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Freida Pinto: 'Knight' at Santa Monica Beach!

Freida Pinto: 'Knight' at Santa Monica Beach!

Freida Pinto hits the beach to work on Knight of Cups on Tuesday (June 26) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 27-year-old Indian actress shot some scenes with co-star Christian Bale on the sand and under the Santa Monica Pier.

Freida recently chatted about what defines her look both on and off the red carpet.

“My personal style statement is anything that is really comfortable, so a pair of well-fitted jeans and a good T-shirt [are] most definitely me,” she shared.

“For events, I think your wardrobe must have a little black dress. And my favorite accessories, I just love a pair of beautiful earrings,” Freida added. “Maybe the simplest pair of drops that can jazz up an entire outfit. I try to keep it simple and elegant.”

FYI: Freida is wearing a Chan Luu dress.

10+ pictures of Freida Pinto filming Knight of Cups

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107 Responses to “Freida Pinto: 'Knight' at Santa Monica Beach!”

  1. 1
    Lola Says:

    She has such a beautiful face!

  2. 2
    Carrie Says:

    actually it must be difficult to be Christian Bale:he’s Batman and he’s working with the most beautiful actresses in a Terrence Malick movie

  3. 3
    Mary H. Says:

    Natural beauty.

  4. 4
    lol Says:

    @Carrie: Most beautiful actress? hahahahahahah OVERRATED. Embarrassment for INDIA

  5. 5
    Jpda Says:

    yes she is very pretty but lets face it, she can’t act her way out of a paper bag!

  6. 6
    POLO Says:

    i’m sorry but i just don’t see the appeal in freida, she’s average.

  7. 7
    L Says:

    She is gorgeous!

  8. 8
    Carrie Says:

    @Jpda: but she’s beautiful (even if bland actress)

  9. 9
    face Says:

    there were so many incredible Chris’s pics to post here…ok, anyway thanks for those ones :-)

  10. 10
    Michelle Says:

    I am jealous of her. She’s just started and has already the chance to get cosy with Bale. You go girl!!!!

  11. 11
    mozi Says:

    Who is she?

  12. 12
    Laura Says:

    Ohh christian bale! Can’t wait to see him in the Dark Knight Rises with another hottie JGL! but seriously who is this chick? And why does JJ keep posting about her? Uggh they need to stop posting about irrlevent ppl.

  13. 13
    liz Says:

    she is beautiful! idk, i am used to seeing plain janes in hollywood who all have the same sort of face. so that’s why i find her [as some might call it] “ethnic” look very pretty. i don’t know how she is as an actress, but i’ve always read that as a person, she’s very sweet.

  14. 14
    Mag7 Says:

    Wow, Freida Pinto is surely lucky,because I don’t think she is even that beautiful and see no acting talent in her , I would rather see someone like Mila Kunis or Scarlett Johannson in this role, who are both hot and can atleast act decently. Heck I would rather see Megan Fox in this role then her. And I am american, not indian. I don’t get why everytime I come here people automatially think it’s only indians who don’t find her beautiful, trust me there are many who don’t find this girl beautiful. You know, that one commentor who keep writing all that garbage about” indian only hate Freida” comments.

  15. 15
    Mag7 Says:

    @lol: Be careful or else that commentor will call you a racist for saying that lol. I agree that this Freida gal is very overrated. I have seen some Bollywood flicks, and I have no idea what they are saying but all I can say is that the women are beautiful just like the ones in Hollywood! Wow. Very stunning women. Much more beautiful and allthough I have no idea what they are saying, they seem like much better actresses then this overrated Freida Pinto.

  16. 16
    SharpEdward Says:

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  17. 17
    Sabrina Says:

    Christian Bale<3

  18. 18
    Tamy Says:

    Freida is so lucky to be with Bale!

  19. 19
    Karol Says:

    Christian is so beautiful and talented, love it!

  20. 20
    LOTR Says:

    Natalie Portman is in this movie and so is Cate Blanchette Three amazing actors, Natalie,Cate and Christain are in one movie! Don’t know who this girl though. Why is her name first and not Christians? Never heard of her before.

  21. 21
    monica Says:

    I like Christian bale as an actor, but I don’t care for his looks. I find TDKR his co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt very attractive and Anne Hatheway is beautiful, she will do good as catwoman. The brit actor who I think is handsome and good actor the new Spidey, Andrew Garfield, who agrees with me?

