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LeAnn Rimes: Saban Theatre with Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes: Saban Theatre with Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian hold hands while out walking on Sunday (June 24) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer and her hubby smiled for cameras as they headed inside Saban Theatre.

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“You MUST get the oldbooth app!!!! LeAnn tweeted. “Eddie and I are geeking out on it right now!!!!!”

Last week, the happy couple was spotted spending some quality time at the park with Eddie‘s two sons, Mason and Jake.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian heading inside Saban Theatre

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Credit: NGRE; Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • E.

    He’s really handsome,but her face is creepy as sh*t.

  • Haha

    She looks like a baboon with a blonde wig!

  • dobbi

    These two bring out the worst in each other. They are nasty.

  • tessness

    They look so in love…sigh…..It is great to see two people in Hollywood love each other instead of the bullying and hatred going on…

  • Delilah

    Wow, she got really wasted by the botox. And that outfit, makes her look cheap.

  • Toni

    @tessness: Please if they were so, sigh, in love with each other she wouldn’t be trying to morph into Brandi. Someone who loves you does not refer to you as a speed bump.
    JJ you suck with your sappy postings about these two bullies.

  • gwen

    Of course Courtney Stodden and Doug 2.0 are holding hands and smiling, as usual this was another STAGED photo-op. Look who took the photos of them. GSI. The same GSI who was with them at the park last Sunday and who got photos of Leann feeding Eddie cake from inside the birthday party. The same GSI who was with Leann and Eddie in Cabo. So why does the media go along with this farce? Why keep telling us that these two are a legit couple and this staged photo-op is legit proof of their love when it’s more than obvious that they are putting up a front?

    There are several things wrong with this staged photo-op.

    Let’s start with the obvious. Why is Leann wearing a white dress with a blue jacket? Could it possibly have something to do with Brandi’s blog, the fact that Brandi was spotted in a blue monokini, and the fact that Brandi tweeted that blue was her new pink? So rather than call Leann out for her obvious stalking of Brandi, we get another fluffpiece? So Eddie’s love for Leann is legit even though it’s clear that Eddie is still pining for Brandi based on the fact that Leann is still single white femaling Brandi.

    Of course she is making a big deal about Eddie being with her remember he is cheating on her. If she really wanted people to believe that Eddie loved her and is being faithful to her, she would stop the tweets and staged photo-ops with the kids. As usual Eddie looks drunk. Why continue to sell to us that they are a happy couple, when based on Leann’s own staged photo-ops Eddie does’t touch her unless he is drunk or Lizzy is present in the photo-op with them?

    Look at how she is positioning her arm. It’s obvious that she set up this staged photo-op for a reason. Just like she had to expose her affair with Eddie because he was taking too much time getting out of his marriage, she set up this staged photo-op to show off her tattoo because the media was taking too long in noticing her tweets about it. I’m glad that JJ didn’t mention the tattoo though. So Leann is going to see how long it takes major media outlets to notice the tattoo and then if they don’t notice it, she will pay x17, DM, GG, or People mag to write a fluffpiece on it.

    She is doing the donkey laugh, which by her own admission means that she has taken some drug cocktail. She told Extra that she was drugged up during their vow ceremony, which means in the photos from their vow renewal she was doing the donkey laugh not because she was happy but because she was drugged up.

  • gwen

    Once again how does a concert for the GMC get turned into yet another means of validation for Leann and Eddie’s marriage? And then Leann just can’t figure out why she and Eddie are so disliked. She could have did the concert without making it all about her. Why must everything be all about it?

  • Marisa

    @gwen: Shame on the GMCLA for inviting this nut job, phoney. She’s a crazy stalker bully.

  • Mimi

    Ugly, self absorbed, horse-faced skank!

  • gwen

    This is what JJ, GG, and DM left out of their fluffpieces:

    1) “Little white dress: My second must-have wardrobe staple is a “LWD” known to few as the little white dress. I know most people think LBD (little black dress) is the way to go, but I cannot tell you how many white parties I’ve been invited to this year alone! When you have to buy one on a moment’s notice, you tend to have to compromise on your style out of sheer panic to find something quickly. If you see a white dress that you love, but don’t need, go ahead and splurge — it will come in handy when you least expect it.”

    -From Brandi Glanville’s Top 4 Mommy Wardrobe Essentials on SheKnows

    2) In Apr Brandi tweeted this: “…electric blue is my new pink.”

