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Katie Holmes & Suri: Monday Afternoon Stroll

Katie Holmes & Suri: Monday Afternoon Stroll

Katie Holmes carries her daughter Suri while out for a stroll on Monday (June 25) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress held on to her 6-year-old daughter for most of the walk before putting her down as they arrived back home.

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Earlier in the day, Katie was spotted running errands solo in her denim ensemble.

Over the weekend, the mother-daughter duo stepped out together wearing matching outfits for brunch.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri out and about in New York…

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katie holmes suri monday afternoon stroll 02
katie holmes suri monday afternoon stroll 03
katie holmes suri monday afternoon stroll 04
katie holmes suri monday afternoon stroll 05
katie holmes suri monday afternoon stroll 06
katie holmes suri monday afternoon stroll 07
katie holmes suri monday afternoon stroll 08
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katie holmes suri monday afternoon stroll 10
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  • Gillian

    Isn’t Suri a little too big to be carried around like a baby? This is one seriously spoiled child, Tom and Katie are creating a little monster.

  • hmm

    i wonder if its ‘a kid just being a kid’ thing or something more.. either way the pics make me sad. I seen some yesterday of her screaming in the street. Why do they continue to take their kid out when shes clearly uncomfortable??

  • famousa

    You’ve GOT to be kidding me – she’s still lugging that spoiled little brat around like she’s a helpless toddler? Put that kid down and make her walk and while you’re at it, make her BEHAVE! She’s too old to be carried and she’s old to be allowed to act like such a little monster.

  • Jess

    I don’t think we’ve seen a picture of Suri smiling since she was like three years old… =/

  • http://justjared Sad

    Just Sad! That mother does not protect her child by picking her up. She protects the child by taking her OUT OF THE LIMELIGHT! Just so sad. Whatever is wrong with Suri, she obviously does not want to be papped everyday. Katie Holmes is a vicious idiot if she thinks (doubtful) that she is doing the right thing by her kid. What an attention whore. What a media monster. Katie, you don’t deserve that precious child.

  • NYC

    @Gillian: If I were Katie Holmes I’d be having a flip out right now. Kids push the limits and this kid is no different than any other. From what I see, Katie is a normal mom who loves her kid and her kid has moments that all kids have. I cannot imagine, nor would I, having to put up with zero privacy while the paps photograph my kid. That would make me insane.
    I give Katie a lot of credit. She is a saint.
    I feel bad for Suri. This will never make sense to her.

  • Tina

    Does Suri have friends? I feel bad for her!

  • jkbi

    spoiled, both of them.

  • Kilem

    C’mon, aren’t nearly all 6 yr olds (or in this case, she is actually 7) little snots?

  • pippa

    WTF??? Wtf is wrong with Katie? Is she blind? Go home to LA, enroll your child in a normal, private school and get her into some therapy. Or else she’s gonna be shaving her head and driving around w/ a baby on her lap by the time she’s 18. This all used to be somewhat entertaining but now I’m pissed. Its so pathetic and SAD! This child needs professional help and so does her mom.

  • Hamlet

    Wait till she’s a teen and she actually does something wrong before criticzing her parents raising her, #2. And I don’t think being carried is gonna harm anybody’s social health.

    Take her out in public in broad daylight, #4? What pics of her screaming in the streets?

    Stop calling innocent, little kids names, #6. You don’t know how she is like and how she is being raised.

    She was seen happy and smiling in only the last set of pics, #7!

    Taking her out of the limelight how, #8? Not going out in public in broad daylight?

    You’re sick, #11

  • The Real Emma

    Looks like Suri is doing a better job of protecting her stuffed animal from the papz than Katie is doing with her child. Also, Suri is once again dressed inappropriately for the streets of New York in a see-through skirt or slip or whatever it is. Protect your kid, Katie, c’mon!!!

  • flo

    This is getting creepy

  • http://@afrianakartika -anna-

    OMG… Surii.. She was a cutie pie.. :((

  • pippa

    Its almost like I can’t even watch this train wreck anymore. But everytime I come on this site they are here, in all their disfunction for the world to see. Something bad is going to happen. Imagine if when you were a child, for as long as you can remember, everytime you went outside your house, creepy, smelly, strangers (mostly men) w/ huge cameras followed you EVERYWHERE you went? You’d be effed up too. Timid, and scared and trying to hide your face. Its an invasion of space & it would drive a person crazy. Its all her parents fault. TOM AND KATIE NEED TO BE CALLED OUT!

