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Angelina Jolie: 'Maleficent' Cavalry Scenes!

Angelina Jolie: 'Maleficent' Cavalry Scenes!

Angelina Jolie dons her iconic costume on the set of Maleficent on Thursday (June 28) in Buckinghamshire, England.

The 37-year-old actress filmed alongside a cavalry of horses and men dressed up in battle scene attire!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

That same day, Angelina‘s kids Pax and Shiloh visited their mom on set.

The day before, Angie‘s adorable twins Knox and Vivienne watched their mama in action on the English countryside set of the Sleeping Beauty reboot! All the kiddos must be so proud of their mom!!!

Maleficent, which also stars Elle Fanning, is set to be released in theaters in 2014.

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  • tish

    Ohh shiz can’t believe a scab hen would waste their time trying to get a reply from moi.

    I would rather die of shame.

    Loving the pics of the kids. Shi and Pax are at an age where they would be fascinated with Angie’s coming HIT movie Maleficent.

    Even watching the darling twins with their immense curiosity in Mama’s work is so sweet.

    Angie’s movie is going to be Epic!

  • MJ

    Hmmm! I had a feeling that Anuston’s meeting with George C. has something to do about Brad and Angie’s wedding date. This way maybe Anuston thought that George C. knew exactly when is the wedding because she might have a pr plan on that day. I believe Anuston and her pr are stalking Brad and Angie. They always seem to know how to calculate when Brad and Angie’s activities and Anuston and her pr had theirs almost at the same time. Anuston is a sick woman and her PR pitbull machine too. Hopefully, on that meeting, George C. didn’t give any information to Anuston, If he did we will find out when Anuston has this big pr announcement, it means Brad and Angie’s wedding will be at the same time or close to it. We’ll wait and see.

  • Pls No Babes from Ticky

    Hilarious that Brad said he never ever wanted the Chin to have his babies . He only wanted the stunning Jolie to be the mother of his gorgeous children.

    I know Brad would of loved his sausage nosed kids , but you gotta give it to that man hunk, always makes the right moves.

  • anustin

    aahhhhh…my girl,anjie is a working momma!!! bless ur heart,jolie.

  • tish

    @The mighty have fallen:

    Post 120

    ITA, i havn’t seen the pic, know very little about it except that Ticky is up to no good as usual.

    When is that chubby fug hag gonna get it in her lardhead that nobody gives a shhhitt about her and her greazzzy dwarf.

    LMAO that Chiney is still coattailing the JP’s as usual.

    Poor Rachel will never learn. HAHA it’s gotta be counting her pennies by now and The mini boytoy is wishing he was back with Heidi for what it was worth.

  • Rose

    I see the Dirtbag troll said no body cares about Brad on TMZ, yet this troll came over here to tell us this. I would be surprised if any BA fan went to TMZ to comment because we all know there is nothing to this story. Only the Jen hens are wetting their pants believing Brad could care about the Dirtbag.
    The big story is how Johnny Depp is now with Amber H. And trying to blame VP for the split. I hope A H knows JD background, not good.

  • Q

    @The mighty have fallen: keep barking like a homeless dog with differnt names . Brad pitt is the greatest movie star on this planet whether you admit that or not.the last time he went to a night show they had to call the police from the amount of the crowd wait till kts be realesed and it dominates the box office and you will cry to the ocean


