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Angelina Jolie: Twins Visit 'Maleficent' Set!

Angelina Jolie: Twins Visit 'Maleficent' Set!

Angelina Jolie films some more scenes for Maleficent on Wednesday (June 27) in Buckinghamshire, England.

The 37-year-old actress got a special visit from her almost 4-year-old twins, Knox and Vivienne, on the set of Disney’s retelling of Sleeping Beauty.

“It’s not anti-princess,” Angelina told EW earlier this year about the movie. “But it’s the first time they’re looking at this epic woman … I hope in the end you see a woman who is capable of being many things, and just because she protects herself and is aggressive, it doesn’t mean she can’t have other [warmer] qualities.”

“It’s a really great script,” she added. “I’m having a lot of fun … My kids are very happy.”

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie, Knox, and Vivienne on the Maleficent set…

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angelina jolie twins maleficent set 01
angelina jolie twins maleficent set 02
angelina jolie twins maleficent set 03
angelina jolie twins maleficent set 04
angelina jolie twins maleficent set 05
angelina jolie twins maleficent set 06
angelina jolie twins maleficent set 07
angelina jolie twins maleficent set 08
angelina jolie twins maleficent set 09
angelina jolie twins maleficent set 10

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  • plez

    @Esterin: Clooney and Sandra Bullock are doing reshoots of Gravity in London. BTW they were not sitting next to a window. I saw a tweet with a picture that showed Brad sitting in the back of the restaurant. She said she was not able to get a picture of both of them.

  • anustin

    trollniston in hiatus,comatoes and sucking all their toes!

  • XIII

    Time to clean the thread JJ. Everytime we see the JP kids pervs are out in full force!

  • Esterin

    I hope Brad doesn’t choose Clooney as best man.

  • vickifromtexas

    adorable children !

  • So

    Gravity is also in reshoot? Reshoot is becoming very common for this type huge budget movies.

  • dawne

    Seems like the JP’s are free’er to move about in London as Europe is not as invasive……Seems they are having a great time…….glad they are there………….Angie is just not L.A……….she doesn’t fit there

    Quel beau famille!!!

  • Amazing JPs

    awww- what beautiful, beautiful babies- I can’t believe that they’ll be 4 soon- time flies!! Angie looks great- wish it was 2014 so we could see the movie NOW!

  • dawne

    BTW, the ‘walking’ pics Lamey has……..Angie looks FIERCE. You can see she has nailed the ‘attitude’ and drama………such a great actress with such a diversified career.

  • Q

    To the pthateic name changing troll.brad and angie had dinner with their freinds for more than six hours and there were no paps pics.they went go karting and to the cinema and there were no paps pics. Angie even went to a bookstore and there were no paps does tell you that they can escape the paps the way i see you came with your crap with a differnt name swoonworth was a bad name right lol

  • Esterin

    Looks like Jon Voight is very happy and excited about Angie and Brad’s wedding. I think he likes Brad very much. He was rooting for Brad winning Oscar Best Actor for Moneyball. I remember he wasn’t happy about Angie’s marrying bbt.

  • racistnenufar


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    downer and warpped

  • Need a Register System

    Jared get your act together or you are going to lose my 5000 hits per year. Banish the idiots please. Set up a register system.

  • racistnenufar


    i love that angelina makes u legit angry and mad, despite the fact angelina doesn’t even know u exsist.

    angelina effects your real life, yet angelina does not u from adam…ergo jolie own u :) bliss

  • I L A

    Brad Pitt & Angelian Jolie makes beautiful kids.

  • racistnenufar



    pathetic troll. deny’s them of a grandparent? are u for real?
    despite jon voight having private pics of the kids all around his texas home? the fact angelina puts her personal problems with jon aside of the kids see jon often now-a-days?

    FU u one eyed weirdo.


  • Jess

    I am glad Angie reconciled with Voight. He is now as any father and grandfather can be, he is happy for his daughter’s happiness and his grand children’s health.

  • racistnenufar


    takes one to know one eh?

  • theresa

    to Tamsin

    Angelina is not mentally ill and nor is she a sociopath. however, the same cannot be said for you.

