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Angelina Jolie: 'Maleficent' Cavalry Scenes!

Angelina Jolie: 'Maleficent' Cavalry Scenes!

Angelina Jolie dons her iconic costume on the set of Maleficent on Thursday (June 28) in Buckinghamshire, England.

The 37-year-old actress filmed alongside a cavalry of horses and men dressed up in battle scene attire!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

That same day, Angelina‘s kids Pax and Shiloh visited their mom on set.

The day before, Angie‘s adorable twins Knox and Vivienne watched their mama in action on the English countryside set of the Sleeping Beauty reboot! All the kiddos must be so proud of their mom!!!

Maleficent, which also stars Elle Fanning, is set to be released in theaters in 2014.

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angelina jolie maleficent calvary scene 03a
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  1. 76
    Starzilla is a loser Says:

    Why would someone who claims to hate Brad so much would spend their time everyday for 8 years talking s.hit about Brad in any JP forums? Oh I know, its because Starzilla and her multiple aliases is a desperate loon! Hahaha Pleaaseeee next time you write something about Brad, make it more believable and not cringe worthy, okay? Time to change another name after Jared bans you. LOL

  2. 77
    Sofi Says:

    @George is Add*cted: Yes, George has latin roots

  3. 78
    To #75 Says:

    And brad brings back the triangle just . Like. That. Sucks for brangelina fans trying to defend them. Hehe

  4. 79
    dianad1968 Says:

    Oh I was so longing to see Shi. She is getting so tall, and she always brings a smile to my face, because she is always doing her own thing. LOL. Watch out world when she grows up….she will be a big personality.

  5. 80
    iola25 Says:

    I don’t understand why they always wanted to drag JA to BP. Its been history that their been together JA has a lot of relationship after BP. I don’t understand why TMZ and others site keep repeating involving each other. I’m so sick with their gossip.

  6. 81
    Passing Through Says:

    Pax and Shiloh have both grown quite a bit. Shiloh is only 6 and she’s already almost as tall as Pax. And her hair has seems to grow really fast, too.

  7. 82
    Gorgeous JPs Says:

    Angie and Brad are the most gorgeous looking couple in HW.

    They both are highest paid actors in HW.

    Perfect couple ! So glad Brad got rid of the plastic chin, salami nose
    stubby legged cow.

    Love you Angie girl. So glad you and Brad met on MAMS.

    8 yrs later and you are more in love today .

    How Scweeet it is!

  8. 83
    plez Says:

    @To #75: Come on honey. This has Ticky all over this. The walk around the Vatican no one cared about. The bikini pics from the yacht no one cared about. The only thing people cared about was that Ticky was on a plane with Clooney and that Clooney is a friend of Brads.

  9. 84
    To #94 Says:

    @iola25: The pr team wants it like that. brad just got a much needed publicity boost.

  10. 85
    dianad1968 Says:

    BTW, have you guys seen Lamey losing her s*it again today regarding the JD/VP mess? It’s hilarious. I think JD better increase his security. LOL.

  11. 86
    plez Says:

    @iola25: Because this increases the money that paps and the hits sites will get from Ticky’s pics. No one cares about her with her new boy but add Brad or Angelina and everything increases threefold.

  12. 87
    To #97 Says:

    @plez: it works both ways. Since when does Brad have dinner with George? And like you guys are saying the photos just happen to be released on the same day? LoL lol lol lol This has pr stunt all over it. I wonder why Jenifer won’t just go to dinner with Brad for a mega photo-op.

  13. 88
    anustin Says:

    and again,the trollniston are losing der shi.t!

  14. 89
    Yoco Says:

    Oops I left out the words Pinewood Studio maybe Angie has to return after working in field she is also a producer.