    @The mighty have fallen:
    Heads up troll – I haven’t been there…and I am a perfect example of why no one cares…it’s not because it’s a ‘Brad Pitt,’ topic, it’s because TMZ is doing some antiquated tabloid ‘triangle,’ shite putting Ticky indirectly in the mix, and 99.9999% of visitors to that site know it’s pure liquid bullshite. How many times does Ticky have to get dumped, and men say she’s a boring comatose special, and her movies forever bomb before TMZ realizes she’s over….the only time she isn’t over and can scare up interest is when people connect her to Brange. But now, even those last few hold outs who’d like it to be 1998 again have dwindled. Even those losers don’t believe it — so of course they don’t care to read fiction, when they know Brad Pitt hasn’t been anywhere near Manny in close to a decade… TMZ is trying a desperate pretzel around the world long ass streeeeeetch of an indirect tie-in with persona non grata tv hack box office poison-iston and her kept dwarf…even if they were even remotely correct, what would it mean…that one day Clooney was polite and saw Maniston and her gig, and a few days later had a lunch with Brad. Listen to yourself. lol THAT is what people don’t give a fck about loser. Maniston is over her movies are pure crap that bomb, and she’s still ugly despite the plastic surgery. If they want hits say Brad had lunch with Kristen Stewart and George. hahahahaha,

  • gracie

    It’s nice to see the JP kids, it’s been a while we saw them. It must be fun watching mommy in action.

  • dianad1968

    @Pax has a BONER:



  • Jess

    Shiloh and Pax are so cute.

  • busted

    @London 2012:

    thanks for posting that. I’m getting really excited. I like the Summer games more. Just that there are more spots that I actually enjoy watching outside the big events.

    and really who cares who George rode in a plane with. I’m enjoying seeing the kids and Angie.. hopefully more of Brad/Angie soon..

  • Passing Through

    # 33 Go Figure! @ 06/28/2012 at 11:44 am
    Ticky met with George over a week ago and no one cared? Doesn’t that tell her something?
    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one LMAO about this. I guess word didn’t leak fast enough for Huvsy. As soon as someone Tweeted that Porgie was seen with Brad in London Huvsy had those pix of Ticky & Squiggy boarding the same plane as Porgie & Wrestling Ho leaked to TMZ.
    Shite like this is why I’ll never stop ragging on The Tickster. That ho is always up to some PR game. Even if the meeting with Porgie was coincidental – which I doubt – she couldn’t just let it pass that he was seen with Brad a few days later. Porgie hasn’t been seen with Ticky since she accosted him at The Night Before Party in 2007 – not even when she answered phones at that Haiti benefit telethon and they were in the same freaking studio! – and now suddenly she’s meeting up with him and Wrestling Ho in Switzerland or Italy? And then Porgie’s seen shortly thereafter with Brad? GMAFB. I think we all know she’s up to something that will involve Brad and/or Angie. Maybe a “Let’s bury the hatchet” scheme or wherein she ends up with a movie deal for herself or Mr. Skinny Jeans. Biitch needs to get right with her mama and stop worrying about whether or not Brad will ever again voluntarily speak to her in public again.

  • tish

    The only thing interesting about Clooney and Chin Fug is right after the divorce when they showed in videos the Chin running over to Porqie at a premier to give him a big hug for the cameras to see and he jumped back 3 ft or more pushing her away as if to say don’t make a fool out out of yourself, you know i don’t like you that much. that was the premier where i *think VV was there with her.

    Vince Vaugn was seen giving her big time shiz too for wanting to wear a huge azzz diamond on the left hand , of course she bought herself. VV took her aside and gave her a damnnn good talking to about embarrassing him. haha End of ring story. Her and her phucking boughten rings.

    Poor ole girl Ticks said she had a headache and left early that night LOLLOLLOL

    We talked about that for days ,… it was Hilarious. hahahaha

    Poor Ticky can’t win for losing. But you would think after going on 8 yrs the dipstick would learn. Ticky has an empty head so no learning going on with her onless it’s on how to shaft the few fans she has left who believe her crap.

  • Passing Through

    # 62 QQQQ @ 06/28/2012 at 12:48 pm
    Don’t sugarcoat, 4Q! LOL!. I wouldn’t trust Porgie to give me the right time – even if he was wearing 10 Rolex watches.

  • The mighty have fallen

    @Passing Through: Lies. You never call Brad out for doing the exact same thing as “tricky” … This “were friends” stunt does more good for Brads image than Jennifer’s. Remember her pix with Justin are now worth more than Brad with his kids photos are worth. Brad looks ashamed of the stunt. It’s not going to work. He’s losing fans all around and George’s own fans have turned on him because of the wrestler.