  • dawne

    Angie is seen all over the globe as a great actress, mother, wife and humanitarian and this cesspool inhabiting troll thinks she can paint her as some irresponsible parent who never sees her kids…………good luck with that, freakazoid.

    You are the POWERLESS OF ONE. Funny, Jane Pitt extols Angie’s mothering virtues all the time as does Brad……..truly, you can’t be that stooooooooopid, no one could be unless they are possessed and obsessed………Haglet, you are wasting your time.

    Haul your lard azz down to the soup kitchen and serve the homeless instead of exercising a complete act of futility on a daily basis. If you actually think you are going to ‘change a mind’ forget it……….you’re just typing vomit and we regard it accordingly. Now put your teeth in and go for walk and get some fresh air………if security will let you out.

  • my gooh

    That woman shouldn’t have

    Anymore baby can’t take care

    Of what she got now
    cut boy hair. buy them
    Clothes. Pitt u put pants
    on in your house.
    Dont let woman take over.

    Children very pretty.
    You can’t see that b/s of bad dressing.

  • tish

    Cute pics of my most liked couples children in HW. Hard to believe
    the little honeys will be 4 yrs old on our Fan Yocos same Birthday July 12th. Yoco we will always remember your BD now :).

    We rarely get to see the JP kids so the pics are a
    sweet surprise. Such well behaved children something we have heard about the 6 lovelies for many yrs.

    I would wish Angie would do another film inbetween Maleficent so we would not have to wait so long to see her fabulous movie .

    With all of her work with her children and being a loving wife to Brad, UN work for her country as well as what time has left for films, writing, flying she is a very busy women who looks happy at all times. That is why i am inspired by Angelina Jolie , she is a super women. Hats off to Angie the unstoppable!

  • trt

    Poor tamzhitt! No matter how you slice and dice it…you are only one, Fans don’t have to use a proxy server and change names. How does it feel to be heaped into the trashbin every time you post? BOOHOOHOO! Tamsin is all alone with her nuttiness and hate!

  • fyi

    Take it with a grain of salt

    Angelina Jolie’s wedding gown has already been sketched by Versace, it has been reported.

    Insiders claim that the Italian fashion house has pooled ideas for what is set to become one of the most hotly anticipated bridal designs in the history of showbiz.

    The rumours are supported by the fact that Angelina often wears the label’s creations for her biggest moments in the limelight – this year alone, the star chose Versace gowns for both the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes.

    “Angelina wears Versace for special occasions, almost exclusively,” a source told British magazine Heat. “She hasn’t made a final decision, but Versace already have some early designs.”

    Since becoming engaged to Brad Pitt in April of this year, Angelina’s possible couture choice for the big day has caused feverish speculation. Donatella Versace herself stated earlier this year that the brunette beauty looks wonderful in her designs.

    “Angelina Jolie wears Versace spectacularly well, as she did at the Golden Globes this year,” she said.

    Other creative forces have drawn up sketches of potential contenders in the hope to win the coveted commission.

    Mark Badgley and James Mischka submitted a sketch of a classic, vintage-inspired gown to People, while Monique Lhuillier sketched a Chantilly lace gown with a beautiful V-neck. Meanwhile, Reem Acra envisioned Angelina in a “body-skimming ivory satin gown complete with a dramatic embellishment at the shoulder”.

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  • Lucian

    Brad and Angelina’s mimi me are too cute.

  • Wonderbust

    yup tampax is literally obsessed with this board to the point where her a$$ cant function if she doesnt get her JJ fix, you know you are addicted when you post more than the regular posters on this forum or when you get so upset that your posts get deleted, i actually am starting to feel sorry for her because i have never seen someone so PRESSED over someone they hate, i know we rag on ticky but damnn no one is parked here 24.7 like tampax has been posting ALL DAY, literally. now that is f’in SAD does she have family? friends? a life for that matter,

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  • Luvuangie

    I love Angie princess and she so thin like postcard from paris. Her twins here are like she give birth to marshmelows. So white.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Thanks JJ and thanks Andu for the link.
    These are the most beautiful children. And so well behaved.
    Angelina and Brad are great parents.
    What a sweet treat for these little ones to see mommy at work. Bet they had a lot of questions for mommy on the way home.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    I could’ve said this better myself. This Tampon idiot keeps calling us loon. She is the obsess loon.