  22. 22
    Pediddly Says:

    @lol: true. She is all hype.People here have never watched any indian movies to judge her as the most beautiful actress. She is far from the most beautiful and certainly not talented. I would say that Angelina Jolie and Aishwarya Rai are the most beautiful living actresses. This girl must have a very good agent, because like someone else here wrote I fail to see why and how she is getting roles with her lack of talent. Just like Kristan Stewert.

  23. 23
    Texi Says:

    batman and the girl from slumdog millionare? oh my god, she can’t act at all. i saw her in the planet of the apes movie with james franco and such a pathetic actress, had zero chemistry with him. not to mention her role was short and useless. she has worked with some fantastic directors like woody allen and of course danny boyle, but she still isn’t imporving. oh well, not everyone is cut out to be an actress, i guess that she will go back to india soon.

  24. 24
    S7even Says:

    @POLO: Me too. I don’t find her beautiful or even a good actress. Besides, I don’t think she has a big role in this movie. Most of the time she only acts in a few scenes and that it. No screen presence even in those small roles. Natalie Portman is the female lead in this movie I think. She is a beauty and a great actress.

  25. 25
    geeva Says:

    ugy, so is her boyfriend. overrated piece of ****.

  26. 26
    Ali Says:

    She is gorgeous!

  27. 27
    Sam Ramielle Says:

    wow…who the hell is this girl? and why does just jared act like she is more well knwon then christan bale? never heard or seen her before.

  28. 28
    Dravian Says:

    Her 15 minutes up yet or what? She hasn’t done anything major after Slumdog, and Immortals and Rise of the Apes were succesful because of the others actors. The rest of the movies she has been in were financial flops. She needs to go away now . She is famous for nothing basically.

  29. 29
    Tish Says:

    This woman only acts sweet with american and brits She is snotty and rude with indians. She is fake, last time I checked she is not anyone important in Hollywood, and she is only getting side roles, not roles like Cleopatra or Catwoman. Tons of critcs hs called her out for her bad acting. Once someone more prettier,younger and actaully talented comes along, she will be dropped.

  30. 30
    Rajesh Khanna Says:

    kaam wali bai ladki…lol..gundi lafange kaam wali

  31. 31
    Maya Says:

    @Dravian: Granted I have not seen all her work, but let’s be real…Slumdog was her first real acting job And with this, Planet of the Apes, and Immortals COMBINED she’s only had about 45min-1hrs of actually acting/screen time. Now her part in this movie also looks like 10-15 min role.

    She has done NOTHING to deserve all of the media attention besides act in movies for 15 minutes .She needs to step it up. Dev Patel should be the media darling, not her. Her acting is atrocious, her days in movies are numbered. I mean she has already gottten bad feedback for Miral and Trishna she had the same problem. She doesn’t know how to act.

  32. 32
    Jared 46 Says:

    People calm down! She is not the star and will never be. It’s not like she is an A-List actress with a big reputation and many Oscars. I wonder how many people have even heard of her around the world, not too many I believe.

  33. 33
    Kelly Says:

    @Mag7: I can not believe how many time I have seen this exact same comment on many many many websites.This definitely a troll and the troll got 10 more Id to thumb up their comments and write back to themselves. It’s the same person who keeps calling the indian actresses ugly and that freida is the only beautil and most talented one.Very bad PR.

  34. 34
    crayone Says:

    She’s a dark skinned, Christian Indian. Of course Indians hate her. Bollywood is full of random white chicks who can’t act so the overrated part is hilarious.

  35. 35
    Manish Says:

    Ohh, I see you have changed your name from Ivy to crayone? How many time are you gonna keep playing that card?

  36. 36
    Manish Says:

    . @Kelly: Yes I know about this troll, it’s only one person. Really sad how they keep dissing the bolllywood actresses saying they can’t act when Freida Pinto hasn’t proved to be a good actress either. They start to call ppl racist just becuse they don’t agree with this loser. Again they are starting with the racist remarks.

  37. 37
    winnie Says:

    Christian Bale is

  38. 38
    winnie Says:

    @crayone: You need to stop with these comments, nobody was saying anything on her. Are you retarded or what? Looks like it. Go visit a doctor.

  39. 39
    Megan Liser Says:

    I am sorry but I have never heard of this woman. Who is she?