  • Rose

    @Passing Through: PT you know what’s funny, Dirtbag shared a ride with GC and Stacy and Stacy has a better body than SS . I bet old girl was not feeling so great when she saw SK banging body, lol.

  • hehehe


  • Passing Through

    # 65 TMZ starting mess. @ 06/28/2012 at 12:53 pm
    Exactly. OuttaTouch is being edited by a former Peeps staffer now but I dollars to donuts it’s on the cover next week – “George Chooses Jen Over Angie!” Depp can cheat his way around the globe and US and the rest of the tabs write the most sympathetic stories ever…but next week they’ll all slap Angie on the cover with same fake story about how much Porgie hates her. I had to laugh at the comments on the TMZ page though because everybody was saying “Who cares?” Well…the tabs and gossips care, that’s who.

  • The mighty have fallen

    @CLINIQUA: lmao @ having the post deleted. Sorry Brad’s publicist, agent, manager, but the only peoole who care are the dwindling fanbases of brangelina and jennifer. “where’s the who cares option?” lmao @ the four Jennifer fans fighting with the 3 brangelina fans.
    K bye.

  • tish

    @Passing Through:

    LMAO Good post PT.

    Was The Night Before Party in 2007 the one where GC pushed Chin away like she had And if so was that the same night VV was totally pizzzed off about her trying to pull a fast one by trying to get attention wearing that boughten diamond ring she picked out for herself? Took her to the side and embarrassed the life out of the idiot and she decided to go home early with a headache.

    Just wondering if after all these yrs if those were two separate occasions or was that all the same night?

    Man that chubby barren cow has no limits to her nonpride. lol

  • Ssshhii_baby

    waving hi to all the Jolie-Pitt fans from around the round!!! awwhh there she is my sweet lil honey, ssshhii_baby!!! she isnt a baby anymore! she is as big as her big bro Pax…im glad these pix are taken from afar..or else, you know Pax will bust out his karate moves! i love how all the kids have such distinctive personality. they all seemed to be such well mannered up will be Princess Z and Maddox! man, they are living such exciting lives. so happy that madd had his daddy&here we now have this beautiful family! thanks your whole family:)

  • Just Sayin

    The picture of Porgie and Maniston was definitely taken before Monday because the wrestling ho tweeted she was in NYC on Monday. And from E! article, it seemed that Brad didn’t eat, then if you read the tweet Clooney and Brad were at the restaurant around 9:30 pm London time, Brad probably already ate his dinner at home, Clooney called him to meet him.

  • tish

    You know when you look back at interviews thru the yrs there is muchooo that has been said by one or the other in the failed marriage of Chin and the HUNKY BRAD who was abused by the lying C but no matter they played the pr game to make everyone happy ontill Brad said Fu.kk it, i’m done with Chin’s lying horseshit.

    Brad wanted kids and knew Chinney wasnt about to pop any EVER.

    Chinney LIED Like A RUG for a few yrs about having kids.
    That has been established over and over.

    I don’t have the link and don’t plan on looking for it but the day did come when Brad said he didn’t EVER want kids from the plastic hor.

    But he was honored to have the Jolie to be the wonderful mother she is to their upcoming family.

    Go Brad!!!!!!!!

  • gracie
  • anustin

    lolz to the max!!!!….and now,urinated Maniston raising golddigger theroux!! bwahahahaha.lovin it! sugah mama is loaded.

  • Jennifer Aniston

    I not a good actress like Angelina.
    I will never have an Oscar like Angelina.
    I can’t carry a big blockbuster film on my own like Angelina.
    I don’t give to charity like Angelina.
    My ovaries are now dried up so I’ll never have children like Angelina.

  • Justin Theroux

    I love Jen’s bank account!

