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Cristiano Ronaldo Talks 'Painful' Euro 2012 Loss

Cristiano Ronaldo Talks 'Painful' Euro 2012 Loss

Irina Shayk presents Morellato‘s latest jewelry collection at the Miguel Angel Hotel on Wednesday (June 27) in Madrid, Spain.

Later in the evening, the 26-year-old Russian model’s boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo, competed in the semifinals of UEFA Euro 2012.

The 27-year-old soccer star and his Portugal teammates were defeated by Spain – 4-2 in a penalty shootout – at Donbass Arena in Donetsk, Ukraine.

“It’s always painful losing on penalties but penalties are always a lottery and the one who has the best luck wins,” Cristiano said after the match. “I gave my best as I always have done and that’s why I am happy with my own contribution. We must be proud because we played well but we didn’t have the luck we needed.”

15+ pictures inside of Irina Shayk in Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo in Donetsk…

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irina shayk morellato cristiano ronaldo euro 01
irina shayk morellato cristiano ronaldo euro 02
irina shayk morellato cristiano ronaldo euro 03
irina shayk morellato cristiano ronaldo euro 04
irina shayk morellato cristiano ronaldo euro 05
irina shayk morellato cristiano ronaldo euro 06
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irina shayk morellato cristiano ronaldo euro 09
irina shayk morellato cristiano ronaldo euro 10
irina shayk morellato cristiano ronaldo euro 11
irina shayk morellato cristiano ronaldo euro 12
irina shayk morellato cristiano ronaldo euro 13
irina shayk morellato cristiano ronaldo euro 14
irina shayk morellato cristiano ronaldo euro 15
irina shayk morellato cristiano ronaldo euro 16
irina shayk morellato cristiano ronaldo euro 17
irina shayk morellato cristiano ronaldo euro 18

Credit: Laurence Griffiths; Photos: Getty, Bauergriffinonline
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  • britbrit


  • doodle

    SEXY couple!!

  • Linda

    I would love to see Portugal as the winner of Euro 2012!
    I like Spain’s team but since she won the Euro 2008 and Mundial 2010 cup, I hope that Italy gets it this year!

  • Anna

    He still thinks they would have deserved to win? He should watch that game again.

  • Amanda

    Had his stupid, greedy ass taken the penalty kick either first, second, third, or fourth the outcome could’ve been different. Portugal loss because he had to be a hero. Anyways, good for Spain. I wanted them to win.

  • Cat

    Tkz ronaldo and rest of the team ! from Portugal*

  • Sarah.

    Finale is going to be Spain against Italy! I didn’t liked the way Ronaldo played against Spain.. falling down on purpose is so stupid. And he wanted to kick the last penalty so that he would be the one who shot Portugal to the finale.. but Spain already won, so he didn’t get to shoot. haha. He played so much better in the matches before..

  • Cynthia

    Sorry for Cris, but we deserve to win. Now the final against Italy.
    GoSpain!! We want to make history.

  • Lily

    She should have been at the Euros to support her man…ugh can’t wait for her 15 minutes to be up

  • fd

    Portugal should have won. That’s all.

  • lionel

    REALLY??!!! Does anyone even care about these two??

    Gaynaldo is a joke and his beard is fugly

  • Claudia

    He’s a great soccer player, but Gosh, i hate him! Not hate him, just don’t like him. The only reason why i’m kind of thankful for his presence is because i’m a fan of Real Madrid! And I want Spain to win the Euro 2012!

    PD: Casillas te amoooooooooooooo!♥

  • Ronaldo makes idiots mad

    Lol at all the Ronaldo haters.

    Poor Ronaldo, VERY TALENTED people are always hated for the stupidest and most irrelevant of reasons.

    Why complain about Ronaldo’s personality, or clothes or hair? He is still one of the best soccer players!!!! Really good players sometimes have their bad/unlucky days, so what? It’s all good.

    So yeah haters, you can continue to stay mad while Ronaldo continues to shine like the talented superstar he is.

    Portugal will EVENTUALLY win a Euro or World cup. It’s only a matter of time!!! Portugal has managed to often get very far in these competitions, after all.

    Prepare yourselves for 2014! Ronaldo will make you super angry! LMAO!

  • Amanda

    @Ronaldo makes idiots mad:

    Yes, but he has a very entitled, superior aura about him. When the team loses it’s never his fault, but when they win it’s all about him. He’s undoubtedly an amazing talent, but that doesn’t make him any less of an a-hole. And Portugal will never win on the back of Ronaldo alone. They need to shape up and work together better if they’re ever to win a championship.

  • M

    Um Lily, she has a job. Not all WAG”S have to be up there with their men.

  • Gabriela

    Portugal should have won… Sorry to say ANNA BUT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND A SINGLE THING ABOUT FOOTBALL! You people are so jealous of Portugal! Get over it! And what’s your problem about Portugal? AH»»»»???? We are a decent country… You are all jealous of Ronaldo! Of is talent, and his big money….

    Grow up people!

  • Gabriela


    I agree 100% with you!