  15. 90
    FUNNY stuff Says:

    Thanks for the link- SO FUNNY- this one from Danny Zuker (did you know he is the show-runner for Modern Family?) is my fav:
    Are the death panels open yet because I just saw Donald Trump sneeze. #SCOTUS

    cute @ 06/28/2012 at 12:26 pm
    VERY sweet babies- all we need to see is Maddox & Z, now! I understand some people might be upset at seeing pictures on set (to them, spoilerish), but the ONLY way to avoid that is to stay off the internet or go to only non-entertainment sites. In 2012- ALL MOVIES (esp with big stars) are subject to this type of coverage- heck, it isn’t even about just the money-grubbing paps any more- EVERYBODY with a phone is now a pap. Unless a movie is filmed completely indoors, cameras with long lenses now can be WAY out of security range can get pictures from very, very, very far away. OK- OT- these are some very funny tweet about the Supreme Court’s (SCOTUS) Obamacare decision. Whether you like the decision or not, these are pretty darn hilarious!

  16. 91
    plez Says:

    @To #97: No one said the pics just happen to be released. TMZ got pics of Brad having dinner with Clooney. Then remembered they saw pics of Aniston and Clooney and decided there were stupid people like you that would fall for some kind of conspiracy and give TMZ more hits.
    Why are they having dinner? Who knows. Who cares. Maybe Clooney wanted to tell Brad what a joke Aniston and her boy are.

  17. 92
    tish Says:

    I loved when Ticky’s mother said on Hard Copy that she was proud of her 17 or was it 16 yr old daughter Chiney going to a therapist all by her lonesome b/c she wondered why she couldn’t hold onto b/fs since she started liking boys.

    I am thinking what her mother didn’t know was Ticky wanted to know how to stay in the closet and try to have the best of both worlds..

    Poor Ticky, she could only hold Brad off so long as far as lying to him about having children.

    And the dumbazzz fools on the small Ticky site are still waiting for a baby bump . Get Fcken Real! BWHAHAHA

  18. 93
    FUNNY stuff Says:

    yeah- I recall when George (& Jerry W) were BEGGING Brad to do O13 and, from what I understand, Brad said “no” a bunch of times. Brad likes all those guys, but he was pretty busy with his #1 priority- Angie & his babies- as well as post on TAOJJCRF and prep for AMH. I know Brad has said (& maybe George has, too?) that there will be no more Oceans movies bc Bernie is gone. Brad & George worked together on that Prop 8 play and are maybe trying to work on something else- we know Brad is pretty picky (in a very good way!), so good luck George!

  19. 94
    Dc Says:

    Beautiful Shi just like her mommy. Love the the Jolie-Pitt kids they are all beautiful. March 2014 can’t come fast enough. Lova ya Angie!

  20. 95
    tish Says:

    Nancy Dow who is Ticky’s poor sick mother got dumped for life for going on Hard Copy.

    She was gravely ill when the Tick was going thru a divorce and she would not spend a red nickel on her own mother to remove her from the Sally Anne Hospice . Just left her their to die.

    Fortunately Nancy fought herself a hard battle and eventually left the Sally Anne Hospice . Ticky with her millions made up all kinds of lies even having the tabs put out that she was having Thanksgiving Dinner with the Senior Jolie Pitts while Angie and Brad were out of the country.

    HAHAHA No wonder Bill and Jane Pitt talk about how special their DIL Angie is . Ticky was a lying nuisance and you can’t get anything past Mrs Jane Pitt , she was onto Ticks BS before her own son finally walked out.


  21. 96
    To#106 Says:

    @plez: If you say so…

  22. 97
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Haha! Most likely Maniston, knowing her rental is bi, and definitely knowing George is — decided to swallow her pride and take George up on the many empty invites he issues out to people when theyre in the European vicinity, all to impress Ted Bund-oux and keep him around longer..that way Cloon got admire the midgets 6 pack, and Maniston got to be close to someone who brushed against Brad in the last 5 years. Clooney then went to see Brad and they both laughed their assses off at the tv shitcom hack who came trolling to Europe to stalk them on behalf of her new boy toy, or make that middleaged balding man toy….hahahaha.

  23. 98
    juju Says:

    angelina is working at
    bulstrode n pinewood at the same time
    i don’t know if she was at bulstrode today
    i haven’t seen any shooting photos from today
    the photos jared publish are from yesterday n older
    except the ones w/ the kids

  24. 99
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Hahah plez, great minds and all that. lolol

  25. 100
    London 2012 Says:

    Olympic rings unveiled on London’s Tower Bridge

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