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Katy Perry: Bootsy Bellows with Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez!

Katy Perry: Bootsy Bellows with Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez!

Katy Perry arrives at the Bootsy Bellows lounge with pals Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Robert Pattinson in West Hollywood on Tuesday (June 26).

The foursome headed to a private room in the back of the lounge, which is owned by David Arquette, Brian Toll, Darren Dzienciol, and John Terzian.

Emma Roberts, who spotted at the lounge with pal Christy Cham, partied separately from her exes Chord Overstreet and Alex Pettyfer. Zelda Williams was also in the house!

Earlier in the evening was the official premiere after-party for the concert movie Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D, which was held at the exclusive Chateau Marmont.

Justin and Selena shared a table with friends,” a spywitness tells of the after-party. “They were very affectionate the whole night, holding hands and sharing kisses. Katy and Amber Heard, and Shannon Woodward spent a good portion of the night sitting and chatting with them. Everyone was laughing and having a great time, taking pictures with each other and snacking on mini-cupcakes.”

Ashley Benson (in Ash boots) and Chord left the after-party together, which was also attended by Queen Latifah and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Bootsy Bellows is a lounge filled with burlesque and life-size dancing puppets and old-school Las Vegas show ballroom decor. The place is named after David Arquette‘s mom, who was a burlesque dancer!

FYI: Katy paired her Vivienne Westwood dress with Christian Louboutin shoes.

50+ pictures inside of Katy Perry and crew at Bootsy Bellows

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katy perry bootsy bellow 01
katy perry bootsy bellow 02
katy perry bootsy bellow 03
katy perry bootsy bellow 04
katy perry bootsy bellow 05
katy perry bootsy bellow 06
katy perry bootsy bellow 07
katy perry bootsy bellow 08
katy perry bootsy bellow 09
katy perry bootsy bellow 10
katy perry bootsy bellow 11
katy perry bootsy bellow 12
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katy perry bootsy bellow 14
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katy perry bootsy bellow 16
katy perry bootsy bellow 17
katy perry bootsy bellow 18
katy perry bootsy bellow 19
katy perry bootsy bellow 20
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  • Amy

    Yeah, well, life is perfect for the rich and famous.

  • omg

    Wouldn’t Justin Bieber be too young to be there? Is entrance in the US not 21?

  • kathy

    @omg: well, then that would make Selena Gomez too young also. Dont just bring Justin up as being too young, when Selena is only 19

  • Delphine

    Katy Perry, almost 30, hanging with her teenage friends. I guess she couldn’t get any other celebs to show up for her? If she were a man, people might think of her as a creep and/or potential perv.

  • Alice_R

    4 of the most overrated people ever, in the same room.. with all due respect to the fans of course ^^

  • ….

    Life is good for these people and yet they always find something to complain about. I thought Robert Pattinson was a serious man. Sorry Robert, but I can’t accept you as a serious young actor when you are hanging out with teens, Katy Perry.Have fun

  • Annabelle

    Robert. Oh Robert. Why? Why? WHY?

  • sarcasm is a b***

    OMG OMG Robert is so HOT! OMG Jstin Bieeeeber! I can’t breath!! Selena what a b****!!!!! they will break up! he should be with me! Katy Perry… Euh that’s not Katy Perry! Katy Perry has Orange hair and boobs in fireworks! duh!

    hihihihi I’m sorry .. I had to do this! someone has to do this teenage hormone thing! 7 comments and no one did this yet? hhhhh

  • adam

    hhhhhhhhhhhhh.i think robert is banging Katy Perry .i would put money on this

  • veronica

    @adam: swear to god i thought the same thing he is clearly doing her, i think kristen should watch her back

  • allessia

    me either i never believed that they are just friends.he is sexy she is sexy.the sex must be wilde

  • sarcasm is a b***

    I had to post again. That first photo of selena with the cute glasses on.. at first I thought it was Suri Cruise! hhhh

  • Jo

    At least that miserable sullen chick wasn’t there

  • jolie

    Umm Rob Pattinson and Katy Perry have been friends since before Twilight. There are pics of them hanging out back in 2008. I don’t understand the hate…

  • Jen

    How are all of these underage punks in a club like that?

  • allessia

    no hate for rob.actually good for him

  • adam

    @jolie: what hate? i like robert as anctor.ithink he is one cool guy.

  • Justin Aniston

    @omg: That’s Hollywood for ya! I remember Demi Lovato telling about she could get in everywhere and get anything, ’cause she is a Hollywood star!

  • ….

    @jolie: Where is hate? Man, why those annoying Twilight fans take everything as “hate” when actually everyone here expresses their opinions. I respect Rob as a person, but I didn’t expect him to hang out with such people. So where is hate here??

  • adam

    wow selena gomez is getting ugly by the day.what

  • Dawn

    They were out as a group to support their friend! Big deal! Let them have some fun!!!

  • Belle

    Rob was there because he is a very good friend of Shannon Woodward (Andrew Garfields ex) who happens to be a very good friend of Katy Perry! Dude can have some fun with friends without people slatting him for it or saying they can not take him seriously as an actor!

  • Niamh

    I wouldnt mind hanging out with all them! Nice group of people! (well except for Bieber…sorry!!!!)

  • Mallory

    I love what Rob is wearing! Dude looks hot!!!! Kristen is a lucky girl indeed!!!!!

  • Lydia

    A Robert is banging Katy…just not this one!!!! Rob has the gorgeous Kristen and Katy has her own Rob…the Florence and the Machine guitarist!

  • Maria

    I like most of them! Hope they had fun! Love Rob and Shannon Woodwards friendship..she seems like a cool girl and they have been friends for years!

  • Pinocchio

    Rob walks like he has puppet strings guiding him haha

  • Jennifer

    Looking good Mr Pattinson!

  • liz

    selena… i adore you but that dress is so kiddie and ugly. looks like an ice skater’s dress. please trash it ASAP and wear something more classy next time. you’re still lovely as ever tho. sincerely, eliz from williamsburg : ) <3

  • gleek

    Chord Overstreet and Ashley Benson new cuple alert? I think that Ashley and Ryan are not still together…

  • MariOn

    OVERRAAAAATED.gooosh they must be like the most annoying foursome in the showbiz.Oh and nice boob job,Katy Perry.

  • Steph

    @gleek: ryan was there but jared didnt put those pictures up for some reason

  • shellrol

    Uhmm people seriously!! a lot of the clubs in LA are 18 and over

  • kingkayski

    Good thing Kristen is in Paris , i don’t think you would catch her anyways getting on Biebs party bus and be his “swaggy bros”,as for Rob,really!????Again,Rob really????

  • kel

    Kristen is friends with Katy and Shannon too…so I doubt she would have a problem riding in a car with them!! Although if she was there (and not in Paris) then I suppose Rob and Kristen would have just had their own car! For Rob it was either go with his friends or go alone!

  • My 2 Cents

    Interesting crowd, that’s the new club that David Arquette opened.

  • Jeny

    @kathy she’s 20.