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Miranda Kerr: Beautiful Skin 'Doesn't Happen by Accident'

Miranda Kerr: Beautiful Skin 'Doesn't Happen by Accident'

Miranda Kerr rocks a pair of white pants while out on Wednesday (June 27) in New York City.

The 29-year-old Aussie model walked behind her bodyguard, who carried her dog Frankie.

“My goal is to help people have beautiful skin. Beautiful skin, as in good health, doesn’t happen by accident. I just did a blog post on the KORA Organics site as people ask me all the time what I do with my skin,” Miranda wrote on her Facebook page.

“I hope you find this helpful guys,” she added with a link to her post. “Let me know if you have any questions or need any help. Sending you all much love Miranda xxx.”

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr wearing white pants in NYC…

Just Jared on Facebook
miranda kerr white pants 01
miranda kerr white pants 02
miranda kerr white pants 03
miranda kerr white pants 04
miranda kerr white pants 05
miranda kerr white pants 06
miranda kerr white pants 07
miranda kerr white pants 08
miranda kerr white pants 09
miranda kerr white pants 10

Credit: Ivan Nikolov; Photos: WENN
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  • Tez


  • The Real Emma

    Gorgeousness. I love white pants.

  • tiffany

    Love Miranda, get all of her clothes

  • allie

    about beautiful skin: plastic surgeons say its 80% genetics and 20% surgery. I believe race plays a big part too. But being a model she can afford all the amazing creams that help with lines etcetc.

  • MariOn

    OH STFU,she’s sooooo annoying with all of her stupid airhead model “statements”

  • ha ha

    this chick needs to STFU! she is either 1)bogus as f uck or 2)she is totally in denial that she already has great genes, but i am betting on no. 1!

  • Lia

    I’m so bored with that girl ! She seems so dumb and pretentious… Especially when she says ” I’m beautiful , my skin is beautiful and if you have bad skin that’s your fault etc…” .
    Hopefully some models are smarter !
    Everytime I see her in JJ she always says dumb things . We don’t need her advice , we can take care of our skin !

  • Emean

    Her skin is glowing, indeed. She is beautiful.

  • solecito

    Genes have a LOT to do with it.

  • rach

    Do we really need to see this much of her all the time? And being so patronizing too. It’s all a bit GOOPy for my tastes.

  • Josephine

    It’s not an accident if you assume that someone has this set of genes and not the other on purpose. There are this lucky women (and I know plenty) who can wash their faces with soap and use cheapest and least organic face cream of all (or not use any like my grandmother who never used creams or any face products and had beautiful skin even in her older years) and still have perfect skin and others can spend tons of money on KORA products and still have acne, skin discoloration etc. It’s obviously good to take care of your skin and body, but I don’t believe expensive products can be miracle-workers.

  • namers

    She wore white pants. Call out the National Guard.

  • Anne Marie

    Forget about her skin, look at the size & shape of that nose!

    She is very tall and think but her face is average at best.

  • fds

    funny if it weren’t for her huge chipmunk cheeks that make her have a youthful look, she actually has quite a bit of wrinkles around her eyes in HQ photos.

  • ha ha

    how does she say these things with a straight face, maybe she should go into acting like her friend Rosie H-W, I know they’re making another transformers, maybe she should go for it!

  • scarlett

    Hold up, she needs a bodyguard. For what? What a pretentious woman, I don’t see why being a model gives her a place to preach about skincare or health. Come back when you’re a dermatologist dear.

  • sara

    She gorgeous, and she has amazing skin.
    As for the ‘bodyguard’? Nah. My guess is that he is her driver.

  • Sayer

    Who does this annoying twat think she is?

  • somali girl

    Wow she let herself go. Becoming fatter by the minute.

  • Alaia

    I get the feeling she loves to call the paparazzi just so she can show off her overdone ‘stylish’ outfits. Go home, girl.

  • saaj

    @ha ha: MK did audition for Transformers but RHW got the role.

  • judsie

    well i read some feedback and apparently her products are quite good but the delivery price + the taxes cost way too much for some moisturizer. her skin looks nice, that’s true but at the same time, she’s always wearing make-up so maybe she just has a great make-up artist, who knows? we have to admit that what she says is right it’s because we eat BS and use cheap products that we look like s*** but not everybody has her bank account either, i mean her brand asks 40$ for delivery, that’s quite a lot of money to send a lotion.

  • ;(

    The most IDIOT person in the word. Go home!

  • @21

    Rosie got the part because she auditioned in lingerie. That, and oh yeah, Miranda was PREGNANT.

  • Dee

    About Miranda’s skin: I was actually surprised because I thought she had perfect skin. But check out this video from FashionTV a month ago: – her skin isn’t all that great. She does have wrinkle and pore issues. Alessandra Ambrosio and Valentina Zelayvea – those are two models around Miranda’s age who have way more gorgeous skin!

    I don’t think Miranda is by any means a bad person but she is a business woman. She loves to promote her brand KORA and she manages to stay in the public eye without doing any real work for the past few months. I hate to think she calls the paps on herself but that’s what seems more and more like with everyday that passes.