  • a Lurker
  • nice

    London 2012- thanks- that is VERY cool video! London is THE place to be right now- good job, JPs!

    Whoever said (I know it was several smart posters) that manny is desperate and that nobody cares about her is dead on- With all the money she spent on paps, trip etc.she couldn’t get one mag cover- she is so desperate for attention, she drug out the fake ring- AGAIN! Georgie will hang with anybody- he’s NEVER been very selective- so sharing space with him is not a big deal. Howard Stern said that George invited him to Italy right away- a little instant fiends add water- Viola had her wedding there- all very lovely, but hardly very exclusive. Private planes are $$$- maybe Clooney isn’t as rich as everybody thinks.

  • a Lurker

    @Just Sayin:
    Earlier in that day ( Tuesday), there were tweets seeing Angie and Brad at Pinewood studios and later were shopping at co-op.

  • lol

    Dlisted Michael K gives Amber Heard and Johnny Depp a couple name Hearpp. LOL.

  • anon2

    @Just Sayin:

    From all the details about Clooney—what he ate and everything–and “they weren’t sure what Brad ate”..but he drank martinis ….Clooney was behind this story, riding on Brad’s coat.
    Maniston and Clooney fame-hoing together now. Shameless. One would think Stephie or Slate PR rep’d both.

  • tish

    This is 2012 and i forgot all about Manniston’s long ago marriage to
    Brad Pitt.

    Gosh that was way back in 2004 or 05, why do ppl even care anymore when it’s obvious Brad and Angie are madly in love
    and have been for going on 8 yrs.

    They both have made a lovely family together, something both wanted before they ever met.

    Manniston planned 6 films with the help of Brad’s influence so as Brad said later when the truth came out he never wanted a child with

    What a phenomenal move on Brad and Angies part to just get together and ‘do it’.

    Why do old Manniston fans still want them to be together?

    Manniston has another new b/f why not wait and see if this one works out.

    Altho i don’t think when you buy another woman’s man from a 14 yr relationship there will be much luck in holding down Heidi Bivens
    rehab common law husband.

    Possibly if Manniston had of found a single or separated /divorced man who wasn’t living in a long term relationship she might have better luck.

    I don’t think Manniston will ever settle down. She appears to be happy trying to antagonise Brad and his beautiful wife to be Angelina Jolie.

    There will be no children in her boring life or she would of had them long ago. Wasn’t it Manniston who said in todays day and age you didn’t need a man to have children.

    Well , where are they? You see she is all talk where as Ms. Jolie
    has been walking the talk since day one.

    It’s obvious Mannistons fans have accepted her for what she is and that’s why nobody goes to her thread on this bd anymore.

    I wish she would leave Angie and Brad alone they never bother her.

    But if that’s the only way she can get attention personally ppl are getting tired of her conniving ways.

    Why not forget about Manniston and babies and accept her for buying b/fs. She has enough money to settle down and keep her name clear of the Jolie Pitt’s. After all these yrs it is what it is.:)

  • lol

    Michael K says Johnny Depp looks like a lesbian so Amber Heard broke up with her lesbian gf and hooked up with lesbian look alike Depp. LOL.

  • busted


    you are good.. I can’t stomach that site.

  • The power of Jen

    OMG Brad told George that still loves Jen and they will soon see again

  • Wonderbust

    you know whats funny about the clooney story, no one cares lol tickys plans backfired, you cant tell me its a coincidence that we are just now getting pics taken from awhile back now that Clooney and Pitt were hanging out yesterday..also good job ignoring tampax,

  • The power of Jen

    Brad is in London by his sons, lives in a house near the children to avoid having to see the witch