  • obsessed

    you can see katie is trying hard to get suri to accept the paps, because these paps are going to be with them forever.
    sometimes suri accepts them , sometimes not, even tho she’s better than what she was
    trouble is you never get to see the whole pic, only shows katie and suri , not everything else that’s going on around them
    i hope she perseveres with it, everybody should be able to live their life to move around freely as they want , that goes for celebs and their children as well as everybody else.
    suri has very definite likes and dislikes, and she dislikes the paps in her face
    love the way she always protects and babies her furry animals, she’s probably a very sweet and loving little girl.

  • an opinion

    If this were Jennifer Gardner Affleck pics with her daughter you would call her the greatest mother in the world. Stop being so harsh to Katie.

  • Jennifer Aniston Lover

    old ? shes only 6 and is not like katie wears her in one of those baby carriers lol

    please kids should walk as much as they can but if theyre super tired then we can hold them while we get them to bed or something like that in their case

  • http://alexhere12 jana

    I just wonder, why, when it comes to jennifer garner and her kids, so many out there commented that she parades her kids everyday yet there’s only a pic of one of her kids came out recently? and to think it was almost two weeks been gone without her kids’ pics in the net.,..the comments on the affleck thread is way nastier than this…jared please try moderate the comments section…It’s really creepy, yes creepier than X17online…how’s that?!

  • mary

    take a good look at Suri’s eyes in those pictures. the way that little girls look at the paps. that’s hatred and anger. i would not be surprised to hear reports of that little girl throwing hard objects at the one of the paps. Jackie Kennedy had the same problem but somehow, Katie, she managed to protect her children. Jackie took one of the paps to court and won. after that, he could only shoot his photos from a certain distance.

  • http://alexhere12 mikee
  • http://alexhere12 kairos

    @an opinion: oh your wrong, people called her (jennifer garner) attention seeker who uses her kids for attention and i don’t really get it…Whatever! I much prefer her than katie..

  • jaspisgirl

    i have no words :-( i am done!!!!!! it’s all said!!!!!! poor kid!!!!!! poor, rich kid!!!!! poor, rich, lonely kid!!!!!!! stupid mom!!!!!!stupid rich mom!!!!!!!

  • Tom’s Still In Iceland!

    He has been there since June 14. He and Kate spent ONE DAY together when he first arrived in Iceland. She and Suri immediately left and went to
    New York. Tom stayed.
    Here’s his latest Iceland fun:
    Before June 14, they were last together In Baton Rouge on April 1st. So if you do the numbers, they’ve spent two days near each other in three month (90 days). Kate wasn’t aloud to attend ANYof the Rock Of Ages premieres.

    Artistry on Ice my azz.

  • Ellgy

    Suri would make a great actress for a creepy horror movie about a possessed child. She has a haunted look about her.

  • HamletFan

    Leave them alone you pigs.

  • Taylor

    Irregardless of who her parents are, Suri is a 6 year old child. I think the constant cameras following her around and documentation of her various moods is very unfair.

  • http://Comcast Marj


  • LisaT

    For heavens sakes. The child is 6 years old. She is way to old and to big to still be carrying around. This poor child is so spoiled and its not her fault. Its her parents fault. I have not seen a picture of this child smiling for awhile now.

  • LisaT

    @Ellgy: This is not her fault. Its her parents fault. They are the ones allowing the cameras to follow and so forth. There are other celebs with children who don’t get this much attention. So I suspect Suri’s parents are making sure the media are present and following them. Just think about it, other more famous celeb parents don’t have this much attention.

  • Claudia

    Suri should be going into grade one at this point. Instead of being socialized with other children her age, she is constantly out until all hours and still being carried around by her mother. Most children who are six do not still carry around “blankies” and stuffed toys everywhere they go in public. Sure they may have them at home or when they are sick, but do not require them for comfort on every single outing. It seems that she is immature and emotionally stunted all while being allowed to wear summer clothes in freezing weather and stay up until 2 in the morning on a regular basis. I feel very sorry for that little girl and the only people to blame are her parents. She isn’t a brat, she is being raised in a very unhealthy way. Poor kid. .

  • Jake

    @pippa: #12

    Many celebrity children are around paps, and get use to it. You never see Jen Garner, Angelina, and others kids acting like that.

  • Jake

    @Claudia: #31
    She is a brat.

  • naturegirl


  • Linda

    Why would Katie let her daughter wear something like that in public, she needs a slip under that, or some pants, or shorts.

  • Linda

    Tom and Katie are separated. Tom is tired of her already.

