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Freida Pinto: Yoga Before Filming!

Freida Pinto: Yoga Before Filming!

Freida Pinto finds her center between takes on the set of her upcoming movie Knight of Cups on Wednesday (June 27) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old actress sat on a windowsill after she finished her stretches.

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The day before, Freida was spotted filming a scene with co-star Christian Bale on a beach in Santa Monica.

The drama, which also features Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett, centers on a man in search of love and truth. Knight of Cups is set to hit theaters next year!

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  • maria

    she is very beautiful , her face is so symmetric.

  • Lulu

    Jared, isabel Lucas also stars in this movie

  • smiti

    If her face is symmetric check bipasha basu.
    Freida is such average looking awefu actress.
    JJ why are you posting these staged photo’s?
    Who do yoga on a window?Such famewhore she is.You would never see jennifer lorence or ema watson such cheap fame show.She is doing a 5 min role in Terrance malik movie and look at her.Milking it all the way like.

  • rahul

    Another freida pinto story.Oh dear God save us

  • KK

    LOL.I just cant stop laughing.Look at her.She doesn’t know where those camera are hidden.

  • KK


    But Isabel lucas is not a fame whore and not to mention she is really beautiful.Such a perfect bone structure isabela got.She is a good actress too.God I can not took my eyes off her in Immortal’s

  • KK

    who is this one idiot keep thumbing down any negative comment againt freida pinto?

  • alex

    She got boobs!not a a bit!no ass! How come?Very weird looking figure.

  • alex

    come on!Is she a man?no boobs at all.

  • rahul

    Thanks JJ. She is the main star in this movie.Now I clearly understood.


  • asin


  • rahul

    Hey did this pinto started beaching her skin?come on check her slumdog time photo.Clearly she has whiten her skin.Didn’t she said she hates all skin whitening product’s?Hypocrite!!She lost her charm 100% in my eyes.Come on ivy or who ever you are please explain why is freida bleaching her skin when she made indian’s ashamed several times saying those hateful skin color comments.

  • kumar

    She is fugly by South Asian standard.All supporting are her PR.I love Indians who bash her.

  • koyena


    What does it mean by “Indian Hater”?India has over 1 billion population and most of them don’t care and doesn’t know about freida.I don’t like her cause she is not a good actress but I dont hate her.I never made racist comments about freida pinto.Its insulting how you kept us all indian in one tag”Racist”.Please be kind.There is no need for unnecessary rudeness for an entire nation.

  • koyena


    You are right.Freida look much white then her slumdog/Miral time complexion.I saw Miral she had beautiful olive skin color.She is much much white now She was better before.Freida dont ruin your skin color.

  • fiona xing

    @asin: Your absolutely Right.Looked at her Knight Pap Pics Post after reading your Comment.Its Clear all those who make Negative or Racist Comments Against Miss Pinto are all Indians.Its Sad to see how her own Country ppl are so Racist towards her.

  • Laura

    Seriosuly who the heck is this woman? I was on this site yesterday and they were acting like she is more famous then Christian Bale! Never heard of her before

  • Raj Kappor

    And I love how this one person is still thumbing down anyone who disagrees with them and thumbing up their own comments! This is a public forum, are people not allowed to give their own opinions?

  • Raj Kappor

    @fiona xing: @asin: You are not fooling anyone still.

  • kamini

    @laura: lol stop acting like westerner you dumb Indian Troll.No One will believe U here.Im Sure Ur Gonna Support Yourself like how u do often by making Multiple Comments using different names.

  • @Raj kapoor and Laura

    Are Same Person.I love how this Troll keep thumping down all Postive Comments.

  • Laura

    @kamini: Excuse me? I did not come here to be called names. And in the US, we don’t call ourselves ‘westerner’, we call ourselves american, Stupid c u n t. I wonder how low your IQ is.

  • Anna

    Who are these people bashing Freida Pinto so badly? I’ve just seen her in one movie, and she probably has a lot to learn as an actress still, but physically, I find her a stunning natural beauty. I find her even more attractive than Aishwarya Rai Bachchan because the latter one is too dolly and wears too much makeup. Freida and Norah Jones are the most naturally beautiful Indian actresses in my opinion.

  • Laura

    And really, JJ need to stop posting pics about people who are not that famous.

  • Raj Kappor

    @kamini: @@Raj kapoor and Laura: This just proves my point how there is only one person writng all these things. Really, calling me dumb, when you have given yourself many fake names and write the same exact way? Thumbing down anyone who diagrees with you and thumbing up your own comments? Real smart. Why are you so determined to prove that Freida is much better then all the indian actresses and that she is the only pretty one? What are you hoping to achive by doing this? You really do have mental issues, and I hope you visit a professional for this. This is getting out of hand.

  • sarah

    I cannot believe how many people dislike her! She is an amazing actress and is absolutely down to each and beautiful! I think most Indian people are jealous because she is a success in BOTH India and Hollywood!

  • Priya

    Wow. I gotta whoever this one person is posting all these Indian Haters comments is giving themselves away by writing all these stupid and poorly written comments. This is beyond obsession. You really need some help. I am not even going start with what I was gonna to say. This is not healthy for your mind at all.