  40. 40
    Megan Liser Says:

    BTW Christian Bale is a good actor. I hope he wins the Best Actor Oscar someday.

  41. 41
    Priya Says:

    @crayone: Oh shut up . Do you work for Freida or something? Funny how you never like to talk about her skills, rather then the same old BS about skin tone and india. Or are you gonna come back trying to pass off as diffrent people and call me names like racist,hater for saying this? All celebs have their fans and people who don’t like them. Just because you don’t like someone as an actor or find them pretty, doesn’t make them a racist like you keep saying. Makes me wonder who raised you to think like this. This is a very bad and immature way of thinking

  42. 42
    Daren Tois Says:

    This director is famous for cutting out parts in his movie. I thought portman was gonna be the love intrest. There is no need for this awful actress.

  43. 43
    KO Tatasugi Says:

    Knight of cups is a Terrance Mallik movie.He is an awesome director and famous for cutting actor after shooting.This movie story is a man searching for love/truth.Cristian bale is playing bisexua role.Natalie and kate is lead opposite him.Cristian is also romancing wes bentley as gay.Freida is not playing lead here and most probably her screen presence is 5 min just in beach.I think freida should try to more independent romcom ike friends with benefit or just married.DOing just 10 min role’s with great director and big budget movie is lame.She got such a great start in SDM and after 4 years still doing cameo?

  44. 44
    KO Tatasugi Says:

    Oh I forgot to mention isabela lucas is also romancing bale in this movie.

  45. 45
    crayone Says:

    haha, first time I’m visiting so you got the wrong person and pinto can’t act but I can read hindi and the comments Indians make in hindi are full on racist. I’m proud to be PoC and I can’t stand racist idiots who dislike people on the basis of skincolour and religion.

  46. 46
    face Says:

    Maybe JJ was right in posting her pics (Chris ones too please next time,some news also today with them filming!!!!!)…45 comments about .-)

  47. 47
    all about Frieda Says:

    Love her. She’s is really the new Hollywood IT girl. Talented and still is interested in learning and getting better. Wonderful/

  48. 48
    Lauren (BestTrendz) Says:

    She has a spark on her face

  49. 49
    Preeti Says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is saying such hateful things! If you don’t like her then thats fine but she is doing what she wants and is happy doing it!
    I have not seen any of her movies but i think it is great for her to be getting these opportunities!

  50. 50
    KO Tatasugi Says:


    Nobody is saying anything about skin color or religion.Please dont make up story.You are the one who is continuously being racist.Calling someone maid or average is not racist.All around the world celeb get called name.check out blake LiveLy or SJP for example.Do you have any idea that in west people compare celeb with animal to show hatred.”she Look like horse/Pig..blah blah”. Please dont say specifically indian’s are racist because they dont like her.If freida is an international start they she has to face criticism from all around the world.

  51. 51
    kk Says:


    if you have not seen any of her film then how can you appreciate of someone not knowing if she is deserving or not.Its like you dont know how Kim kardashian got famous but you think its okay to read about her in every day.Freida pinto is a bullshit actress and an average looking girl.The fact that despite having such talented and beautiful actresses in india we have to be represented by this crap because she got famous by SDM.She will keep dishing India”Oh they hate me my skin color is dark,Oh I am cristian.Oh I dont bleach”..Every time I see her speaking in seriously fake brit accent I want to slap her.I really want someone talented to represent india.Not this douchbag .

  52. 52
    kk Says:


    Ever heard of priyanka chopra bipasha basu lara datta chitrangoda singh?
    They all are dusky then freida and are superstar in india.

    Ever heard of Amir khan salman khan shahruk khan ?
    Genelia desuza?Jacelin farnadez?
    They all are religiously minority and are superstar in India

    Seripusly How low will you go to sniff up this ugly *****’s ass?
    How many lies are you gonna tell about indian to promote “OH pity freida hate india”

    This chick will aways do 5 min role cause that much talent she got.
    This chick PR will aways publish story to sniff up her 24/7 cause doing PR can only keep her in limelight.

    She is the new IT girl?OHH give me a break.She got some chances for SDM she ruined those.She is not gonna recieve some big budget film after Immortal and ROPOA disaster acting.SO she will keep doing 5 min role’s and publish in media “Oh the first indian and most beautiful girl”…DO you even know cristian romance isabela lucas,nataie portman,wes bentley and kate bakinsol for this movie?How much screen time Terrance gonna give freida?How is that a news?

