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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Holding Hands in NYC!

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Holding Hands in NYC!

Miranda Kerr and her hubby Orlando Bloom stroll hand in hand through the busy New York City streets on Monday (June 25).

The 29-year-old Aussie model and Orlando, 35, decided to hail a cab to get to their destination faster!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Earlier in the day, Orly was spotted dismounting his motorcycle after getting caught in a huge rainy downpour – poor Orlando looked soaked straight through!!!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom holding hands in the Big Apple…

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80 Responses to “Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Holding Hands in NYC!”

  1. 1
    doodle Says:

    She is BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. 2
    Shelly Says:

    Such a stunning couple adore them

  3. 3
    sookie Says:


  4. 4
    much Says:


  5. 5
    or Says:

    orlando, such a hasbeen.

  6. 6
    JC Says:

    Something’s wrong with this picture…..he has womanly hips and she’s built like a boy.

  7. 7
    reece Says:

    Every time I see her face, I think of the Gremlins movie.

  8. 8
    v Says:

    I dont hate her or anything, but I seriously don’t find her beautiful , great body but not a beautiful face.
    WTH she is a supermodel and i’m a nobody so maybe I don’t understand how it works ………

  9. 9
    Wow. Says:

    Gorgeous couple, Miranda looks stunning, her legs are amazing!

  10. 10
    Annika Says:

    I love them.

  11. 11
    YAY! Says:

    could you be more obvious?

  12. 12
    kami Says:

    awwww date night for flynn’s parents. :)

  13. 13
    Effy Says:

    They both seem so genuine! I don’t get the hate on them. Have any of you read Miranda’s book? I didn’t care for her much, but after I read that book she gained my respect. She really does care for others.

  14. 14
    Gillian Says:

    damn they are a good looking couple! No wonder they made such a cute child…

  15. 15
    sara Says:

    They are such a beautiful couple! Miranda looks radiant, and Orlando looks so handsome!
    BTW, Orlando should wear wet t-shirts more often! =)

  16. 16
    kate Says:

    cute couple. She is gorgeous.

  17. 17
    yes! Says:

    I love them! Both of them (and Flynn) are so gorgeous!

  18. 18
    Gossipgirl Says:

    This post is really pathetic; “poor Orly”……puhlease!

  19. 19
    waiting Says:

    I’m waiting for thel models who are actually famous to have new posts. U know, Adriana, Naomi, Gisele, Kate. But that’s unlikey since they don’t call the paps to capture their every move. Yet still they make WAY more money than her.

  20. 20
    Dieter Says:

    I want a hard spanking from Miranda’s because I was naughty and did not do that organic stuff and yoga and so !!!!!

  21. 21
    @19 Says:

    No one cares about Adriana unless she is half dressed. Naomi is a hasbeen to the average person. We see pap pics of Gisele and Kate all the time.
    Miranda and Orlando are famous. Get over it already.

  22. 22
    chris Says:

    damn she is FUG

  23. 23
    He's so hot! Says:

    Oh I think they are both doing VERY well and they look lovely and happy together. I don’t think either of them aspire to be the biggest or make the most money but they are both making plenty which for some reason pisses people off. Just for the record I don’t think they call anyone. They happen to be gorgeous and famous and people are curious about them so the paps follow them. They are both unbelievably good looking so it makes total sense to me.

  24. 24
    qweas Says:


    She’s tall, you moron, and Orlando simply enjoys wearing baggy pants.

  25. 25
    bahaha Says:

    @qweas: that’s a fat lie, she is not tall. The tall one are, Karolina, Gisele and Adriana…Miranda isn’t short but those woman are what u call tall

  26. 26
    Eva Says:

    They look gorgeous and genuinely happy. Good for them!

