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Channing Tatum: 'Magic Mike' Premiere

Channing Tatum: 'Magic Mike' Premiere

Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, and Matthew McConaughey heat up the red carpet at the premiere of Magic Mike held at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on Sunday (June 24) in Los Angeles.

Channing and Matthew posed with their wives Jenna and Camila (in Emilio Pucci) before heading inside.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Channing Tatum

Co-stars Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez, and Olivia Munn also attended the event.

In case you missed it, check out the Magic Mike trailer, and be sure to catch the flick when it hits theaters on June 29!

FYI: Matthew suited up in Dolce&Gabbana.

10+ pictures inside of the cast of Magic Mike, as well as Camila Mcconaughey and Jenna Dewan

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Credit: Jason Merritt, Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • cookie

    MATT BOMER!!! <333

  • cookie

    YES I LOVE MATT BOMER!!!! “he’s a fantasy that is out of reach!” :(

  • Sadie

    all gorgeous, cannot wait to see it!

  • Lacey

    Alex Pettyfer is all kinds of sex on a stick. Geese. I don’t remember thinking he was this gorgeous.

    Also, heard Pettyfer’s recent interviews, like the new one on E!Online– whoever his PR guy is— GOOD JOB and hugs go out to that guy for getting Alex coached up or whatever. More and more lately– This is the most likable and personable Alex has ever been. Alex smiled, AND, he cracked jokes, and poked fun at himself, and talked about being a band of brothers… No lies, Alex was… charming and sort of adorable. I’m reaching crushed out status. I’m suddenly rooting for Pettyfer and want more of him.

  • Guy

    I can imagine it now, those guys start doing their dances and money starts flying at the screen! I have already come up with a sequel it will be “stripper on call” a story about a 20 something single mother who has to strip for money while fighting to make ends meet with her land lord and keeping that nasty c-section scar hidden during her dances. Hooray for movies bout strippers!

    Totally sarcasm btw…….well except for the fort part about the money…you know that could happen LOL.

  • Tony

    Matt Bomer (with all these hot men prancing around him) must have had a boner throughout filming lol.

  • kc kendra

    Matty B is the sexiest man alive. WB smart to put him up front in marketing this one.

  • Nancy

    Is this a male version of Show Girls?

  • MJ

    @Nancy: For the gay crowd, YES. lol

  • Jamie Neutrojen

    Sad Bomer fans… They are trashing Alex so hard on their fan site even on gay forums. It seems like they think Alex is a huge threat for Bomer’s career path, LOL gay idiots.

  • Michael

    How many Razzie awards is this film going to win?

  • Jen

    I’ll pass because it’ll be Blu-ray next month then I’ll buy it. lol

  • The Brain

    I saw this movie last week in LA. OMG it’s AWFUL. It’s as bad as you’d imagine times TEN. Bomer is barely in it, he cannot act, Matthew is an old, creepy hillbilly, Alex looks filthy gross throughout the film, Channing is a good dancer but appears partially retarded, Joe M. offers nothing. It is truly one of the worst films I’ve ever seen.

  • The Brain

    @Michael: ALL OF THEM!!!

  • Lenz

    i dont…. nothing to say comment

  • VelezRosalyn

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  • Aeson Alexandrukas

    where i click now ? anyone?

  • Khloe

    This post needs more Pettyfer. I saw some pictures of him accepting some Young Hollywood Award a week or two ago? I’ve been wanting more, more, more of him ever since. Totally shallow, but he’s looking so freaking good these days. More, please. Didn’t he just get cast in The Butler, too? I’m anxious to see him take on a more serious movie like that. His mix of looks and talent… I’m all in.

    On another note, one of my friends saw Magic Mike in a screening… She said Cody Horn or I don’t know her name– something like that, and Alex Pettyfer, and Channing Tatum were the standouts for her, and she claimed they were all fabulous. She said they were all really good in it, gave layered performances, despite the topic of the movie, she bought their characters, she bought their depth, and that’s high praise from her, because she’s never been a fan of Tatum in the past. She literally raved about all three of them.