  53. 53
    Raj Kappor Says:

    I see that this one person is still giving themselves fake names and keeps thumbing up their own comments and thumbing down anyone who doesn’t agree with them. What a fuking idiot. Again this moron is calling indian racists,haters. I agree with kk that Freida is a BS actress who got lucky. I am an indian and I don’t like her because she is untalented and keeps lying about india and bollywood . Not really the skin color or her religion. Compared to most of these hollywood actresses, she doesn’t know **** about acting. Next I ask this person to watch one of Freida movies and see for themselves how awful she is as an actress. Girl has no talent whatsoever.

  54. 54
    mahmoud Says:

    She is overrated!!Big Big time overrated.
    I am a fan of Cristian bale and I always follow his work.
    I know he is shooting for this movie last couple days.I have seen pictures of him with natalie portman in a car, with kate in a cycle and wes in beach last couple of days but none of those are on JJ and other gossip tabloid.The reason those are just shooting photo no big deal.
    I am sure freida pinto’s PR publishes these pic and watch the title”Freida in santa monica”..who is freida comparing cristian bale?How can she be the headline?This is clearly a PR trick and nothing else.JJ please stop doing this PR drama.Publish some real story with big celeb.By the way freida is doing a very short role in this movie.Natalie portman is the lead heroine.

  55. 55
    Raj Kappor Says:

    @crayone: Stop lying fuking idiot. Your comments sound ALL the same and and you give yourself diffent names to make it look like you are group of people. You are the one being racist. You write the same exact way, who are you trying to fool? Dumbass.

  56. 56
    Troy Declaire Says:

    lol…same f**kface pretending to be a white person…lol…you are not white…..your are a self-hating indian …your ugly actress looks like a piece of **** compared to mila kunis or adriana lima…do you lick up her ******* everyday or what……lol

  57. 57
    Troy Declaire Says:

    you like to lick up her ******* day in and day out lol….do you also live inside of her ass too….

  58. 58
    Preeti Says:

    @kk She is doing what she wants acting, modelling and whatever. If she sucks at it that is her issue and she can work on that. Clearly there may be a reason to why she is getting work. If you or anyone else has an issue about it then don’t come on these sites and bash her. If you think by a couple of people saying **** about her is going to make her quit her career or whatever its not. You are just boiling your own blood for no reason! In the end she is where she is and you are where you are.

  59. 59
    kk Says:

    Do you even understand what are you saying?

    First of all you claim you haven’t watch any of her work and you don’t understand why people hate her.Come on are you an alien?You don’t know celeb get criticize for bad work?Even you haven’t watched her work still you feel the need to defend her!!!!!!!!!

    Have you ever heard of KIM Kardashian?She is in every newspaper on a daily basis.DO you know how she got famous?She did a sex tape.Do you wanna say there might be reason why she is getting all these promotion and work ?People are not hating Kim k or Freida.They are just rejecting them both.

    No body said that she has quit work.People are saying her to act mature.To not spread lie about indian’s and stop using pity card”Oh I am so dark bollywood rejects me”

    I am an indian and I have every right to reject an awful re presenter of our country.I am not boiling my blood.Its you!You are protecting her when even have not watch her work.How lame is that.Make no sense at all!!!!!!!

  60. 60
    kk Says:


    And what does it mean by she is where she is you are where you are?
    If I say good thing about her will it be otherwise?You are way too immature ! All I said I need someone talented and sensible re presenter. Whats wrong with that?OH I wil never understand how this girl got such obsessive fan who make no sense at all. Which ever sites you go there is always some obsessive fan of Madam freida pinto and all of them are big time idiot!

  61. 61
    Preeti Says:

    Ok bro just calm down! Take a deep breath, its ok! I think its understandable that you have your own issues. And I am not defending her…like I said I have not seen her in anything. And also my friend there is a difference between releasing a sex tape and being in a movie, even if it was for 2 minutes or if your acting sucks.
    And yes I am an alien…I come from a far land where we just dont know what the real world is! I should learn more from you…you seem so sensible:)

  62. 62
    Raj Kappor Says:

    @kk: Leave this fuking idiot. This reterd has mental issues. Oh and I see that they are still thumbing down everyone who doesn’t agree with them. I thought this was a public forum, where people are allowed to have their opinion.I wonder if this idiot has ever heard of twitter,facebook,social media,celeb magazines. Like what KO said before, all celebs get bashed for something. Every celeb, doesn’t matter if they are indian or amercian, get criticism from people. Sorry to see that this person doesn’t know of these things.