    So what was the purpose in Leann having her mouthpieces promote that she is at peace with Brandi, if she is just going to keep blatantly single white femaling Brandi? So GG, JJ, and DM are saying that they support Leann’s single white femaling of Brandi? Seeing as how she straight up copied the look from Brandi tweets and blog, why does JJ, GG, and DM keep insisting that Leann and Eddie are a “happy couple”? What man wants his new wife to look like his ex? Something isn’t right in Leann and Eddie’s marriage. Eddie is cheating on Leann and he still has feelings for Brandi.

  • CDanny

    She looks really pretty here.

  • IGottaSay

    she’s as bad an actress here as she is in her crappy “made for tv” movies.

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    make it stop. please make it stop.

  • betty

    Why is Leann such a clinger,Brandi never clung to Eddie like Leann does.She is the one madly in love and Eddie acts as if he is showing up and playing the dutiful husband role. Leann can take all the happy and in love pictures she likes but Eddie actions have proved otherwise and her lack of trust is telling she will not give Eddie any down time or allow herself to be away from him for any period of time.If he was madly in love with her she wouldn’t care. Miranda and Carrie tour without their husbands because they feel secure with their man.Leann doesn’t. Who wants to live like that but Leann .She knows he’s a cheater and he going to do what he does with her clinging or without it.

  • Qiz

    Personally, I think she’s lost her mind…but you know, they seem happy, so…

  • gwen


    It’s a STAGED photo-op of course they are going to “seem” happy. But the truth is in their actions. Leann spends more time tweeting about her relationship with Eddie than she does with Eddie. And Eddie either has to be drunk or have Lizzy in the staged photo-op just to touch Leann. Their marriage is over, just look at how JJ is telling us that they were all smiles even though Eddie is only pictured smiling once. If Eddie can’t be loyal to his own children, then we know that there is no way that he is being loyal to Leann. If they were happy, there is no way that Leann would be still single white femaling Brandi and getting more work done to her face.

  • Gillian

    who is she again?

  • Racy

    @gwen: HA HA HA HA HA Once again, same ole same ole.

  • Jane

    First, Eddie is getting pretty gray since being with her. Considering all her antics she could age anyone in a year. Second, could someone please stuff a tennis ball in that wide-open mouth of her as well? Third, that outfit makes her look like a prostitute. When in the h*** is she going to dress like a lady? I mean…at the rate she is going that creature (as I refuse to call her a woman or a lady) is going to dress that way well into her 50s and people will need to have her committed. Awe h***, please put us out of our misery and someone commit her now. Please…I beg of you! A straight jacket instead of that blue one would be more suitable!!!!

  • betty

    @Racy You always called Brandi plastic I noticed Leann seems to be getting more and more work done.If Eddie loved her and told her how beautiful she is why does she keep changing her appearance I don’t see Eddie changing his. Some women will do anything to try and keep a man and Leann is one of them.but that only works with a shallow man.

  • gwen


    HA HA HA HA HA Once again RACY writes another “same ole same ole.” And he claimed that he wasn’t the same fan!!!!

    So like the last time RACY popped up, he throws yet another tantrum because people just won’t buy that Leann and Eddie are happy and in love. Poor RACY, if he would just tell Leann to lay low and shut up, then he wouldn’t be forced to come back and wrote the “same ole same ole” post, which we have seen him write how many times now? Seriously RACY, if you are going to pull the “same ole same ole” post shouldn’t you at least use a different line because what are you saying about yourself when you come back with the same line we have seen you write over and over and over and over and over?

    Why is it that everytime I say that Leann and Eddie are not happy, RACY flips out? He isn’t the same fan that he used to be, but the momemt I state the obvious he goes nuts.

    So how many posts will RACY bestow on us today because he doesn’t do the “same ole same ole” and he isn’t the same fan he used to be? How many “different” posters will show up after RACY’s debut?

  • gwen


    So what will be RACY’s next post be since he is a different fan now and gets upset because no one is buying that Eddie and Leann are happy and in love?