    On the flip, she usually loves Bomer, and she said it was “bad news bears on every level” watching him in this, and she said she had second hand embarrassment so bad watching one of Bomer’s scenes, she almost had to cover her eyes… According to her, I guess his role is small compared to the amount of promotion he’s been getting and she said if he’d had a bigger role in this, this movie could have killed her like of him. She said it was that bad in her opinion… and overall not his best outing. Literally it made her question his talent/ability to sell a character and she is someone who thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread on his USA show, White Collar, and on Glee. So that’s saying something for her if she’s questioning Bomer. She said the always gorgeous and talented McConaughey looked so dirty in this role she couldn’t get past it, she said she felt like she needed a shower afterwards, and she said the overall movie wasn’t that great, in her opinion.

    She also noted the way the movie is marketed in promos doesn’t align with what it’s really about, necessarily. All in all, she wasn’t a fan despite all of the pretty guys running around barely clothed, and despite the fact she thought Horn/Pettyfer/Tatum acted the you know what out of the material they were given to work with. She said she does not recommend it, at all. She’ll watch damn near anything and at least sort of like it, so I’m left thinking… Yikes.

  • Lia



    You don’t go see this movie for the plot, the characters, or the acting: you go see it because there are hot, naked men prancing around in their underwear. If you went expecting more and were disappointed, then perhaps you need to evaluate your initial expectations in light of what the movie is: 5 hot men dancing around in their underwear.

    Personally, I’m going for Channing Tatum. That man’s all kinds of yummy, 10x more because he can actually dance!

  • Yes

    The Hollywood Reporter just gave this a great review can’t wait to see it since they are usually right about movies.

  • Ellgy


    I totally agree. When I go and see this movie, I am going to see Channing strut his stuff. I will watch this movie for the eye candy alone.

  • Carly

    I caught a press teen last week and it was great. Bomer and Pettyfer steal it they are so hot.

  • Manny

    Several but who give a rat’s ass. Joe Manganiello is the sexy beast alive!

  • Three stars

    OK, I just saw the movie too and I liked it. It’s surprisingly funny and enjoyable. You won’t waste your money, this is Soderberg’s movie but it’ll be TOTALLY different than you’ve expected. So don’t bring a beer. This is about Tatum and Alex, and forget the rest because they could have been anybody not important but I think these hunky stars just wanted to work with Soderberg at any cost. The first trailer was more accurate about this film. They were funny but no sexy. (believe or not) Love Channing even more, he’s such a likeable man.

  • Sandra

    @Jamie Neutrojen: i find hard to believe Matt fans are bashing Pettyfer bc of that, can you tell me which sites??

  • Butter_Fly

    Actually hoping this bombs but sadly people are going to flock to see this crap.

  • LinLin

    There are two failed Superman-wannabes Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello doing silly stripping LOL

  • duchess

    @Sandra: well shame on them but they silly matt has one of the hottest careers in show now and great actro so no need to

  • casey

    OMG adorbs vid on Youtube of Alex and Matt hugging MELTS

  • SG

    @Jamie Neutrojen: What a load of nonsense. I read all Matt Bomer’s fan sites, and I’ve never seen any of his fans even MENTIONING Alex Pettyfer, let alone bashing him. If you want to try and prove your accusations, provide information about where this so called “bashing” can be found. But to be honest you sound delusional. None of Matt’s fans think Alex is a threat to Matt’s career – they’re not going up for remotely the same parts. Also, Matt and Alex are friends, so Matt’s fans wouldn’t bash Alex for that reason. You’re obviously a homophobe, as well, ‘Jamie’. Lovely.

    Wow, there are some really strange people on this site. And the sad troll(s) giving negative votes to all pro-Matt comments are here as usual, I see. *eye roll*

  • SG

    @Sandra: They’re not bashing him anywhere. ‘Jamie’ made it up.

  • SG

    @Tony: I see you’re not afraid to expose yourself as a silly, sad homophobe. I’m sure you’re very proud.

  • Jenna

    Sandra- This is late, I don’t know if you’ll check back, and sorry it will be such a long response, but to be fair, from what I’ve observed reading around, it’s not all Bomer fans bashing Pettyfer, so the original poster could have maybe qualified their comment. Bomer has some really great fans, and a legion of fangirls who make it their business to support Matt in all ways, which means also supporting anything tied to his family in ANY WAY. Truthfully, his fangirls now support any project they know Matt OR his husband (through his clients) are linked to. Pettyfer is directly tied to Bomer’s husband– so a lot of Bomer’s major and loudest supporters, particularly the fangirls, often support and promote Pettyfer and very vocally and with their wallets, too, the same can be said for anyone they know Bomer’s husband reps. That’s the really awesome side of Bomer’s fandom. They’ve made Matt and his husband their “OTP” and want the world for them and all of the success they can get in every facet of life. Pretty cool.