  63. 63
    Raj Kappor Says:

    @Preeti: . Kim K. made a sex tape and look where she is. She is getting invited to White House dinners and even Golden Globes parties. She has even met Pres. Obama, so whats your point? Yes Freida acted for 2 minutes but what so great in those 2 mins that got her where she is? There are still many folks who don’t see why this girl is famous to begin with. She hardly did anything in that movie and her peformences after that have not been impressive. It’s all hype. Which you can’t seem to see. She is famous for having done nothing.

  64. 64
    kk Says:


    The Similarity between sex tape and two min role is the outcome.If you still don’t get it then I have to write it down”over hype”"famous for no reason” “Overtime PR” ETC

    I have not said once that you have to learn from me!and leave me with having issues.You are again being persona with her.If i don’t like a celeb i have a right to say that because i am an audience.You can point your view as well. (You like her or doesn’t like her)There is no need to get personal with a celeb whom work you have not watch and attack an audience who actually have seen all of her work .You seem to disagree with any opinion which doesn’t agree with your view anyway leave it I am not gonna baby fight with you anymore.Good Bye

  65. 65
    Jaggers Says:

    Recently I was on another Freida board and cannot belive how stupid and immature this one person is. Look on this next board and see what kinds of things they are writing. They don’t realize that saying these kind of things is considred racist in North America. They claim that others are the racist but what they have written is really bad and awful. Just plain racist. Never have I come across someone this stupid and immature.

  66. 66
    Preeti Says:

    @Kk Oh man I was looking for a fight! Well thats okay…but you and your friends made my day with your comments:)
    @Jaggers I agree with your comment….I find these comments very disgraceful and immature

  67. 67
    Jaggers Says:

    Who I meant was that obessive Freida fan writing all those racist comments. Not the other people. Look at the boards. See how many comments this one pathetic person wrote. See how bad and racist they sound. Yet I don’t see anyone calling Freida names like maid,slummer,poor,etc. I see a tons of comments like ” indians hate freida for dark skin, they are jealous of her, they are the worst people”, which all looks like it comes from one person only . That my freind is racist and immature.
    This kind of behavior is not allowed in North America. If this obsessed Freida fan were to come here, she get in trouble for saying those things. I dare this one person go to say these things in public, and see what would happen. People don’t accept this kind of stuff here. If she/he came here, they could be charged with hate crimes. Even put in jail for saying some of these things I saw .

  68. 68
    koena Says:


    Just curious if you are still agreeing with jaggers ?

  69. 69
    KK Says:

    Most of the sensible negative comments about ms pinto got around 15/14 thumbs down.Why is it always 15-20 range thumbs down?All of the comments.If someone mention Isabella Lucas is pretty and that was also thumbs down by 10-15.Who are these people?having 10-20 account and thumbing down comments?Don’t try to control the table.Its really awkward .Anybody newcomer will understand what is going here.Hey psycho stop sucking Freida’s ass and get a life.

  70. 70
    leeeenz Says:

    stupid all

  71. 71
    Tawny Jones Says:

    Freida Pinto is soooooo pretty, and she keeps getting better & more confident as she matures into an international superstar.

  72. 72
    Manish Says:

    @KK: Yes, what I saw was the someone said Isabelle Lucas was pretty and she had like 15 thumbs down? Why did she has 15 thumbs down? Like what Raj said, this one poser likes to thumb down people who don’t see eye to eye with them and then thumb up their own comments.

    Go to ANY Freida Pinto site and you will see the same comments by this one person. I also agree with Jageers that this person is being the racist here.

  73. 73
    Manish Says:

    Also, I am curious to see why there are no pics of Natalie Portman or Cate Blanchet, and why does JJ put Freida name first and not Christian Bales? Why are there only pics of Freida and not the other actors who are much more famous and talented then her? Who the hell is Freida Pinto in comparasion to Natalie,Cate or Christian? Really I bet this obsessed fan might have something to do with this.
    Because I can tell you that Frida Pinto is not a big name in Hollywood and films. She is far from being an A List actress and certainly not getting even proper roles. More like 10 min ones.