  • chanditra


    Please dont compare aishwariya with freida.Probably you haven’t seen in her peak days.She is a stunning lady.Still is.Freida is no where near her.I understand its your opinion you like freida that is fine, But please dont insult aishwariya.

  • matt

    shes beautiful and sexy!

  • alex


    Sexy?Come on man.Dont talk rubbish.

    Its a 12 year old boy body with which I dont wanna do anything.No ass no lips and completely flat.She is not sexy.Cute face though nice eyes but sexy?Hell noooooooooooo

  • Anna

    @chanditra: Hey, it is my opinion. I have seen pictures of Aishwarya for many, many years and she is very beautiful, yes, but she does not fit in my main standards of class and beauty. I’m European. Usually, Europeans don’t like so much makeup and jewelry, etc. Aishwarya is too much in my opinion and Frida is more like a natural exotic cutie. Is I was a man or gay I would go for Frida.

  • Manish

    @asin: How much is Freida paying you to defend her at all times? You come here to attack a whole race of people.The only one here that is a racist is you. You are full crap and have some bipolar or schizophrenia type problem. Look over your own comments and anzlyze what you wrote. It sounds like an insane person wrote it. Who here has said that Freida is ugly because she is indian or dark? Nobody.You on the otherhand keep throwing around the race card. Stupid moron.

  • Chanditra


    Hey what are you saying?I am living in london for many years.Before I lived at italy, worked at cazledonia and I dont know what are you talking about.There is no such thing as European liking by the way.French taste is way different then spanish and italian.English rose is often not liked by other European country.No one from Europe will say Hey I am from Europe and this is my taste moreover they will in France,in britian bah blah blah..

    From my observation Aishwariya actually fits french/Italian taste not freida.This is the reason Aishwariya is so popular in that zone whereas she has hardly any international blockbuster.Freida is good for American taste.They are worshiping latin tan look which freida fits well.Just my observation

  • salman

    lol Laura,Manish,Alex,Raj kapoor and Priya is the Same Person using fake Ids to bash freida.This person also posted the Similar comments in other Posts here

  • Anna

    @Chanditra: Okay, I agree. Generalizing taste based on world zone is wrong. But, still, I’m half french half portuguese. French tend to be very classy and but simple (a lot of black). Anyhow, I find Aishwariya stunning but too dolly, too charged, and Frida’s skin tan, skinny look and face beautiful. Beauty appreciation is very subjective.

  • @chandrita

    Who are you trying to fool? Only few people than aishwarya in Europe and that too only in France as she has been going there for more than a decade.Freida is more popular than a*swarya in European countries.She has so many European Magazine Covers(Esp in France and Italy) and her three films were also blockbusters there.Im Sure you are an Indian Fan of Aishwarya trying hard to be European on net

  • Kelly

    This troll is all over the internet! She keeps bashing all the indian actresses and keeps trying to say that freida is the most beautiful and talented with the same style of writng. Really sad. aishwarya rai is a legend in india and has been called the most beauitful by many people, who hell is freida pinto comapred to her? How come you never compare freida with hollywood beauties such as angelina or charlize theron or jessica alba? This stupid person is the one here saying all these nasty things about indians and pretty much attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with them. This is very bad PR. I hope that all these websites ban this troll. What she is doing is being a racist. Please stop this, This is a public forum. Let people have their views.

  • Jaggers

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  • Jaggers

    Also, enough with these “indian are racists,haters, dark skin” comments. Please show me where it was written here that people were calling her ugly because of her skin color or race? You are obsessed for no reason.

  • Kelly

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  • Tempese

    Just checking to see if those transparent trolls invaded her thread. yes they are here I can see. Love ya Frieda. You are the darling of the film industry. Quite a refreshing change from the Lindsay Lohans of Hollywood.

  • Lulani

    No doubt a beautifull girl but severly overrated in the acting department! She must have great representation

  • Raj Kappor

    @salman: Just shut up. Fuking idiot. I see you are again giving yourself fake names and even replying back to yourself. You must be living in a pothole in india, since you don’t seem aware of things such as twitter,facebook,etc. What a reterd. There are many people who have figured out it’s only one person saying all these ugly things, not just me. You are so fuking reterded and I hope I never have to meet your racist ass in person. Stupid reterd, I wonder what you look like, no dobut a high cheekbone supermodel with a great figure and nice small nose right? Fuking idiot. Trying saying these racist things out in the open, no doubt you will get a good beating from people around with that vicious and ugly mouth of yours.

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  • KO Tatasugi

    This is very very disappointing.Another Freida pinto post and once again that “Indian Hater’s,Racist, dark skin color ” comments are coming here.This is extremely exaggerated.I am a Japanese and I feel sorry for indian.I would say again that india has a variety of beauty and there many dark skinned(kind of olive) beauty I have seen who are highly appreciated in their movie industry.All over the world celeb get called name .Calling a particular celeb bad name(Slum poor dishwasher) has nothing to do with racism.Its pure hatred and rudeness of that particular commentator.I would like to ask JJ please check who is sending all these indian hater comment’s.How come one whole county with over one billion people get accused for racism? again we are living in 21st century come on people don’t cheapen yourself .Send healthy criticism and explain your stand not bad names and hatred.We all have to remember at the end of the day everyone is entitle to his own opinion.