  • Joana

    The Portuguese TEAM was amazing. They fought until the very end. The game could have gone either way. Spain lucked out the same way Portugal could have. And Ronaldo is right : I believe that all the portugueses are very proud of our team

  • baha

    aww. sorry they lost the game. if that one hand fault wouldn’t have been…

    just like always.

    well… soccer that is. ;)

  • Ashley

    self centered a-hole

  • maria

    It’s a shame Portugal didn’t win. They played waaay better than España.. Too bad they went to penalties….

  • kathryn

    I’m sorry but her lips are just not attractive. Yes, big lips are sexy but hers look cartoonish.

  • alicia

    Irina is gorgeous! maybe its these photos, i saw her in NYC where i live and she is really a natural beauty! lips and all, she has it! She was also very sweet and nice. Her body is amazing too! He can lose as many games as he wants, he still has this drop dead gorgeous girl!

  • CosmoGirl

    YESSSSSS!!!! SPAIN WIN !!!!Sorry Cristiano but we’re the best! WorlCup winners!And eurocup winners again!!Let’s see!! =DDD

  • Amber

    Anyway, Spain deserved to win, and they did. They have a better team than Portugal.

  • Black-Dahlia

    It was in Warsaw, not Donetsk.

  • Carmen

    Go Spain¡¡ W e deserved the win,
    And CR7, you are a good player, but you don’t know to lose, always crying like a baby if he doesn’t win………

  • Sara

    Every single person who knows something about football knows Portugal should have won. They were clearly better than Spain, they were absolutely fantastic. Spain played like usually = they had the ball but do nothing with it. They actually are a fantastic but if Portugal had scored when they had clear occasions they would have won. Having said that nobody can denied Ronaldo is a fantastic player, since 2007 he is been impressive wherever he played for Man U or Madrid, he did a fantastic Euro. Good luck to Italy by the way !
    I also cant wait to see the new Morellato campaign with Irina Shayk

  • Lia ESP

    *LOL* This man is really annoying, egocentric, narcissist, and a HUGE ASSHOLE. He doesn’t the meaning of modesty.

    YAYYYY!!!!! GOOOOO SPAIN!!!!! :-D

  • kimboi

    tho portugal didnt win i luv the way u guys plays…and all games and spirit with u all…intrsting to watch…i gave ma full support to portugal but they lose..neva mind..ther’s many chances to win..!!…long live portugal team.and their captain christiano Ronaldo….c yaa all in d next world cup…hope to c u all well!!

  • javeed

    portugal do their job perfectly but unfortunately the ball was ejected by the goal post so they can’t win so that’s not shame

  • Grace

    Portugal mereceu vencer porque jogou melhor, para a próxima ganhará.
    E Ronaldo é um enormíssimo jogador mas a equipa é formada por mais dez, ele não pode ganhar sozinho, de qualquer modo, parabéns Ronaldo pela pessoa que és, só os invejosos dizem mal de de ti, não lhe ligues mantém te igual ao que és honesto e verdadeiro, nós o povo português não gostamos de sonsos. Força és o melhor do mundo.

  • steph

    Everyone hates on italy for some reason, i guess cuz were just too good everyones jealous.. FORZA ITALIA

  • Prestige

    Well, unfortunately Amanda and Anna are just pouring out a load of bullsh*t regarding the game and Ronaldo. Doesn’t suprise me though, most people who do this are the one’s who are clueless about football.

    Anna, it was one of the most tight games in the tournament. Spain were quite literally shocked that their typical possession/tiki-taka didn’t seem to bite on the counter attacking strategy which Portugal had.

    Amanda, your logic is laughable. You do know that it really wouldn’t have mattered? And can you imagine the amount of pressure the last penalty kicker has if he has the choice to win the game? Only a few would manage that pressure and perhaps Ronaldo is one of those. Not to mention that he did miss his penalty against Bayern in CL if you ever managed to catch that game.

    I myself am not a Ronaldo-lover of any sort, however I do respect him because of the fact that he did play for his country and did everything he could. He has always given the team credit, when in fact he was the difference between a loss and a win for Portugal in this tournament (having scored against Czech and Netherlands). He’s one of the few professionals out there that gives everything. A winner without any doubts.

    Portugal should be nothing but proud of what they managed to achieve. Kudos!

  • http://twitter Dully

    Ronaldo is the best player in the world, those who hate him are fools and jelousy, Ronaldo you are the best of the best.

  • llenz

    very beautiful irina

  • Andrew

    OMG..Ronaldo haters again…a normal person who watched the game would not deny that Portugal played better or at least at the same level as Spain…It wasn’t his decision to take the last penalty,because it’s the coach who decides the order!To score the first is the easiet,because the presssure is not that high,and if u miss there is still chance to correct!Just imagine if his teammate Bruno Alves wouldn’t miss the score would have been 4:3…so the last penalty would have been decisive..if he scored Portugal would have still chance,if not he would be blamed for the insucces,and he was ready to take all the responsability!of course it’s easier to criticise and blaim others!He’s Ronaldo,already a legend in football! He already achieved a lot of things in life..and YOU?what did u do,how dare you to talk shit about him when you will not achieve in life as half as him!

  • Irene

    what an awful dress… Seriously, if she’s a model and has money, why can’t she buy nice clothes? I don’t get it…