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Angelina Jolie: 'Maleficent' Cavalry Scenes!

Angelina Jolie: 'Maleficent' Cavalry Scenes!

Angelina Jolie dons her iconic costume on the set of Maleficent on Thursday (June 28) in Buckinghamshire, England.

The 37-year-old actress filmed alongside a cavalry of horses and men dressed up in battle scene attire!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

That same day, Angelina‘s kids Pax and Shiloh visited their mom on set.

The day before, Angie‘s adorable twins Knox and Vivienne watched their mama in action on the English countryside set of the Sleeping Beauty reboot! All the kiddos must be so proud of their mom!!!

Maleficent, which also stars Elle Fanning, is set to be released in theaters in 2014.

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angelina jolie maleficent calvary scene 01
angelina jolie maleficent calvary scene 01a
angelina jolie maleficent calvary scene 02
angelina jolie maleficent calvary scene 03
angelina jolie maleficent calvary scene 03a
angelina jolie maleficent calvary scene 04
angelina jolie maleficent calvary scene 05

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  • Anina

    Angelina at her best. Of course, she’s with Brad

  • not a stretch

    Angie is used to satanic rituals.

  • stf

    brad pitt is the best!!!

  • wow

    two of her boys visit today. Just Awesome.

  • vickifromtexas

    you guys can’t stay away from angelina’s threads. you hate it but you love her. = )

    she has your respect and admiration. it’s ok you can admit it. you are so drawn to her that you spend hour upon hour commenting. it was just a matter of time until you realized how shallow and vapid j.a. is and that she rarely speaks the truth.

  • Phool

    Didnt realise there was a new thread:carry over post from oprevious thread:

    They are two scoops of scrumptiousness love both Knox and Vivian so adorable.Where you can see that Vivian has the delectability and the elegance just like her mother Angelina.

    And Knox has the swagger and the care free look of his father Brad.
    Loved Vivian’s Panda hodie & Knox as usual rocking the leather jacket. He’s not even 4 and he’s looking cool.

    Shiloh & Pax must be so proud of their Mother watching her do her own stunts. they are learning new experiences every day .
    love all these children all very well behaved considering how young they are .
    God bless the Jolie Pitts & God bless all the fans

  • Hi

    The fans had this deleted last night because they hate THE FACT that Shiloh and Knox are mini Jolie’s
    Angelina on the right and Shiloh on the left. They are like twins.
    I don’t get why this upsets the fans so much.

  • plez

    Shiloh looks like she is as tall as Pax. Love that the kids get to see their Mom at work on this film.

  • busted

    Shiloh is going to be all legs and arms..

    Nice that the kids get to hang out on the set.

  • Alia

    this movie will be epiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic
    can’t wait

  • To stf

    @Anina: Brad sucks. The rumors about Johnny depp throwing his baby mama under the bus T keep his reputation reminds me of how Brad Pitt came out of a cheating scandal smelling like roses. He used the tabloids just like Johnny is using us weekly to trash Vanessa.

  • plez

    @Hi: The pic did not upset fans, It was that you are an unknown name posting a link. Sadly some sick trolls have posted links that have viruses attached to them. So I would warn anyone who reads these threads to be careful about clicking on any link.
    In that pic Shiloh does look like Angelina.

  • jenjustingeorgelaughatbrad


  • Laurel

    These pictures suck they’re so blurry why even post them?

  • Tam$in

    Ah but of course she would order the other kids to be on set. They also have to put in some effort for the Brand. Predictable stunt, Mommie Dearest, you’re getting sloppy.

  • JP Fan

    Paula from JPO found that Viv’s jacket is from Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku mini Target collection..

  • Tam$in

    @To stf:

    Congrats on offering some critical thinking for the loons to process. Don’t expect many thumbs up, but I can tell you’re not a sheep.

    If the thought of how he cheated and managed to keep his career is somewhat surprising to you, let’s remember that he and his mistress both got involved in fauxmanitarian work to divert any negative PR that they received.

    It also helped that some kissass media lackeys were up St. Angie’s ass so they managed to promote the idea that cheating is always justifiable so long as the mistress is considered prettier than the wife who gets cheated on.