  27. 27
    bahaha Says:

    @@19: lol Adriana is selling jeans and cars and sales growth are skyrocketting. You think she’s half dressed during all that?
    Gisele and Kate rarely get papped…we do see their pictures, but they’re few and far between.
    And lol at u for calling Naomi a hasbeen while u call Orlando famous. LMAO. Famewh0r3′s fans won’t admit that the truth

  28. 28
    @25 Says:

    She’s above average height.
    Above average = tall

  29. 29
    honey Says:

    @@27: tell yourself what is true. Yea Adriana her Kia commercial she was in a swimsuit, but all over KIA offices, her pictures are plastered everywhere and she’s fully clothed. Are u kidding me, Gisele and Kate don’t get papped as much as Miranda…Heck most times, u don’t see their candids (especially gisele) and THEY ARE MORE POWERFUL AND FAMOUS THEN MIRANDA WILL EVER BE
    haha…the forbes list of the 100 most powerful celebrities have Adriana and Gisele and Kate in it… I don’t see Miranda in that list…You’d think all her famewho*ring will start paying off…she’ll still trying though.
    and I won’t even respond about Naomi, she’s just more famous and more successul than Miranda will ever be…Can’t believe I’m even putting them in the same sentence.

  30. 30
    lol Says:


  31. 31
    quiet Says:

    lol Miranda fans, I need u guys to defend her…there has to be more to her than just being on jj. to be clear I’m not a fan of any of the models mentioned here

  32. 32
    nitpicking morons Says:

    in what universe is 1m75 or 5 ft 9 not tall for a woman? she’s not the tallest model but she IS tall

  33. 33
    Julia Says:

    Great couple! Miranda looks stunning as always!

  34. 34
    bahaha Says:

    @qweas: correction, I’m a Miss. Not Mister. LOL I know more about the fashion industry than u if u think Adriana is not a fashion. Stop spreading your pathetic lies and refrain from straining your stony little brain.
    of course u won’t even touch KK and Gisele, those women are out of your reach. Adriana has been the face of fashion brands all over the world and have been on various FASHION eds and campaigns. her FASHION portfolio isn’t as big as KK or Gisele, I know, but this woman knows her way in the industry.
    I don’t blame u for trying to bring her down though…it’s because she’s more than Miranda. U guys can’t belive that she’s now geting her very little exposure in the fashion industry after just doing VS until she past her mid 20s.
    U see Adriana isn’t some struggling models who’s still trying to make her mark on the runway. The big girls walk like only one show in every fashion. Sad that Miranda is still doing runway. Still trying to prove herself as a real model

  35. 35
    hmmm Says:

    It looks like the pathetic adriana fan has ‘reported’ the responses to her insanity to get them deleted. LOL!
    The truth hurts, doesn’t it.
    As you stalk the threads of other models to insult them and their fans, we will continue to laugh at you.
    While other models, like Miranda walk the HF runways of Paris, Adriana is modeling yet another swimsuit. Swimsuits are not ‘fashion’, sweetie.
    And a HUGE LOL! that you resort to claiming that only struggling girls “still do runway”. I guess that we need to let Gisele know that she needs to step it up, because she’s obviously struggling. LOL!
    Desperate Adriana fans are so funny!

  36. 36
    few of Adriana's fashion shows Says:

    Alexander McQueen, Anna Sui, Christian Dior, Balmain, Emilio Pucci, Emanuel Ungaro, Escada, Givenchy, John Galliano, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Vera Wang, Versace. MIRANDA COULD NERVER…
    I think last season was the only time karl allowed colored models the in Chanel show.
    If u knew that much about the fashion industry, you would never talk such nonesense lol. U guys ill not go at tFS or Bellazon and claim that Miranda is tall. Those guys live and breathe for models. The will embarrass u guys. still willing to go on?

  37. 37
    bahaha Says:

    @hmmm: babes I’m not even that much of an Adriana fan, but I’m just giving credit where it is due. Other models are mentioned here, why do u think I’m an Adriana fan? Because u guys hate her so much and u think any one that says something negative about Miranda is an Adriana fan?