  • @

    Dose anyone know why Katie in NY?

    What’s the point of going for a walk with a 6 year old only to carry her the whole time, I mean really their are kids out there who CAN’T walk and wish they could let Suri use her legs.

  • D

    @@: #37
    I mean really their are kids out there who CAN’T walk and wish they could let Suri use her legs.
    Exactly, and my daughter is oneof those children who can’t walk. She has been in a wheelchair all her life.

  • jillyro

    I know think there is something seriously wrong with this child mentally. For a 6 year old to be this way, it’s odd. Most 6 year olds crave independence and want to do everything for themselves and no blankets, bottles and to be carried around like a baby. Paps or no paps (she has lived with paps her ENTIRE life so she should know nothing else). Yes the paps freak out the kids, but other celebs are raising them to get used to it. Suri is slow in the head I think, she has developmental problems. A huge part of Suri’s developmental problems and lack of maturity and progression is the no-rules parenting they are giving her. That’s one point for the scibots!

  • Sheila

    Wow, these pics are disturbing, Suri is a very unhappy little girl. Rarely smiles, behaves and has the needs of a 2 year old. Their auditing and beliefs have ruined her and now she is spoilt, a brat and unhappy and appears to have development problems too and seems “slow” mentally.

  • jaspisgirl

    wait. my comment is deleted only because i answered a question,but i have to let myself be called a ,,pig” ( #26) thank you very much!!!!!!!!

  • Bet

    Is this family so hungery for attention tht they would stoop to this?

    Is this the of Robots?

  • jmo

    This child is on the spectrum of autism. I hope they are getting her help.

  • cul8r

    #17 – it’s Jennifer Garner, not Gardner. And Katie carrying around Suri, who is perfectly capable of walking, is just unbelievable. That child is being spoiled to a degree that she is and will be really messed up as she grows older. She needs a younger sibling so she could learn that life doesn’t revolve around her, which seems to be the case now because of her clueless mother.

  • ugh

    I say Tom and Katie are done when Suri is older… Their entire relationship seems to revolve around her… it’s like obsessive, almost. I don’t buy all that mushy stuff put out there… they are trying way too hard… they are doomed. Not now necessarily, but in the future.
    Oh- and Katie Holmes is obsessed with trying to get people to envy her life… She’s got that “look at me” vibe coming from her for years… its getting so old.

  • dani

    I did some student teaching for K-2 and I can’t think of one child out of the 90 or so that would want to be carried by their parent in public. This is an age where the child becomes very independent. Yes, they still have melt downs, still want to be picked up at times and sit on your lap, but when out in public most of them want to be seen as ‘grown up’ and not a baby.
    Unfortunately it appears that Katie has no clue how to manage these tantrums of Suri’s. Sometimes talking and reasoning does not cut it. You need action. Since Katie is unwilling to forego her daily pap opportunities she needs to either leave Suri at home or tell her firmly that behavior like this (tantrum above and there are other pictures out there showing her being royally ticked) will not be tolerated. Suri knows what is going to happen when she goes out and she is just manipulating Katie. Katie should tell the bodyguard to send for the car and send Suri home or she should take Suri back to their apartment ASAP. And let her know upfront that this behavior will result in her next outings being canceled.
    I’m sorry, it is absolutely ridiculous for this to still be going on when every other parent of celeb child manages to help their child to adjust to the paps. For A list couples like TomKat, the Brange, the Afflecks, Kennedys etc. the paps are rude, insensitive, bullying and cruel. Somehow though the other parents have managed to raise far better adjusted children when it comes to the paps (don’t know about any other area of their lives). Maybe Katie should pick up the telephone (which she is always on anyhow) and call some of them for some advice.

  • xoxo

    She shouldn’t have this much anger showing. Why don’t they move to a more secure place, I wonder. well, they want to be seen for sure.

  • KC

    Maybe throwing a tantrum is the only way Suri can think of to communicate. She probably is angry, frightened, and confused by the paps and she is acting out by behaving exactly the way she feels. She just looks so overwhelmed for a child.

  • hrmph

    Now I really wonder if they ensure Suri’s being fed proper food, and not just sugary, unhealthy snacks!

    I know some kids are naturally small sized or thin but at least their faces have a healthy glow that kids normally have. Suri just looks gaunt and sickly! That haunted look in her eyes shouldn’t be present on a 6 year old. It’s so sad.

  • sara

    Suri threw a tantrum yesterday and was screaming in the street, the pix are on other sites.
    Something tells me that Katie will not be making any more babies after this one.