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Jennifer Aniston: Voted Best Road Trip Buddy!

Jennifer Aniston: Voted Best Road Trip Buddy!

Jennifer Aniston shields herself from view as she arrives at LAX Airport on Monday (June 25) in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old actress was joined on her incoming flight by her beau Justin Theroux, who led the way through the terminal and out the door.

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In a recent UK poll, Jennifer was voted “Best Road Trip Movie Ideal Travel Partner.”

Taking the other top spots in the list were Simon Pegg, Jim Carrey, Robert Downey, Jr., Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman, Susan Sarandon, Gerard Butler, Chevy Chase, and Russell Brand.

25+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux arriving at LAX Airport…

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jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 01
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 02
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 03
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 04
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 05
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 06
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 07
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 08
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 09
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 10
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 11
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 12
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 13
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 14
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 15
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 16
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 17
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 18
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 19
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 20
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 21
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 22
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 23
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 24
jennifer aniston justin theroux lax airport 25

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  • LOLing

    Also voted worst wife and girlfriend by Brad, Vince, Jon, Paul, the guy who called her sport fvck…

  • LOLing

    btw, her man looks gross…

  • Adelle

    Only nice comment i can make is i like her shoes.

  • Guest

    Haha I enjoy seeing all the jealous loons…lol. I wonder when voting by these ex’s was done because even the mighty king as you call him had to go on a parade apologizing to her last

  • James Haven

    Angie and her entire family makes trips abroad exciting and fun!


    James Haven

  • JP Fan

    when did pitt apologize last time i checked he clarified his statement, he never apologized, big difference

  • Guest

    Yeah I must have missed him going on and on about Jen being his good friend and people should be nice to her bla bla. Give where the poll is for her being voted the worst wife and girlfriend loon

  • JP Fan

    are you the same jen hen that was spamming the jj begging jared to post pics of jen and her bf in capri you loons posted the link on Courtney Cox page Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stones page so jared would listen, desparate as heck, and since all her men DUMP her no poll needed, tate, brad, vince, mayer, all dumped her

  • Tammy

    That is one ridiculous title. She’s one of the most boring celebrities of all time. Nobody would enjoy going on a road trip with her. Look a Justin Theroux’s face. He’s bored to death! LOL!

  • Guest

    Haha you are called loons for a reason…lol but go ahead. I am sure hating on her will make you guys sleep at night.

  • JP Fan

    also what is there to be jealous of, if i had to be jealous of any celeb it certainly wouldnt be 43 years old continuously dumped loser who is only relevant now because of her ex

  • pr push oncce again

    Never voted best Actress or doing something good for others. just stupid tabloid polls for pr purposes because we know she isn’t known for her acting because it sucks.

  • Daisy

    Most people like Jen, only Jared people don’t like Jen.

  • Whatevah

    ROFL every time i see Maniston’s news I just laugh. She’s just pitiful it’s sad.

  • Guest

    most people like her, is that why her last movie only made 21mil WW and no once goes to see her movies when she headlines them,

  • Kara

    Isn’t it funny how these two stopped their photo-ops once Rock of Ages completely bombed & got bad reviews?!?!?

    It is like they could not be associated with it. Before it came out her pr team did everything to promote Justin then nothing once they realized it showed that Justin can’t write to save his life! Why was he not asked back for Iron Man 3?? Because Iron Man 2 sucked. hahah

    Oh, & she loves the attention. Look at that stupid grin while Justin hates it all.

  • @


    Really becuase I go on a lot of blogs and her negative comments about her all the time.

  • Guest

    you are so right, notice that the weekend ROA ame out they stopped their daily pap stroll, its cuz blog writers usually say “Justin the ROA writer”, cant have ROA bomb associated with him so hide out, also i thought the hens said she was pregnant

  • so hot


  • or

    all the bitter people who want to live in denial for the rest of their lives all come to jj whenever they see an Aniston post.
    The hate this woman has here is just ridiculously stupid.
    Just remember, the more u hater hate, the more rich and famous she gets

  • OMG

    Aww, lookie at Jenny play coy with the paps now that she’s got that new movie to promote about the paps bugging her. Say, wasn’t that Jennifer waving at that pap in Paris, sure looked like someone called him to me. You know, look at Jenny– how Squiggy took her to Paris, cough, sugarmama put out the $$. I see that Jenny’s bought herself another lame award, how embarrassing. Isn’t “road trip” just that? not by plane or boat, just saying.
    You know old Huvane called those paps so he could make a point in promotion of Jenny’s latest dud about the paps bugging her. Too bad Jenny doesn’t act that well in her lame movies. Look at her “protector”, roflmao!