  38. 38
    lonelygirl Says:

    Miranda has always been beautiful. Makes me wanna cry :(

  39. 39
    qweas Says:


    Gosh, you REALLY are THAT STUPID! Believe me, I KNOW fashion. I know who is a model and who doesn’t deserve that status. I wasn’t making a comparaison between Miranda and Gisele, you stupid. I was demonstrating to you that Miranda is much better than Lima in HIGH FASHION. Ever heard of that? I don’t think so. Of course I’m not going to say anything about Gisele or Karolina because they’re icons in fashion. At least, Karolina is my favorite. Didn’t expect that, huh? Your attitude makes me laugh! ‘Adriana is a high fashion model!!’ The question is : WHEN was Adriana a HF model? ..Well, you know .. 2001, 2002, 2003.. a bit of Vuitton in 2010 and Givenchy in 2011. What does that mean? She WAS. She’s not anymore. On the other hand, Miranda is doing very well now.

    Oh and BTW, don’t make too many efforts to explain your stupid ideas and demonstrate us that Lima is a good model, YOUR BRAIN MIGHT EXPLODE so … WATCH OUT!

  40. 40
    qweas Says:

    @few of Adriana’s fashion shows:

    You know.. Copy/Paste doesn’t really prove us that Adriana is a HF model. What you did there is an amalgam of all the fashion shows she’s walked during her career as a model. Maybe you don’t know that she doesn’t walk anymore for them.. That happened like.. 10 years ago.. wake up!

  41. 41
    few of Adriana's fashion shows Says:

    @qweas: nope that’s not all the shows she walked. but i’ll leave u alone todwell in your denial. Because I’m sure u didn’t all all that…most have come as a surprise to u.
    Bahaha never said she is HF model, just that she does hf. But since Miranda is ahigh fashion model tell me a real hf campaign sh got in the last two seasons. Of course by hf I don’t mean Bally or David Jones. lmao no fashion brand will have her…
    whether it’s 10 years ago or 10 minute ago, the point is, she did those shows

  42. 42
    qweas Says:

    @few of Adriana’s fashion shows:

    Ha ha, you make me laugh! Is it such a big deal that Lima barely got a DK campaign?…So what?
    And why did you say ‘last two seasons’? Because Miranda did only Bally, Balenciaga adv video and Reebok (although it’s not HF)? And because she did Rag & Bone Fall 2011, Prada and Jil Sander Fall 2010 but you consider them unimportant? Why? Because Lima got Spring 2012 and of course.. you can’t compare the last 2 years of her work with Miranda’s! That’s why!

    Oh dear idiot, do you really think I am surprised seeing some HF brands there? What is so … extraordinary?

  43. 43
    Sad Says:

    @YAY!: butt kisser

  44. 44
    Cece Says:

    Miranda’s legs look amazing!

  45. 45
    Lenz Says:

    beautiful miranda :)

  46. 46
    He's so hot! Says:

    I’d say 5’9″ is tall for a woman. My sister at 5’7″ is taller than most so yeah I’d say that’s tall. BTW, the average height for women is 5’4 approx so 5 inches taller than average = TALL! Simple math people!

    Anyway, the point is to say she isn’t successful as a model is stupid. Maybe she makes less than many or isn’t as popular as Gisele but who cares? Is that how you measure success? The highest paid, most popular? Tom Hiddleston seems very successful but he’s no Johnny Depp and probably never will be. Does that make him a failure? No. James McAvoy makes a lot of movies but again, not quite as successful as Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt. So it really all depends on your perspective and interests. Me, I don’t care if Orlando never works again. Ever! I’m happy seeing him smile and talk about how lucky and happy he is. That’s enough for me.

  47. 47
    Me Says:

    I´m so lucky! Because I look like her twin!

  48. 48
    hahaaa Says:

    They read my comment yesterday because they are on Just Jared 24/7 since this is their personal PR machine. This pathetic move only confirms they are done!

  49. 49
    Hayden Says:

    She’s got a wonderful smile and they make a beautiful couple. But I wouldn’t call her a classic beauty. Her cheeks are too chubby for my taste.

  50. 50
    @48 Says:

    So you admit that you have been on JJ for at least two days straight, and you are claiming that someone else is on too much?

