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Freida Pinto: 'Knight' at Santa Monica Beach!

Freida Pinto: 'Knight' at Santa Monica Beach!

Freida Pinto hits the beach to work on Knight of Cups on Tuesday (June 26) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 27-year-old Indian actress shot some scenes with co-star Christian Bale on the sand and under the Santa Monica Pier.

Freida recently chatted about what defines her look both on and off the red carpet.

“My personal style statement is anything that is really comfortable, so a pair of well-fitted jeans and a good T-shirt [are] most definitely me,” she shared.

“For events, I think your wardrobe must have a little black dress. And my favorite accessories, I just love a pair of beautiful earrings,” Freida added. “Maybe the simplest pair of drops that can jazz up an entire outfit. I try to keep it simple and elegant.”

FYI: Freida is wearing a Chan Luu dress.

10+ pictures of Freida Pinto filming Knight of Cups

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freida pinto knight cups beach scene 02
freida pinto knight cups beach scene 03
freida pinto knight cups beach scene 04
freida pinto knight cups beach scene 05
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freida pinto knight cups beach scene 09
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  • Lola

    She has such a beautiful face!

  • Carrie

    actually it must be difficult to be Christian Bale:he’s Batman and he’s working with the most beautiful actresses in a Terrence Malick movie

  • Mary H.

    Natural beauty.

  • lol

    @Carrie: Most beautiful actress? hahahahahahah OVERRATED. Embarrassment for INDIA

  • Jpda

    yes she is very pretty but lets face it, she can’t act her way out of a paper bag!

  • http://justjared POLO

    i’m sorry but i just don’t see the appeal in freida, she’s average.

  • L

    She is gorgeous!

  • Carrie

    @Jpda: but she’s beautiful (even if bland actress)

  • face

    there were so many incredible Chris’s pics to post here…ok, anyway thanks for those ones :-)

  • Michelle

    I am jealous of her. She’s just started and has already the chance to get cosy with Bale. You go girl!!!!

  • mozi

    Who is she?

  • Laura

    Ohh christian bale! Can’t wait to see him in the Dark Knight Rises with another hottie JGL! but seriously who is this chick? And why does JJ keep posting about her? Uggh they need to stop posting about irrlevent ppl.

  • liz

    she is beautiful! idk, i am used to seeing plain janes in hollywood who all have the same sort of face. so that’s why i find her [as some might call it] “ethnic” look very pretty. i don’t know how she is as an actress, but i’ve always read that as a person, she’s very sweet.

  • Mag7

    Wow, Freida Pinto is surely lucky,because I don’t think she is even that beautiful and see no acting talent in her , I would rather see someone like Mila Kunis or Scarlett Johannson in this role, who are both hot and can atleast act decently. Heck I would rather see Megan Fox in this role then her. And I am american, not indian. I don’t get why everytime I come here people automatially think it’s only indians who don’t find her beautiful, trust me there are many who don’t find this girl beautiful. You know, that one commentor who keep writing all that garbage about” indian only hate Freida” comments.

  • Mag7

    @lol: Be careful or else that commentor will call you a racist for saying that lol. I agree that this Freida gal is very overrated. I have seen some Bollywood flicks, and I have no idea what they are saying but all I can say is that the women are beautiful just like the ones in Hollywood! Wow. Very stunning women. Much more beautiful and allthough I have no idea what they are saying, they seem like much better actresses then this overrated Freida Pinto.

  • SharpEdward

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  • Sabrina

    Christian Bale<3

  • Tamy

    Freida is so lucky to be with Bale!

  • Karol

    Christian is so beautiful and talented, love it!

  • LOTR

    Natalie Portman is in this movie and so is Cate Blanchette Three amazing actors, Natalie,Cate and Christain are in one movie! Don’t know who this girl though. Why is her name first and not Christians? Never heard of her before.

  • monica

    I like Christian bale as an actor, but I don’t care for his looks. I find TDKR his co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt very attractive and Anne Hatheway is beautiful, she will do good as catwoman. The brit actor who I think is handsome and good actor the new Spidey, Andrew Garfield, who agrees with me?

  • Pediddly

    @lol: true. She is all hype.People here have never watched any indian movies to judge her as the most beautiful actress. She is far from the most beautiful and certainly not talented. I would say that Angelina Jolie and Aishwarya Rai are the most beautiful living actresses. This girl must have a very good agent, because like someone else here wrote I fail to see why and how she is getting roles with her lack of talent. Just like Kristan Stewert.

  • Texi

    batman and the girl from slumdog millionare? oh my god, she can’t act at all. i saw her in the planet of the apes movie with james franco and such a pathetic actress, had zero chemistry with him. not to mention her role was short and useless. she has worked with some fantastic directors like woody allen and of course danny boyle, but she still isn’t imporving. oh well, not everyone is cut out to be an actress, i guess that she will go back to india soon.

  • S7even

    @POLO: Me too. I don’t find her beautiful or even a good actress. Besides, I don’t think she has a big role in this movie. Most of the time she only acts in a few scenes and that it. No screen presence even in those small roles. Natalie Portman is the female lead in this movie I think. She is a beauty and a great actress.

  • geeva

    ugy, so is her boyfriend. overrated piece of shit.

  • Ali

    She is gorgeous!

