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Angelina Jolie: Twins Visit 'Maleficent' Set!

Angelina Jolie: Twins Visit 'Maleficent' Set!

Angelina Jolie films some more scenes for Maleficent on Wednesday (June 27) in Buckinghamshire, England.

The 37-year-old actress got a special visit from her almost 4-year-old twins, Knox and Vivienne, on the set of Disney’s retelling of Sleeping Beauty.

“It’s not anti-princess,” Angelina told EW earlier this year about the movie. “But it’s the first time they’re looking at this epic woman … I hope in the end you see a woman who is capable of being many things, and just because she protects herself and is aggressive, it doesn’t mean she can’t have other [warmer] qualities.”

“It’s a really great script,” she added. “I’m having a lot of fun … My kids are very happy.”

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie, Knox, and Vivienne on the Maleficent set…

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angelina jolie twins maleficent set 02
angelina jolie twins maleficent set 03
angelina jolie twins maleficent set 04
angelina jolie twins maleficent set 05
angelina jolie twins maleficent set 06
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  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    OT: I am not sure if this is true but if it is the haters/trolls have been barking on the wrong tree. Remember how the haters rant on Angie that she might break up JD & VP relationship when Angie was doing the Tourist with him. How they warn VP to watch out for her man etc. Well, I guess the haters were so busy going after Angie they missed Amber Heard.

  • guest1

    I wish people stop commenting about Lamey. The only thing this woman has said that rings truth about the JP’s is that she’s intimated by Angie and that she is drop dead gorgeous in person.
    Too many accounts, that photos don’t do them justice and in person you con’t stop staring at them.
    Lamey’s own words,” God couldn’t have created a more a beautiful face” regarding Angie. We all know she has a thing for Brad.. I think its because Brad never dated the model-type that Leo D. always goes for and out of reach for most average women. And a part of her hate on Angie, because she’s everything she’ll never be. She can relate more to Dirtbag, because she’s average-cute looking woman, with ugly feet, and short, that managed to nab the HW hunk. But, I think it’s more the money being paid by Huvane since she use to call out Dirtbags’s PR shenanigans several years ago. She said in person, Dirtbag is taupe, like Jennifer Garner, nice body but didn’t have that star quality like Angie and JLO in person.

  • Fritzi Schnitzer

    Your heart is an involuntary muscle that pumps blood. It’s melting? That’s some kind of medical miracle! get to a doctor…STAT!

  • Passing Through

    # 253 Media Wh@re MANiston @ 06/28/2012 at 9:36 am
    LOL. And his publicist and Eva Green and whoever else the tabs come up with. They also missed the fact that Peeps said JD and VP were already falling apart in early 2010 before he started filming The Tourist. He was there for months and she took the kids to Venice for 2 weeks. other times there were reports that she came to Venice by herself. There were pix of his yacht moored in Venice and he stayed on the boat with them when the kids were there, then went back to his hotel when they left. Otherwise he flew to Paris because she was working there. So they were at least making an attempt, but he’d already filmed The Rum Diary a about 10 months before The Tourist, so yeah, the tabs totally missed Amber Heard while they were making up fake stories of Angie trying to seduce Johnny in a nekkid shower scene that was never filmed…

  • busted

    @Passing Through:

    Don’t you think that is what is really pissing the hags and rags.. they were so hoping for an Angie tie in.. LOL

    and then while they were all over Angie she and Brad were enjoying Venice with their children.. just fine and all that JD and VP drama was going on and everyone missed it because they had their heads up there as* trying to create a story that wasn’t a story when the real story was happening behind them.

    I just laugh at the trolls. But notice how they are not all up in arms over Amber. she is not being put on the cover of magazines. the trolls are not screaming she is housebreaker (oops forgot Vanessa and Johnny were not married so that 14 year relationship doesn’t matter) but it did when they wanted to link Angie in it

    Damn that Double Standard..

  • anon2

    @Passing Through:

    Or was Slate PR…Baum (JD’s publicist and partner of Huvane) planting those stories in the tabloids about Jolie and Depp. I think there are some nasty publicists in Hollyweird and Huvane’s group (him being the worst) is the most vile.


    (((((ADORBS!!!!))))) Love the one where Knox has his hands on his head like, what in the world is my mommy doing?!! She can fly, Good Lord!! Hahahahahaha!! So cute. Viv has the cutest profile EVER…after her mommy that is. lol

  • Tam$in


    Oh I’d like to see that myself. LOL loons, provide a link or STFU.

    I love when they resort to lying. They’re so weak a desperate.

    And LOL at the newest moniker of the same old predictable sheep.

  • Tam$in


    Ugh creepy Clooniqua, just like Lust the HolyShiitts, both sounding like child molesters, obsessed with those kids and trying to get into their heads.

