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Zac Efron, Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Pal's Wedding!

Zac Efron, Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Pal's Wedding!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson attend producer Kevin Turen‘s wedding on Saturday (June 23) in Englewood, N.J.

The couple, along with Zac Efron and Andrew Garfield, helped their producer pal celebrate his nuptials with Evelina Oboza. Some lucky younger guests at the reception spotted the celebs and posted their pics on Instagram and Facebook!

Rob manned the DJ’s laptop for a bit, while a solo Zac participated in the hora, a traditional Jewish dance, according to People.

Kristen reportedly forgot her dress en route to the ceremony so she borrowed a short Zac Posen dress from the groom’s sister’s closet. She later changed into a more comfortable black tank with jeans and a blazer.

“There was a little area where you could go and play music,” a guest told Us Weekly. “Rob sang, Andrew played the bongos, Zac played the guitar. It was a whole spectacle!”

10+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Zac Efron at Kevin Turen‘s wedding…

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zac efron robert pattinson kristen stewart producer wedding 01
zac efron robert pattinson kristen stewart producer wedding 02
zac efron robert pattinson kristen stewart producer wedding 03
zac efron robert pattinson kristen stewart producer wedding 04
zac efron robert pattinson kristen stewart producer wedding 05
zac efron robert pattinson kristen stewart producer wedding 06
zac efron robert pattinson kristen stewart producer wedding 07
zac efron robert pattinson kristen stewart producer wedding 08
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  • http://lilycheungg lilyy

    erm…Kristen isn’t really dressed for the wedding is she?

  • LaCroix

    Kristen Stewart attends wedding in jeans.. this girl is ridiculous. How disrespectful does this girl want to be?

  • jenfan

    @LaCroix: it might seem disrespectful but she’s just being herself!!! plus she’s not the one getting married so it really doesnt matter

  • Lisa

    Does anyone ever read the article that goes with the pictures anymore? It says she borrowed a dress for the actual wedding and then changed into jeans for the party afterwards.

  • mary

    She wore a dress, but change after the ceremony.

  • Shannon

    @Lisa: Of course they don’t read it, they just come on to insult her for anything..a little look at the photo is all they needed this time. ;)

  • R

    my dream, a week without seeing the face of one of the worst actresses in history and her boyfriend ….. a wedding in jeans, so what? vulgarity and arrogance are her registered trademark, we are already accustomed.
    Zac looks drunk, lol…he’s with who now?

  • tom

    you know the kristen-hater can’t read, the see her picture and start bashing her. is just pure jelousy

  • lina

    HATE Zac’s mustache

  • sara

    robert >> zac
    you can’t deny it in those pics sorry !

  • R

    @tom: oh, stop with that, only old and obese Twihards dream of sleeping with your precious Rob .. none of my girlfriends do fantasize sleeping with Rob and none of my male friends fantasize with KStew, those two are just a marketing fabrication.

  • Vic

    rumours saying a blonde girl went to zac’s room and left in the morning. sounds unlikely but you never know with this kid he’s clearly getting some now ;)

  • Lana

    In before all the haters.

  • pup

    Oh Zac, pls shave! You’re to gorgeous & hiding it. ;)

  • Sara

    @Vic: i think it could be true i mean that whole condom thing proves that he’s having frequent sex especially that he didn’t deny it, but i think he’s trying to focus on his career more :)

  • R U sure

    Zac you look good

    @vic You don’t know what you are talking about. Who started these Rumors? Oh I guess you.

  • ann

    what now robsten haters??
    they are so cute! and pleasssse kris is being herself no matter what!!!

  • R U sure

    @vic I saw a report that Zac was with the guys until after 7:00 Am ,
    I hope the blond found what she wanted.So I guess you were right , It sounds unlikely . I did not mean to sound harsh

  • kami

    i heard that rumor too about the blond but we all know zac doesn’t have sex. he’s saving himself for marriage with one of his fans.

  • A Guy

    @Vic I saw that he stayed with guys all night at the party. Hope so


    I love Zac’s beard – uh, yeah, the one on his face. He’s the only man who gets sexier with the addition of facial hair. All that testosterone is working it’s magic.

  • Lia

    @tom: I’m not a hater , but it’s not always about JEALOUSY :o , it’s too easy . I gotta say that Kristen is annoying , the way she moves or talks someting gets on my nerves .
    But she did nothing wrong , she probably forgot the dress , and that’s it there is no big deal . She is just enjoying herself .

    I think that the fact that you’re fighting over something so POINTLESS shows that you are the ridiculous ones .

    PS : Don’t care if i get thumbs down .

  • TC

    @kami: I never laughed so hard. Well he stayed at that house at least a cople of days why not get some . I’m sure there were plenty of willing girls to go to his room .

  • Elle

    I gotta say, Robert Pattinson looks really good.

  • A Guy

    He may of had a room there , but I heard he was staying at a Luxury Hotel with a ahem friend for two days. I like my rumors better.