  • li


    It is not really hate, it is more annoyance at how much attention such a plain & boring person receives all because of who she was once married to! She is dull with nothing to talk about.

    Also she is the bitter one. Her Vanity Fair interview & the fact her BFF Chelsea Handler still feels the need to bash Angelina & kids proves she is bitter as they come.

    The real hate is for Angelina on femalefirst.

    I have never seen that kind of hate directed towards Aniston. NEVER. wishes for plane crashes, twins have different fathers etc. from Aniston fans show how crazy you all are.

  • @OMG

    u do realize how senseless u sound don’t u?

  • Queen JenJen

    She is so sexy!

  • v

    not hating her or anything, but what a stupid poll, who has actually travelled with her to make a decision, who knows she might be a great companion or a complete nightmares.

    Who comes up with such ridicules polls

  • Pfff

    I hope the real paps don’t give her a second look with her complaining, boring, “i pretend ‘m bothered by the paps, even though I call them” ass. Her photo stock is already hitting rock bottom because if they were worth anything JJ would not have 50 photos for an airport stroll.

  • sullivan

    Awww! Who says Aniston never wins any prestigious honors? Her boyfriend’s facial expressions confirm that his lil travel buddy is a real good time. hehehe

  • hmmmm


    Whatever. She is not getter more famous or richer. Just older, more sun damaged and more desperate.

    Movie roles will start going to the younger actresses because Aniston can’t keep playing the SAME role as she gets to 50. Her face is old & she does not have the talent of Streep for example.

    Wanderlust bombed hard showing people will not pay for a movie with her as the main star.

  • @OMG

    @li: if she’s succesful because of who she married, then Katie Holmes should be getting movies as much tooo.
    I see that this place is an Angelina shrine..well as much as you guys will sugar coat it, Angelina (who I love) deserves all the hate one can get…after all, she broke a marriage,and from what I gather, it wasn’t her first time breaking a relationship. And what Chelsea said is supposed to be her fault>

  • or

    @hmmmm: lol u guys can focus on all her flops, but she has has many succesful movies. But say, haters won’t ever say the truth. I get it

  • Sport Fluck says he

    So where are all the paps and fans ??? I dont understand her anymore if i ever did. Why doesnt she just be herself or why is she not happy with herself. Just act natural, forget all of the facial surguries and accept herself for who and what she has become ….EwwwwE that’s scary.

  • hmmmm


    Her successful movies were one with popular male co-stars! Adam Sandler, Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, A Super cute dog , a popular book etc.

    When she is the main actor, they make little money. Management, Switch, Derailed, Rumor has it, Love Happens etc.

    If she ever opens a movie on her name alone w/o a built in fan base or popular male lead to 30 million plus, then she can be called a draw, that will never happen so then yes she does suck!

  • Lop


    Are you completely forgetting her pity party for the past 7/8 years!?!?!?!

    She cried & whined & cried some more to Vanity Fair. She made herself the victim, people feel sorry for her & as a result pity her & let her get away with bad films & a manly face.

    Aniston does not get any good roles, she gets left overs & still has to audition.

    And for the last time… cannot break a marriage .A happy marriage is not breakable, Brad was bored out of his mind with yoga & hair & Mexico talk.

  • speak the truth

    @hmmmm: Vince isn’t that popular…and she wasn’t the main actor at derailed so I don’t know what to say

  • hissing

    the reason I don’t come to her threads often…is because of all the lies and hate she gets from commenters

  • hahaha

    Best road trip buddy????????????? Jen is that the “best” your pr hack can come up with??? You must be underpaying him!!! LOL

  • or

    @Lop: oh please she didn’t make herself the victim…brangelina took care of that for her. And the Vanity Fair interview was a pity party? Keep exaggerating. *rolling my eyes*
    Anyway, I leaving. Continue hating.
    But I trust jen, she’ll always keep getting them movies and contracts…and I trust u guys as well, you’ll forever keep hating her

  • hahaha


    You are as delusional as your idol but that’s to be expected when birds of a feather flock together. LOL

  • Gillian

    I love Jen, but how could she beat Robert Downey Jr.? He would totally be my pick lol

  • bahaha

    the ones who say what is true here have many thumbs down.
    Is this what’s becoming of the world?