    Jen is going to be a great mother to the twins and Shi

  • Passing Through

    # 120 tish @ 06/28/2012 at 3:07 pm
    IIRC that was the RHI premiere. Considering all the trouble Ticky caused on that set – a movie Porgie and Soderbergh produced and was written by a good friend of Porgie’s who was also directing and Ticky had Brad get Porige and Soderbergh to halt the production (they were lighting her wrong, ya know) and ended up getting the guy fired from his own movie and replaced by Rob Reiner – well…let’s just say Porgie wasn’t feeling too kindly towards her at that time. Coincidentally (or not) Porgie and SOderbergh shuttered their production company after RHI bombed….and they don’t work together or hang out like they used to either. Make of that what you will. It’s been 8 since then so maybe Porgie is over it now…

  • Passing Through

    # 123 Rose @ 06/28/2012 at 3:14 pm
    Actually…I feel bad for Wrestling Ho because she’s having to hang out with all of these OLD PEOPLE because Porgie can’t date anyone over 33. Wresting Ho’s time is probably up when her 33rd b-day strikes. The youngest people in Porgie’s close-knit circle is probably Matt and Luciana – and Matt’s 41 – 9 years older than Stacy. They’re probably sitting around talking about shite that happened in the ’80s when Stacy was in Jr. High and she has no idea what they’re talking about.

  • Rose

    @Passing Through: #149, you are so right about the age different between Stacy and GC. However, money talked and SK is also using her 15 minutes to build her profile. Can you imagine Dirtbag went home crying because SK who is much more attractive than her and to top it off, her body is banging. Poor 43 yo SS. You know if she cried about one grey hair she is jealous of SK because of her youth and looks, lol.
    oT : do you believe JD is really with AH? If true, poor girl, I hope she is aware who she is dealing with. If she is looking for a rise in status, she is going to get it if the gossip is true. jD has a dark past and possible an
    alcohol and other problems too many to mention so good luck to all of

  • tish

    Yeah i guess Michael K can be funny but DAMNNN why can’t he be funny enough to keep his redic fans over at his site.

    Now that would be a major PLUS!

    They have to get it in their thick skulls that Brad not just LOVES Angie he ADORES her and their beautiful Family of 6 kids.

    As for Ticky the Brad forgot about her the min he walked out the door. was breathing a Huge sigh of relief= FREEDOM!!!

    So Lets All Celebrate The Upcoming Wedding of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt……. Forevah!!!

  • irrelevant granny manny

    WOW- manny gets more & more desperate for attention with each gray hair. She got absolutely no traction with her paid pap parade, so she pulls out the fake ring- AGAIN. Plant & deny, plant & deny- that didn’t get her enough attention, so now this- fat tick is so lame! These antics just prove over & over that John M,Vince, Brad and the others were so right to run screaming from this nasty, shallow nightmare of a human.

  • Richard P

    I love them

  • plez

    PT and QQQQ

    Nadal lost

  • Passing Through

    # 127 tish @ 06/28/2012 at 3:19 pm
    Unfortunately for Ticky you’re talking about 3 separate occasions. That’s the thing about famehoing – after awhile it all starts to blur together. The faux engagment ring was the London TBU premiere. The Night Before Party in 2007 was when she was trying to get Porgie’s attention from about 10 feet away and he looked right through her and ignored her until she went up to him and then he couldn’t ignore her anymore. That’s a private party and they rarely allow cameras. The stories of Porgie giving Ticky the cold freeze were rampant though. The time he pushed her away like she was a leper, IIRC, was the RHI premiere.

  • Wonderbust

    Clooney and aniston were also pictured to @Passing Through:
    Clooney wrestling ho ticky and the paid bf were also pictured togther at the 2012 night before party
    the only reason i know this is because a jen hen has posted that picture on all of the clooney pitt articles today to prove ticky and clooney are buds(eye roll)

  • Wonderbust

    also notice the pic i posted was from feb 2012 and the media didnt care nor did they say ANYTHING about it, but today TMZ makes a story of the plane pics ONLY because Brad and Clooney were hanging out, once again something is not right, those plane pics are old, why are they now resurfacing

  • yolly

    Who cares about Maniston & Clooney sharing a private plane? I am only interested about Brad & Angie plus their 6 kids. About others, not interested.God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.