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Freida Pinto: Yoga Before Filming!

Freida Pinto: Yoga Before Filming!

Freida Pinto finds her center between takes on the set of her upcoming movie Knight of Cups on Wednesday (June 27) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old actress sat on a windowsill after she finished her stretches.

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The day before, Freida was spotted filming a scene with co-star Christian Bale on a beach in Santa Monica.

The drama, which also features Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett, centers on a man in search of love and truth. Knight of Cups is set to hit theaters next year!

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108 Responses to “Freida Pinto: Yoga Before Filming!”

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  1. 51
    kiran Says:

    This woman said indian love to use fairness cream.She was rejected for her dark skin.She has whiten her skin here.I would like to know why she did that?

  2. 52
    face Says:

    Nothing against Pinto but i really like to see also Chris’s pics,he was with her in those pics…so strange JJ wouldn’t post them.

  3. 53
    Tawny Jones Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up about Freida’s new movie. She is fabulous!

  4. 54
    Manish Says:

    LOL…This stupid Freida fan is trying to turn the tables by saying that eveyone who doesn’t agree with them is all one person. No, it’s actaully you . No, I am not the same repeative commentor, its you . And really, Freida is the darling of the film industry? Clearly you have be eating her **** to even think this. Ever heard of Angelina Jolie? Do you even know who she is? Fine, I’ll give you a younger actress, Jennifer Lawrence? Emma Stone? Ever heard of these people?

  5. 55
    Jaggers Says:

    @KO Tatasugi: I am wondering why my comments got 5 down, all I said was that this one person was being the raicst here, and that this kind of behaviour is not allowed in North America.It’s clearly one person. There was one commentor who wrote that Isabelle Lucus ws pretty and they got 11 thumbs down. Why? What was so bad about that comment. I really hope this person does not talk like this in public. This kind of stuff is not allowed in North America. Really, sad how they are trying to hard to make it look like this Freida Pinto has a whole bunch of fans supporting her.

  6. 56
    Jaggers Says:

    This is a sign of mental illness, just look at the way they write, very vile and saying the most raicst things.I really don’t see why someone would be obessive over someone like Freida Pinto. She isn’t that pretty or a good actress in my opinion.It’s not like Freida is Marilyn Monroe. Unless this person knows Freida or something like it.

  7. 57
    Elows Pi Says:

    @F*U*C*K INDIANS WHO HATE FREID: Really? F**k indians? Well F**k you! Stupid B*tch. I bet you are an indian saying all of this. Wow, I feel bad for your parents, dealing with a good for nothing piece of trash like you. Aren’t you the same person on India Forums and Pinkvilla? Rasuinda? Stupid B*tch you have like 5 accounts . What a retarded piece of trash. You even reply back to your own comments. How low can you go from there? This is also the same B*tch on ONTD , post about Freida every 2 seconds.

  8. 58
    Sona Shah Says:

    @kiran: She is lying. And her dumb fangirl is even more stupid in believing anything she says. Well, look at Freida, she is not a big actress in hollywood. Hasn’t won any acting awards. Nobody is chasing after her. Skin color has nothing to do with why she was rejected, it was her lack of talent. I mean why isn’t Freida getting the lead roles? Why only cameo roles? Because she stinks at acting.

  9. 59
    mahmoud Says:

    Hmm lets analyse 1).Freida pinto had no success/hard work/struggle prior slumdog and lets be honest later also except being an arm candy.With her sudden fame and rejection she is trying to have an career .2)I believe she got hardly huge fan base( reason bad acting and limited role’s) so like any other hollywood newbie she is using PR to promote her.Now the problem is The particular PR took a dangerous way to promote Freida.They are accusing indian and presenting freida as a victim.Freida pinto herself is also passing unnecessary judgement with a “indian” tag. 3)This whole situation causing huge internet fight and that reminds me “No publicity is bad publicity”.This is 2012 and kim k is dancing on your face with a sex tape.This PR trick is really cashing freida.Look how many comments she got?Who would comment here if there is no such racist comments ? At the end she got the cake..she is the victim.come on people dont be stupid dont try to play with “PR” these people know what they want and they are paid not obsessed.

  10. 60
    Erika Says:

    @kiran: Are you on crack? How has she lightened her skin? She looks exactly the same as she did in 2008.

  11. 61
    kiran Says:

    does she look same?shut up.

  12. 62
    rob Says:


    Oh God.Yes Yes you are right.Why did she bleached her skin?She looked better with her brown tan color.

  13. 63
    Ivy Says:

    Freida haters are hilarious.
    She’s having the time of her life while they have no life. All they do is hang around Freida getting gloriously butthurt. Keep it coming, guys.

  14. 64
    mahmoud Says:


    You just prove my right.See people when the comments are decreasing Famous IVY whom we all encouraged to stop saying racist thing came out and inviting all to dish her.