  • ha ha

    no , the new one thats coming up, there’s going to be another one, believe it or not, she should try for that one, lol!

  • ugh!

    Wow she really is addicted to the attention.

  • Juke

    Eating right is the biggest factor in healthy skin. So many people eat foods that their allergic to for years and wonder why they get breakouts. Genetics play a big role but you can control and limit your skin problems by eating accordingly to your body.

  • I Love Myself

    Celebrities who are more well known walk around Manhattan and are never bothered. Celebrities like Liam Neeson and people will look but mind their own business. This sharky panty model walks down the street and you think its the second coming. She needs a body guard because? She can’t even carry her dog? I guess she is giving Flynn a break from pimping him around so now its her dogs turn. What a selfish self centered person she is and I hope to God, her husband wakes up, takes their child and runs for the UK where he was once happy.

  • @25

    What? That video shows how perfect her skin really is. Flawlessly smooth. What wrinkles? A few laugh lines at 28 mean nothing.
    And no real work? She’s done several shoots within the last month, so I don’t know what you are talking about there, either.

  • pretty

    so beautiful…clear skin… How tall is she?

  • gbye

    @Anne Marie: sweets she’s not “very” tall. She’s 5’8 at best. That’s of average height

  • omg

    @Dee: omg never knew her runway walk was

  • no

    @Anne Marie: since when is this attention starved airhead considered tall? It’s not enough that u want us to believe that she is famous, u now want us to think she’s tall?? The only model she’s taller than is Kate Moss.

  • xy

    @@33: seen her in pitt st mall couple months ago and she isn’t really tall.. im about 5’6? she was maybe an inch taller?

  • c’mon

    Do you really think that sockpuppets fool anyone?

  • Gwyneth Paltrow


  • ….

    Some of you should try to control your anger, or get laid, or go check your piles or whatever it is that makes you go berserk about something as harmless as seeing a model giving advice about skin care.

  • bodyguard?

    Bodyguard? Why? OMG, does she really think she is THAT important!!???

  • ??

    What world do you live in? Bodyguards are not hired as a symbol of status. There are many anonymous people that hire them.

  • @gbye

    Well, the average height for women in Sweden (and in the US) is 5′ 5. So I’d say this woman is tall. Not a giraffe, but tall.

  • can’t

    just waiting for her Victoria’s Secret contract to come to an end so that she can disappear into oblivion. But knowing Miranda, when that happens, she’ll start her on reality show so that the paparazzi would still come when she calls

  • Evelyn

    Sadly, it’s true. You have to take care of your skin, every day. Sometimes, it annoys me. But I’m glad Miranda has put together this skin line where I don’t have to worry, wether this will all fit together.

  • @42

    She one of their most popular models, why would they end her contract?
    That’s ridiculous.

  • Me

    She looks really ego in theese pics. with a guard who´s carrying her dog and that shallow smile on her lips when the people around her are starring at her. I hate this becouse I´m a huge fan of her, but I don´t really like her new attitude. I Iiked more the grounded and natural Miranda. Now she hardly cares about her fans at FB, and only sometimes she answers her fans comments and questions. And she don´t appreciate small gestures anymore, for example she dont care if someone is saying something nice to her. I have gotten a new image of her, and that is that she is arrogant and just pretends to care about others. And the only thing she talks about now is KORA and how cute Flynn is. What do you think?

  • @45

    You can’t expect her to respond to every little comment. She is entitled to time off, just to be a wife and mother.
    “Fans” who expect personal interaction from ANY celeb are bordering on being stalkers, and aren’t really ‘fans’ to begin with.

  • Me

    @@45: I´m not talking about myself. There are not even lots of fans on her FB, who is trying to talk to her, so it wouldnt take a long time for her to write something nice to them… She could notice them a bit more… or then just shut down her FB -account. The reason why she has it is to sell KORA -products. But she started very grounded and friendly on her fb- page and now there is nothing interesting anymore, it´s sad!
    And yeah,, if she don´t have the time it´s fine with me. I´m just used to the old her, who appreciated her fans. I guess she have too many of them today!

  • Yay!

    Miranda is on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK!!

  • @47

    Of course her public facebook pages are for her work and for Kora. You can’t expect her to post private info to fans. She posts blog info, some professional shoots and some pics that she takes on location. That should be enough for her fans. Note, that I said ‘fans’ and not ‘stalkers’. Stalkers always want more.
    She appreciates her fans, but again, she can’t spend all day, every day responding to them. Hundreds of comments are posted within just a short time when she does go online to facebook. She can’t answer them all. And if you look at some of the comments on her facebook pages, when she does respond to a few fans, others get bent out of shape because she didn’t respond to THEM. She can’t win with some people.

  • Me

    @@47: Yeah, I actually like your argument! Can´t deny that! ;) And I dont desagree with the FB-thing.
    I still think she´s become more selfish in some way… I cant explain it but I don´t find her friendly anymore and it´s sad! She´s my role model and everything and I know that she interracts a lot more with her fans that other celebs do, but still I find that she nowadays loves the attention she gets from papps and “normal” people too much and takes it for granted….