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Katie Holmes: 'Brave' Movie Night with Suri Cruise!

Katie Holmes: 'Brave' Movie Night with Suri Cruise!

Katie Holmes takes adorable daughter Suri Cruise to see a movie on Saturday (June 23) in New York City.

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The 33-year-old actress paid for the movie tickets in cash. The mother-daughter duo saw a showing of Brave, the computer-animated fantasy adventure film produced by Pixar and distributed by Disney.

Movie synopsis: Determined to make her own path in life, Princess Merida defies a custom that brings chaos to her kingdom. Granted one wish, Merida must rely on her bravery and her archery skills to undo a beastly curse.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise‘s Brave movie night…

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    nice legs…Tom must have a field day on them :)

  • Tinker

    that kid seriously always looks evil pretty scary

  • http://justjared POLO

    katie’s body is so huge and has weird shape…….. A total turn-off……..i’ve only got 1 word for her legs : YUCK!

  • jaspisgirl

    oh please,mrs.katie buy yourself some friends of your age!!!!!! i am sure u have the money.always with her 6-year old daughter,one would say is unhealthy. suri is becoming shy or?but i hope she does not expect mom-bear to change her misbehavior and give her own kid a break,because katie-poo needs the attention and suri gets the attention.hey it is a cruel world.

  • Suris Bedtime????????

    Surie needs to be going to an afternoon movie like most children her age do. Something not right about these late evening or bedtime for Surie night out rituals ALL THE TIME.

    ITA Katy should have a friend her own age and have a nanny to put Suri to bed at proper bedtime hours for children. Weird.

  • Anne

    Aren’t there any laws which could help protect kids like this one from this constant crazy paparazzi exploitation? I started checking this site recently and every time I see pictures of this child I feel revolted. How can this delusional celebrity world watch a child become a psychopathic in the making and comment on her mother’s outfits or legs?

  • Gigi

    Suri is clearly developmentally delayed. Q

  • suz

    The movie is about SCOTLAND!! Why no mention of it? SCOTLAAAAAAANNNNDDDDDD!!!!!!!!! :-) (said in best Mel Gibson voice).

  • summer

    Was it a private session or is Suri able to seat quietly through an entire movie ?

  • ivy

    Do most 6 year olds take blankies and stuffed animals to movies? I don’t think so. If it is a late night show, perhaps Katie should think about an earlier show? What is the point of going t a movie if the child is going to fall asleep?

  • LFR

    Cankles…telephone pole legs and her daughter aways has a feral look. At least keep her hair out of her eyes.

  • lucy2

    I agree with the others that they should have gone to a matinee…but then again Suri ALWAYS has her blanket and bottle within her reach…day or night. How many 6 and a half year olds(yes 6 and a half since her b-day is probably January) use a security blanket at home, let alone in public?
    This is awful parenting. When you look back over the past few years there are examples of other famous parents trying to include Suri, but it never lasted. Adam Sandler, Greg Kinnear…I think they tried, but I’m guessing that the kids said “oh he*l no!” to future playdates with Suri.
    That is really sad. (…and Katie can try to cover Suri’s face with her hair, but we still the resemblance to Josh J….nice try)

  • bad parenting


    I agree with you, this poor child is being dragged here there and everywhere by her mom who is trying to be her ‘buddy’. Clearly the child is distraught by all the papparazzi mayhem!!

    Give this child a break; everyone!!!!!! Katie, the pappz, JJ et al!!!!

  • Really people

    Really people. Crazy Tommy boy has a new movie out…of course Cankle has to pimp the kid out. Free PR…And no worries about the paps, they are CALLED to take these photos, they can come and go as they want, if they want. The parents just don’t care that it scares the kid. Period.

  • an opinion

    Is Cruise still filming in NO? Why aren’t they in NO?

  • cheral

    Sometimes it seems like she’s a single-parent raising Suri.

  • Suri is stimming

    Those meaty legs! YUCK!~

  • siennagold

    There are lot of kids by Hollywood star couples who are not scared of the paparazzi. They just go about their business and they don’t care if the paparazzi is following them taking photos. Suri should be taught the same way. She can never avoid the paparazzi so she should be taught to accept their existence for her own sanity. She always looks miserable and I wanna know – does this kid study at all? Does she play with kids her own age???

  • julie

    Just wondering, is it common/normal for kids to bring blankets and toys to the movies? I seldom go so I don’t know, but it seems odd.

  • Gigi

    If she goes to a matinee she’ll have to be around other kids her own age. A big non no.

  • Tom is in Iceland

    Katie and Suri went there for one day over a weak ago and then came back. Katie has a boyfriend who is VERY TALL. Tom and Katie are not Tomkat anymore. They are supposed to break up when Katie has a success ful film. The movie “Responsible Adults” With Chace Crawford is back on.

  • ugh

    the top knot thing is yuck… she was much more likable with the bob haircut. She carried it well and most I started to really think she had some style. Even when the hair is down and brushed, she’e a snooze… just the average “real housewife” kind of girl.

  • eiwwwwwww

    Why oh why did I click to reveal #1″s comment? It made me regurgitate my breakfast.

  • ugh

    And also… Tom got Honored at the Friar’s Club ceremony recently… an award that typically is given in conjunction with a roast…. I think Tom couldn’t handle the roast so her brought the Suri, and requested “no roast “–because he was going to bring his daughter and it wouldn’t be appropriate … otherwise, there was no reason Suri should be there, very selfish on his part… she doesn’t understand all that stuff and she looked bored and unhappy in the photos …they use that child so much for PR, it’s gross.

  • ugh

    Furthermore, It is SO obvious that Tom And Katie expose themselves to the paps… EVERY TIME Tom or Katie have there movies out and they are doing the premier and media circuit thing… Katie and Suri all of a sudden surface eating ice cream walking the streets of NY all dolled up. Their Media exposure/ pap picture are all out in clusters and if happen to look and compare the timeline its all around the time their films are coming out… this really disgusts me.

  • Huh?

    Her imdb says Responsible Adults is “announced”.
    What the heck does that mean? It was announced in early May 2011!!!
    How hard is it to get a dorky low budget rom com the green light?

  • JennG

    Katie looks checked out & they both look miserable.I feel bad for Suri if she does have any developmental delays because the parents are both in denial if she does & the “all knowing’ Tom Cruise doesn’t believe in getting help for mental health issues.I wish they would get a divorce & Katie would go back to Ohio with Suri & try to give her a normal childhood.Maybe if she did this for a few years & distanced herself from Tom she could try & salvage her career.

  • Sue

    Don’t a-list stars get tickets to the premiers of such movies?(I’m not implying that Katie is a-list, but Tom still is,for the moment). Premiers for this type of movie is when you see normally private stars out and about with their kids. Are Suri and Katie THAT disliked? As for all of the cr*p that Suri is dragging with her; I think she does it because she has no friends and hoped to make other kids jealous(look at me. look at me type of thing)

  • Hamlet

    How is that clear at all, #7?

    Why couldn’t she, #9? She’s already six.

    Holmes is filming a movie in nearby Connecticut and she’s has business in NY, #15.

    That’s a different type of ceremony, #24. You’re mixing the two up. Cruise had nothing to do with that and he makes fun of himself all the time.

    It was probably securing funding, #26.

  • Jokergurl

    I feel sorry for Suri, she looks very uncomfortable with paparazzi snapping pictures of her constantly. They always have the cameras in her face and that has to be scary for a child. They should make laws to have these vultures back off, at least from young children. It’s not right.

  • j

    @Suris Bedtime????????: Learn to spell.

  • http://nicole Alice

    I like Suri’s dress! Trendy!