  • doodle

    Yea and then he took one of the blonde guys home :P

  • p

    she’s really a dude!

  • R U sure

    Now you guys are just getting ridiculous

  • lauren

    @ r u sure

    well ppl i think are referring to ”dan” who comment on E! who started that rumor idk

  • Iz

    I thought this story wasnt true. But now that I see the pictures i can see that it is.I’m glad they had fun!!
    And zac bb I love you ;)

    @Vic stop talking crap this is how rumors start.

    @Lia WOW just wow… read first. she went with a dress but change back to her clothe after the ceremony. Wow people don’t read.

  • KStew SUCKS

    What does it matter if its the wedding or reception .. I think its rude to go to anyone’s wedding or reception in jeans. But you fans find no fault in her. whatevs.

  • LaCroix

    @jenfan: Listen up Twiloser.. Going to anyone’s wedding reception in casual clothes is disrespectful. What on earth does that have to do with being yourself? perhaps she should never wear dresses then? When shes wearing a dress that means she isn’t her self? then she isn’t herself on the red carpet then.. you make no friggin sense just like the loser you look up to.

  • uuuuh

    @sara: ¨those pics¨ but in the rest… and in the REAL LIFE… yes i deni it!!!! muahahahahaha

    ZAC >>>>> roberta

  • Lia

    @LaCroix: you’re right ! this is rude , i’ll be mad if one of my guests come dressed up with a pair of jeans !

  • rach

    Just because you dislike someone, it isn’t always jealousy. I certainly just get a vibe from her that doesn’t sit well with me. Her fans are scary aggressive. Those who aren’t keen on her are just as entitled to an opinion as those who seem to worship the ground she walks on. Got to say though if I had a daughter that thought she was a role model, I’d be directing her towards Jennifer Laurence as quickly as possible.
    Even if she borrowed a dress for the ceremony, changing to jeans for the reception is just odd. Can’t she bare to wear anything elegant for longer than a few minutes? The heels always get changed to Chucks the second she’s off the red carpet, the dress gets swapped out for jeans. I don’t get it, would it kill her for just a few hours. I’d certainly be annoyed if she turned up at my wedding reception in jeans, it would really screw with the wedding pictures.

  • R U sure

    @lauren I see two different rumors here and the ones on E I think it is all the same people posting trash. if he saw a girl big deal , I don’t like the others. but to be honest I don’t believe that one either. To many conflicting stories.

  • kami

    shut up everybody. zac is saving himself for me. get over it we are in lurve. well, we will be if we ever meet.

  • lauren

    i think you need a reality check on life,

    @r u sure
    what other one?
    the only ‘rumor” i saw or someone made up was buy dan.

  • Yum

    Rob Pattinson is just ridiculously handsome.

  • lara

    @rach: Go back to your “I love Jen” fan site. Clearly you can’t stay away from Kristen posts :)

  • R U sure

    The one about Zac staying at a Hotel for several days with a friend . They both were at the party and talked a great deal of the time. That’s why some site were saying he came single and spent most the time talking to guys.

  • A Guy

    I already said that about the Hotel. He was with him at a pool party on Friday not Sunday. I heard he had breakfast by the pool Sunday then left early.

  • R U sure

    @lauren I’m sorry I should of added I don’t believe it.

  • Sarah.

    oh to be a guest on that wedding haha :p

  • sam


    My dear, it is “by” not “buy.” Buy means to purchase something and “by” means created by someone.

  • TC

    @A Guy: I have a feeling your gay right? You are fantasizing Zac is with a “Friend” but I most likely believe the blonde story. He was at a residence of the wedding party not a Hotel. He was even seen hanging out at the pool yesterday. He stayed late for dinner. It doesn’t say the blonde went to his room on the night of the wedding. He was there for several days. Think about it if he was at a hotel there would be sightings like there always are. A private residence makes more sense and even there he was sighted. He is single there with lots of girls there why not hook up for the weekend.

    @ Kami Sorry babe hate to break it to you Zac is not a virgin. LOL He doesn’t have his womanizing reputation for nothing.

  • tree

    @R U sure – Does your comment mean that Zac stayed at the residence with his friend, and his friend also attended the wedding but that people said Zac came alone because they said he was seen talking with guys? Also, that his friend stayed for breakfast the next morning (Sunday) but then left. Did I get that right. I also think @Dan made up the part about the blonde girl going to Zac’s room, especially if Zac stayed at the home and not a hotel.

  • Lucy

    Hilarious people trashing Kristen for not wearing a dress to a wedding! Then when they get told she DID wear a dress to the wedding they trash her for not wearing it all night!! Why??? Its not like it matters! It is not disrespectful at all…I just do not know where some of you people come up with this crap! At the end of the day it is her choice and her friends! They know her and love her and I seriously doubt they cared!!! Some haters need to get over their Kristen obsession!

  • Mary

    They all look gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jem

    Lovely to hear about Rob, Kristen, Zac and Andrew all hanging out together and having fun!! I really like all of them…they seem like some interesting and chilled out people!