  • Dakota

    Love to see the kids on set!! Brad & Angie find time for each of their children. Would it be more relaxing to be on set and take your break in peace or be a “great” parent and take your break on set with each of your children? Most actors would pick set breaks in peace, but not the Jolie-Pitts…they ALWAYS put their children’s needs first. Parents could learn a lot from watching the Jolie-Pitts.

  • JP Fan

    ticky is back to her old after E releases info about Brad and George having dinner she gives tmz pics of he and geoge from over a week ago. this chick is so calculating

  • sarah

    Can’t wait for Maddox’s tell all about his crazy mother.

  • t/a/m/s/i/n

    @JP Fan:

    Shame on you loon, you dare call yourself a fan and your first post on this thread is about the ex.

    Trust, Pothead would never ever want to ever be associated with the likes of you, dear.

  • anon2

    Man, the paps stalk the set but happy to see the Jolie-Pitt kids. Pax and Shiloh are growing like weeds. All the Jolie-Pitt kids are fine looking children, just adorable. They look like well behaved kids.

  • t/a/m/s/i/n


    Unfortunately the “Mommie Dearest” title is taken, but I hope they come up with a decent name for their tell-all book.

  • So

    @JP Fan:
    Are those old pictures? Maniston is so desperate.

  • Phool

    Please Jared you need to get your act together don’t let Trolls post hate on children some people & subjects should be off limits ok.

  • anon2

    LOL @ Shiloh, she looks like she wants to climb that truck. Daredevil like her Mama. She’s probably thinking she wants to fly like her mom did.

  • t/a/m/s/i/n

    You can tell the kids don’t want to be there. Why does she force them to show up? She knows the paps are there? St. Angie really has no decency left in her emaciated body. Har har.

    How are loons going to spin this one? They always go on and on about Pothead being a hands-on father and he’s nowhere near them. The manny is the one looking after the kids. And then they get angry when we suggest that they’re being raised by nannies and mannies.

  • JP Fan

    ignore tampon and its variaous monikers, its looking for attention and for someone to talk to it, dont bait it

  • Poor Maniston

    The beeyootch is so desperate, she has to coattail Brad & Angie every way possible. The idiot has no original bone or thought in that brainless skull of hers. Who cares whether she went on Vacay with Clooney or not. She will never attain the Brangelina fame. Stupid bish. Get a life!!! Shows how ur star is fading fast, when you can’t even make it to the top 20 in Popsugar (which is usually Maniston central). Actually u were #19, which goes to prove that u r losing fans left right & center. No one cares much about u, that’s why u r having “fake engagements” & inviting Clooney to Vacay with u, to keep u relevant, coz u know people will associate you with Brad. Stop coattailing Brangelina, you stupid Moron!

  • Reply to tamsin

    @Tam$in: why are you talking to me? I don’t agree with your comments on Jolie. Angelina didn’t come out looking like the good guy. Brad threw both of them under the bus and came out the poor guy that one his wife wouldn’t give him babies and two Jolie was just sooooo alluring that he couldn’t help himself. Basically none of it was Pitt’s fault. Now leave me alone.

  • Go Figure!

    Ticky met with George over a week ago and no one cared? Doesn’t that tell her something?

  • Aizhan

    Where is Maddox? I haven’t seen him for long time.

  • Reply to poor maniston

    @Poor Maniston: it works both ways. It gives people something to talk about for brad. Nobody cares about him right now and you know it.

  • JP Fan

    @Poor Maniston:
    i dont even think they were on vaca togther just sharing a plane but of course why would this photo (which was taken awhile ago becaue jennifer came back on Sunday and George is in London) make rounds to TMZ one day after Brad and George met up in London, why wasnt this photo released a week ago., something aint right

  • anon2


    Clooney-cling-on and Aniston are two-of-a-kind in my book. How often do you hear Brad bring Clooney up? Wanderbusted duo, perhaps they are trying to hustle for funding and lines.Jenny can’t do her usual hustling,ahem, with the BF. shameless

  • queen jolie

    shilo is tall and i miss this once chubby baby.she gows up so fast.pax is so cute holding the body guards hand.aniston fans are becoming more angry because angie has lots of kids that visit her on the set.they want that kind of life for their idol.they are desperate for their idol to have a baby.everytime they thought she is already pegnant because she is hiding her belly and after a while she will show with flat stomach and the fans hope crushed again.that is why they hate it when they see angie’s beautiful kids.they wished it was their idol who have those can see their desperation, posting their attack on angie and innocent children.don’t worry hens,your idol is now a mommy.a sugar mommy.

