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Jennifer Lopez 'Just Landed in Rio!'

Jennifer Lopez 'Just Landed in Rio!'

Jennifer Lopez holds hands with boyfriend Casper Smart as they exit an airport on Sunday (June 24) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The 42-year-old entertainer, who also flew with her two adorable twins Max and Emme, performed the night before as part of the Pop Music Festival in Sao Paolo.

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“Just landed in RIO!!!!!” she tweeted. “One of my fave cities in the world! #JLOVE!RS can’t wait to Dance Again with you!! #jloDanceAgainTour !”

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez and her family landing in Rio…

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jlo fam rio landing 01
jlo fam rio landing 02
jlo fam rio landing 03
jlo fam rio landing 04
jlo fam rio landing 05
jlo fam rio landing 06
jlo fam rio landing 07
jlo fam rio landing 08
jlo fam rio landing 09
jlo fam rio landing 10
jlo fam rio landing 11
jlo fam rio landing 12

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  • NYC

    Is she kidding?

  • Lenz

    no ;)

  • Craigypants

    She is making a fool of herself with that Gay dancer.
    I wonder how long he will be on the payroll.

  • http://itisme Aeson Alexandrukas

    maybe to be new

  • http://itisme Aeson Alexandrukas

    new couple now

  • ^.^

    seems like all she cares about is her HIDEOUS boy toy! these photos make her seem like a terrible mom, her kids don’t look happy at all…

  • Jenna

    God, is that dude ugly or what?? I’ll never understand why she needs to accessorize herself with that douche.

  • Aranka Paul

    Why doesn’t she ever hold her children’s hand. I have seen recent picks of Nicole Kidman and her two beautiful girls. She is holding her older daughter’s hand and carrying her younger one on her hip. Excuse me – JLo is too relevant and to royal to engage in such a sentimental gesture, her servants are taking care of the kids, you can see it in the background. She is a spoiled, selfish, self absorbing and incredibly shallow person. It is just terribly sad that folks like JLo and Kardashians rule the world, or at least the world of entertainment.

  • Worst Mom Ever!!!

    Dumb JLO holds hands and prefers to be photograped with this ugly goldigging gay boyfriend rather than to be seen with her own son. Her son has to stay with the nanny who probably, in truth loves him more than his own mother.

  • Tammy

    JLo looks great. I can’t say the same about Casper. I heard her tour is a total success. Bad for the haters, good for her!

  • Constance

    This woman is so infuriating! Every single celebrity mom holds the hands of their children except her she constantly hands them over to the nanny. This no good Casper comes before everything else in her life she wants the world to know that she has a boyfriend young enough to be her son. Her children are secondary and treated like excess baggage to be handled by the hired help.

  • Mrs. Affleck

    Her children never look happy for good reason. Jennifer should be holding or carrying her daughter while ugly Casper the money hungry ghost should be walking with the nanny. Her priorities are backward and she seems to forget that her twins will only be small for a short time.

  • Poor Twins

    Doesn’t have a maternal bone in her plastic surgery body.

  • TRP

    She’s always holding his opportunist ass and not her kids. MARC please step in and get your kids, this lady has her priorities messed up.

  • Sabrina

    I don’t understand why many commenters on this page always have to be so vicious. You must be very miserable and jealous people. No one of you knows Jennifer or Casper personally. So stop making assumptions about Jennifer’s mother qualities or Casper’s sexual orientation because you can’t tell by seeing pictures of them.
    And by the way: in my opinion Casper is a very good-looking guy. Calling somebody ugly is a very ugly trait…


    Please be a parent and stop being a ho!

  • @

    How can most artist manage to be M.I.A when there on tour but JLO can’t? She getting pop every week at less twice a week, Girl needs to stop pimping her relastionship for attention it’s just sad at this point.

  • noprobBOB

    At least her kids aren’t old enough 2 understand embarrassment yet…I feel SO BAD for Madonna’s teenage daughter!! lol I actually used to like J.Lo’s music too…

  • Lenz

    that happines

  • Freud

    it is a terrible thing for a mother to hate her own children this is the reason why her son acts out all the time. He will have severe behavioral problems when he grows up. When Maxx lies on the couch and tells the psychiatrist , ‘my mother always hated me’ he will be telling the truth. And from what I can see Marc Anthony lost in the throes of his long time drug addiction is no better parent. JLO will have a lifetime of bailing these twins out of jail for anti-social acts for many years to come. Let’s just hope that Maxx doesn’t burn the house down before he gets the help he needs.

  • Abby

    Hopefully, Jennifer Garner Affleck will come to the rescue.

  • Coco

    Does JLo think that she is better or more famous than Angelina Jolie? Jolie travels with her SIX kids wherever she goes and she is the most famous actress right now and is always met by hundreds of people and paps in the airport and street, yet she never let’s her kids to away her and always keeps them near her. JLO was always known as DIVA, so no surprise here.

  • Jenny

    Loving the shoes she is wearing to travel.. Very sexy!

  • Guy

    Casper is a sexy dude, I wonder if the dude is bi?

  • Jlofan

    JLo looks amazing! I can’t wait for her tour with Enrique Iglesias! I entered this giveaway for free tickets the other day and you should too

  • Sruti

    I don’t get this tour. I don’t understand why there are people who’ll pay money to see this 40-yr old hag gyrating and lip-synching onstage. God knows she can’t sing and there are far nicer booties out there that could out-dance and out-shake her. And don’t tell me she has “it” — the so-called “X-factor”. Nope. I don’t get it.

  • mikee1025

    Wow!! some people are really sad!! Come on here and judge someone you don’t know about a situation and someone’s life u dont know… you dont know anything about her private life and you should not judge people you don’t know anything about… opinion is an opinion but when its hateful and based on assumption then you look ignorant….maybe read a book or the bible and find yourself HATERS!!

  • hey

    both her and madonna are no better than old guys dating young girls, it’s pathetic, and there is no love there, what an example to set for your kids, it is sad they can’t find a real true love, but instead pay for a young man to be in their and their kids lives, sad, these women are weak, what is wrong with being single til you really find someone who really loves you?

  • She Stinks!

    JHO Bag distances herself from those children, so people forget she has them. She wants to be perceived as young and hot, its why she clings to Casper and tries to look young. If the public perceives her as a mother to twins, she would not be considered for sexy roles because no one would believe it. Its all about money for JHO Bag, sex sells and she knows it, and its all she knows. She’s a low class no talent tacky old b*tch. Its really time to take that ratty weave out and stop wearing glittery catsuits.

  • NYC

    She’s the opportunist not Casper. He’s just a young guy in a candy store. Cannot really blame him. She’s gone from Diddy to this guy.
    Marc Anthony has too much class for this chick. He made a mistake and he knows it.
    Midlife crisis= to be continued….
    Only the kids will suffer and they already are.