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Katie Holmes & Suri: 'Brave Emily' Readers!

Katie Holmes & Suri: 'Brave Emily' Readers!

Katie Holmes heads back home with her 6-year-old daughter, Suri, on Tuesday (June 26) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress – rocking a high ponytail and the same striped top she wore last week – carried the “Brave Emily” book from the American Girl store.

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The day before, Katie ran some errands around town before meeting up with Suri where she carried her during most of their stroll.

Over the weekend, the mother-daughter duo caught a screening of the new critically acclaimed animated flick, Brave!

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Credit: Chris Watts; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Please everybody

    Let there be zero comments (well one) on threads that feature Suri from now on.

  • kelly

    Love Katie’s shoes.

  • Lenz

    why photo child

  • http://hello Aeson Alexandrukas

    how littel girl?

  • homepage

    I’m not sure what to think.

  • Suri is stimming

    The dress is 2 size too small. The stimming kid’s legs are horribly skinny. Malnutrition. Stimming. Yet still has to go out and work everyday for her Pimp mama’s attention fix.
    Kaka the pimp mama is so addicted to the attention. Guess her gay husband never gives her any.

  • Tess

    she’s just a child. look she’s holding a stuffed animal so adults criticizing or leaving rude comments about her just need help in my opinion.. or serious prayers

  • Nika

    @Suri is stimming: obviously you’ve never seen a child of her age b/c most of them are this skinny. You must have very low self-esteem to hate someone you don’t even know. It’s not their fault that paps are taking their pics constantly and it’s getting kinda creepy to stalk them like this.

  • mary

    @Suri is stimming

    you do know that there is something wrong with an adult who irrationally directs hatred towards a child. perhaps you should talk to someone about this.

  • Suri is stimming

    Wise up. Stimming girl’s pimp mama calls the paps to exploit her.

  • Suri is stimming

    Stop trying to distract the blatant fact that a school girl with issues is neglected and exploited by her pimp mama for attention.

    You need to wise up.

  • L

    @Suri is stimming: You are for sure an extremely sad and pathetic person if you have such an urge to criticize a child and her mother.

  • No

    SO, the purpose of this photo op is…….. Katie is holding a book about a girl trying to be brave… I believe she’s trying to show the critics that shes a great mom and trying to teach a always – scared Suri to be brave… a few yrs ago she carried around a book called “Birdies big girl shoes” … about a little girl that wants to wear the mom’s high heels…this came around the time she was criticized for Suri’s high heels. Katie’s probably got wind that she’s being criticized for scaring Suri with the exposure to the paps, this is a passive- aggressive way of showing that she is working on it, I have NO DOUBT.

  • bytheway

    There’s nothing wrong with pointing out that Suri is on the autism spectrum. It’s completely obvious and as long as the parents appear to ignore it, people are going to keep saying it.

  • Hamlet

    Ever considered the possibility that she’s NOT autistic, #13?

  • Sheila

    Such weird people the Cruise family. They look here like they are running into their apt. to avoid the paps. I have an idea use the GARAGE entrance or BACKDOOR and/or don’t live in NYC or LA!!!! It’s not like Katie needs to be in either city as she is not a true working actress, she barely works at all. She could live in Timbuktoo if she wanted to give her distressed and delayed child a normal life. This child seems slow and seems to have developmental issues, yet Katie grins like the idiot robot wife who is oblivious to that and everything. Weird parenting.

    And all their money yet both Katie and her kid are so sloppy looking and often look in need of a hair wash.

  • Carbon Copy

    Poor little girl is tired of all the pictures. In everyone one of then she hides or runs. Get a clue Kate and stop taking your scared child to satisfy you needs. Hers should be met as well.

  • Hamlet

    I meant #15 NOT #13. My mistake

    How is Holmes not a working actress, #17? She’s filming a movie right now.

    Maybe she’s just playing around, #18?

  • Gh

    I feel bad for Suri. I don’t know why her dad doesn’t do anything in order to protect his child? Doesn’t he care about her? Every single day there is a pap pic of Suri on the Internet. This kid doesn’t seem normal. It is sad what her parent did with her. I just hope she isn’t going to be a future Paris Hilton or like a other spoiled brat.

  • The Real Emma

    Pffft. Katie, instead of reading books about brave girls to your daughter why don’t you keep your child protected and away from fearful things so that she will feel safe and be able to develop her own inner strength in her own time in a safe environment. Throwing her out into these stresses every day is seriously going to harm the development of your child! Gah!!!

  • joel

    Katie is holding up that book so that everyone can see what they read. So obvious. She LOVES the attention. It’s her dream come true.

  • Anna

    That little girl looks like it’s about to suck your blood any minute…it reminds me of weird creatures from horror movies…geez

  • No

    I’m so tires of this shitty wanna-be “A” actress… who would be a Has-been if she had not latched on to Tom Cruise. So, tired of the smug look….so tired of her exploiting Suri, so tired of seeing someone who is not at all talented get so much attention. Real talent does not need to drag themselves through the paparazzi mill to be relevant. She is the example of tabloid fodder. That little girl would have done better in some obscure area of the country. Not LA or NY. They have a private plane for ffs and they flew to Iceland just for the weekend… They can surely live in their Telluride place and get this little girl away for this fake world.

  • Karih

    Suri has that psycho-sociopath look; yes, she is a child but you can’t deny she seems to have issues and really looks insane (“thanks” to her parents.)

  • Question

    Does “Brave Emily” come with a companion book, “Desperate And Awkward Katie”?

  • Bell

    Suris running again in photos nothing changes its like they photoshop her clothes and post them on her running photos this little girl never just stays home and relaxes

  • Mari

    If this goes on this blog should be renamed from Just Jared to Just Suri. Two posts in a day and three in two days..whow, didn’t know that a toddler was that interesting and accomplished.

  • jaspisgirl

    nobody gives that kid a break soooooo i started and say nothing to this!!!!!!!!

  • jaspisgirl


  • Raised by wolves!

    Why don’t they put a slip on this poor girl. It looks like another night gown.

  • jaspisgirl
  • Raised by wolves!

    How disturbing Katie is DISGUSTING!!!

  • Poor Suri
  • Gig

    Why don’t they send her to Iceland to be with her father? She doesn’t like Katie. Suri’s likes everyone but Katie.

  • Bessy

    This is a crazy pic, right?

  • Bessy
  • No

    their stint here is almost over… They will disappear for awhile again. Just go the the Tom Cruise fan sites to check the new release dates for his upcoming films… That is when you will see them posted day in and day out again.

  • dholmas

    Katie and Tom need to stop parading her around. You never see her playing with children her own age.

  • famousa

    Suri has the biggest pontoon feet I’ve ever seen on a child. She’ll be borrowing Parasite Hilton’s shoes in no time.

  • obsessed

    prettiest girls, love both katies outfits
    1 min in 24 hrs and you all go off your brains again and like i always say, there are some not so nice people on this thread,
    here’s hoping some of you don’t have kids…..ever…….because you sound quite nasty.

  • hrmph

    Poor kiddo is always on the run :( Too bad she can’t run away from her horrible parents.

  • Beti

    Suri is cute girl and Katie is a good mum !
    Tom … should be better dad ;)

  • pooter


    why not? all other public hollywood kids get photographed.

    nothing wrong with that. Their parents chose to be in the public light.

    grow up!

  • michelle

    maybe it is time that Suri walks…..she looks rediculas with her mother holding her like she is 2……..