  74. 74
    Elows Pi Says:

    Okay who the F**k is this retarded piece of trash saying all of these things about indians? This is the same stupid B*tch on India Forums and Pinkvilla, their name is Rasuinda. They are also on ONTD and keep posting things about Freida every 2 seconds. People are annoyed by this person. This stupid B*tch needs to learn how to disguise themselves, they are not doing it. I wonder if this is Freida Pinto herself doing all of this? She is a crap actress and is only staying in the limelight by doing 4 minute roles and going on numerous magazine covers without even doing a any movies sometimes. Enough of this untalented famewh0re and her retarded minion.

  75. 75
    mahmoud Says:

    Hmm lets analyse 1).Freida pinto had no success/hard work/struggle prior slumdog and lets be honest later also except being an arm candy.With her sudden fame and rejection she is trying to have an career .2)I believe she got hardly huge fan base( reason bad acting and limited role’s) so like any other hollywood newbie she is using PR to promote her.Now the problem is The particular PR took a dangerous way to promote Freida.They are accusing indian and presenting freida as a victim.Freida pinto herself is also passing unnecessary judgement with a “indian” tag. 3)This whole situation causing huge internet fight and that reminds me “No publicity is bad publicity”.This is 2012 and kim k is dancing on your face with a sex tape.This PR trick is really cashing freida.Look how many comments she got?Who would comment here if there is no such racist comments ? At the end she got the cake..she is the victim.come on people dont be stupid dont try to play with “PR” these people know what they want and they are paid not obsessed.

  76. 76
    Erika Says:

    @Pediddly: Oh please Aishwarya Rai is not even good-looking. She is a fat round faced Indian.

  77. 77
    rob Says:

    JJ post isabella lucas and cristian bale photo.They are looking gorgeous together.

  78. 78
    Manish Says:

    Ohh, I see that this Ivy keep giving herself diffrent names and pretending to be a non-indian and bashing the Bollywood actresses. As an Indian, I can tell you that niether Aishwarya or Freida are that famous in the US. Not too many people would know who they are. This Ivy is full of complete **** and will stop at nothing to keep Freida in the news. Really sad how you keep eating Freida’s **** all the time.

  79. 79
    mahmoud Says:

    Kam wali bai

  80. 80
    zidaine Says:

    Aishwarya Rai is much more beautiful then this average looking girl with zero talent. Funny how JJ will not post pics of the beautiful and talented ladies in this movie. But they will keep posting pics of this average looking talentless hack that tries to hard to fake a british accent like Victoria Beckhem. Pathetic. You know there are many ‘dark’ actresses in India who are top stars. The reason why this girl could not make it is because she has no talent. But if Kim K. can be called a star here in the United States, why not this chick?

  81. 81
    Ivy Says:

    Jj has posted pics of CB with the other leading ladies. Your jealousy of Freida is making you an idiot. Do your homework before you make an ass of yourself.

  82. 82
    Ivy Says:

    English, please .
    Dickless hater.

  83. 83
    mahmoud Says:


    It was for quoted for you not for freida.I am sure you dont need English.Keep it up.Wash her crap honey you are paid .

  84. 84
    Ivy Says:

    Your English sucks anyway. Too verbose…..and archaic.

  85. 85
    mahmoud Says:

    Get well Ivy.Get well soon.


    She is not a star in USA.She has just started her career and currently not a household name in USA.I don’t understand how Indian people measure stardom. Kunal nyar and kal penn are the only well renowned Indian actor with certain acting potential in Hollywood.Freida pinto and aishwariya both played some minor cameo role and they both suck.Everything about Freida and Ashwariya in Hollywood is the example of good PR.Have you consider that L’Oreal always take exotic beauty as their face in order to enhance market?.Fan bing bing represent chian,eva longoria latin america,aishwariya/freida south asia.It has little value to label someone as star in international market.

  86. 86
    mahmoud Says:

    GEt well IVY /Get well soon.

