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Freida Pinto: Yoga Before Filming!

Freida Pinto: Yoga Before Filming!

Freida Pinto finds her center between takes on the set of her upcoming movie Knight of Cups on Wednesday (June 27) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old actress sat on a windowsill after she finished her stretches.

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The day before, Freida was spotted filming a scene with co-star Christian Bale on a beach in Santa Monica.

The drama, which also features Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett, centers on a man in search of love and truth. Knight of Cups is set to hit theaters next year!

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108 Responses to “Freida Pinto: Yoga Before Filming!”

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  1. 76
    kumaratunga Says:


    Freida pinto is a white wanna be.This girl got no acting material not amazingly pretty just cute.Aishwariya is a beauty queen, ex Miss world.Beauty can come in all shape and round face is can be pretty too.Check Ana hathway,Mariyon cortilord.They are very pretty and so is aishwariya.You sound really jealous of aishwariya rai .Lot of indian girl are jealous of her.I have seen many comments like yours.Why its a problem to appreciate your beauty?Are you trying to say you consider picking an accent as talent? Freida pinto is cute .I like her smile very fresh and warming.But definitely she is not a competitor of Aishwariya in the beauty department.

  2. 77
    lasly Says:

    Damn This girl is plain jane

  3. 78
    kitii Says:

    No offense but freida pinto do look like a slum girl.I mean she is so ordinary looking that she can represent slum girl not that slum girl mean ugly.You can not imaine megan fox playing a slum girl because she is that beautiful but you can imagine with freida.She is not striking at all.Only reason she is getting exposer is she is the only indian girl in Hollywood and Hollywood need someone to enter billion dollar indian market.She is no salma hayek or Halle barry.She look cute but with her 5-3 flat figure no neck no lip no hip no bust she is definitely not striking. If she get 5-8 pound there will be nothing charming about her anymore.

  4. 79
    patel Says:

    Look nothing but a kam wali bai in designer cloth.Its nice to see she has started using fairness products.

  5. 80
    KK Says:


    Be careful dude.I can see that obsessed fan is coming for you.Get ready to be called “Racist/Indian hater/”

    About the fairness I totally agree with you.But you never know may be the movie needed her a little light shade.Dont go to freida’s level of stupidity commenting with fairness products .She might get faint if she knew how much money British and American people waste on tanning.They immediately call someone pretty with a good tan.

  6. 81
    KK Says:


    Oh leave this IVY alone.She is a phyco.dysfunctional.She will say anything and everything to prove her point that freida is the most beautiful and talented girl.This commentator troll all over internet say nasty things about indian actresses picks fight with strangers.So judgmental and per-occupied about indian’s.Just see how she comments over aishwariya’s baby fat.Leave her alone.

    If you are from srilanka then let me tell you nobody cares about freida pinto in india and not in usa.She is getting very small role’s.But I hope she will do better in future.So far she is not worth so much trouble.

  7. 82
    ruchita Says:

    Why freida whiten her skin?why say stupid things freida?idiot girl

  8. 83
    rahul Says:

    With her fair skin its more prominent how average looking she is

  9. 84
    rahul Says:

    gobor walli

  10. 85
    zidaine Says:

    You are so stupid LOL. Freida Pinto has ZERO talent, and her fake brit accent is awful. She has even attemped to try a califorinian or valley girl accent, it still does not work. How does faking an accent equate to talent? I thought talent was skills, and she does not have any skills in acting.Funny how you keep picking on Aishwarya Rai but you won’t pick on Angelina Jolie or Catherine Zeta -Jones . What do you mean by american can’t relate to Aishwarya and that she is too foriegn? Freida is every bit as foriegn as Aishwarya. She look indian and talk like an indian too just like Aishwarya. Why are you saying random, stupid that make no sense things? Are you missing part of your brain or what? You are one stupid, deranged, troll I gotta say. I feel bad for you, I really do.

  11. 86
    Raj Kappor Says:

    This is still going on? We need to contact Just Jared somehow and alert them of this fuking idiot. This is getting out of hand. I mean does anyone know how to get ahold of Just Jared?

  12. 87
    Ivy Says:

    @zidaine: I am talking about California accent in general, not Valspeak. They are not the same thing. Please do you homework …! You are making an ass of yourself.
    BTW Freida seems well spoken/educated. It’s your Bollywood stars who sound like Valley girls. No wonder …..most of them don’t even have a college degree.

  13. 88
    Manish Says:

    Ivy shut up. Go get laid, it looks like you need it badly.

  14. 89
    zidaine Says:

    Ivy , you are the one making an ass of yourself by the way you write. I also suggest you stop leaving so many comments and trying to hard to act like you are not indian. You are an indian, it’s obvious. Just stop is and get some friends. Instead of wasting your time fighting with everyone who is more mature and intelligent then your 12 year old knowledge and your IQ which seems to be 40. I am not gonna keep fighting with this 12 year old fob with an IQ of 40. Goodbye!