    This person make no sense.She is saying criticizing a celeb for good and bad means commentator has some issues!IIf I say “She is not pretty//I dont think her work is nice/I hate her” that means”I am jealous/suck in my life blah blah blah” dumb ass this means I have different taste then yours and I have a opinion which I want to share. I am sorry to say this person is a well paid PR and nothing else.It is his/her job to attack indian people and generate sympathy
    for freida pinto.Please dont reply or fight with this person.Just avoid his/her comments and give your opinion.When ever you identify this person in any thread just aware people that this person is a troll and what his/her goal is.

  15. 65
    Ivy Says:

    Butthurt much? LOL

  16. 66
    Raj Kappor Says:

    @mahmoud: This Ivy/obsessed freida fan is the same person . They write the same exact way, who the hell are they trying to fool? Loser. Again they thumbing up their own comments. This is no PR, her comment are poorly written and are all over the place. This person looks like they have no intelligence from the way they write. This Ivy/reterd must be a 14 or 15 year old loser.

  17. 67
    mahmoud Says:

    @Raj Kappor:

    If this person is not from PR then definitely someone freida’s relative who is benefited by her.This cant be an obsession. See this person never mess up with saying something that might hurt people who basically follow Hollywood.This person tries to play with stereotypical indian image making it quit nastier.Her vocab and creativity level is way too indian.She/he is completely in denial.I would say again avoid her.Dont fight with her and just aware people about her.Fighting with someone in a special need is such waste of time.Have you seen isabela lucas with cristian?aren’t they looking lovely?Freida might have finished her part shooting one day.So many actresses in this movie.Cristian bale lucky guy!!!

  18. 68
    Raj Kappor Says:

    @mahmoud: That what I have noticed. They never try to pick fights with people who say that Hollywood stars such better looking then Freida, which they are. You are right that there are other actresses in this movie. But I don’t see any of their pics up, only Freida’s. This fuking idiot is an indian living in india, it’s obvious. Nobody who is american or canadian calls themselves ‘westerners”. Only indians say that. I wonder if this person is lving in a pothole over there or a shithouse. Like what Ko Tastigu said, all kinds of famous people have their fans and people who don’t like them. Many actresses more popular then Pinto get more hate from people and they don’t keep focusing on it like her. Questioning Freida Pinto’s acting talent and her rise to fame doesn’t make a person racist or a hater. Because really, like what someone said , she really is a bullshit actress. Made it by luck, and wanna know something? Pinto was actually opting for Bollywood, not Hollywood.

  19. 69
    mahmoud Says:

    @Raj Kappor:

    I have seen some comments on dailymail sure written by this person.Claiming as westerner pitying for pinto being attacked by indian reasoning jealousy and dark skin dark eyes.Her target is very clear collecting sympathy for freida and labeling indian.I have nothing to say for pinto just wish her luck for hard work.This person need to get exposed.Can we contact some way with jj admin?

  20. 70
    Ivy Says:

    69 comments?!!!! Not bad. Used to be just 20 commments at the most on Freida posts on JJ.

  21. 71
    Manish Says:

    That because you have been fighting with everyone who doesn’t see eye to eye with you, stupid. You have generated alot of these comments, pertending to be diffrent people, even whites. You are eating Freida’s **** non-stop. Really, this is enough. I mean you have to stop this.

  22. 72
    Raj Kappor Says:

    @mahmoud: Just Jared will not post a comment if its really bad and offensive. This Fuking idiot who is equvilent to a piece of **** keeps saying racist stuff about indians and saying some nasty things about the the indian actresses, I don’t know why they allow their comments. They have not allowed some of my comments but they allow this Fukhead to say racist stuff? Weird.

  23. 73
    Troy Declaire Says:

    @Ivy: haha…dumb troll….same loser writing the same comments…f**king idiot….moron….f**k dipshits like you…..this actress is ugly…and you must be too since you keep sniffing up her ass…..I wonder what her ass smells like…only you would know…haha

  24. 74
    zidaine Says:

    This is the poser keeps dissing Aishwarya Rai and glorfiying this average looking,talentless Freida Pinto. Pathetic! What is next? You are gonna try to prove that Freida is more beautiful and talented then Miss Angelina Jolie? What about Catherine Zeta-Jones,Sandra Bullocks,Natalie Portman,Michelle Williams,Halle Berry,Mila Kunis,Emma Stone? Is she better then them too? Nope and never will be ! I bet you are an indian girl who has a round,fat face. How does your breath smell like? Masala and aloo tiki? I think so.

  25. 75
    Ivy Says:

    You bet Ashwariya enjoys her aloo tika masala. Jealousy is making Freida haters incoherent. BTW Ash is the one with the round fat face. She used to be beautiful with a thin round face and amazlingly perfect features. I think she ate too much masala aloo tiki. She also wears too much make up. I think she didn’t make it in Hollywood because Americans couldn’t relate to her. She was too foreign and contrived. Now Freida was smart enough to be normal and relatable. She also adopted a more globalized accent. Lately her Brit accent has been turning Californian. Savvy girl. Ash tried the American accent but Freida seemed more talented at picking up accents.

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