    She is not a star in USA.She has just started her career and currently not a household name in USA.I don’t understand how Indian people measure stardom. Kunal nyar and kal penn are the only well renowned Indian actor with certain acting potential in Hollywood.Freida pinto and aishwariya both played some minor cameo role and they both suck.Everything about Freida and Ashwariya in Hollywood is the example of good PR.Have you consider that L’Oreal always take exotic beauty as their face in order to enhance market?.Fan bing bing represent chian,eva longoria latin america,aishwariya/freida south asia.It has little value to label someone as star in international market.

  87. 87
    zidaine Says:

    @Ivy: I don’t get why you have to costanly diss Aishwarya Rai all the time. Really, what you just said, thats being an idiot . I am not jealous of Freida Pinto, you seem jealous of Aishwarya rai by making all these stupid comments. really, I do feel bad for you. It looks like you seem be missing part of your brain it appears. Oh and it seems like many,many people have called you out for writing so many comments under diffrent names. Really? Who is making an ass of themselves? Read my post before you start making a complete idiot of yourself. Moron. I wonder if you have any freinds, it doesn’t look like it.

  88. 88
    zidaine Says:

    @Ivy:Are you even American or from around there? From your awful writing and your total lack of knowledge skills it doesn’t look like it. Are you too poor even educate yourself? You need some money for your post-secondary insitution? Do you live in a well or a box as your home? You seem uneducated and like a fob. I am not gonna agrue with a fob like you.

  89. 89
    Raj Kappor Says:

    @mahmoud: We need to somehow contact Just Jared and alret them of this fuking idiot. I hope someone beats the sh!t out if this moron. I hope they beat them real good. This is getting out of hand. Is there anyone who knows how to contact Just Jared?

  90. 90
    Ivy Says:

    Keep at it. I am loving it. It’s just too funny. Your comments speaks volumes of what kind person you are. Very classy !!!!
    I love exposing Freida haters for the gutless, dickless haters they are.
    Bring it on. We are almost nearing 100 comments ……and that was my goal. Spill your guts and reveal your bigotry. You are doing great.

  91. 91
    Ivy Says:

    @Raj Kappor:Are you advocating violence? So Freida haters are also violent besides being bigots.

  92. 92
    Manish Says:

    Guys ignore Ivy. Loser looks likes she can’t get laid so she comes here to pick fights with people. Ivy is spreading racism and claiming that anyone who dosn’t agree with her views is a racist or a hater. Really, hwo immature is this person? I don’t think Freida is popular enough to have a group of fans or hater, she is a not big actress in US . Ivy is one person only. She is brainless,gutless and a coward and I too hope she taks like this in public. because since Ivy is not from US or England, she doesn’t know that people will beat you up in public for talking like this.

  93. 93
    Jaggers Says:

    Mmm, I was just on the other Freida board and the same thing is happening again. This one pathetic person has a problem.
    This can’t be a PR person mahumod, this has to be a family member or a personal friend of Freida’s, it just sounds personal.
    I mean is Freida Pinto really worth about 4 or 5 pages on any celebrity blogs? She is not that famous or as popular as her person keeps making out to be. I think we should all just stop responding to this person and I really think that Just jared should take some action against them. This Ivy is the real bigot and racist. They have no idea how bad they look and sound.
    Really sad how Ivy has to keep throwing around the words racist and ahter when someone doesn’t agree with them. This is how a child behaves. Immature and just one pathetic human being.

  94. 94
    KO Tatasugi Says:



    I can see you are obsessed with freida pinto and too protective of her.You take out your frustration of not her being as famous and accepted as other popular indian star like aishwariy by picking fight with complete unknown person in a celebrity blog where every person comes for entertainment caution and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.Your frustration with indian female star, indian stereotypical image also shows you must be an indian and basically never lived abroad or come across multicultural environment.You also have little knowledge of Hollywood.Basically you come just to fight and spread lie.You have chosen internet to heal your frustration through unnecessary fight .I have no idea how you can use word like”Your goal is 100 comments” “Freida hater”.Hating a celeb is not a crime passing racist judgement is. I will request you please sort out your frustration seek medical help.

    @Every one else
    Please stop responding IVY/her fake id’s.Just aware people that she is a troll.Whenever you see spreading lie over any blog just mention that she is dysfunctional troll and her goal.

    I also agree with jaggers JJ should take action.They should track this person.Anybody knows how to contact JJ?

  95. 95
    Jaggers Says:

    @KO Tatasugi: I have contacted Just Jared through their contact and told them of this troll Ivy/Freida obsessed fan. I hope Just Jared does something about it.