  15. 90
    Jaggers Says:

    I am shocked that this one pathetic person is still crying racism and just because someone does not agree with them.
    So many comments they have left, Why? What are they hoping to acheive?
    Let me tell you something, this kind of behavoir is unacceptable in North America. What this IVy is saying could land her in jail. I don’t care about Freida Pinto, she is a minor celeb who is unimportant, not worth 4 or 5 pages to ve fought over. It’s not like she is getting the Angelina or Britney treatment. I don’t get why this one person is so determined to porve that she is much better then any indian actresse and more intelligent and beautiful then them. She is not. Please tell why the fact she went to college is important? If Freida is so smart why does she put on a fake accent and fake personality? It’s not like Freida Pinto went college in North America or Europe, where their education systems is far more superior then India and China. But what does that have anything to do with anything to what is being discussed?
    I hope that this one person get some professional help. They need to go make an appointment with thei physican ASAP. This is not healthy for their mind. If they respond to me and start calling me a hater,racist, then this just prove my point of their insanity.
    I am not here to fight with them, only to express my views and not to be called names for it.

  16. 91
    kulfi Says:

    @kitii: How can Megan Fox be a slum girl or a poor peasent? have you seen her? That girl is all sex and oozes sex only. Did you know that she models for Armani Empori? What does Freida advertise? L’Oreal shampoo and makeup that is meant for lighter skin, weird. Her voice has even been dubbed because they don’t ike her voice. Freida was chosen because she was average looking. not because she has ‘slum looks’ and also her part did not require any hard acting. I mean she is no Megan Fox. This troll is just trying to sniff up Freida Pinto ass. We know that this person is getting paid to wash her ass day in and day out. Trying to sell her **** to us and claim that her **** is like gold or diamonds. Pity.

  17. 92
    Troy Declaire Says:

    haha…you f**king piece of ****….you are an indian pretending to be white….same loser writing the same exact comments…..f**king moron…dumbass troll with zero brain cells…..I bet no guy wants to stick their **** in you…because you are an ugly piece of ****….your actress is ugly….idiot…you lick up her ass everyday or what….. you like to lick her *******…gross

  18. 93
    Troy Declaire Says:

    ignore this troll ppl….she is an ugly ******* licker….. I bet she is an indian girl who looks like ****…..haha…I wonder what this f**king c**t looks like…..put up a pic loser….lest see your ugly ass face….you hide your face behind a computer and call ppl name…lame….f**king scard c**nt…..haha….sniffin up this ugly actresses 24/7…how sad…..I bet my dogs **** looks better then you…….probably…haha

  19. 94
    Ivy Says:

    The conversation between kitii and kulfi is just sad. Why is living in a slum and being a poor peasant so contemptible? I am sure it’s not out of choice. And you can’t be beautiful and sexy if you are a poor peasant? India has one of the world’s largest slums and the biggest peasant population. Peasants and small farmers make up half of the world’s population and grow at least 70% of the world’s food. Shame on you. Have you no decency?

  20. 95
    mahmoud Says:

    Dear all commentator I am requesting you all please stop responding IVY.Contact with JUST JARED through contact button on Main page.
    IVY need’s psychological treatment.Dont waste your time and energy fighting over her.She think’s putting 100 comments on a freida blog by picking fight is something like a great achievement.This is totally personal and not PR.Leave her alone.Please stop fighting with her.It really make no sense.Just leave her with her IQ and proper .English.Aware people about her.

  21. 96
    rahul Says:


    You have decency calling Indian hater and racist?You have decency calling indian actresses ugly ?You have decency calling Aishwariya rai who is refereed most beautiful women ugly?You have decency saying picking an accent is a talent?

    Stupid troll.Giving Indian bad name and asking for decency.Go away

  22. 97
    rahul Says:


    There are saying”She look like a princess” “She look like a queen” the same way there are saying”She look like a slummer”

    If she was quoted as “Look like a princess” would you cry loud ?Would you say that not all princess are pretty and beauty should not be refereed to rich only?

    For your kind information all over the world “look like a slum” term is used.You idiot.

  23. 98
    mahmoud Says:


    Please stop urging with her.She need psychological help not logic.
    Contact JJ through contact button.

  24. 99
    kulfi Says:

    @rahul: Wow, I did not say Freida had slum looks, all I said that she was average looking. This dumb troll is fighting with ppl for no reason. I said that Megan Fox was beautiful and not Freida. Megan Fox is gorgeous, How can you compare her with Freida Pinto? Infact, most of these Hollywood beauties and icons are much better looking then Freida Pinto. She doesn’t fit the bill . She is not ‘Hollywood’ or ‘Supermodel’ type beautiful. This troll is really sniffin high up into her ass.

  25. 100
    Jaggers Says:

    This is getting out of hand now. I have contacted Just Jared again. I hope that others do the same thing. Just Jared should know this trolls Ip adress.
    People should have a right to their opinion. Whether you like Megan Fox or Aishwarya Rai, you should have a right to your opinion without being called names and being told racist things.
    People should stop replying to this troll. She is not very intelligent from the looks of it. Don’t waste time fightimg with someone who is this unintelligent. I have said this many times, and I don’t think this person gets it. If you come to North America and talk like this, prepare to be charged with hate crimes. People do not tolerate this kind of crap from others. If you are over age 18, you can even go to jail . People will have no mercy for a someone who is a racist.

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