  • Sam Ramielle

    wow…who the hell is this girl? and why does just jared act like she is more well knwon then christan bale? never heard or seen her before.

  • Dravian

    Her 15 minutes up yet or what? She hasn’t done anything major after Slumdog, and Immortals and Rise of the Apes were succesful because of the others actors. The rest of the movies she has been in were financial flops. She needs to go away now . She is famous for nothing basically.

  • Tish

    This woman only acts sweet with american and brits She is snotty and rude with indians. She is fake, last time I checked she is not anyone important in Hollywood, and she is only getting side roles, not roles like Cleopatra or Catwoman. Tons of critcs hs called her out for her bad acting. Once someone more prettier,younger and actaully talented comes along, she will be dropped.

  • Rajesh Khanna

    kaam wali bai ladki…lol..gundi lafange kaam wali

  • Maya

    @Dravian: Granted I have not seen all her work, but let’s be real…Slumdog was her first real acting job And with this, Planet of the Apes, and Immortals COMBINED she’s only had about 45min-1hrs of actually acting/screen time. Now her part in this movie also looks like 10-15 min role.

    She has done NOTHING to deserve all of the media attention besides act in movies for 15 minutes .She needs to step it up. Dev Patel should be the media darling, not her. Her acting is atrocious, her days in movies are numbered. I mean she has already gottten bad feedback for Miral and Trishna she had the same problem. She doesn’t know how to act.

  • Jared 46

    People calm down! She is not the star and will never be. It’s not like she is an A-List actress with a big reputation and many Oscars. I wonder how many people have even heard of her around the world, not too many I believe.

  • Kelly

    @Mag7: I can´╗┐ not believe how many time I have seen this exact same comment on many many many websites.This definitely a troll and the troll got 10 more Id to thumb up their comments and write back to themselves. It’s the same person who keeps calling the indian actresses ugly and that freida is the only beautil and most talented one.Very bad PR.

  • crayone

    She’s a dark skinned, Christian Indian. Of course Indians hate her. Bollywood is full of random white chicks who can’t act so the overrated part is hilarious.

  • Manish

    Ohh, I see you have changed your name from Ivy to crayone? How many time are you gonna keep playing that card?

  • Manish

    . @Kelly: Yes I know about this troll, it’s only one person. Really sad how they keep dissing the bolllywood actresses saying they can’t act when Freida Pinto hasn’t proved to be a good actress either. They start to call ppl racist just becuse they don’t agree with this loser. Again they are starting with the racist remarks.

  • winnie

    Christian Bale is

  • winnie

    @crayone: You need to stop with these comments, nobody was saying anything on her. Are you retarded or what? Looks like it. Go visit a doctor.

  • Megan Liser

    I am sorry but I have never heard of this woman. Who is she?

  • Megan Liser

    BTW Christian Bale is a good actor. I hope he wins the Best Actor Oscar someday.

  • Priya

    @crayone: Oh shut up . Do you work for Freida or something? Funny how you never like to talk about her skills, rather then the same old BS about skin tone and india. Or are you gonna come back trying to pass off as diffrent people and call me names like racist,hater for saying this? All celebs have their fans and people who don’t like them. Just because you don’t like someone as an actor or find them pretty, doesn’t make them a racist like you keep saying. Makes me wonder who raised you to think like this. This is a very bad and immature way of thinking

  • Daren Tois

    This director is famous for cutting out parts in his movie. I thought portman was gonna be the love intrest. There is no need for this awful actress.

  • KO Tatasugi

    Knight of cups is a Terrance Mallik movie.He is an awesome director and famous for cutting actor after shooting.This movie story is a man searching for love/truth.Cristian bale is playing bisexua role.Natalie and kate is lead opposite him.Cristian is also romancing wes bentley as gay.Freida is not playing lead here and most probably her screen presence is 5 min just in beach.I think freida should try to more independent romcom ike friends with benefit or just married.DOing just 10 min role’s with great director and big budget movie is lame.She got such a great start in SDM and after 4 years still doing cameo?

  • KO Tatasugi

    Oh I forgot to mention isabela lucas is also romancing bale in this movie.

  • crayone

    haha, first time I’m visiting so you got the wrong person and pinto can’t act but I can read hindi and the comments Indians make in hindi are full on racist. I’m proud to be PoC and I can’t stand racist idiots who dislike people on the basis of skincolour and religion.

  • face

    Maybe JJ was right in posting her pics (Chris ones too please next time,some news also today with them filming!!!!!)…45 comments about .-)

  • all about Frieda

    Love her. She’s is really the new Hollywood IT girl. Talented and still is interested in learning and getting better. Wonderful/

  • Lauren (BestTrendz)

    She has a spark on her face

  • Preeti

    I don’t understand why everyone is saying such hateful things! If you don’t like her then thats fine but she is doing what she wants and is happy doing it!
    I have not seen any of her movies but i think it is great for her to be getting these opportunities!

  • KO Tatasugi


    Nobody is saying anything about skin color or religion.Please dont make up story.You are the one who is continuously being racist.Calling someone maid or average is not racist.All around the world celeb get called name.check out blake LiveLy or SJP for example.Do you have any idea that in west people compare celeb with animal to show hatred.”she Look like horse/Pig..blah blah”. Please dont say specifically indian’s are racist because they dont like her.If freida is an international start they she has to face criticism from all around the world.