    Name calling

    Asking how we know that Leann and Eddie are not happy

    Another “same ole same ole” post

    A post telling us to move on

    A post telling us that Eddie and Leann are happy because it’s been 3 years and they are still together

    A “different” poster shows up

    Another post obsessing over me

    Another post telling us that he isn’t the same poster

    Another post in which he does the very same thing we saw him do in the past

  • Samantha

    Mateo is getting pretty good at brandi’s hairstyle..woops i mean leann. the color and tone has been changed and is suuuper close to brandi’s, same goes for how its parted and styled.

  • Nan

    He seems to have a lot more fun with her than his ex. He is always smiling now!

  • gwen


    Unfortunately Leann’s staged photo-ops and tweets don’t support what you are saying. If Eddie is always smiling, then how do you explain the staged photo-ops where he looks so miserable with Leann? And didn’t Leann make out with Lizzy while Eddie watched?

    I love how all these “different” posters show up to convince us that Eddie and Leann are in love, now if they were in love would this even be necessary?

  • Trinity

    Oh yeah….Eddie looks real happy. NOT !!!

  • Jane

    @Nan: He’s smiling because he is probably wasted!

  • famousa


    Well of course he’s happier with LeAnn, she can afford to buy his happiness right? For now that is… me thinks the kitty is getting mighty low. Famewhoring doesn’t really pay that much and her joke of a singing career is all but done. That will be about the time Eddy finds some desperate new (richer) chick to screw, and then we’ll be talking about how “Eddy has never looked happier”.

  • gwen

    Poor Leann. Since her staged photo-op with Eddie wasn’t generating much interest and people weren’t jumping on the they look happy and in love bandwagon, Leann did what she does best. She got another blog to validate her and Eddie’s marriage. So now that PH has written that Leann and Eddie look like a cool couple, look hot together and happy, are adoraz, look in lurve, and belong together people will have no other choice but to accept Courtney and Doug 2.0 as a legit couple, right? You know that things are bad for Leann and her marriage when she has to use PH to convince people that all is well in her marriage.

    What makes it so obvious that she is was behind this is the fact that these sites tend to go overboard with the flattery. Eddie isn’t even smiling in the photo that PH posted(He posted the photo of Eddie looking miserable) so it makes no sense to tell us that these two are happy and in love. At least JJ and GG posted the photo of Eddie smiling to go under their titles.

    He even called Leann lovely, which is a big lie because she has messed around with her face so much that she just looks so bad. And he said that Eddie is hunky, even though he looks so old, drunk, and bloated.

  • Stephanie

    leann must also be good at reading brandi’s tweets, on april 22 brandi tweeted, “electric blue is my new pink.”

  • Claudia

    I’ve read the many flattering, gushy posts on JJ about Leann Rimes and although I don’t hate her, I can see why people think she’s got a few screws loose. I don’t think he looks happy with her at all, in fact he looks kind of annoyed which isn’t surprising considering she’s clinging to him with both arms. She seems to do that a lot. As far as her trying to morph into his ex, she seems to have no identity of her own so that wouldn’t surprise me. Poor girl seems to be trying real hard to present a facade that just isn’t true. When you obviously feel like you have to show and tell everyone how thrilled you are with your life and relationship, it’s more likely that you are just the opposite. The amount of energy she spends on keeping up the act would be much better spent focusing on her career before everyone forgets that she was once a singer. It may already be too late to salvage.

  • JJ

    How come Leann Rimes bullies and hates on Brandi and her sons. Stalking them, pap-ing them, constantly trying to make a buck off the kids every time Eddie has custody of them? How come Leann Rimes bullies little kids by invading their privacy with her tabloid photographers every family outing and event? She dresses really sleazy and poses in very creepy pedophile poses with Brandi’s boys. How come Leann Rimes is a bully and her pals try to deflect criticism about her constant bullying by blaming others?

  • laura

    I spy Botox and Fillers!!!!!!

  • laura

    She has the joker face which you can get from having Radiesse injected around the mouth. It turns up the corners like you there are invisible marionette strings.

  • laura

    What does the tattoo on her arm say?

  • Stephanie

    leann must be really good at reading brandi’s stye blog ‘she knows’– brandi raved about how she was gonna rock the little white dress this summer. oh look, leann in a little white dress.

  • Stephanie
  • Stephanie

    how about this photo that show leann’s anniversary ring is THE SAME as a ring brandi already had. not very thoughtful of eddie to give the new wife a replica of the old wife’s ring.

