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Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: Giorgio Baldi Dinner!

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: Giorgio Baldi Dinner!

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher leave through the backdoor of Giorgio Baldi restaurant on Saturday night (June 23) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The former That 70s Show co-stars enjoyed dinner together before hopping in a car and driving off in the darkness.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Mila Kunis

Earlier in the week, Mila was spotted driving with Ashton to grab some coffee at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

10+ pictures inside of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher making a discreet exit out of Giorgio Baldi restaurant…

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mila kunis ashton kutcher giorgio baldi dinner 01
mila kunis ashton kutcher giorgio baldi dinner 02
mila kunis ashton kutcher giorgio baldi dinner 03
mila kunis ashton kutcher giorgio baldi dinner 04
mila kunis ashton kutcher giorgio baldi dinner 05
mila kunis ashton kutcher giorgio baldi dinner 06
mila kunis ashton kutcher giorgio baldi dinner 07
mila kunis ashton kutcher giorgio baldi dinner 08
mila kunis ashton kutcher giorgio baldi dinner 09
mila kunis ashton kutcher giorgio baldi dinner 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • krix45

    engaged a year from now; pregnant and married 2 years from now – or the reverse.

  • sinca

    ugh, gross. Can’t believe Mila would do it.

  • Supposition

    My theory: Ashton has liked Mila for a long time, but because Mila is no ditz and Ashton was married, there was no chance for such a relationship to happen. No chance until now, that is.

  • AnaTheGreat

    why gross?? they will be a pretty nice cpuple,and will make nice babies..xD

  • x

    Well, now they could be dating. But it must be so annoying for the paparazzi to be on their a*ss all the time.

  • Aeson Alexandrukas

    why dark? for hide

  • Aeson Alexandrukas

    2 was run in car! dont want anyone see

  • Amanda

    I really hope they’re just friends. Mila is too sweet for a d-bag like Ashton.

  • Halli

    They’re dating for sure now.

  • miss infamous

    definitely dating

  • Domino

    Why gross? Because he’s a cheating bastard. Any woman deserves better than that.

  • Emma

    This is definitely a date. No girl would get dressed up like that if it wasn’t.

  • SavageMike

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  • burp

    really why is this inconceivable that it is a dinner date between two actors who KNOW this will stir up all kinds of speculation.
    Ashton likes to party hardy with more than one beautiful chick after another. That’s his playboy image. Why get out of a marriage to go right back into a committed relationship?
    Why would Mila who is on a roll want to be tied up in a relationship with him, she could definitely do better in terms of dating up A List.

  • csa

    She is a liar and a slut!

  • Qiz

    Friends my a**…(-_^)

  • http://! liverwurst

    I kinda like them together.

  • The Hollywood game


    Her movie Ted opens this week, but the loser of Aston is not Di caprio or any actor with talent

  • Sunshine

    @Emma: Took the words right outta my mouth. That dress is pretty sexy for a dinner with just a “friend”.

  • Gossipgirl

    They look like a pair of vampires in these photos. He is a douche, but she is an adult, so, whatever!

  • NYC

    Moving up the ladder for him.
    Moving down the ladder for her.
    She can do much better.

  • porkfry

    hollywood enables any dou che to tap any female of choice … soo don’t complain about it people b/c you fools buy the movie tickets !

  • ll

    They cranked this thing up a few notches in the last 7 days, didn’t they? Bike ride (with her publicist hanging around), coffee run, now this.. and we should see a bit more of the show in the coming days. Let’s hope it helps Ted do well at the box office when it opens next Friday. JT banging Mila, penis pic on her cell phone, marine ball and rest of the BS from last summer worked well for Friends with Benefits so again it’s business as usual.


    two no talent twats

  • truth

    @LINDSAY LOHAN WILL WIN OSCAR: this from a Lohan fan? Hilarious.

  • Eva

    Dumber and Dumber…
    Or Gross and Grosser

  • ll

    The source of those pics is a short video (hence the low quality) from another popular celeb news site. You click on the video and the first thing that pops out is the official trailer for Ted. ……..Are you still buying this thing??

  • @ll

    @ll: they’ve been seen out having dinner, etc.. since April…that’s quite a movie promotion plan, starting back in April.

  • ll


    True, it started in April couple of days before she went to Las Vegas to promote another movie. Then it was quiet until recently. Anyways, here’s a comment I posted on tmz site:
    “88% believe they’re dating and this is why PR works so well in Hollywood. They’ve got it even with the poll now, job well done. Who cares that the first thing you will see when you click on the video is a trailer for Ted which opens in a few days.”
    That comment got removed within 5min, others incl. those with insults are still there. Ok..whatever….

  • @ll

    @ll: Actually that isn’t quite true. She was in Vegas promoting the same movie, as well as OZ. And it really didn’t quiet down. They have been seen out having dinner several times in May and early June. It just wasn’t reported on by the blogges like this was…probably because they didn’t get pics like this. I still don’t see how going to dinner with Kutcher drives any business for Ted, but whatever is right.

  • poop

    she’s a porker now..such a downgrade from Demi. Demi was always fit and gorgeous..guess Ashton likes them fat and ugly now.

  • jj

    Well Ashton is still technically married, separated but still married never the less. How can anyone begin a new relationship when they have not yet left the old one? A person who has been married for 6 years and not yet divorced needs time to reflect and get their priorities straight. If you don’t enjoy your own company chances are you will not be happy with anyone for too long. people are afraid to be alone for 6 months, but being desperate and seeking to fill your time with constant noise and distractions will lead to nothing but disappointments. If you want to know how something will end look at the way it began. If something has no solid foundation it will crumble and fall apart. Ashton has not stopped for a minute to take a breath from seeing woman after woman. Considering Ashton has had multiple partners and one night stands, it shows he have no clue about self love and respect towards himself. Having multiple partners and one night stands doesn’t strike me as a very mature thing. Unless he takes time to learn from his mistakes dating and future with any woman will lead him to the same choices he had made in the past. You think I’m wrong observe patterns..,many times people’s past tells you what you can expect. People can change if they want to..that is the good news.

  • mike

    @poop: No, if that was the case he’d be interested in you.

  • Eva

    @jj: The dude is totally playing the media game. All this tabloid fodder serves to detract from the key issue: that he is talentless and incredibly boring.
    He has been using this strategy since the very beginning, including with Demi Moore, who seems to have gotten more naive as she clocks up the years.

  • ll

    “….I still don’t see how going to dinner with Kutcher drives any business for Ted…” It doesn’t unless it goes public and is presented as a juicy story to attract attention. How do you reach a large group of people that reads stories about celebs? I guess you need to offer a story before anything else. This is pretty basic stuff.. See if you still remember this thing in a year.

  • Mr. P


    He is a douchebag, no dought about that and Mila is very naive to believe what ever lies he tells her! You know what they say…THE BEST PREDICTOR OF FUTURE BEHAVIOR IS…PAST BEHAVIOR!!!

    Mila and her family are in for a real treat from this A$$H0LE!!!

  • Mr. P


    I don’t get it, how is this going to drive ratings for Ted? It doesn’t make sense! The only thing that makes sense is that women always find attractive men that are wanted by other women! This douchebag has been banging a lot of different women lately and sadly Mila things that she nailed him down and therefore she is better than them. It’s all psychology. In reality, she is going to suffer big time after this, both her image/career and psychologically because this guy is not suitable for a long term relationship he is a piece of trash!!!