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'Newsroom' Reviews Are In, Watch Full First Episode

'Newsroom' Reviews Are In, Watch Full First Episode

Aaron Sorkin‘s drama, The Newsroom, premiered Sunday (June 24) drawing in 2.1 million viewers.

The show – co-starring Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Sam Waterston, John Gallagher, Jr., Alison Pill, Dev Patel, Olivia Munn, and Thomas Sadoski – “ranks as one of HBO’s stronger drama series premieres of the past four season,” Deadline reports.

A combined total of 2.7 million viewers tuned in for its two showings.

In case you missed it, check out the full first episode below – and tune in Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO for new episodes!

DID YOU WATCH the premiere of The Newsroom?

‘The Newsroom’ Episode 1
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  • fuo

    More BS Propaganda from Oboms’ Hollywood machine.

  • 2121

    watched last night, pretty good.

  • rach

    Loved it. Great to John Gallagher Jr doing such a fa show ut Broadway will miss him.


    don’t you mean ratings are in? reviews were very mixed for this show, and you don’t link to the reviews

  • awalker

    this show is terrible..why does my Queen keep getting cast in these awful movies and shows? Everything she’s in for more than 10 seconds seems to fail miserably. If this abortion of a tv series has any success, it will be because of Olivia..She’s the only true star in it. They should let her write her own lines, she’s really funny and way more talented than that hack Sorkin. I remember this one time when I was stalking her at E3, she farted and it smelled like a vanilla lavender scented candle, no lie. If that’s not talent, I dont know what is. Sorry for ranting but I have no life, and my internet/tv girlfriend is all I think about 24/7. Jared you seem to be tight with her, can I get a rough copy of her schedule? It would make my stalking much easier..maybe I’ll tamper with that asshole Kinnamen’s car brakes so he dies and Olivia will finally realize that I’m the pitiful shell of a human being she’s always wanted…a stalker can dream..mmMMmmMmmm

  • Ben

    Clearly some of you on here have never even been inside or worked in a newsroom before. I do. And when the BP spill happened, we had a few idiot EP’s saying just that “it’s yellow”. Thankfully we had smarter people in the room who went with their guts, which is what journalism is, and guess what, BP turned out to be more than just “yellow”. Sorkin is a genius for capturing that for TV screens.
    STOP WATCHING THE F***ING KARDASHIANS AMERICA, AND WAKE THE F***CK UP. Be grateful that you have an Oscar winning writer provide some brain fuel to your much-needed noggins.

  • ali

    show looks great. Bravo on a great result out of the gate!

  • Sara

    This show is awesome. Speaks truth to power. No wonder the corrupt corporate media is screaming bloody murder and trying to squash it. It drags them out from under their slimy rocks and into the light, and they sure as hell don’t like that one bit.


    AGREE. TIME TO WAKE THE F UP AMERICA. You’ve been dumbed down, lied-to, brainwashed and propagandized by Fox News and others for too long.

  • Wey

    “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” – Well, eff you HBO! I really wanted to watch this!

  • Drew

    I had high hopes for this but Olivia Munn’s acting ability had fell very short and her lack of talent was highlighted next to the rest of the cast. Sorely disappointed but I am hoping her character gets less time and diminishes if I continue to watch.

  • awalker

    @Drew: go fvck yourself a$$hole

  • Drew


    Sorry Olivia you dont like honest critique but you suck at acting. How about you stick to the other sucking you do to try stay relevant; we all know you are better at. Dont you have a wedding to a dumb equally desperate new up and comer to plot, a family to impress with your act and maybe a pregnancy to materialise? How about more PR tweets? Keeping yourself relevant as your new bfs career takes of, I hope it doesnt flop and you need a new bf.

  • Drew


    Your t^ts are great to look at but your age is hitting those too. Tough times for all actresses but more when you cant act and your ageing. Keep working twitter.

  • Kitten kandy

    Daniels is great in this but casting could have been better.

  • seattle98125

    Newsroom stinks.

  • bermuda onion

    @Ben: CL

    CLEARLY you have never been a member of the Actors Studio.
    Screaming lines and constantly tripping is terrible acting. I’ve seen better improvs.

  • bermuda onion


    What a waste. The casti is terrible. So many talented unknowns would do a much better job. The writing couldn’t have Olivier get good reviews.

    Good premise but sadly that’s it.

  • WAT

    Munn should do the smart thing an stick to her publicity relationship with her boyfriend thats working