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Miranda Kerr's Mom Releases Healthy Recipe Cookbook

Miranda Kerr's Mom Releases Healthy Recipe Cookbook

Miranda Kerr steps out with her son Flynn and pal Marija on Monday (June 25) in New York City.

Looks like 17-month-old Flynn wasn’t thrilled when his famous mama tried to cover him up while riding a stroller!

Miranda‘s mom Therese has just released a new cookbook “that contains not only healthy recipes but also tips on what the best and healthiest ingredients are to use to provide your family with incredible nutrition.”

“In the book she shares some of our special healthy lunch recipes – recipes for kids lunch boxes, and for busy people at work,” Miranda, 29, wrote on her Kora Organics blog.

It’s available in a new multi-touch book specifically for the iPad but is also available in PDF format!

FYI: Miranda is using her Baby Jogger City Mini stroller!

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  • s

    The boy’s crying and she keeps pushing the stroller. What a mommy!

  • Mari


    Umh, yeah. Because it is such a good idea to coddle a child every time he or she throws a tantrum.

  • Scarlett

    Well you really shouldn’t stop what your doing every time a baby cries. My year old dose that for attention. So you can’t really judge.
    I don’t really care for as a model, but that is one of the cutest baby i have ever seen. Even when crying

  • Samina Kaja


  • all of us

    ome countres they don’t post crying babues. This culture is sick to scare a baby like that and post a picture. sick.

  • uh oh

    Someone is throwing a hissy fit!
    That just proves that they aren’t spoiling him. GOOD FOR THEM!
    To the person @1, you must not know very many people with toddlers. You aren’t doing them any favors by giving them everything they want.

  • Maya

    She was trying to hide him from the paps. I don’t see how that makes her a bad mom. She’s just being protective of her child like any other mother.

  • .

    @Maya: and posting pics of him on Twitter all the time and calling paps to snap pics of her and her son every day is what good moms do? You’re an idiot. I hope you don’t have children.

  • babypimp

    Where’s Orlando? Why is it always either or? Flynn never has 2 parents present at the same time.

  • mlllllllllllle

    So her mom wants the entire planet to eat, except her daughter ? lol

  • :)

    the nanny dresses better than Miranda

  • flop

    @mlllllllllllle: Why would anyone buy this nobody’s cookbook when you can find any recipe on foodnetwork and allrecipes for FREE with reviews from people who have tried it??

  • hahaa

    Looks like Miranda Kerr raided her grandmother’s closet. LOL the girl’s style is tacky and outdated. She’s really trying hard to fit in with the middle-class moms who shop at Wal-Mart.

  • Elisa

    he looks so cute even when he cries

  • Delilah

    Flynn is just not used to being hidden from the world. Unlike Blue Ivy or Ivy Blue, I don’t care.

  • common sense

    @Delilah: No, his parents started pimping him out since birth.

  • @8

    Uhmmm, she doesn’t post pics of him on twitter.
    Making stuff up only works on delphi. not here.
    pathetic loser

  • Isis Lara

    The kid is crying because he doesn’t enjoy being put back in the dark closet when they are done using him for photo opportunities.

  • wow

    Beautiful mom and adorable baby…even when pitching a fit.

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    Oh Noooooo…Flynn Don’t Cry :((((

  • ugh!

    She puts her child thru this almost daily just to get her photo on a gossip site. And you folks think it’s adorable? What’s wrong with you people?????

  • @21

    Enjoy your special place in hell.
    Karma baby, KARMA.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Effy

    Wow, a majority of you are acting like a crying baby is a sin. BABIES CRY ALL THE TIME, this doesn’t make her a bad mother.

  • Juniper

    The kid wants to see what’s going on.

  • @24

    You can sure tell who has children, and who doesn’t, can’t you.

  • Piperwest12

    You either have no children or have exceptionally spoiled ones! You comfort crying children when they are hurt, scared or sick, not when they are demanding attention or throwing a tantrum to try and get their way!