  51. 51
    phew Says:

    @He’s so hot!: Agencies lie all the timeabout the heights of their models. Miranda really isn’t that tall. She looks short standing next to taller models

  52. 52
    @51 Says:

    Uhmmm, anyone looks short compared to taller people.
    A 6’8″ basketball player looks short compared to a player who is 7′ tall.
    So of course, Miranda at 5’9″ looks short compared to 6′ girls.
    I know.
    Common sense.
    I know how much you hate that.

  53. 53
    phew Says:

    Miranda isn’t 5’9. what kind of denial is this. She’s prbably 5’8 or even 7.
    Saying she is 5’9 is implying she’s almost as tall as Gisele.

  54. 54
    @53 Says:

    Well, since you yourself said that agencies lie all the time, I guess that must mean that Gisele isn’t that tall either, right?
    I mean. You wouldn’t want to be hypocritical. right?
    You just talked yourself into a corner on that one, didn’t you. LOL!

  55. 55
    lame Says:

    arguing with u about Gisele’s height is just tasteless. Everyone that has worked with her, seen her have all said she is TALL. Same thing goes for KK, Adriana, Anja ect…
    Miranda falls behind. But deny

  56. 56
    @55 Says:

    LOL! “Tasteless”?
    Why, because you got caught in your own hypocrisy?
    Well, everyone who has worked with Miranda describes her as being tall, willowy, etc. No, she’s not as tall as some other models, but claiming that she is short at 5’9″ is just STUPID.
    You really are an obsessed lunatic, aren’t you!

  57. 57
    phew Says:

    better an obsessed lunatic than a pathological liar…. Name me a legit person in the industry who said she’s tall. with a legit source. Evem your lies are tasteless
    And what do u mean caught in my own hypocrisy? Yes, agencies lie… but when u see the models in real life… there’s no lying

  58. 58
    He's so hot! Says:

    Candice Swanepoel is listed at 5’9 so she must be lying. Alessandra is 5’9.5 LIAR!!! OMG Kate Moss is 5’7 – she’s a hobbit! Kate is number 2 on the list! There’s no way she could be a successful model NO WAY!

  59. 59
    phew Says:

    U guys really don’t know anything about the industry. No way in hell is Candice that tall, same goes for Alessandra. As much as I love them.
    It’s the worst kept secret that agencies exaggerate the heights of their models.

  60. 60
    @57 Says:

    A person in the industry wouldn’t call her tall. A person in the industry is used to women being around six feet tall, so Miranda AT 5″9″!!! is not considered a tall MODEL. But the average person would say that she is considered a tall WOMAN.
    Going back to the basketball reference. Tony Parker is 6’2″. Well above average for a man. He would be called ‘tall’ by most people. Yet on the court, he looks tiny. In fact, he is called “a small” on the court.
    It’s all a matter of perspective.
    But lets look at real life.
    IF (BIG IF) Miranda is only 5’7″, then Orlando, who is just shy of two inches taller than Miranda, would be less than 5’9″. And to extrapolate to some of his co-stars, that would mean that Viggo is 5’8″, Johnny Depp is 5’6″, Liv Tyler is 5’7″, Sir Ian is 5’8″, Elijah is 5’2″, Sean bean is 5’8″. etc.
    So unless you are going to admit that ALL of those people lie about their height, too. Then you have to admit that Miranda is 5’9″.
    Come on, lets hear your explanation for that one.

  61. 61
    Sad Says:

    Why is it that he can fly in and out under the radar and no one takes a picture, but she shows up and they paparazzi are all over them. He looks annoyed, she’s smiling like a goof.

  62. 62
    @61 Says:

    uhmmm, he was papped at JFK 5 minutes after arriving.
    The paps know where they live, and wait for them to come out. That was even witnessed by a delphite. She reported that the paps had set up chairs across the street. Now if the paps had been called, why would they have to wait? They would just show up at the ‘scheduled’ time.
    A delphite proved that they were being stalked. Hmmm. Who’d have thunk it? LOL

  63. 63
    He's so hot! Says:

    No point in arguing with these crazies. No one but a group of about 5 sad people believe they do set ups. An example of the lies they tell and the crazy spin they put on everything is evident in the poster above who claims that Orlando looks annoyed at her. All I see is smiles and hand holding and normal interaction between a couple. If you see more than that you are projecting your own negative view of life. Sad.