  • AGA

    @@OMG: A truly happy marriage CANNOT be broken by another. They had Nothing in common,while Brad & AJ have heaps in common. I believe there marriage would of failed with or without AJ. Way back before filming started on MAMS,there were loads of rumors that all was not well.And, as Brad said He was bored,in reality Jen was prob bored to– BUT loved being Mrs Pitt

  • Kara


    Here are some comments to prove you wrong!

    “When Jennifer Aniston opens the door to the Malibu bungalow she’s been holed up in lately, she gives me a radiant smile and an effusive hello.

    Then she bursts into tears.”

    “As she squeezes her eyes shut in an effort to stop crying….”

    “It was extremely hurtful to Jen that he was seen with another woman so quickly after they were separated,” says Andrea Bendewald, an actress who has been one of Aniston’s closest friends since they were teenagers.”

    “For the 36-year-old Aniston, who had expected to spend the past year being pregnant, the pain of watching this spectacle unfold was compounded by vicious rumors about herself. “

  • AGA

    P.S. To normal people,TRY NOT to engage with a vile troll named JL–she just wants hits for Jen and will drive you mad with her nonsense ramblings and incorrect speeling & grammar.

    Fr:AGA caractor

  • Kara

    Since I am bored, some more of Jen’s pity party interview…..

    “As the image wars raged in the gossip media, a heartbroken Aniston retreated to her Malibu hideaway to lick her wounds in private, ”

    “That’s quite a backyard, in my opinion,” she says as we stand on her deck, watching the hypnotic rhythm of the waves. “Just being able to go to the water’s edge and scream—”

    “This woman is basically having a root canal without anesthesia, but she’s really trying not to numb the pain or shove it under the rug,” says Hahn. (EYE ROLL))

    Nevertheless, as Pitt publicly flaunted the instant family he had created with Jolie, the tableaux of their newfound togetherness were humiliating.

    ‘Even if it’s 98 percent the other person’s fault, it’s 2 percent yours, and that’s what we’re going to focus on. (blaming Brad)

    Aniston’s friends were particularly horrified by W magazine’s 60-page photo spread featuring Pitt and Jolie as an early-1960s-style married couple with a brood of miniature blond Brads

  • Kara

    “I think Jen wanted to work it out, and I don’t think he wanted to work it out,” Andrea Bendewald observes. “I don’t think he knew what he wanted.”

    When she reached out for her husband’s support, she didn’t get it. “He just wasn’t there for me,” she says

    But there is one final topic to be addressed, and it’s the most hurtful of all. The rumor that Jolie is pregnant with Pitt’s child has swept around the world; some reports even have her finishing her first trimester.

    When I ask Aniston about that, she looks as if I’ve stabbed her in the heart. Her eyes well up and spill over. Several long minutes go by as the tears keep rolling down her cheeks; she bites her lip, seemingly unable to speak. Finally she shakes her head; this subject is simply too excruciating to discuss.

    “My worst fear is that Jen will have to face them having a baby together soon, because that would be beyond beyond painful,” says Kristin Hahn.

    In five years I would hope to be married and have a kid. (now 8 years & counting…)

  • Guest

    sounds like a pity party to me, and lol at Vaughn not being popular, back in 2006 he was VERY popular especially after wedding crashers,

  • Linda

    Lovely personality for sure.

  • I don’t want to travel with a.

    I don’t want to travel with a smoker. No thanks. LOL

  • some facts are


    Yep Hahn who has now been replaced as her chief slimey liar and slanderer by ChelseaH.

    Yep Hahn the powerless staffer who was fired by Brad Pitt, the owner of Plan B, for her baseless lies about Angelina.

    Yep Hahn who is part of the non functioning non producing faux production company belonging to JA.

    Yep Hahn who backed up the JA lies that she ever intended to have a child. Not 10 years ago or 8 years ago or as of today.

    She is now 43 years old and her biological clock is ticking and ticking and……….. no matter how silly some might be who actually think any baby will be allowed to ruin a body shaped by rigid diet and daily hours of exercise that is her major claim to fame these days.

    And btw she is about to begin a new film in which she plays a prostitute who pretends to be a wife. She is aging into character roles which are all she is being offered. Maybe Justin can write a part for her in the project he is supposed to be working on for JerryW.

    Just some facts for those clinging to RGreen rather than reality.

  • FAN

    HO,my God! Jen is engaged? Have a ring in your hand? Hahahahahah! Halleluya!!! Good lucky,mr Theroux…you will need!