  • Jake

    He don’t want that darn hood let down over his head. She should respect his wishes. She would not want someone doing that to her.

  • @28

    YEAH!! Babies ALWAYS know what is best for them!!!!!!

  • too much

    This this attention-starved fame wh0re needs to give her baby a break and disappear. If she think this is the way they go about being a top model, then she needs to start fresh

  • mya

    eeek i love when babies get the sulks.. its looks like hes not into that shade covering hes adorable face.

    (psss– who is the creepy person that insist on replying to everyone’s comments like shes M kerrs PR person?!?!?)

  • abc

    she’s Australian so make that ‘mum’s cookbook’. ;)

  • mya

    who is that creepy person who stalks this girl all over the internet to post hateful things?
    There, fixed that for ya.
    That’s what you meant, right?
    Cuz that’s the only thing ‘creepy’ here.

  • wow

    @mya: whats disgusting and a little psychopathic is to take the time.. and take my name to post. its a celebrity blog now take your pills and fu*ck off. i have honestly never witnessed something so weird in my life.

  • @34

    No, what’s disgusting and psychopathic is people who take the time to stalk celebs across the internet just to spout vile and hateful things.
    The only ones who complain about the “creepy person replying to everyone’s comments” are the haters who think that they should be able to say anything, no matter how idiotic and slanderous, without response. They formed their ow hater site just for that reason. It bugs them that they are called out for their BS, and calll her fans that defend her “creepy”.
    They are sociopaths.
    And if you think that fans are “creepy”, then you must be one of them.
    Oh, and BTW, why don’t you ask some of your ‘sisters’ about using other people’s names. They know allll about that.

  • @37

    so pathetic

  • yep

    @@37: yep

  • family money

    Who cares about her mother’s cookbook? Teresa is trying to make some money from her daughter’s fame. What can we expect now? Miranda’s brother fashion line? Miranda’s father business advices?

  • Anonymous

    Poor Flynn! He’s suffocating behind the stroller’s hood and he probably got scared. Flynn is now at that age where he wants to enjoy the fresh air and take in the beautiful scenery of New York City just like any tourist and he is letting his mom know about how he feels! Good for him!

    Why on earth would Miranda take out a young child in a stroller, cover his face under the hot weather of NYC, and not letting him enjoy his time outside. Miranda maybe a successful mother but sure doesn’t have enough marbles upstairs!

  • Flynn’s Fan

    In those pictures, Flynn had his palm up as if to say : Hey! Enough is enough with the hood covering my face! I can’t breathe and can’t see anything out there and can’t smile at the papparazis! Flynn seems to say ” I want them to take my pictures and not hide my adorable face and killer smiles! We got to remember this child loved cameramen and is used to posing since he was a baby!

    Flynn is so cute and a mild mannered baby but when he gets very agitated and upset we know he has reached his limit with his parents!

  • Anonymous

    It appears that Flynn has gotten sick and tired being strolled around in his stroller or being carried by his mom like a sack of potatoes. This poor baby wants to be able to walk around like the two adults with him and enjoy the exciting sights and sounds of NYC like a tourist.

  • @40

    A 17 month old does not need to be walking in NY. Too busy, too much traffic, and too much filth on the sidewalks.
    He’s much safer in the arms of his parents, or in the stroller.
    He can walk at home or in the park. But not on the sidewalks.

  • Ally

    Why is she trying to cover him up now? Sh never has before…

  • MoonBeams

    It is so very dumb for Miranda to cover her child with the stroller’s hood if she’s taking him for a stroll. Look at Flynn..he’s not dressed for comfort with that long sleeves sweatshirt and his mom trying to smother him with that stroller’s hood. while she and her friend dressed in comfort , enjoying the hot weather in NYC. Flynn looks extremely uncomfortable and that’s why his bawling his eyes out.