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Chris Hemsworth Bumps Into Pregnant Sienna Miller

Chris Hemsworth Bumps Into Pregnant Sienna Miller

Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky bump into their pregnant pal Sienna Miller while house hunting on Tuesday (June 26) in the Notting Hill neighborhood of London, England.

The happy couple brought along their newborn daughter India in a stroller as they walked past the Daylesford Organic Farm restaurant, where Sienna was enjoying lunch with her mother Josephine.

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Over the weekend, Chris‘ film Snow White and the Huntsman finished its fourth weekend at the box office in fifth place with a total so far of $137 million.

15+ pictures inside of Chris Hemsworth bumping into Sienna Miller

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chris hemsworth bumps into pregnant sienna miller 01
chris hemsworth bumps into pregnant sienna miller 02
chris hemsworth bumps into pregnant sienna miller 03
chris hemsworth bumps into pregnant sienna miller 04
chris hemsworth bumps into pregnant sienna miller 05
chris hemsworth bumps into pregnant sienna miller 06
chris hemsworth bumps into pregnant sienna miller 07
chris hemsworth bumps into pregnant sienna miller 08
chris hemsworth bumps into pregnant sienna miller 09
chris hemsworth bumps into pregnant sienna miller 10
chris hemsworth bumps into pregnant sienna miller 11
chris hemsworth bumps into pregnant sienna miller 12
chris hemsworth bumps into pregnant sienna miller 13
chris hemsworth bumps into pregnant sienna miller 14
chris hemsworth bumps into pregnant sienna miller 15

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  • believe

    Sienna looks great but tired. She gained the right amount of weight and looks close to the end of her pregnancy. Good luck to her and hope she has an easy delivery and healthy baby.

  • michelle


  • Tori

    I love Chris. He’s so sweet and caring, he seems to be a really good husband and dad, but his wife…. Eh. I don’t like that woman.

  • Olive

    Love Sienna and Chris! Lovely people <3

  • Manuela

    cant stand Elsa. evil woman. never seen love between them. Sienna is wonderful but really tired. seems time is coming

  • Danuu

    Time to buy a new pair of leggings Sienna, yours are ripping at the seems. You must have SOME cash left from that career you once had, right? Right?

  • LoveMeDo

    So how long do we give Hemsworth and Pataky? 5 years?

  • Domino

    I don’t care about Sienna at all. Chris is good looking but I don’t like him in that way, I just think he’s a sweet guy and a great actor. Elsa, on the other hand… I hate that woman so much. She’s a wh*re.

  • Hemsworth

    @Manuela: so agree! she is sooo annoying! She said in an interview that she is going to talk to their baby only in Spanish and if Chris wants to talk with his daughter, then he must learn spanish o.O

  • Hemsworth

    Elsa IS ugly! Especially for a man like Chris, who is hot, handsome and a great guy!

  • tena

    Aww Chris ao handsome and people bashing on his wife when they dont know her is horrable and am sure chris would not like that at all, he must see something in her that we dont so leave the woman along and just judging just becasue she is with V=Chris.

  • Chris Hughes

    I think Sienna is looking great especially as she is wearing a pair of our Holland Blue suede lace up pumps. Get your pair now at x

  • Ruby+Ed

    You have to admit, she’s got great style – and you can get it too at …

  • koko

    Do they live in london now?

  • Stunna

    Oohhh Chris<3 *

  • lol

    His wife is a really bad actress even when she’s mostly playing herself

  • Anon

    @koko: I don’t think so. Maybe just staying there until they get settled into parenthood or something. I do know that they have a house in California. My stepbrother and his wife live near the same area as them and they have seen them walking in the neighborhood and going to and from their house.

  • Delilah

    Lol, have you noticed that Sienna’s leggins have a hole?? You can clearly see it at photo #5 :P

  • lylian

    Wow, I just saw that SWATH cost 170m to produce and needs to make 340m to break-even.
    I wonder if it will get there?
    I think so, but as someone said, no one spends this amount of money just to break-even….

  • livvyloo

    I never can figure out that London weather in all of these pictures. Tank tops, tshirts, and sweaters. Ha!

    Sienna looks great, she must just have a week or 2 left at most.

  • livvyloo

    I just google Elsa because I no nothing about her. She seems to like dating famous men…and plastic surgery.

    Here is her before and after:

  • lylian

    Sigh…. I hope you aren’t a female, but I’ve got a horrible feeling you are a female….

  • leenz

    he give mony for people

  • Clown nurse

    I’m sorry, you’re ripping Elsa apart for being “evil” but complimenting Sienna Miller? I wonder how evil Balti Getti’s wife and four children thought she was when she was cavorting around with him naked on a boat and a balcony in Italy for all the world to see? @livvyloo:
    Well, then she’s in line behind Serial Miller, who has dated a multitude of famous men, married or not.

  • Jan

    @koko: They are for now. Chris has been filming quite a few movies there. He filmed SWATH last year and then Rush earlier this year and he starts filming Thor 2 in August. So for now they are very much living in London.

  • Aurora

    @Clown nurse: The difference between Sienna and Elsa is that at least Sienna had a career. Elsa never has and never will.

  • livvyloo

    @Clown nurse:

    The difference is that Sienna is known for her acting as well as dating famous men:).



  • Lia ESP

    @Hemsworth:And the problem iiiiiss …….. That girl will be lucky because she is going to be bilingual, and spanish is not an easy language to learn.

    *LOL* There are too much envy here. Elsa Pataky is a beautiful woman and discreet. I don’t like her as an actress but I don’t like Chris as an actor either I think he is really bad, he only has a good body, damn, he’s soooo hot.

  • Hemsworth

    It’s not envy…it’s what she said, which i find really stupid…and also i would be really happy for him if he had another woman by his side…a woman a bit more ‘in love’ with him and not that much with his fame(because if you see her past, that’s what she loves)…anyway..i don’t really want to continue talk about her..pointless…
    i just wanted to mention that he is an awesome actor! And no, i am not telling that only because he is hot..he made a perfect Thor and a really gear Huntsman!He has a lot of talent!!

  • tena

    @Hemsworth: Yea he dose and and if he was a bad actor he would not get the roles, its just funny when someone becomes famous they start bashing.

  • Hemsworth

    @tena: Agree!!!

  • tena

    @Hemsworth: Thank you, i wonder what other roles he will get, i know he is doing Rush and Red dwan.

  • Hemsworth

    @tena: yeah, i’ve seen some pictures and it seems really interesting! I am also excited for Thor 2!!

  • tena

    @Hemsworth: Yea he is really famous know in hollywood and he is such a lovely man, i have seen interviews he is funny aswell :) cant wait for Thor 2 aswell.

  • Hemsworth

    @tena: Yeah, he is a great guy! I can’t wait for Thor because i already collect money to go to the premiere and see him live :D (finallyyy haha)

  • tena

    @Hemsworth: How cool is that am sure it will be amazing , do you think he will go far, i think he will if keeps doing what he is doing know, i dont think he will get the 50 shades role becasue i think that is just not for him to be honest but you never know.

  • Hemsworth

    @tena: Well as you said you never know…I got him more for roles like Thor or Huntsman..i mean he need to show strength and that he is a ‘badass’ (in the good way!!)…I hope him the best from my heart!! And with a better wife haha

  • tena

    @Hemsworth: i do aswell hee hee but i think he will do just fine but i do hope he will gets roles that will get him awards aswell, i know he is just started acting latre but hopefully he will :)

  • african mango plu

    Mood very bad :(