    Having said that– I stumbled across sites when googling– There’s definitely an irrational hate for Alex from some of Bomer’s fans. NOT lying. There’s a part of Matt’s fandom, that are, I don’t want to be offensive, so I’ll say– of the male variety in particular, that are so catty/borderline crazy, and ill-informed– everyone and everything is a target, including Matt. Half the time the site/s in question, read as if they are jealous in one of two ways, they either want Matt for themselves so they’re hoping his family and everything connected to his family implodes OR they want to be and replace Bomer, as in, they want his life, including his career, husband, and kids, no lies, these people want his whole life on some level– and both of those scenarios inspire some crazy irrational hatred towards certain things/people– including Alex.

    I’m sort of afraid to name one of the main sites of “Bomer fans” that can be indicted for going after Alex and others, because these “fans” say/speculate/rumor monger so much awful stuff in general, not just about Alex but anyone, including Matt at times, or really anyone who they perceive as a “threat” to their goal of having Matt or their goal of eventually stealing Matt’s life, that they convince themselves of the craziest stuff, and they project too, and then post their theories like it’s true facts, and it’s really spiteful.

    Just– on the topic of Alex– and one of the more tame theories– These guys/Bomer fans have themselves convinced that Matt’s either not in a committed relationship because he lives across the country from his family and thus is “obviously” a big ol’ cheat (you know freeing up Matt’s husband and kids for them to have once he dumps Matt for being a cheater and/or freeing up Matt for them to have once he decides to leave his husband he doesn’t really love) OR stick with me here, that ties to Alex and one of their even better, i.e., crazier and unhinged theories, they’ve decided that Bomer’s husband and Pettyfer are carrying on some sort of illicit affair or that something is going on, OR they are convinced that if the whole Alex/Matt’s husband affair hasn’t started yet, his husband would leave him for Pettyfer, which is GREAT for them, and they’re convinced that Matt’s husband wants Alex to be a bigger star than Matt, so they hate on that part of their scenario… They’ve even convinced themselves that’s why Bomer’s husband can be seen “supporting” Pettyfer on the red carpet often, and why they can google pictures with Pettyfer and Matt’s husband in the background or youtube Pettyfer and his husband is in the background, yet they “NEVER” see Matt getting “support” from him at anything despite the fact that– in the land of real life– his husband is at so much of what he does– in the background supporting him. You can’t make this stuff up. They hate on Pettyfer and everyone else all the time in some twisted love of Matt, or want of his life, or to “support and defend” Matt. They’re vicious. And that’s “the tame” side to some of the comments, so I can’t in good faith link, because when it starts getting that looney tunes– things aren’t fit for mass consumption, but I can vouch for “Jamie.” Matt definitely has a super scary and deranged/delusional side to his fandom, and they just make up ANYTHING, and run with it, no proof needed, no basis in reality, and Alex and others are most definitely a target.

    I truly respect the way Matt and his husband handle everything, and everything they’ve done this past year has been masterful in introducing themselves/their family to the “public”… Like, genius. But the lunacy gets extra cray when a couple stays so private/are rarely “seen” together or seen “smiling together” or seen “touching” by the “public” (which is their right). But, it leaves some of the pettier fans to speculate they’re both “available,” “not in love,” “Matt’s a cheater,” or whatever else, and that leads to… Insanity.

  • Guy

    Channing and Matt looks so good together :)

  • Guy

    Channing and Matthew look so good together :)

  • Guy

    Channing is so hot :) I bet the dude is fun to hangout with :)

  • pup

    Matt Bomer IS Christian Grey. ;D

  • ashLEY

    Finally Alex Pettyfer has shave the rats nest on his face and is back to his hot self again.

  • Laurie

    Since Matt Bomer fans were trolling Henry Cavil thread once when Cavil took Superman role over Bomer I believe it.

  • My 2 Cents


  • Captain Jamie

    @SG: It’s clear that some of Matt Bomer fans were recently crazy bashing Alex Pettyfer. @Jenna found it out quickly. You can’t miss it so I’m assuming that you were the one doing that because you are lying about it.

  • somali girl

    What happened to Mathew? Eww