  • racistnenufar


    ur not angry? posting many times of lies and names like ho and other name calling? why name call if u are not angry?

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    then i’ll admit we don’t own u :) deal?

  • Luvuangie

    When Brad make beautiful babies with Angie like nuclear explosion of love we all feel radiation.

  • busted


    No she just got shown for the psycho stalking fool she was. Hours on Dlisted talking about the fans. Trying to get the other groupies to follow her. Not realizing that she is and was using them to feed her obsession. I recall others like her then poof they go and a new named fool comes. She has been on jj forever under various names. Still psycho and obsessed with Angie.

    Then she comes here lurking and posting for hours on end. No way this fools has a relationship or children or a life. This is the life. Sad and Pathetic.
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    Cracky for Angie..

  • yolly

    Viv & Knox are so adorable, look at Viv’s jacket it says ” Stay Cute “. Their siblings must be at school. Needs to see the whole family once in a while. God bless them.

  • yolly

    Hello to all the fans of Brad & Angie all over the world.

  • yolly

    Can’t wait to see the finish movie Maleficent.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Hi Go Figure, bringing your post over from the previous thread.
    “@Love the JoliePitts:
    @Love the Jolie Pitts: Please, please tell me the quote where Brad referred to Angie as his wife. Thanks.
    Brad said that to the man in Germany when he was there last week visiting the Documenta. The link is on a previous thread.
    Brad was talking to a man and commented on his tattoos. Then the mans said Brad said to him “My wife has tattoos.”
    I thought that was so sweet. Brad. Always thinking of Angelina even when he is in another country.
    And when Brad was at Cannes, he told one of the interviewers he does not like being separated from his family. Brad is a sweet family man. He waited so long to have his family I think he truly cherishes them all.

  • yolly

    @Love the JoliePitts: True Brad & Angie are good parents.

  • Wonderbust

    How i knew tampax was a true nutcase was when she posted from 1pm FRI to 3am on Sun, who in their right mind spends the WHOLE WEEKEND trolling on the board of a celeb they hate, the sad part is that tampax doesnt realize that she has become ADDICTED, she cant function without her JJ fix, methinks she lives alone and has no one else to talk to, why else would someone spend all their time trolling the internet

  • yolly

    @I L A: True.

  • Wonderbust

    @Love the JoliePitts:
    aww i love that Brad said that..Brad already has a few Angie tats right? i think the one on his back and the one on his stomach…and Angelina has the one on her arm and her thigh i believe

  • yolly

    @Esterin: I don’t think Clooney will be his best man, I bet it will be Doug, Brad’s brother.

  • guest1

    Poor Trolls. They come here because Dirtbag and Squiggy are not exciting. Who blames them.. You see the same old pics and articles about Dirtbag.All you have to do is cut and paste the men and the same photo-op.I would be bored too if all I could talk about , she’s has great body (altough she looks soft and gained about 10-15lbs) and she definitely doesn’t have Halle Berry body who’s is 3 years older. her hair looks good ( altough its paid, synthetic hair), she looks good for her age (candids tell otherwise). And an editor of a major fashion magazine refuses to put her on the cover because she needs photo approval.
    I too, would be more interesting in the happenings of the Jp’s. They are much more exciting, Even their almost 4 year old adorable twins pics were posted on the net quicker than the middle-aged has-been bikini photos.

  • To Tamsin


    You really do talk out of your @ss. John made that comment either before or after she adopted Maddox. That’s like 10 years ago. I am 100% sure he’s sorry that he ever made that comment. Perhaps, he made that comment because he thought Angie’s a wild child. He probably didn’t realize she turned her life around. You would never believe that because you don’t believe people change. You don’t believe people deserve a 2nd chance. Or maybe that only applies to Angie.

    We have seen J.V. out with the grandkid a few times. But of course you choose to ignore that.