  • Phool

    They are two scoops of scrumptiousness love both Knox and Vivian so adorable.Where you can see that Vivian has the delectability and the elegance just like her mother Angelina.
    And Knox has the swagger and the care free look of his father Brad.
    Loved Vivian’s Panda hodie & Knox as usual rocking the leather jacket. He’s not even 4 and he’s looking cool.


    New Thread

  • Thank u for taking a break

    @Tam$in: You’re just as creepy as Clinique tho. Your just the other side of the Coin. Nothing special.

  • Sunshine

    @Jennifer Aniston:
    ..and you sound like an idiot.

  • Paige

    @ Love The Shoes. Yes Knox is a mini-Angelina. He only has Brad’s head shape and mannerisms but the rest of him is Angie. He has her lips, nose, and eyes unlike Shiloh and Vivi who are also a mix but are more Brad than Angie. Vivi reminds me of Jon Voight which is Angie when she was younger. Angie at 14: In the graduation pic Vivi looks like her.
    Knox looks like her here:

  • Love The Shoes

    @Paige: I see alot of Voight in all three of the kids. I have seen a pic or two where Knox evoked Brad but it was like you say, in mannerisms. I saw a photo of Brads mom Jane (it was a family photo from probably 35yrs ago) and WOW! I knew right then who Vivian looked like because she just has a different physicality then her twin and big sis in my op. Viv has stronger Pitt genes, Knox, stronger Voight, and I think it’s Shiloh who got the balance. She looks like both evenly to me. They are all beautiful.

  • groundcontrol

    Flagged for posting defamation about fellow poster.

  • angie

    just jared please post jen aniston with george clooney

    yall are ashamed huh, hahahahahaha

    usweekly bashed how clooney hate angie

  • angie

    insecure bitches cant leave jen aniston name in their head

  • Maleficent

    Trolls do something positive to help the world. Be like Brad & Angie, helping others.

  • Clarence Beeks

    Shiloh will always be my favorite of the kids. I love that kid- I think she is a little pistol!

  • lurker

    jane love angie she is relling everybody about her great daughter in law here is a sweet tweet crdt JPo/grotto

    Jason DeGroot ‏@j_degroot
    Today I met Brad Pitt’s mother… Wonderful lady that has a passion for the Lord and a heart for her soon to be daughter inlaw. #prayforher

  • Fellow Brangaloonie

    I love Angelina. Even when she’s a bag of bones and sticking her skinny legs for attention, I still think she’s classy and more beautiful than ever. Where’s my meds y’all?

  • Kah

    they are so cute….they are the cutest babies!love vivi and knox<3<3
    vivi is a little princess,and knox is mini brad<3*__* beautiful

  • Don’tFearThePsychiatrist

    @SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!:

    “I know this may sound crazy, impossible and unbelievable, BUT IT ISN’T CRAZY WHEN IT’S TRUE. YOU HAVE TO SPREAD THE MESSAGE!!!!!! THE WORLD HAS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS!!!!!!”

    sound familiar, loons?

  • Seguro de salud

    I don’t stand her, she is a little cu cu… I hope her children will be ok with this mother.. Sorry!

  • Aussie Girl

    Oh My They are soooo cute. Can’t believe they are almost 4 yrs old.
    Love Knox in his little leather jacket & Vivi is so adorable.

    IMHO—Tampax has had to many posters responding to her,which is exactly what IT thrives on.


    i hate george clooney…

  • sowhat699

    She’s a pretty woman but she really should stop bringing those ugly kids around with her, especially the one on the right with the big a** pumpkin head.

  • I L A

    Lately Tom has giving many odd reasons why Katie wasn’t seen maker appearances with him. I all ways trought if they ware so in Love like Tom
    Made it seem. They would have had a second child in about two years. I’m saying my husband couldn’t keep his hands off me.
    All said JOLIE-PITT still standing.

  • Justblack

    I’m black and love angelina because she adopted a black child. I will forever worship this white woman who can read minds like asian people do. I’m black and angry about it. I’m poor as dirt as well. Pity me. I have no life in this ghetto.

  • Sadblack

    LOL! LMMFAO! Asians want nothing to do with blacks. Face it! That is how Asians react to YOUR BLACK ghetto ass! Consider this your wake up call! Good morning!

  • Bereavedblack

    Jay-us, phantasy black! Asians aren’t Vulcans. Somebody has been watching too much TV in da ghetto. You have problems.

  • susan lo

    Brad is no where in site , the nannies must have brought the kids to the set, no surprise

  • Tweet

    Sara Joumaa @Sarajouma
    Justtt saw angelina jolie !! Wow shes gorgeous! 

  • Tweet

    Ala @ala_kad
    @Luna_ak @abstergo_aids Can’t believe you guys just had a massive conversation about #Syria with Angelina Jolie!!!!!!!!

  • Whamo

    So I hear Heroina is kissing girls on the neck, giving them her number AND hooking up with heavily tattooed guys in hotels!!!! WELL WELL it’s nice to see she’s still doing what she’s always been doing you know being the HO she really is. I guess you can’t change the spots or stripes or whatever…….