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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Largo Lovebirds!

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Largo Lovebirds!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart make separate discreet exits out of Largo at the Coronet on Thursday (June 21) in Los Angeles.

The couple enjoyed an evening of live music before quickly heading to their car to avoid the huge crowds of people.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

In case you missed them, check out Kristen and Rob in some newly released stills from their upcoming highly anticipated film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

The flick hits theaters on November 16 – we can’t wait!

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  • Harris

    Kristen looks beautiful.

  • Den

    they’re an amazing couple

  • V

    Love them! But hate how these paps won’t leave them alone.

  • deej

    Why is Kristen always acting like she’s dying? She made 34 million this year be happy

  • Solange

    None of the other actors act like this and Stewart is acting like she’s getting “raped”

  • jenni

    Lol look at their expressions it’s like they want to punch someone

  • eh

    Oh look it’s the sullen and miserable love birds

  • well

    lol.. people still believe they’re a real couple?? i guess it’s the same way people believed tom cruise and nicole kidman where legit.. its just for publicity but whatever.. im going to guess most of the comments are from the just jared junior crowd?

  • Yuck

    Kristen Stewart dresses like such a slvt.

  • Please shower!!

    I heard they both stink. Hey Robsten, please shower, its good for you, you know ugh!! *holds nose*

  • Laudi

    Agreed. They always look like someone killed their puppy and they make all that cash for having no acting talent

  • zxong

    Kristen is the worst actor. The least she can do is look happy you ungrateful spoiled brat

  • Pinkilo

    Please go away untalented tw@ts

  • lol

    It’s always the hiding, sneaking, and looking unhappy and depressed with these two.

  • Jake

    So Twilight promotion has been going on since Jan. This last movie better make a billion with these two’s efforts

  • lola

    Ohhhh….please don’t start again that you hate them and blah blah blah.Its really getting old.It has been four years since they became famous.Seriously?Don’t you get tired by hating on people you don’t really know?

  • mz

    People have decided how they are going to perceive her. No matter how many times she smiles, they’ll put in the one picture where she’s not smiling – Rob.

    they went out, they had drinks, they had fun, then 200 people stood there waiting for them to come out to get thousand dollar photos of them. i’d look like that too. if you guys who have enough energy to hate them took that energy to learn the whole story and watch the pap video you’d understand why a 22 year old girl can get annoyed that people won’t leave her the f*ck alone.

  • ann

    why in hell would you look happy when you’re coming back from a concert and thousand of paparazzi are in your face?????????? whyyy???
    THE DON”T FAKE IT!!! They are natural and real,the don’t feel ok with that so they won ‘t smile! because they are not sick for attention,you idiots… gosh

  • ann

    and/…are there still persons who doesn’t believe they are a couple??? oh may…you are sooo lame! they are soo a couple and fact prove it! they go to friend’s weddings together,they go to concerts,festival together,they go to each other film premiere ,they talk about each other in terms of lovers..they spend their birthdays together,there are photos with each other’s family…and so much more…

  • ann

    plus they visit each other movie set..and other actors knows them as a couple!!!

  • ann

    oh,and kristen looks gorgeous,,awesome legs! and rob,nice look!

  • Jo

    @ann: @lola: There were only 6 papa and Anne Hathaway was there too

  • ugh

    Such an ugly man.

  • http://hello Aeson Alexandrukas


  • L

    Pattinson has just become annoying…

  • Lenz

    clear handsome open your eyes 00 see good okay

  • mark

    she is so into being real. only fake people talk like that. and children. Shes rude to coworkers. She is faker than a four dollar bill.

  • http://itisme!!! Aeson Alexandrukas

    he not ugly he just normal leave he and she go car

  • http://itisme!!! Aeson Alexandrukas

    hello lenz :8

  • Kary

    How happy they look!!! Hahahahaha. Couple? Please! A couple is Nina and Ian. Robsten = Twilight Saga Publicity

  • Samina Kaja

    Wow, she’s back in the States, that was quick.

  • Jess

    Gorgeous couple!!! I love how they have been going strong for nearly four years now and still people bitch about them to no avail!!!! Hilarious!

  • Lydia

    Beautiful and down to Earth….both of them! I do not know another couple to equal them really!

  • Millie

    The amount of money those hideous paps make off a picture of the two of them is huge! If they get them all smiling and couplely that amount doubles.If they get them riled up it doubles. They stick cameras in their faces, block their way, push their friends and yell rude questions at them while trying to get a reaction to make money from them! I would never fake it and smile for them like other people do either no matter how popular it would make me with clueless people!! Rob and Kristen have a bit if integrity at least!

  • Sarah

    Love them!

  • LOD

    I love seeing pics of them. They are they only celebrities that I actually click on to the article! There is something about them that draws me in! I’m just not fussed about anyone else and I am certainly not interested in clicking on articles just to hate/trash talk people! Thats a bit pathetic really!

  • Nadia

    Beautiful people!

  • Lynn

    They’re easily my favorite couple in Hollywood. Over three years together and they don’t shove it in your face at every turn. Apparently they’re in New Jersey right now for a friends wedding and some guests posted pictures online. They’re very low key and lovely.