  • TMZee fan

    @stephanie, uh-nuh!!!
    Tht ring, oh too funny.
    Well, he got it from his friend’s , good longtiem friend’s parents ‘jewlery store, soooooo he was friends with this guy during Brandi’ days and now. Ed did a bit of recycling there and LeAnn is so too stupid to know the diufference.

  • Tami

    Leann Rimes is a pedophile

  • gwen

    Leann just keeps getting desperate. So since her staged photo-op on Sunday and PH fluffpiece failed to convince people that all is well her marriage to Eddie, what does Leann do? She pays Extra to release even more footage from their interview from the Fitness Club. Seriously?

    So now they want us to believe that Eddie isn’t cheating on Leann because they did a “We are happy and loving couple because we did a RapidFire Quiz”? And Leann just can’t figure out why she continues to get so much backlash. Why was it necessary to release this part of the interview, especially when it’s been 3-4 weeks since he happened?

    Eddie looks like he is doing some major flirting with the interviewer. Poor Leann.

    You can tell that Extra is also on Leann’s payroll. Instead of asking about who is Leann’s celebrity crush(who wants to bet that she said Gerald Butler?) or who is the better cook, perhaps they could have all did us a favor and asked why Eddie won’t attend any function with Leann unless he is drunk or Lizzy is there? Everyone knows that Lizzy was at the event, so it’s silly for Extra to keep playing sections of their interview to make us believe that Eddie and Leann have a great marriage. Eddie and Leann’s marriage is over, the more she attempts to force people to believe that they are happy and in love, the more it becomes clear that their marriage is OVER!

  • Gosh Darn

    Dang Gwen LeAnn looks really good here. Eddie must be doin all the darn good.

  • betty

    @Gosh Darn Like what? He finally landed a job or two that’s something he hasn’t been doing for her supporting her.

  • gwen

    @Gosh Darn:

    It’s a shame that things are so bad between Leann and Eddie that she has to send her twitter pals here to make statements claiming that Eddie is happy with Leann, despite the fact that Leann has already established that Eddie has to be drunk or have Lizzy present in the staged photo-op just to touch Leann. If Eddie was doing good, why then is Leann having all these surgeries?

    Leann doesn’t look good, even her own mouthpiece is slamming her for her recently staged photo-op.

  • gwen

    Leann is so selfish. She didn’t get to exploit the kids on the 4th because they were with their mother, so she decided to make up for that by inviting her pap BFFs to get “candid” photos of her and Eddie at the dentist office with the boys. Those poor boys. Their stepmother is such a famewhore and will go through any lengths to exploit the boys. So now we are supposed to believe that Eddie isn’t cheating on Leann because GG, JJ, x17, DM, ROL, and CBS write fluffpieces about Eddie and Leann’s PDA filled love fest at the dentist office with the kids?

    Notice how Leann paid Just Jared to include her in one of their top celeb lists, since it was one of the many points people had pointed out?

    If CBS and The Talk hadn’t allowed Leann on their show as a co-host, she wouldn’t be setting up “happy family” photo-ops with the kids today to make up for the fact that she wasn’t able to exploit them on the holiday.

  • gwen

    The “happy family” staged photo-op that Leann setup today gets much worse. Leann and Eddie left the kids in the waiting room of the dentists office unattended, you know because Leann is just that afraid that in her absence, Eddie is going to sneak out of the dentist office and go see his other mistress. So just like with the Eddie’s birthday cake, Leann tweeted this information to show us that SHE takes is Eddie’s top priority and not his kids. Because if the kids were really Eddie’s top priority, he would have sat in the waiting room with them and wouldn’t have even bothered to take the kids to the dentist with him and Leann just so that Leann can exploit them because she didn’t get the chance to do it for the holiday.

    So when GG, JJ, x17, DM, ROL, and CBS write their fluffpieces, will they also include the info about how Eddie and Leann left the kids unattended? Why is it that when the boys come in contact with Leann their faces get plastered all over the internet and blog. What type of man is Eddie to continue to allow Leann to tweet and set up staged photo-ops with his kids, especially after he stated that he didn’t want his kids to experience any type of public exposure. Well Eddie is cheating on Leann, so it’s easy to see why he has no qualms about selling out his own flesh and blood. Leann needs to cancel the “happy family” dentist/Nobu photo-ops she set up for today. She is going to get slammed. And why would anyone watch Leann on The Talk when she is bombarding the internet with back to back staged photo-ops of her with Brandi’s kids?