  64. 64
    @63 Says:

    So true. The haters are the type of people who aren’t happy unless they are unhappy. So that colors everything that they see.
    That’s a really sad way to go through life, isn’t it.

  65. 65
    phew Says:

    @@57: matter of perspective?!!!

    IF (BIG IF) Miranda is only 5’7″, then Orlando, who is just shy of two inches taller than Miranda, would be less than 5’9″. And to extrapolate to some of his co-stars, that would mean that Viggo is 5’8″, Johnny Depp is 5’6″, Liv Tyler is 5’7″, Sir Ian is 5’8″, Elijah is 5’2″, Sean bean is 5’8″. etc.


  66. 66
    me Says:

    Why do people rate down my comment? I just think I´m super lucky to look like her… if you are her fans you should think its a good thing! :)

  67. 67
    Sam Says:

    People around the world are taller and shorter… you can´t argue about that. People in Sweden are super tall, everybody are ca 170 cm +. People in China are short…. so it depends on where u live! Visit Sweden and you will feel like a midget! ;)

  68. 68
    @65 Says:

    LOL! I guess that you couldn’t understand their post because you’re too stupid to understand what “perspective” means.
    Poor little hater.

  69. 69
    tata Says:

    I totally agree with you, the legs are great but her face is not all that.

  70. 70
    everyone Says:

    I’m a Miranda fan. It’s far fetched that she is 5’9. She is 5’8 and anyone will functioning eyes will attest to this. Adriana for example is visibly taller than Miranda. I’ve met Adriana and she’s way taller than me, and I’m 5’8.
    just thought u should know

  71. 71
    phew Says:

    @@65: lol you’re the stupid one if u think people in this generation don’t know what perspective means…
    Anyway, Miranda is the height as Alessandra. she might be a little taller than Ale, but here is a picture of Alessandra standing next to KK and Adriana. THEY WERE ALL BAREFOOT. I’m sure your stupid brain will tell u something else

  72. 72
    phew Says:

  73. 73
    wow Says:

    How hard is to understand that people are different heights?
    We already know that Adriana is taller than Miranda, so you can show a thousnad pictures that prove that fact. That’s not the debate here at all. Just because she is shorter than Adriana, doesn’t mean that she is short. That’s just stupid. Oh, gee! Miranda is shorter than someone 5’10″, that must mean that she is SHORT!!!!!!!
    Oh, and also, that picture proves nothing. Ale’s hips are canted, which makes her even shorter.
    Facts are facts. Miranda has walked runways since she started in modeling. That alone says that she is tall.
    But judging from the other post, since you are so sure that Miranda is only 5’7″, then you are saying that all of those actors that Orlando works with are that short?
    At least admit that fact.

  74. 74
    gm Says:

    Alessandra= not tall
    Alessandra and Miranda=same height
    Therefore miranda=not tall


  75. 75
    gbye Says:

    common sense here is, is Adriana and KK towers over Alessandra (Who is the same height as Miranda), then Miranda is not tall.

  76. 76
    gbye Says: lol not so tall models do runway all the time

  77. 77
    gbye Says:

    bye. stay pressed. keep denying. truth hurts
    the end

  78. 78
    *eyeroll* Says:

    Kobe Bryant is 6’8″.
    Shaq is 7’2″
    = Kobe is SHORT!!! A hobbit!!
    He should quit basketball, cuz he’s soooooo short!

  79. 79
    @the idiot Says:

    So what you are saying is that ANY woman under 5’10″ is short?
    How stupid are you. Really.
    No wonder you can’t comprehend basic common sense.

  80. 80
    kyle Says:

    Holding hands…woooow x) Still gay

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