  96. 96
    Jaggers Says:

    If Just Jared won’t do anything then I don’t know what to do. They should really be banning these comments because it becomes a hiding place for trolls and abusers. @KO Tatasugi:

  97. 97
    Troy Declaire Says:

    you stupid f**ker…….your goal is lame and pathetic…..f**king c**t… thast your life….sniffing up her ass and getting 100 comments on her page….which like 70 of them are from you…..lame….f**k you…..dipshit…..if this ugly actress had a ****…you would be sucking it all the time…..haha……loser

  98. 98
    Troy Declaire Says:

    f**k you and your ugly actress……come and fight me loser…..I bet you smell like her *******…nasty…too scard to confront me…trash talking piece of trash……f**king idiot who licks up ugly girls ass…..I wonder if you drink her piss also….mila kunis and adriana lima are hot….not this actress… shut the f**k up and go clean yourself…..I bet you smell like **** and piss……disgusting….dirty girl….no guys want to date you….since you smell like her crap and piss…..ugly loser…haha..

  99. 99
    Ivy Says:

    I wish someone could translate the comments written in Indian. Then, we will know the real reason behind the hatred for Freida. It’s just PURE Unadulterated Bigotry. I am glad I was able to expose the ugliness of it.

  100. 100
    mahmoud Says:

    I dont like Freida.Why?Because I find she is nothing special.I don’t hate a specific country a specific religion.I don’t call people hater. I come to celebrity blog to jujde a celebrity. I don’t come to attack and counter attack whoever don’t agree with me.I also don’t think Only my view is the correct one and every one else should learn from me.

    I contact justjared just to check how many racist comments this IVY has written.Is it tough to track her IP and ban her?Please as many viewer agree with me contact just jared with their contact button on main page.

  101. 101
    Ivy Says:

    @Troy Declaire
    Try harder. You might be able to come up with a coherent sentence. Or maybe not. Well, it was nice riling you up. Thanks for the good times.

  102. 102
    mahmoud Says:

    @Troy Declaire:

    Now please dont reply IVY.Please Please stop it.This is disgusting.
    Discussion going round and round for a psycho.Oh please just avoid her.

  103. 103
    Jaggers Says:

    Just Jared does know a person IP adress, they should be able to track this person. Ivy has already made many accounts and have written so many comments, so why doesn’t Just jared do something about it?
    I think this Ivy must not be born with any intelligence so lets stop responding to her. Like what troy dclaire said, Ivy is an indian pretending to be white or as she likes to say”Westerner”. Nobody from North America call themselves a Westerner, that is what Indians or Chinese say. I also think that Ivy must not be living in North America or Europe, since what she is saying is considered racist hert. Ivy here is the real bigot and racist. I have said this many times but I don’t think this Ivy understands the english language very well . If Ivy ever comes to North America, people will not tolerate this level of stupidity and racisim. I am saying now please stop this. I think this has gone too far.
    I keep coming here and this person is saying the most outrageous things that make no sense at all. ” Freida hater’ “Indian hater’. Well there is a name for people like this Ivy, Racists.

  104. 104
    Jaggers Says:

    I have again conacted Just Jared. I really do hope that they do something about it. These awful comments are littered everywhere.

  105. 105
    mahmoud Says:


    Stop discussing of her.Just stop it.Make no sense at all.Please dont respond her/her fake ID further.

  106. 106
    JJ Sucks Says:

    @Ivy: Mmm. ‘Hating’ a celeb doesn’t make a person an idiot or questioning their talent/looks/whole thing. Writing racial and abusive comments is. The only idiot I see here is you and your many Fake Ids and comments. You are beyond pathetic. I can use what you have written here and have you charged for spreading raciisim. I hope you and I never meet dear. Infact why don’t I get one of my tech buddies to find out who you are and track you? Your gonna be put to bars very soon. I can garantee that. I agree with everyone who says that this is a public site where people only come for their own entertainment and enjoyment. Not be be told racist things from a brainless retarded moron like you.

  107. 107
    JJ Sucks Says:

    @ Ivy
    If I find out who you are, Then your done. I hope your not an indian girl. I seriously hope not. Dumb ***** who can’t get some fine ****. I bet you are lonely and ugly. That why you troll here 24/1 picking fights with people. How sad.

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