Sunshine

    It is nice that you are visiting our fair country. For future reference we Brazilians do NOT SPEAK SPANISH!!! Our language is PORTUGUESE, learn some facts before you Tweet,and sound very ignorant. By the way it is OBRIGADO not Abrigado, and yes she did get BRASIL correct.

  • Lauren (BestTrendz)

    She looks so beautiful and stunning, She is an inspiration to everyone

  • OOh shut up haters!!


    That’s so silly! She wrote it in english too so you can understand it! What is she suppose to write in Chinese if she goes to China? Seriously? She said Thank you and that’s what matters and gave you a hell of a show.

  • OOh shut up haters!!

    @Well Done Ben:

    You ungrateful Brazilians. She didn’t have to include your country in her concert but she did. You should be able to understand spanish anyway it’s almost the same shit! Haters are so ridiculous. You probably couldn’t afford to go to the concert so you’re upset. Get a life!!!

  • OOh shut up haters!!

    @Well Done Ben:

    That’s a very racist and ignorant post. He belongs with ugly ass Jennifer Garner. She can’t stand where Jennifer does. That’s why she keeps giving him kids every time he’s close to leaving her ugly ass!

  • Solo Jen does it again

    Well done Ben! What the hell does going Brown mean… Jlo has gone
    On 2 a marriage with a brown man Named Marc Anthony ! Ben is a Irish
    WASP ! Which is why he settled down the a WASP wife and had
    100% WASP kids!

  • She Stinks!

    What a dumb uneducated ignorant b*tch. She insulted the entire country by speaking Spanish. She is such a low class no talent stupid HO. Here she is again, sneering and looking angry. She looks so thrilled to be there, and Enrique’s opening act. I saw some footage, most people aren’t even paying attention, during her desperate and pathetic attempt at ‘singing’ on the stage. I hear she is bombing! Brazil should boycott her and throw her out of the country.

  • joy

    JAJAJAJAJA can’t believe she wrote Abrigado, which actually means wrapped up in spanish! instead of Obrigada… It’s a bit offensive that she doesn’t even make the effort to google it or ask someone… it would be like speaking portuguese in Argentina, I doubt they would appreciate it. She’s dumber than I thought.

  • Luciana

    1º, I agree with the brazilians: she wrote “thank you” in portuguese in the wrong way.
    2º she wrote in PORTUGUESE not SPANISH.
    3º The information you are giving it’s wrong: her crew was stolen in Buenos Aires, Argentina, not Brazil! At least read the link you are posting!

  • Li

    @OOh shut up haters!!: ” What is she suppose to write in Chinese if she goes to China? ” …. Of course not! The problem is that she wrote in SPANISH and as someone said, we Brazilians hate when foreigners speak in Spanish with us! We hate when foreigners think that we speak Spanish!

  • Sunshine

    You are as dumb as she is.

  • Ray

    Beautful and so devoted to her fans :)

  • jc

    @Brenda, go back to acting. You’re joking , right? SHE CAN’T ACT EITHER!!! I can say that I actually feel sorry for her. She looks sad, deep down, in those photos. Holding hands with a gay guy. She has made and is still making a mess with her life

  • Mariana

    Oh, man, not again…
    We speak PORTUGUESE
    not Spanish.


    Woman, if you don’t know how to write it, just write it in your own language and everything will be fine. Ok?
    Thank you, I mean, OBRIGADA.

  • roseate view

    @OOh shut up haters!!:

    seriously? you sure? don’t forget what give the shows is hers business? HER MONEY AT THE LEAST…
    her money depend of our desire to see her lip sync
    have a good day))
    Ps : i hope gay boy-to give her orgasm :DDD

  • roseate view

    @OOh shut up haters!!:

    i feel sorry for you..
    she can’t sold all tickets

  • Ella


    Agreed with most of what you wrote except you should have left Marc Anthony out of it. Marc is cool, charming and sexy and a very talented artist, Too classy for JLo.

  • Lopez is a slut bag


    totally agree
    she don’t deserve this man

  • Ray

    @Mariana at least she tried :) !!!

  • Elena

    @Taylor Swift Fan:

    And she never will!

  • Danika

    Seriously give her a break! At least shes trying!

  • Sunshine


    Trying to offend? Well, she achieve it by her ignorance.

  • OOh shut up haters!!

    @Solo Jen does it again:

    Like I said ignorant post! Nobody’s a 100%!

    Racist idiot!

  • OOh shut up haters!!

    @roseate view:

    Calling her dumb, but most of you don’t know how to spell in English. LOL

    You Rock J.lO!!!! The hell with the ignorant Brazilians! Most Brazilians love you.. I do!!

  • Lopez

    @OOh shut up haters!!:

    Of course, I do not know how to write in English, I began to teach him a couple of months ago .. and going on courses in the USA .. but I do not pretend to be Latino and to do mistakes in in spanish ! and you said that, if not never been to China will not be correct to write in Chinese? or is it just refers to Lopez? ))
    the more it is in Brazil more than once, and it is much to know that there is not speak Spanish))
    by the way i speak 3 languages..
    its is many languages