  • JP Fan

    pic of Brad when meeting up with clooney

    Christine Munk ‏@cmuunk

    Omgggggg George Clooney and Brad Pitt are in Pazzia in Ascot!!!!

    @Malasuria literally the story of my life!!!

  • awwww

    Shiloh is very slim now. she lost baby fat. She looks just like Brad. Glad to see Pax, haven’t seen him since April. They all grew up.


    Brad was at Pinewood today
    Trish Lomax ‏@TrishLomax

    Today shooting on location at Pinewood for a high street brands new TVC WITH @thesamhair, taking in the sunshine whilst everyone’s inside

    Trish Lomax ‏@TrishLomax

    @thesamhair is all a flutter as she’s just walked past Brad Pitt! A perk to the day!


    Samanthahillerby ‏@TheSamHair

    OMG BRAD PITT just walk by me, I’m so star struck!

  • queen jolie

    angie is so blessed with those beautiful kids.they are her haters can attack her all you want, she has those wonderful children that put a smile on her face whenever she comes home.and she has her loyal fans who has unconditional love for are just wasting your time saying negative things about this one will believe you except haters like you.we her fans always love and support and accept her for who she is and what she sure you are dying with jealousy right now. angie is a real mommy while your idol is a sugar mommy.

  • Reply to tamsin
  • Reply to queen Jolie

    @queen jolie: I agree. Angelina is fortunate to have her babies. It’s just too bad she had them with Brad Pitt. Haters are wondering why her kids are on set. It’s because if she leaves them at home they are with a nanny, not a parent. They need they’re parents but Brad Pitt is busy with himself. The one works and the other is with the kids is a lie when Angelina works.She has to have them on set.

  • Oh Come On!

    Jared, are you going to ruin the anitcipation for this film by showing set pics everyday!? I mean if the lovely kids are there show the kids but leave the set photos out or in spoilers. This will be a repeat of Salt and the Tourist that by the time the movie comes out you would have seen every scene and nothing to anticipate because you have already seen pretty much the whole movie minus the dialogue.

    I love, love , love Angelina but please don’t ruin this for those of us who like surprises in their movies. Maybe make the set photo threads with spoiler alerts, if you must post them. Therefore we can choose to open it or not. Don’t paste the photos on the main thread unless it is of the children or Brad.


  • awwww

    I think Brad picks up Angie at Pinewood studios after her work is done. Swoon.

  • dawne

    Looks like Brad trimmed his hair……I loved the Cannes look………seeeeeeeeeexy.

  • awwww

    @JP Fan:
    Brad looks great.

  • Go Figure!

    a href=”/2012/06/28/angelina-jolie-maleficent-cavalry-scenes/comment-page-2/#comment-23533880″>queen jolie:
    @#46-Queen Jolie: Only Ticky’s stomach isn’t flat any more.

  • Oh Come On!

    I don’t know why I am being thumb down?? I did not say I don’t won’t to see Angelina and the little cutties, I just want jared to be more sensitive with displaying the set photos. Put a spoiler on front to alert those who don’t want to see the movie before it comes out.

    Not all JP fans want to see set photos everyday, is that wrong????

  • cute

    VERY sweet babies- all we need to see is Maddox & Z, now! I understand some people might be upset at seeing pictures on set (to them, spoilerish), but the ONLY way to avoid that is to stay off the internet or go to only non-entertainment sites. In 2012- ALL MOVIES (esp with big stars) are subject to this type of coverage- heck, it isn’t even about just the money-grubbing paps any more- EVERYBODY with a phone is now a pap. Unless a movie is filmed completely indoors, cameras with long lenses now can be WAY out of security range can get pictures from very, very, very far away. OK- OT- these are some very funny tweet about the Supreme Court’s (SCOTUS) Obamacare decision. Whether you like the decision or not, these are pretty darn hilarious!